The Van


She felt kind of stalkerish. But he did tell her that he was getting off work early this Friday, and she wanted to surprise him. She didn’t know how early, so here she sits in her mini van, parked in the parking garage next to his car. The butterflies and anticipation in her stomach bouncing all over the place and tied in knots all at once.

She catches a glimpse of him walking up the ramp walking her way, and slides the side door open.


After working crazy hours, he’s on a bartending shift on a Friday, but finally doesn’t have to close. He stocks and cleans and leaves early. He’s headed to his car, and as he walks up the ramp in the garage, he sees a minivan parked next to his car with the door open.

Always an adventure in this lot, he thinks to himself, let’s see what this is all about and get in my car and go. Was he ever wrong.


He saw her as he started walking between the cars, and the smile couldn’t have been wider on both their faces. She jumped out of the van and their embrace was like 2 people melting together. They fit together perfectly, her nuzzled in his arms, ear pressed to his upper chest, his arms wrapped around her, smelling the delightful scent of her shampoo.

There wasn’t much of a break in the embrace, so much a readjustment. Her hips slid forward, her shoulders back as she looked up at him, and before she could blink, they were engaged in a passionate kiss, the kind that you see in romance movies that you never believe are real, until you have one, like right now.

Lips locked kurtköy olgun escort together, tongues dancing with each other, hands caressing all parts of both their bodies, while still locked in their embrace. Though it is an open garage and night time, the heat was palatable and rising between them.

Finally, both coming up for air, they smiled lovingly and yet filled with lust, and climbed into her van. He slid the door closed, and as he turned they both had the same thought at the same time, attack.

They were on each other. A whirlwind of hands all over each other, lips attached to each other’s like they would die if they separated.

While there was so much love between them, this was animal lust, they had to have each other.

Fingers caressing turned into groping hands, feeling every part of each other body. Clothes began shed of each other’s body, kisses planted on newly found skin.

The moment came where they separated to finish removing their clothes, and they took a knowing moment to admire each other.


There she was, in all her glory. He admired all of her curves. She was so much more beautiful than he remembered. And he remembered well and though of her often. He admired the long perfect legs leading to her perfect slit and perfectly round ass. The curve of her hips, the slight in then out as his eyes roamed up to her perfect breasts, with those rock hard nipples just begging to be suckled. God he missed her.


She looked him up and down. He hasn’t changed much over the tuzla escort years, still the dad bod that she knew and loved so much. And that cock, Jesus that cock. Just looked so perfect, not the biggest thing in the world, but long enough and fat enough to fill her up. It stood out, hard and proud, almost audibly calling to her. God she missed him.


The moment passed and they were on each other again, his lips on a beeline for her nipple, one hand playing with the other nipple, the other hand groping that perfect ass.

Her left hand grabbing his hair and pulling him into her chest, her right hand wrapping itself around his rock hard cock, stroking it base to tip, her hand a perfect fit around him.

There’s no describing how to make this work in the van. You just do. They had to taste each other. It had been far too long. As they twisted and turned, his mouth finally came to rest on her soaking pussy. Planting a kiss, flicking his tongue, savoring her taste and smell, before diving in and eating her with reckless abandon.

She in turn, had his cock in her hand, gripped at the base, swirling her tongue around the tip, before sliding his girth into her mouth, using all of the tricks she’s learned to please his cock.

They come up for air once again, and their lips lock together again, as their hands and bodies squirm against each other until they find just the right angle, the tip of his cock is sliding against her soaking pussy, up and down teasing, and slowly he begins to slide inside of her.

They can only breath heavy and stare pendik escort at each other in pleasureful wonder as he slides all the way in her, their pelvic bones pushed together. She fits so perfectly around him, he can feel the entirety of her wrapped around him, so hot, wet, perfectly right. He fills her up, she can feel every vein on his cock pulsing, rubbing all the right places, filling her like she hasn’t been filled in years.

They hadn’t been in this position in years, but you wouldn’t know it the way they ground themselves together in perfect harmony. And then he stated slowly thrusting, small thrusts to start, her hips rotated up slightly, as he slid out to the tip, and all the way back in, slowly, hitting everything. And then the pace quickened. Their breath short and sharp. Her orgasm built and built to this point of no return.

Her body began to shake, and quiver as her entire body tightened around him and she exploded.

He slowed his pace and slide deep inside her to feel all of her around him as she came, and she came hard, her pussy gripping around his cock, squeezing it for all it was worth.

As she came down from the high, he brought her right back up again, quick short thrusts with just the tip of his cock going in and out, hitting her clit back and forth.

He had managed through all of this to control his own orgasm, and now the loss of control was upon him as her second orgasm was hitting a crescendo. He buried himself inside her, as deep as he could go, as her orgasm rocked her, and her pussy squeezed his cock, his orgasm sent him shaking over the edge as he shot his cum in her.

They lay there, cuddled in each other’s arms, him still in her, both savoring the feeling, the pleasure, the release. They slowly separated, and began to get dressed. As he left her van to get in his car, he kissed her deeply again, both of them knowing this won’t be the last time.

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