The Ryno Memoirs: Dessert


The “Ryno Memoirs” are indeed true events that I have been lucky enough to experience. The only thing different in these stories, are the names involved. I encourage others to write from their own adventures as well, because sometimes truth is very more exciting than fiction!

I met Maria when I worked as the head bartender at an upscale California restaurant and lounge. She also worked at the restaurant as the eye candy known as hostess. She had just finished up her senior year of high school and took the job as a summer gig before heading off to college. She was smart and very attractive, but I have a weakness for Latinas. She was a perfect hostess. Dressed always in nice summer dresses and various heels, a smile that never disappeared, and a cute way of turning her head just slightly, almost seductively, as she talked.

I was in constant awe of this young girl from behind my bar. I watched how men would react as she cocked her head sideways; her silky brown hair falling upon her exposed shoulders, her full red lips asking them to follow her, and finally the walk to the table as she led their bodies, eyes glued to her tight ass sway from left to right as she walked. Damn, she was sexy. I wanted her badly, but I found there was one problem.

Maria’s boyfriend was a typical geek. Since she was very intelligent, she took advanced classes in high school. Hence, the boys who she generally associated with were also smart. Now I am not saying all smart people are geeks. I happen to be fairly smart. I have my bachelor’s degree in business and am currently working on my MBA; however, I also Anadolu Yakası Türbanlı Escort have a sense of style. This guy did not. I do not prefer to mess with people’s relationships, but when I Maria told me that her boyfriend was leaving in a few days to begin his summer session at Berkley… Well, the rules changed.

Maria and I became friends rather quickly. Towards the end of the evening when the waiters and waitresses are still busy taking orders, the busboys are cleaning up, the kitchen staff cooking, she and I found some “down-time” to chat. I had the occasional after dinner cocktail and all she had was to answer the phone, say goodbye to the patrons, and tidy the menus. First, we made small talk about the restaurant. After a few days we talked about ourselves. After about two weeks, her boyfriend’s name failed to appear in our conversation and innocent flirtatious comments arose. About a week later, my time had come.

It was a slow night, Maria asked me to watch the entrance while she used the restroom. Just as she left, the phone rang. I quickly strode up the hostess stand and answered it. A reservation for the weekend. I wrote it in the open book and hung up just as two elderly gentlemen walk through the door. I greeted them as they asked for a table. I grabbed a couple menus and the wine list and was about to turn and lead them to their table, but halted. Maria stood behind me and gently placed her hand on my side.

“I can show these gentlemen to their table.” As I handed her the menus, she slid her hand across my back in such a way that it Anadolu Yakası Otele Gelen Escort sent a current of warmth all over my body. I turned to see her sweet smile and become entranced as she strolled away.

That night, Maria stayed to visit with me after she clocked out. Being only 18, she could not have a drink, so I made her a virgin strawberry daiquiri as I clean out the ice bin and restocked my supplies. As it was a slow night, there were no bar patrons. About 11:00, I locked the front door and shut off the house lights, leaving only the dim bar lights illuminated. The kitchen staff just finished their cleaning and a couple of them came in to get a quick beer and left. I was in charge of all the cash receipts, so I was always the last to leave. Maria stayed and helped me count the cash as I wrote down the checks for deposit.

As I look back, it was quite romantic. All alone in a dimly lit bar, jazz piano playing in the background. I don’t think I could have planned it better if I tried. I packed up all the banks and put them into the office safe, clocked out, checked the doors, and returned back to the bar. She was a sight. Sitting perched up on her barstool, legs crossed with one leg bare of fabric from her thigh down, and stirring the remaining ice in her glass. She was beautiful and she was waiting for me. Without a word I placed my hand on her back. She let go of her straw and turned to face me, reaching for my side once again. Our eyes met briefly, closing as our lips touched. It was a soft kiss, gentle and seductive. It seemed to go on Anadolu Yakası Ucuz Escort forever, our tongues exploring each other with loving care. Her hands never left my body, as one caressed my chest and the other my back.

Minutes go by, as we continue our passionate embrace. There seemed to be no desire on either of us to stop. I let my hand slip from her back down to her hips and thigh. I felt her breathing quicken as I stroked her body. I brushed my hand upward and rested upon her firm breast, gently squeezing and caressing as we kissed.

Feeling the need to change our positions, I pulled her closer, lifting her off her chair and onto her feet. As I did this I noticed the view. Behind the bar was a wall of mirror. I often used it to sneak peeks at women at the bar while I was busy making drinks. I nudged Maria to turn around and look. As she turned and opened her eyes, I kissed her neck softly. Her breathing and a low moan was proof enough, she loved it. I wrapped both my hands around her, one on her stomach, the other cupping her breast and gently pinching her excited nipples. As I continued, Maria held onto the bar with both hands and pushed her ass towards my confined hard member. She rubbed my harness with her ass and moaned low. Taking one of my hands, I lifted her dress, exposing her panties. I quickly found her sex, her silky panties soaked with her juice. I rubbed the cloth over her lips, pushing inward slightly.

Her hips began to buck on my hand, grabbing my wrist and holding it in place, as her soft moans turned louder. Within seconds, her body shot forward, she stiffened her back and stopped breathing. Her climax sent her body shaking and gasping for air. I was a bit shocked at the sight and felt pre-cum drip down my thigh. I said nothing, as she gradually regained her breath.

“Wow,” she exclaimed. She turned toward me, reached out and hugged me tight. “Do you want to get some dessert?”

To Be Continued…

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