The Sock


It was Sunday, not much to do, so I drove down to the surfer beach by the Navy base. As I drove into the parking lot of the beach, I could not help but see that the waves were big.

Not being a surfer, but having lived near the beach most of my life, you could usually tell when “the Surf Was Up!” It would almost like a fish feeding frenzy. There would be lots of boys swarming like bees to get into the surf. All trying to quickly park, change out of their baggy clothes, get into those tight ass “body shape showing” wet suits, and go into the surf. Tight Asses and nice baskets galore! I loved to watch surfers, change!

It took me a while, but I snaked into the parking lot. I had to wait to get into an available parking spot because the three surfer boys next to me were so busy watching the surf they did not realize that they were blocking me from entering the spot. All three standing there with the double doors wide open doors on their red pickup. I wanted to park next to them because this spot seemed to be the only one left. Suddenly, they all realized at the same moment that someone was trying to park. They closed their doors and allowed me to slowly pull forward into the spot.

As I got into the parking spot, I realized that this spot afforded a view of both the surf and boys changing (in my rearview mirror). I slunk down and proceed to watch, all this time my boner began to raise in my snug 501’s.

The bunch in back must have been around 18- 20, all of them wrestling to get into their tight wetsuits as fast as they can All while doing what I call the towel dance. You usually can tell how straight a boy is by how hard he tries not to let anyone see his naked butt as he pulls his black wet suit up past the towel he has wrapped around his waist. The magical moment comes when the towel gets caught under the thing and the guy just pulls it off exposing the crack of his ass.

Well, I got caught up in the thrill of my boy watching. The three parked next to me, seemed so preoccupied, with the surf and the trill of this day’s fun yet to be had, that they were totally unaware of my watching. Each alone would qualify as beautiful male athletic specimen.

The first guy…the one that was too preoccupied watching the surf to let me into the parking space was a great example. He was tall about 5’11 around 19- 20, Rusty red copper hair, bronze color complexion, and about 170 lbs. He now jumped up and stood proudly in the center of the bed of what must have been his truck. Changing, and watching the surf. His one friend must have been about the same age, and height. He had brown hair with natural sun high lights. He stood next to my truck, unaware that I watched his every move.

Then there was the charmer. His beauty was almost breath taking, a sun blonded boy, dark complexion, and probably chocolate brown eyes. He seemed a little younger. He looked like he must be the younger brother of the truck owner. He seemed to be taking his time getting his wet suit on. He was now off to the left behind my truck in direct alignment of my rearview mirror. If you were careful, you could see that he seemed to be watching the other two and checking them out. Not wanting to be caught in the act he would look at them with his mouth open, then quickly look away. He appeared to do this several times.

The one in the bed of the truck took off his hooded sweatshirt to reveal a slim well developed muscular, reddish down coat of chest hair. His pink tits were encircled with deep brown areolas. It was a little chilly today and the cold must have made them stick out even more. They almost seemed pointed as I looked down at his baggy jeans slung below his plaid boxers, I could make out the Joe Boxer on the white band. ankara escort I could also see that he had a nice bulge pushing out against the lower part of his leg beginning at the zipper. As if he sensed that I was looking, he quickly squeezed it. The thing must have had a mind of its own because it throbbed up against the zipper again as if in protest. His manhood must have been a good 8 inches long. Then he squeezed it hard again and pushed it down so that it sat nicely against his legs. One more push and it appeared to soften and disappear along his leg. As he slid his jeans down the thing popped up again. “Little horn dog” The guy next to me was changing faster, he already had his towel wrapped around him and kept his shirt on. One pull of his wet suit and up it went, the towel came off only after it was covering anything that I might be interested in. Damn!

My blond dream boy was now watching the guy in the bed of the truck who had been wrestling with his dick; He was facing forward, so the Blondie had a good view of his ass. His friend or brother was having difficulty with his towel; you could see that he did not have it wrapped tight enough. It came undone twice, once exposing his pubes, a nice hairy bush of wild bronze red hairs dense at the base and then trailing up to his navel and the other time the upper crack of his tight ass you could see the big meathead sticking up against the towel material. He quickly slid the legs of his wet suit over his feet and began to work into each leg. Whoosh! The suit was pulled up and the towel was off. You could still see the slab of his semi hard boy meat flattened against his belly creating a nice bulge in his wet suit. The front of his suit looked like the kid had slid one of those real large magic markers down there, except you could see the circumcised head.

Another truck pulled in into a newly emptied spot in front of me. Two fine specimens got out. Damn! They were fine! Both about 5’11 to six feet tall. One with jet-black shoulder length hair almost blue black and shinny. The other had brown hair as he turned my way you could see that he had cobalt blue eyes. Nevertheless, as they jumped out of their truck you could see that they were all ready dressed in their wet suits. Must have just come back from the snack shop, sporting 48 oz gulp cups of something.

I looked back at my threesome, they were all suited up, picked up boards and raced off as one to the surf. I noticed that the blond did not have a surfboard but some kind of short boogey board. God! He won’t last long in that surf! I said to myself. It looked well used and waxed up like crazy. I watched as he trailed his two buddies. Nice little body, maybe 5’5- 5’6 about 150 lbs and nice tight little ass. Blond head bobbin right to left as he chatted with his friends all the way down to the surf. What a cutie!

I settled back and figured that, that was my eye candy for the day. I looked in the back of my jeep for the paper I had bought earlier that morning at Starbucks. Yep, there it was, way in the back behind the back seats of the jeep. Guess I would have to get out, open the rear door and get it. As I walked to the rear of my jeep, I noticed something white rolled up on the pavement

As I bent down for a better look, I noticed it was a white athletic sock. It was all rolled up like someone had quickly slipped it off fast and forgotten to pick it up.

I reached over, picked it up, and unrolled it. It was still warm and a little moist from the foot it had recently been taken off. I lifted it to my nose and smelled it, yup! It was that smell of fresh boy sweat. Not offensive, or stinky, but sort of musky and slightly acidity. From where it was located, it must have come from Blondie!

Thinking ankara escort bayan of this, I immediately began to get a boner. Wow, I was holding the sock that cute little blond had just took off his sweaty little 18-year-old feet.

I quickly rolled the sock into the palm of my hand and got back into the front seat of my Jeep Cherokee. I wondered if anyone had noticed my picking it up! God, I would be mortified if someone had seen me smelling an 18-year’s sock!

As I sat, I looked around; everyone seemed preoccupied with watching the surfers. Coast was clear!

I lifted the palm of my hand to my nose, I inhaled the smell of the sock again! Boing! My boner stiffened even harder against my jeans. Now the head was pressing tightly against the bottom button opening, straining to get out.

I looked around again, coast was clear. I pulled the head of my dick out through the opening of my button fly.

The pink head of my now throbbing dick was shinny and taunt, it was in the process of turning deep purple, as all that blood filling the shaft and growing to

Someone walked in front of the jeep. To hide my naked dick, which was now sticking up fully erect from my jeans, I quickly placed the warm sock over the head of my dick.

Oh! that felt good! My dick kept getting ever harder and seemed to fill the sock as it lengthened. Oh! My god. The thought of my dick in the warm sock that blond boy had just took off his feet sent goose bumps up and down my arms.

I got an idea! I began to slowly play with the head of my dick through the rough material. It actually felt good. I found myself teasing the g spot just below the swollen head with the rough material of the sock. The feeling was making my mushroom head dance up and down within the sock by itself. The rough material was almost electric on the sensitive swollen head of my dick. My dick was now throbbing!

I spread my legs out pushing tightly against the floorboard. I imagined having sex with that blond boy. He was smiling and looking up at me as his mouth smothered my dick. I stretch out my legs further and pointed my toes. Oh, this was hot! He was bathing my dick with his boy spit! Slobbering all over the base and my balls and running his tongue up and down along the shaft and swirling it around the swollen head in and out of my piss slit.

All the time guys with wet suits are walking by.

I closed my eyes for a second and saw my dick bobbing in and out of his mouth of his angelic face surrounded by his almost white blond hair.


That did it…I found myself on the verge of cumming. My balls began to tingle, my dick head began to twitch, my dick lips open and closes in rapid succession and bam!

My first hot load erupted out, searing the head of my dick, and into the warm sock. It blasted the toe so hard that some of it spattered through the material. My sperm was now leaking out of the toe of his sock. Auuuggg! Another shot! Almost with the same force. Legs stiff, toes pointed! Splat! It hits the wet area of the sock and oozes out. I’m getting dizzy as three more shots blast out of my super sensitive dick. By now the cum has saturated the already damp sock and is dripping out of the sock and back down the shaft to my pubes.

I quickly came to my senses. What the fuck am I doing??? This is a super public place! I quickly looked down at my spewed mess and wiped the head of my dripping dick with the sock. Pulled it back and slipped my dick back safely into my jeans.

I looked around quickly, hum! No one noticed! How Cool! Now what do I do with sock?

Another brilliant idea crossed my mind.

I get out of the car, rolled the sock back up like I found it, and escort ankara placed it in about the same spot.

No sooner did I get back into the car, when who do I see coming back from the beach to their truck? But, blond boy!

He looked exhausted! Hair all over his head, and wetter then wet.

He climbed up on the bed of the truck and reached into the back window. Fishing for his clothes. He seemed that he found all of them. Except? One!

You could see that he was still looking out of the corner of his eye. but he wasn’t real worried that he wouldn’t find it. He began peeling off his wet suit. Nice hairless chest. Well developed and the beginnings of some fine muscles. Nipples were still small, but pointed due to the irritation of the wet suit. He continued to peel the suit off, exposing a more of a nice flat belly and navel. Nice little dark blond curly happy trail running down into his pubes. He was still peeling, oops! More pubic hair, then he must have realized that he needed his towel. He turned around looking for it. Yup! There it was on the bed of the truck. He had to bend over to reach for it .Wow! What a nice view of the top of his ass crack and a little further down nice blond peach fuzz reflected in the sun. Sure wouldn’t kick him out of my bed if he climbed into during the middle of the night. He then quickly wrapped the towel around his waist. Getting ready to do the surfer towel dance.

The thought about the sock and leaving before he found it crosses my mind, but I quickly think again. Maybe this could be fun.

He finished getting the wet suit off and sat down on the tailgate of the truck to finish getting his jeans on. He was totally out of sight until he finished getting the suit off; He apparently used the time to get on a baggy pair of cargo shorts. They flattered his slim body. Then suddenly he jumps off the back tailgate. I could see his full body clearly in my rearview mirror now.

He then walked over to the back of my jeep before he spotted it. A smile fell across his tanned face. He beamed from ear to ear.

He had the other one on as he lifted it up ready to put it on till the other foot, he stopped. He felt it, as if to weigh it, thought something “queer” was a foot and quickly lifted it up to his nose. He must have really know what fresh sperm smelled like, because it didn’t have to get too close to his nose before he pulled it away quickly.

He looked around suspiciously; nope none of his friends were around. Might not be a joke! He seemed relived.

He lifted the sock again. This time more slowly and more deliberately, he was lifting it right up to his nose, as if too more enjoy the aroma. He took a deep breath of it, then another, then another. I could almost swear that his shorts appeared to become tented after the first whiff. He was growing a stiffy. He looked around again. He then looked up and stared straight at me. He lowered his head and stared into my eyes as I looked at him through my rearview mirror.

My face froze and burned red with embarrassment. What was he going to do?

He sort of turned red too, as if caught doing something he shouldn’t of. Then he lifted his head and smiled genuinely. As if in some secret recognition. He then did something strange, he lifted the sock up as if to say “Hey dude! This your Cum?”

All of this time his two other buddies were making their way back to the truck. I heard them calling to him. ‘Hey! Davy! Did you see my last ride? It was gnarly! Dude! My now named blond boy smiled at me once again and quickly tucked the sock down into the waistband of his shorts. Davy’s attention returned to his returning friends. He looked over his shoulder as I started the car.

Still beet red, I put the jeep in drive and began to drive out of that parking spot. A smile spread over my lips and I began to laugh out loud, thinking that my sperm was now dripping all over and mingling with blond Davy’s dingle!

Maybe….the Beginning

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