The Realization of it all(Part 1)

Big Tits

The Realization of it all(Part 1)Never in my wildest dreams did i ever think anything like this was going to happen to me like what happened to me with family, let alone a p*****n. It all started innocently enough, the wife and her younger s*s by 10 years wanted to go shopping so i got stuck watching the k**s. Its was a hot summer day and i was just gonna sit in the AC and chill out. No such luck(as i thought)they wanted to swim in the pool, her and his swim suits were in the basement so i told them to go down and get them. As i waited at the top of the stairs Lisa hollered up to me that she couldn’t find Jakes suit or hers so would i come and help them. As i walked down the stairs i heard Jake tell lisa to stop it, as she giggled, i walked through the door to the laundry room and saw young jake, i think he was two years younger than her at nine, standing butt ass naked with a hard on he was trying to hide, he looked up at me and said Lisa Escort wont stop messing with my thing, i looked at Lisa and told her to leave Jake alone, i started to look for the suits and couldn’t help but notice as Jake became more comfortable and started to help look for the suits that his cock was almost as long as mine but no were near as thick. his cock had to be all of 6.5 inches. I asked him how Lisa was messing with him and he told me she rubs it until it gets real hard and it hurts, He said sometimes she makes him let her rub it until he feels funny inside and it starts to leak pee and one time she rubbed it so much that he got all nervous and he peed a bunch of white stuff out. I said oh shit and asked him how long she had been doing this to him? and he said as long as he can remember. Well i thought that little bitch has been m*****ing her little b*o for who knows how long. I thought when i got her alone i was gonna Escort Bayan have along talk with her. Lisa found Jake and her suits but hers was all wet and stinky from sitting in the basement but she found her moms and said that she would wear hers. So off i went with Jake in tow and told her to change we would be at the pool. As i sat in the chaise lounge Jake jumped in the pool and began to swim to the end where i was sitting he climbed out of the pool and as he walked back towards the diving board Lisa came bolting through the sliding glass door and pushed him back in the pool, the little bitch, i told her to stop that as i looked at her thin bikini clad body, tiny little boobs and shapely little butt. I thought that suits a bit big for her. At this point nothing sexual about it. As i laid there in the hot sun the k**s ran back and forth from the diving board to the ladder in front of me. as i watched Lisa get in Bayan Escort and out of the pool the suit was sating sag a little more each time. Then it came, the one thing that changed my whole thinking about Lisa as my very young relative and now as a sex object instead. she got out of the pool and her bottoms were tucked to one side and i could see her bald little cunt, and i got an instant hard on. Something changed inside my mind at that exact moment. Could be cause i never saw a bald cunt before, whatever it was my whole chemistry changed. Now she was moving in slow motion as she got out of the pool she gave me a look and didn’t even try to adjust her bottoms and as she walked by i could see the outline of her cunt lips and that ass as she passed, my cock lurched up in my shorts and i think she knew exactly what she was doing. That night i did my wife and all i could think about was Lisa’s hot little body. My wife appreciated the good hard fucking she got. and from that point on all i was doing was planning how i was gonna get to that little hot bitch, using what she did to her brother to get what i needed so bad. Bald tight pussy…. Jake was gonna get his revenge too.

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