Subject: The Story of Us Ok this is my first attempt at writing a story so I don’t know quite where this is going to go and what I am expecting from it. I do know that this is not going to be based around sex, so if that is what you are looking for then this story isn’t for you. Other than that I hope you like what you see, either way send me an e-mail telling me what you think so I know whether or not to keep writing and some ideas if you think I should continue. All feedback is appreciated as long as it is tactful. Now for the necessary disclaimer: I don’t know the guys and I am not implying anything about them or their sexuality. As nice as it would be this is as far as I know purely fiction. Now on with the story. Part 1: Lance woke up that morning at about nine and proceeded to get ready for a long day of rehearsing and technical checks for the up coming tour. “God this is gonna be a long day.” He said aloud to himself as he turned on the news and then went into the bathroom to take a shower. “Ring, ring, ring” “Damn not the phone” he sighed ” always when I’m in the shower.” He grabbed a towel and hoped out of the shower and headed for the phone in the other room wondering who would be calling him this early. “Hello” “Lance, its Justin you need to hurry and get ready cause management wants to meet with us to discuss some changes to the tour and the opening acts before we start rehearsing today.” “OK, when do we need to be there?” “30 minutes” “Alright, I’ll see you in a half-hour, Bye.” “Love, Peace, and hair grease.” Click Lance looked at the phone for a second trying to process the last thing Justin said and then looked at the clock. “Well so much for the shower.” He sighed and continued to get dressed and head for the offices where they would be meeting with management. When he got to the offices, he walked in still trying to figure out what was so important that they had to discuss it at 10 am. He found his way in to the conference room where they usually had their meetings with management surprised to see that not only was he the last one to get there but also that it wasn’t just `Nsync and their management in the room. He looked around and saw his band mates sitting on one side of the table with the guys from O- Town and their management sitting on the other side. “Well not that we have everyone, why don’t we get started.” Said Johnny `Nsync’s manager. “No we have a lot to discuss and little time since you guys are expected for dance rehearsals with Fatima in about an hour. We have a few changes to the schedule that you guys need to look at as well as some stuff about your sets but first I would like to introduce you to your opening act for the entire tour. I would like you to meet the guys of O-Town, Dan, Eric, Jacob, Trevor, and Ashley.” The guys from both groups stood up and shook hands and sat back down. “Now here are the details, O- town will be ..” kızılay escort Johnny continued but Lance wasn’t paying attention anymore. He kept glancing at Ashley as he was trying to make it look like he was paying attention and not trying to be too obvious that he was looking at Ashley. `He is even cuter in person.’ He thought to himself. Lance had thought Ashley was cute ever since he saw him for the first time on Making The Band. He had been trying to figure out how he would get to meet him for quite some time now and it wasn’t that easy as `Nsync was now on Jive. But as luck would have it he was going to get to do a four-month tour with the guy he had a crush on. Lance had come out the guys after they finished their very first US tour but none of them save Justin knew that he had a crush on Ashley so this was his dream come true. About five minutes later the meeting was adjourned and everyone parted ways. The guys of `Nsync went to the dance studio to rehearse the routines they had been working on for the upcoming “Celebrity” tour, while the guys from O-Town headed back to their house to relax seeing as they had a few days off. Trevor, Jacob, and Eric jumped into one car while Ashley hopped in Dan’s car. Dan and Ashley had been out for an early morning run on the beach when they had gotten a phone call from Jacob telling them about the meeting. When they got in the car they told the guy that they would meet them at the house later cause they were going to go finish their run. As they got on the road Ashley put his head back and closed his with a thin smile in his lips. Dan didn’t realize that his buddy was in another world until he didn’t respond to his question. The silence caused him to turn and look at Ashley and see the state he was in. “Ash. Ash.. Ashley” “Huh” ” Are you going to answer me?” ” My bad I didn’t hear you. What were you saying” ” Never mind, what I really wanna know now is what had you so distracted?” ” Nothing really, I was just thinking” ” Right. you were in a completely different world and you had this little grin on your face that made it look like you just got the news you had been hoping to hear?” ” Well.. I did” ” What do you mean you did?” ” You were at the meeting, you know exactly what I’m talking about.” ” Okay. So which one is it? Justin or JC?” “Neither, its Lance.” Ever since Dan had joined O-Town he knew that there was something different about Ash, but it wasn’t until they had started shooting the video for “Liquid Dreams” in preparation for the albums release that he had found out what it was. They had gotten close over the course of the recording of the album and when they finished shooting the first day the guys had gone back to their hotel rooms and decided to go out for some fun. Everyone but Ashley went out. He said he was tired and wanted to stay in and get some sleep and talk to his girlfriend. keçiören escort The rest of the guys went out and got some dinner from a local diner. Fortunately for them the place was dead and the waitress was about 55 and had no clue as to who they were. After eating the guys decided to go catch a movie since it was a dark place they could just chill in. Dan was worried about Ash because he knew that he had been having problems with his girlfriend and had been kinda of stressed lately. So he opted to grab a cab and head back to the hotel telling the guys he would see them in the morning. When he got back to the hotel he went up to the room he and Ashley were sharing and as he reached the door he could hear Ashley and it sounded like he was talking but he was also crying. He carefully opened the door and saw that Ashley had his back to him and he was on the phone. So he quietly slipped in not wanting to disturb Ash and just as he turned to close the door “Look it’s over okay ” Dan paused not moving. He was about to go back out so Ash could have some privacy since it looked like he was having a fight when “Why? You wanna know why? I’m Gay okay that’s why it’s over.” Hearing this caught Dan by surprise and he let go of the door and it slammed shut causing Ashley to jump and turn around. When he looked up and saw Dan he went pale ” Bye” and hung up the phone. Dan headed for the bathroom trying to pretend like he hadn’t heard what was said. “Dan” He paused. ” Yeah ” “What did you hear?” “Umm nothing” “Then why won’t you look at me?” Dan Turned around and was met by a look of fear and shame on Ashley’s face. He slowly walked over to the bed where he was sitting and sat down beside him, as he went to put an arm around Ash, Ashley flinched for fear of being hit. He pulled Ashley into a tight hug and just sat there with him as he cried. After about five more minutes of crying Ash pulled away and began to dry his eyes. He looked up at Dan and was about to speak and the stopped. He sat there looking as if he was trying to figure out what he wanted to say. ” I’m Sorry’ was all he got out before he started crying again. He got up to head for the bathroom and was immediately stopped by Dan. ” Why are you sorry? What did you do to be sorry for?” ” You heard me. You heard what I said on the phone, I’m Gay!!! That’s why I’m sorry.” Dan pulled Ashley into another hug and stood there for a moment before whispering into his ear ” you have nothing to be sorry about, you did nothing wrong” Still crying into Dan’s chest he asked ” you mean you’re not mad at me for not telling you, for being gay?” ” Why should I be? You’re still the same guy I met when I first joined the group. That Ashley hasn’t changed, you haven’t done anything wrong to anyone.” ” I should have told you sooner.” ” No you shouldn’t, you weren’t ready to tell me and that’s not an easy thing to tell escort ankara someone.” He let go of Ash and then looked him in the eyes and said ” I will never be mad at you or judge you for who you are as long as you do the right thing. Now go in the bathroom and get cleaned up, cause you look like death warmed over.” At the Ashley cracked a smile and nodded his head and walked into the bathroom to get cleaned up. That was five months ago and neither Dan nor Ash had ever figured on that night taking place nor did they have any idea how much it would help their friendship grow. The rest of the guys in the group still didn’t know about Ashley and he still wasn’t ready to tell them although he thought that might change as the tour went on. Dan just sat back not saying a word just being happy for his friend as they headed towards the beach to finish the run that they had started earlier that morning. “Okay guys if you get this right we will break for lunch.” Shouted Fatima as the guys of `Nsync quickly grabbed water bottles to take a drink before running through the routine for “POP” one more time. “And Lance lets see if you can get it right this time.” The guys all took their spots and the music started. Fortunately for all of them and especially Lance the routine went smoothly and they broke for lunch. As they headed for their bags Fatima called Lance over so she could talk to him. “Look I don’t know what’s going on but you need to get your head out of your ass, I haven’t seen you have this much trouble with a routine in a long time, so get your head straight at lunch and come back in here focused okay” “No problem, and I’m sorry for not being focused I just have a few things on my mind but I’ll do better this afternoon, I promise.” “Alright get outta here” With that Lance turned and jogged over to his bag where Justin was waiting for him. “So what did she have to say?” “Just that I need to get my head out of my ass and focus” “Yeah what’s up with that, you seem to be in another world and I noticed it this morning at the meeting.” “I was not in another world at the meeting.” “Okay so what did Johnny have to say?” Lance stood their trying to figure out what to say for a moment and before he had a chance. “Exactly you didn’t hear a word he said.” Justin said while laughing. “So” “So why were you in another world?” “Because HE was there” “He.. Who exactly is He? The room was filled with nothing but guys, so exactly which he would you be referring to?” “Okay I’ll tell you but you have to promise not to tell the guys.” “I promise” “I’m serious Just, I don’t want the guys to know who I have a crush on because I don’t really feel like being teased about it.” “Okay I promise I won’t tell them” ” Not that it really matters cause it’s just my luck that he’s straight, but it’s Ashley.” “Well I must say you do have good taste Lance and I won’t let the guys know. Now lets go get some food.” With that they headed to the other room where there was a buffet of food laid out for them. Okay that’s it for part one. I hope you all like it, if not that’s cool. Either way please feel free to tell me what you think. If you liked it and would like to see more Ideas are always ail

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