The Road


I just finished college and got a good job working in sales. Not a whole lot of money, but I got to travel all the time and didn’t have a boss hovering over me.

I did have one problem though. Life in the road makes it tough to meet women. I was a late bloomer, pretty chunky in my teens and quite shy. I’d lost all the weight and had a pretty lean and mean body if I do say so myself but didn’t really know how to pick up girls. One very good night I got crash course.

I had sealed a deal with this company and so they took me out for drinks, they were all a fair bit older than me so we didn’t have much in common. Fortunately they left pretty early so I decided to treat myself to a night on the town.

I went through a few bars and a nightclubs till I found one I liked. It was filled with students from a nearby college, their team and won and they were out celebrating. I was making one of my frequent trips to the bar when I felt this elbow in my kidneys. I turned round and what I saw almost made me fall over. This girl was standing their, blonde, with blue eyes, about 5 foot 5. She had on this tiny white top that showed off her incredible breasts, looking down over her flat belly to her dress (or more accurately a belt) to her amazing legs. She had an amazing tan that gave her an exotic look as well. I struggled out a “hi” and she giggled and said “hello.” After a pause I asked her if she wanted a drink (corny I know, but it was either that or “will you marry me?”). She said yes and I got her the most expensive cocktail I could think of. We talked a little. She told me her name was Aimee and she was a sophomore at the local college. I’m sure she said other things, I may have even added to the conversation at some point, but all I remember was her how her long hard nipples were showing through her top.

She noticed me looking and, she smiled at me and said “do you like what you see?”

I said, “Yes, very much.”

“How much?”

This much, I said as I pushed my arms back as far as they could go, giving a distance of about six feet.

She reached out and put her hand on my cock and said, “hmm, I think your overestimating yourself a bit don’t you?” I tried to reply but not much came out, a few grunts and groans and that’s about it as she gave me a very gentle handjob. Eventually it occurred to me that we were in the middle of a very crowded nightclub and that people were probably watching. I asked her if she wanted to leave and she said yes.

We took a taxi back to my hotel. As soon as we got in the taxi she pounced on me, kissing me, running her hands all over me. I put my hand on her thigh, it felt so smooth, and gaziantep rus escort I slowly let it creep up. Stopping when I felt her dress, I could literally feel the heat coming off her pussy. I slid my fingers up a little further. As I had suspected she didn’t have any panties on. I ran my hand over her cunt. It was very wet and incredibly hot. I pushed a finger inside her. As I did this she put her hand over my cock again. As I pushed my finger in and out of her she started to lightly stroke my cock through my trousers. I was literally oozing precum. I was the horniest I’d ever been. I pushed another finger inside her pussy. She was moaning a lot. We stopped kissing, but kept masturbating each other. We were both moaning when we heard “ahem that will be $15.80” from the cab driver. I paid him and noticed a large bulge in his pants. He wished me a good night and I told him I was pretty sure I didn’t have to wish for it.

Aimee walked a few steps ahead of me as we went up the stairs to my room. At first I was treated to the sight of her glorious ass. She had a nice big, but firm butt. It was amazing. Then she got a little further ahead of me and I was treated to the view of her pussy. Nothing looks as good as a wet pussy.

When we got to my room she immediately started kissing me. First on the mouth and then down my neck. She started unbuttoning my shirt, running her hands over my chest and stomach. Her touch was so soft; it was driving me insane. She was kissing my nipples and then fiddling with my belt. She undid it, then opened my fly and pushed my trousers down kissing her way down my stomach, she stopped and looked at my underwear. I was wearing boxers and they had a very large and noticeable wet patch from my precum. She peeled off my boxers and looked at my cock. It was harder than it had ever been. At 7 inches long and 6 inches around I’m pretty well equipped. She looked at it and smiled and said, “I thought it was big, but you never can tell until you see it.” Then she pushed out her tongue and licked my cock. She swallowed some of the precum and smiled and said, “nice, I hope you’ve got more for me.”

“I have lots.”


Then she leaned in slowly and took my cock in her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down on my cock, this was easily the best blowjob I’d ever had. Her right hand played with my balls, rolling them gently in her hand. Then she took her mouth of my cock and sucked my balls into her mouth. No girl had ever done that to me and I loved it. The feelings were running through not just my dick, but my entire body. She worked her way back up to my gaziantep rus escort bayan cock and started sucking it. She started to such harder, moving her mouth all over my cock. I was moaning pretty loud. I put my hands on the back of her head and pushed her mouth further down my cock. I could feel my orgasm start to build. It was amazing and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could stand up. I shouted to her that I was cumming and she sorta giggled and started sucking the head of my cock and using her hand to jack me off at the same time. I came right in her mouth, screaming at the top of my lungs while she sucked it all down. I emptied an enormous load into her mouth, but somehow she got all of it. She took her mouth of my cock and I fell backwards, fortunately there was a wall right behind me. I thanked her and told her that was incredible. She smiled and said, “there plenty more to cum.”

Now I’m only 22, and I’m with the hottest chick I’ve ever seen, but after cumming like that I needed a rest. She seemed ok with that and said, “here’s something to get you going again.” She started to dance for me, taking of her clothes. It didn’t take long and she was naked. As expected her breasts were incredible. They weren’t huge, but weren’t tiny either and they didn’t sag at all. Her nipples were long and very hard. Her pussy was spectacular. With just a small patch of blonde hair about it, it was shinny and looked very juicy. Aimee started to masturbate for me. I’d always loved watching girls masturbate and believe me she looked incredible doing it. She started moaning and telling me how turned on she was. “I love performing for people.”

Then we heard a knock at the door. Aimee said, “I’ll get it.” She made no attempt to cover herself or even stop masturbating. She opens the door and stands there. Her middle finger going in and out of her pussy. The guy standing there (the hotel porter) had his mouth open staring at Aimee’s hand as she played with herself. “Can I help you?” She asked. “ummm ahhh…yeah we heard reports of screaming coming from this room, is everything alright?” “Yeah everything’s ok, I was just giving him a blowjob. He really liked it. Would you like one?” The guy was about 20, five foot eight, 160 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes and most girls thought he was handsome. He was also sporting a rather impressive bulge in his pants from watching Aimee’s show. “Really?” was all he could say. “Sure, come in.” she said. He looked at me and asked if this was ok, I told him it was fine with me and to enjoy it could is would be great. He just smiled at that.

Aimee quickly undid escort rus gaziantep his fly and pulled out his cock. It was huge. About 9 inches long and pretty thick. Aimee seemed impressed. She opened her mouth wide and took his huge dick in her mouth. She couldn’t quite take it all straight away, but eventually she swallowed all of it. Man was I impressed. Not just impressed, but aroused as well. I’d loved watching blowjobs in porno’s, but never seen one up close (that wasn’t being done t me). Aimee seemed to like it too as she pushed a second finger in her pussy and fucked herself with it. The porter was loving it. He was moaning, saying how much he loved working in a hotel.

I started to stroke my cock. It took about 2 seconds to get fully hard again. I was loving the show. Watching Aimee fuck herself with her fingers and this guy getting a blowjob was easily the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Aimee was looking over at me, she could see me stroking myself. She stopped sucking the porter and told me to come sit on the edge of the bed, which was about a foot away from where she was. I started to move over and she started sucking off the porter again. As soon as I sat down her left hand (the one not in her pussy) came over and she started stroking me. Man was this girl talented. The porter was very close to coming. His moans were getting really loud. He looked down and told Aimee he was about to cum. Aimee pulled her head back so she was just sucking the head of his dick and used both her hands to stroke him. As soon as her hand left my dick, mine replaced it. The porter pushed forward and shouted “I’m cumming.” Aimee jacked him real fast and pulled her mouth of his cock letting his giant load of cum spray all over her face. Shot after shot of cum covered her face. Finally after about 6 huge shot and a few smaller ones his stream of cum seemed to die down so Aimee put his cock back in her mouth and sucked him dry.

Without stopping to clean her face Aimee pushed my hand away and jumped up on my lap. She straddled me and lowered her pussy to my cock. Her pussy was incredibly hot and very wet. I slid in easily. This girl knew how to fuck. She squeezed her pussy around my cock. She was so tight. She moved herself up and down moaning all the time. I couldn’t believe how good it was. I knew I couldn’t last long if she kept going like this and told her so. She didn’t care, she told me she was about to come anyway. Closer and closer to cumming I got. Our moans got louder. I could feel another huge load of cum starting to rise. Aimee was bouncing up and down on my cock telling me she was nearly there. I felt her pussy tighten even more and she screamed. She was cumming and so was I. I came and came and came all inside her wonderful cunt. I felt her pussy juices coating my thighs as she her orgasm started to finish.

She got off me to go get cleaned up and I laid down. The porter said he’d better get back to work. I heard Aimee turn the shower on and thought it might be an idea to join her.

To be continued…

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