The Spa


As a birthday present my boyfriend James got me a gift certificate to a spa. I was so excited to be going. Finally a chance to unwind and relax.

I entered the spa and was greeted by the receptionist. She handed me a robe and towel and showed me into the change room. She explained that I could have a steam bath and that when I was ready I could come into the massage room.

The receptionist left and I put my things into my locker. I grabbed my towel and robe and headed towards the steam room. No one else was in the change room so I left my towel and robe on the chair located by the door to the steam room.

I entered the steam room and sat down on the bench. My problems and worries slowly left my body. I could feel my muscles relax as my body took in the wonderful scent that the room provided.

I decided to lay down and relax a little more. I closed my eyes and thought of nothing except relaxing.

I guess because of my relaxed state I didn’t hear the door open but the sound of it closing awoke me from my trance. I opened my eyes and saw a woman standing before me. She was naked like I was. I quickly scanned her body. She was gorgeous. She had long brown hair. Huge firm tits and her pussy was shaven except for a little tuft at the front. I quickly looked away. A little embarrassed about my reaction to this woman.

“Hello” she said “I didn’t realize anyone was in here, my name is Anna”

“Hi Anna, my name is Sara”

Anna Betturkey sat down on the bench across from me. I tried so hard not to keep staring at her. I couldn’t help it. Her body was amazing. I have never been with another woman before so the thoughts that were going threw my body were very new to me.

“You looked so comfortable before I came in” Anna said, “I hope I didn’t interrupt you”

I laughed nervously hoping she didn’t notice my fixation on her body. “No I was just relaxing. I have never been to a spa before. My boyfriend James got me a gift certificate. So far this is wonderful!”

“I come here all the time. At least once a week. I spend most of my time in here. The steam and the aroma so relaxes me after a long week”

Every time Anna spoke I found myself looking over at her and staring. Her tits were so firm. I thought about reaching over and sucking on one of her nipples. I couldn’t control my thoughts about her. She was entrancing. I felt my own pussy becoming wet. I looked at Anna and noticed her looking at me. She smiled but didn’t look away.

I smiled back and when I did Anna got up from her side of the room and walked over to me. She stood in front of me as I laid on the bench totally exposed to another woman. I felt my heart start beating faster. For some reason I couldn’t control my reactions. Anna came closer until she was within inches of my body.

“You have amazing nipples. Betturkey Giriş They are so big” I couldn’t believe this was happening. Another woman was commenting on my nipples. Anna got down on her knees before me and slowly licked my nipples.

I was in shock! My brain was saying stop but my body was loving every minute of it.

Anna continued to lick at my nipple and then she took my tit into her mouth and started sucking and biting. I felt my juices running. My pussy was becoming so wet and my clit was throbbing.

Anna moved away from my tit and took the other one into her mouth. My hand traveled up and I put it on her head and pushed her head closer to my chest. The feeling was so different then when my boyfriend sucked on my tits.

Anna slowly started to lick her way down my body. She twirled her tongue around my belly button. I barely was conscious of my legs parting. It was almost like an out of body experience. Here was this gorgeous woman licking my inner thigh.

Anna licked the insides of my thighs coming so close to my wet pussy but never touching it. I felt my legs spread wider. I wanted so bad for this woman to lick and suck my clit. I felt Anna’s hands run up my legs. Her fingers traced the outline of my pussy.

“MMMM your so wet, your juices are dripping from my fingers” with that Anna brought her fingers to my lips and I sucked my juices off this woman’s hand. I still couldn’t believe Betturkey Güncel Giriş that this was happening.

Anna’s head was now between my legs. She pushed my legs open and then I felt her hot tongue on my now throbbing pussy. Her tongue slowly licked my pussy without touching my clit. I started moaning and thrusting my hips towards her tongue. I needed to release. I needed her to suck on my clit. I pushed my soaking pussy towards her again and then I felt it. Her mouth hit my clit and she started sucking. It felt like an electrical shock run threw my body. I could feel my orgasm building up.

“I’m going to come” I said. Anna never missed a beat and continued sucking on my clit. I felt my body tense as she sucked harder and harder. I heard myself scream out and then my body relaxed. Anna stopped sucking on my clit but continued to lick my pussy in long strokes. Her hot tongue felt so wonderful.

Anna lifted her head and them started to move towards me when we both heard a bang of a locker. She jumped up and sat down on the bench across from me. I sat up and tried to compose myself as the door opened and another woman walked in.

When the woman sat down Anna got up to leave. As she got to the door she turned her head and smiled at me and then she left.

I spent the rest of the day wondering what else would have happened if the other woman wouldn’t have walked in.

Needless to say James and I had amazing sex that night when I got home. I told him everything that had taken place. I have never seen him that excited before. I know now that whenever our sex life needs a bit of a lift I can tell James again how it felt to have another woman lick my pussy. I’m sure that the reaction will be the same.

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