The Training Session Ch. 05


After Ken made passionate love to me, he rolled off me and laid beside me, sliding his arm under me. I laid my head on his buff chest enjoying the closeness.

“That was awesome,” Ken said.

“I agree,” I replied. “I’ve never felt this way toward another man.”

“Me either,” Ken confessed. “Like told you, I have a buddy that I get off with at home when we’re horny and it’s not working out for us with the chicks, but I don’t have feelings like this for him. Kind of scary.”

“Very scary,” I agreed. “But let’s not dwell on that right now. Let’s make the most of this weekend, and we can figure all this out later.”


“I’ll be right back,” I said. “Your load is kind of leaking out of me.”

“It was a big one,” Ken laughed.

I went into the bathroom for awhile and cleaned up from our lovemaking. When I came back, Ken went and did the same thing.

When he came back, he was kind of stretching his back a little.

“Back bothering you?” I asked.

“Just a little sore from our workout today.” he explained.

“Lay down on your stomach, and I’ll massage it for you.”

“That sounds great!” Ken said.

“Got any lotion?” I asked.

“Sure…in the bathroom.”

Ken laid face down on the bed as I retrieved the lotion from the bathroom. When I came back, I couldn’t help but notice his muscular back and his beautiful athletic ass. I climbed on the bed and straddled his lower back resting my cock and balls on him.

“This feel ok?” I asked.

“You’re good,” he replied.

I began to squirt some lotion on his upper back and then put the bottle to the side. I then began to spread it around and started to massage escort izmir his upper back and neck.

“Man, that feels really good,” he said.

His back felt really good to me and as I got into massaging him more, my cock began to stiffen. I started working the middle of his back knowing I was doing a good job from the sounds he was making. I slid back a little more so I could get to his lower back. My cock was hard now and resting in the crack of his beautiful ass. As I worked his lower back, I started sliding my cock along his crack. Again, I knew he was enjoying everything from his response. I slid farther down and started massaging his ass.

“You have a beautiful ass,” I complimented him.

“It’s all yours, buddy,” he responded.

“You know,” I teased, “women compliment me on my oral talents. I am usually able to get a woman to have at least one orgasm from eating her pussy before I fuck them.”

“Again, it’s all yours, buddy,” he repeated.

With that encouragement, I bent down and ran my tongue from his ball sac to his lower back along his crack.

“Hmmmm,” he responded.

“Like that?”

I spread his legs a little and went back in. I pushed his butt cheeks apart and began to explore with my tongue licking up and down his crack and grazing over his hole. I could tell by the sounds he was making that he was enjoying what I was doing. Then, I went for his hole and began to tongue fuck him with enthusiasm. My face was buried as deep in his ass as I could get. Both of us were making sounds that clearly showed we were both enjoying ourselves. His ass was dripping with my saliva, and my cock was hard as a rock.

“Oh my god, fuck me,” he escort izmir breathed out.

With that invitation, I moved up and slid my hard cock along his crack getting it nice and wet. I pulled up on his waist to line up my cock with his hole. I rubbed the head of my cock around his hole getting it more lubricated and placed it at the entrance of where I was headed. My cock slid in a few inches, and I could tell that he needed me to wait a second.

“Ahhh,” he winced. “Give me a second to get use to you.”

I pushed a little farther stopping and waiting for his sounds to let me know when it was ok to continue. Finally, I was all the way in. I slowly pulled out a little and then back in all the way. I kept doing that slow motion until he started pushing back on my cock as I was pushing in. I knew he was ready for me to fuck him. I picked up my pace grabbing him by his waist.

“That feels so good,” he moaned to me.

“You are so tight,” I said.

I began to start fucking him hard. Our sounds became more intense as my balls were slapping against his ass. I reached forward and grabbed his shoulders and really started to go deep.

“I’m getting close…” I grunted.

“Let me get on my back,” he grunted back. “I want to look at you as you give me your load.”

I pulled out, and he quickly flipped over. I pushed his legs back with my arms and slid my cock back in his ass. We were face to face, inches from each other. I immediately went balls deep and waited for him to adjust to the fullness again. I kissed him gently on the lips.

“Ready?” I asked him

“Alright, baby,” he breathed. “Give it to me.”

I started slowly fucking him again, leaning down to kiss him passionately. The passion made me pick up the pace.

“Oh yeah, baby,” Ken moaned. “That feels so good. Fuck me hard.”

Looking into each other’s eyes, I gave it all I had. I fucked him hard. I fucked him good. All you could hear was grunting and my balls slapping against his ass.

“Here it cums!” I yelled. “Ahhhhh fuck!”

I unloaded into his ass with the best orgasm I think that I ever had. It just kept cumming. Squirt after squirt, filling up Ken’s ass. The look he was giving me was just pure pleasure. I began to slow down, giving him slow deep thrusts. We began making out showing our true feeling for each other. I slowly came to a stop, leaving my cock in deep.

“That was awesome,” said Ken. “I’ve been thinking about you fucking me all week. I want it to be a two way street when it comes to sex with you.”

“I’m happy to hear that because I love doing both with you,” I replied.

“Same here,” he agreed. “We’re kind of a mess again,” Ken laughed. “Want to jump in the shower together?”

“That sounds great,” I agreed.

We went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I jumped in the shower as Ken was getting rid of the load that I had just deposited in his ass. Soon, the shower door slid open, and Ken was behind me. I felt his lips on the back of my neck and his strong arms around me. We soaped each other up taking our time cleaning each other up. We couldn’t keep our hands and lips off each other.

After we rinsed off, we got out and dried each other off. We went back to the bed and got in under the covers. We immediately were all over each other kissing and exploring each other’s bodies with our hands.

“I could do this all night,” I said between kisses.

“I think that’s a great idea,” smiled Ken.

And that’s exactly what happened…

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