The Summer Place Ch. 01

Daily Deepthroat

Author’s Note: Thank you for reading! This first chapter includes no family sex per se, but I believe you’ll be able to notice at least a couple hints for the future. Enjoy!


A bright beam of sunlight, thrown across the bedroom from one of the tall windows at the front of the room, facing Park Avenue. The sharp rectangle of light traveled slowly up the bed, starting at the foot and, as the dawn turned into real daylight, making its way up the exposed torso of the man sleeping in the mess of cotton sheets and finally resting on his face. He blinked, then threw one lean arm across his face to shield his eyes.

It is June 1983, and Manhattan lawyer Jonathan Ayres was forty-three. Jonathan went to a prep school in Massachusetts before going to an Ivy League university for college law school. His wife, Sally, joked to friends that he looked just like the drawings in the Brooks Brothers catalog – not only did he wear the same blue oxford shirts, striped ties, and dark suits, but he had the square jaw, dark hair casually parted and brushed, and lean, six-foot frame.

At the moment, that frame was surrounded by white sheets, thrown off in the humid night, and encased in nothing but a pair of light blue boxer shorts. Jonathan’s chest and arms were covered in dark hair, his muscles the kind developed by everyday activity, by a kind of internal energy, rather than by any machines in a gym. The hair led down to his stomach, and then trailed into a path that snuck under the waistband of his boxers. He had to pee. Sliding out of bed, his brain starting to fully awaken, he finally noticed the sound of Sally taking a shower in the master bathroom.

Jonathan walked into the bathroom, where Sally was already obscured by the fogged glass of the shower, her compact, curvy form an alluring mystery among the curls of steam. He slid his boxers down over his firm buttocks and long-muscled legs and stood at the toilet, letting his cock swing free above two heavy balls. Rubbing his chest and stomach, waiting for the flow to begin, he luxuriated in this freedom – standing naked in the bathroom, his wife nude in the shower, every door in the apartment wide open. This had been their life for the past several months, with Margot off at Smith and Nate at boarding school, but Margot, who they last saw at Christmas, was already back in the city – she was staying with a friend from college for a few days before coming home – and Nate was leaving school today. Jonathan and Sally both wished they could have been there for his graduation, but his law practice was too busy, especially right before the family went on vacation, and Sally was getting all of the travel details in order and couldn’t get away. But today the kids would be home. Jonathan had said goodbye to the office for the next two weeks, and now he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, enjoying the quiet morning – the calm before the storm, he suspected. Fully relaxed, he finally released his thick stream, just as Sally shut off the water and gaziantep escort telefonları opened the shower door.

She was 40, about five-foot-four, with blonde hair just long enough to pull into a ponytail, a cute butt leading to shapely legs, and heavy, full breasts that usually distracted whatever man she happened to be smiling at – especially as she often “forgot” a bra. Jonathan met Sally at a Manhattan party when he was in law school and she was finishing her time at Vassar. Twenty years later, they both stayed in shape by swimming and playing racquetball, either together or with friends, and by playing some tennis in the summer.

Now, she dropped the towel with which she had just quickly rubbed down her gleaming wet skin, and put her cool hands on Jonathan’s hips. As they traveled back to cup his ass and then slowly slipped around to the front, her fingers weaving through his dark pubic hair to find the root of his rapidly growing cock, she pressed her body against his back. He could feel her soft breasts pillow against him, her nipples hard against his skin.

“What are you doing?” he asked in a low voice.

“You know,” she said playfully, and bit his shoulderblade, making him moan.

“Sally, Margot will be home any time.”

Sally’s hands began to travel length of Jonathan’s now rock-hard dick, spreading the precum already forming at its tip along his full seven-and-a-half inches and making his balls start to tense and ache. She continued to bite, kiss, and lick his back. “Come on,” she whispered plaintively. “Don’t you remember how hard it was to get her out of bed when she was home for Christmas? She won’t be here to until late afternoon.” Her fingers closed around his cock a little more tightly. “Honey, please? Don’t you want one last loud, dirty fuck before the kids are under our feet again?”

Jonathan’s hands had already crept behind him to grasp Sally’s firm ass, but now, with a growl that seemed to climb from his groin, he turned, picked Sally up bodily, and placed her on the wide marble countertop. She yelped and clasped her arms around his neck. “Mm, you’re such a strong man,” she said slyly, biting her lip. “What are you going to do to your little slut?”

As answer, Jonathan slipped from her embrace and began kissing her neck, working his way down her shoulders and chest to her dark, erect nipples. Cupping and squeezing her big, heavy tits, he licked and sucked each nipple in turn as Sally threw her head back and moaned loudly, wrapping her thighs around his waist and starting to grind against him. After a few minutes, he started to kiss the underside of each breast, making his way to his flat stomach and wide hips, her fingers entwined in his hair, pulling his mouth close against her skin. “Oh, yes,” she gasped, leaning back against the mirror. “Yes, lick my pussy, Jonathan. Suck my clit and make me come!”

When Sally had first started dating Jonathan, she had escort gaziantep telefonları been known to brag to her friends about his ability – and his eagerness – to eat her out. Time had not lessened either, and Jonathan pressed his mouth against the soaking wet lips and engorged clit that waiting for him under the full triangle of blonde hair between Sally’s legs. His cock dripping precum, he knelt on the bathroom floor, sucking and lapping Sally’s pussy as she grabbed fistfuls of his hair, squeezed her aching tits and nipples, and bucked and thrust her cunt against his lips and tongue. Jonathan slipped first one, then two fingers deep inside her pussy and started fucking her with his hand as his tongue continued to work at her clit. “Fuck,” she screamed, “I’m coming!” Jonathan felt her pussy juices running down his chin as the walls of her pussy quivered and throbbed around his fingers. He stood, smiling and licking his lips. “Oh, Jesus,” said Sally, her eyes fixed on his dick, which was dripping long trails of precum. “Yes, baby, fill me up with that hard cock!”

Kissing Sally deeply so that she could taste her own come on his lips, Jonathan spread her legs, pinching her nipples and grabbing her ass as he positioned himself at her pussy. She moaned desperately around his tongue. “Fuck me, Jonathan, fuck me!” He slid the head of his cock along the length of her swollen pussy lips, lingering for a moment at her clit, but she was having none of it. Reaching down and grabbing his ass, she pulled him deep inside her with one motion and immediately started grinding on his hips, her eyes widening and then rolling back in her head as he thrust himself balls deep inside her again and again, grunting and growling. He couldn’t take his eyes off of how her huge breasts bounced and swayed as he fucked her, but his hands were restlessly exploring the rest of her body, toying with her asshole, grabbing her wrists, encircling her throat as he pulled her entire body down onto his thick cock. He could hear his balls slapping against her full ass, still wet from her orgasm and from the additional natural lubrication being forced out of her with every thrust.

“Oh, shit,” he said breathlessly, “I’m going to come! Oh, fuck, Sally, you’re going to get all of this hot come!” With a sudden movement, Sally pushed him away, hard, and he stepped back from the counter, his impossibly hard dick swaying and his balls tensed against his body. Without breaking her eye contact with him, and licking her lips, she jumped off the countertop and knelt in front of him, sliding her lips as far down his engorged penis as she could go. Jonathan threw his head back, grabbing hers as she began to suck him faster and faster, swirling one hand around his base as the other fondled and gently squeezed his balls. “Aagghhh,” he grunted, “It’s coming! Fuck!” With a pop Sally released his cock from her mouth, stroking his dick and smiling as she stuck out her tongue.

“Oh, gaziantep escort bayan telefonları yes, honey, give my that hot come!” She was still looking into his eyes, jerking him off with one hand while the other was between her legs, furiously rubbing her clit.

“Yes, baby, it’s coming!” Jonathan felt his buttocks clench and his balls tighten, and with a loud, long groan, he shot rope after rope of thick, white come all over his wife’s face and chest at the exact moment that she came a second time. Their moans mixed together as she stroked the last drops of semen from his cock and continued rubbing her soaking wet pussy.

“Mm, thank you for that,” she said, standing in front of him. “I love when you make me scream!” She reached into the shower and turned the water on again. “Now I won’t be so disappointed when we have to keep it quiet around the kids,” she continued, winking at him before she stepped under the water and disappeared behind the fogged glass.

Jonathan smiled too. He was out of breath, and his legs were shaking, so he decided to get a glass of water. Walking from the bathroom and through the bedroom, his mind’s eye replayed the images of Sally’s big, soft breasts bouncing with each thrust into her tight cunt. He could feel his cock growing again, slapping against his thighs as he walked, and laughed to himself. His laughter died immediately, however, when he reached the hallway that led to the kitchen and living room and heard a noise. Stopping in his tracks, his mind raced. That can’t be Margot, he thought. It’s not even nine o’clock. He heard the noise again – cupboards in the kitchen opening and closing, and then a softer noise, the sound of his daughter humming to herself.

Oh, no, Jonathan thought. How long has she been here? What had she heard? The hair on the back of his neck stood up. The Ayres weren’t exactly a sexually permissive family, but Jonathan and Sally had gone to college in the sixties, and they certainly enjoyed each others’ bodies. When the kids were growing up, Jonathan and Sally had talked to them about puberty, sex, and dating, but this had always been pleasantly abstract. When Margot was home at Christmas, Jonathan had noticed for the first time how, well, adult she had become – though she was a couple inches taller than her mother, she was Sally’s double in nearly every other respect, and Jonathan had been embarrassed by her penchant for very short skirts, thin white blouses which sometimes revealed dark nipples underneath, and tank tops which rode low on her chest.

If Jonathan suspected that Margot had overheard her parents fucking when she was little, he could have eased his mind by imagining that she was too young to understand. But now, as memories of nineteen-year-old Margot at Christmas flooded his mind, he knew that he couldn’t rationalize this away with that reassurance anymore. Glancing towards the foyer from the depths of the hallway, he noticed that Margot’s two suitcases were still sitting near the entrance to the apartment, and he breathed a little easier. She just got here, he thought. She didn’t hear anything – and besides, even if she’d been here for a little while, Sally and I were pretty quiet near the end, even if the doors were open.

Turning, he walked back to the bedroom as silently as he could. I’ve got to tell Sally about this, he thought. As he closed the bedroom door, he noticed his hands were shaking.

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