Subject: Watcher And The Watched VI Again, there are some inconsistencies between this chapter and the original part of the story as it appears in DANE. Unless you have just read that story, you won’t know the difference and even if you do, who really gives a rat’s ass. Also, this version offers descriptive scenes not found in the other one. Regardless, just N-joi Hugs, Tag_m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Let’s play a game of horse,” Dane said excitedly. Gunnar asked what that was so Dane explained it quickly. The boys knew what he was talking about they just hadn’t heard it called that while I was familiar with the term. It was quickly pointed out that the boys outnumbered the adults, they boys considered David to be an adult. “I can take Brett,” Gunnar piped up, choosing the smallest of the boys. Dane said that he would ride with me which I knew he did in order to make me feel more welcome, more comfortable. I would soon learn that was Dane’s way. David and Cody took Jorgy and Evar respectively. It was a little strange having someone other than the long cocked triplets on my shoulders. His cock hadn’t shrunk appreciably so the only place for the thing to go was off to one side of my head which meant that it poked my ear. I wondered if I could turn my head enough to lick it, or better yet, suckle it. “Gosh my balls are all mashed up,” I heard Evar say then Jorgy seconded that. Once the boys were all situated on their horses the battle began. Dane and I were the first ones to go down then I felt Jorgy go over me with David. “Hey, no fair,” I heard David say as he and Jorgy toppled over. A second later I figured it out as my balls got felt up. I knew that it was Dane. “What happened,” I heard Brett say as Gunnar stood there with the adorable young teen on his shoulders. “Dane’s cheating again,” David said. “Nuh uh,” Dane laughed, “all’s fair in love and war.” He told me to get down then climbed back on. “Okay then. Everyone get Dane,” David said as Jorgy climbed back on and the three horses and riders piled into me and Dane. That time we all went down in a heap. We played the game for a good fifteen minutes, no one emerged as an overall victor but everyone laughed, shrieked, and had a good time. It was exciting to see the boys playing, particularly with boys their own age. David, Cody and I finally left the boys to their own devices and sat at poolside, where the three of us resumed our discussion after David pulled some sodas from the lanai fridge. I was explaining further what I had in mind for Cody to do with the organization and so didn’t see or hear the boys get up from where they were lounging and head toward the house. I finally noticed that it was quiet and that the boys had gone off somewhere and wondered aloud where they were and what they were doing. David said they’d been gone for a good 10 minutes and of course I wanted to go find them. “Jordon,” Cody said. “If you are going to enter into any kind of relationship with us on a personal level, as a family, you’re going to have to understand and come to terms with some things,” One- we all like sex but that doesn’t mean that we jump each other or anyone else’s bones at the drop of a hat, or pants as it were. Two- the boys are cousins but even if they weren’t, they’re all gay boys and are going to want to spend time together whether it’s sexual or not. Three-you’re going to have to learn to let them do some things on their own and to trust that they’ll make good decisions. Last but not least you’re going to have to trust us and them.” At that point David said, “Well speak of the devils,” and both Cody and I turned our heads to see all five teenagers come through the door, the proof of their activity clearly evident. Hard cocks wagged in front of them like so many blind men’s canes and their torsos were running with the white streaks of fresh squeezed boy sperm. “Well that ought to answer your questions about where and what,” David said with a little mirth in his voice. “I’ll tell you something else Jordon, they’re going to want to spend the night together either here or at your house and they’ll most likely be up most of the night exploring each other’s bodies. Now, that might also include any or all of us and it might not, it’s up to the boys. Either way you’re going to have to get over whatever reticence you have or you better have some solid reasons if you choose to oppose a sleepover and I guarantee that if you do oppose it you’re going end up in a losing debate.” My shoulders kind of slumped as the sounds of boys playing resounded in the air. I knew that David and Cody were right, that at some point I was going to have to relent and trust the boys as well as our hosts since it was likely we’d be seeing much more of each other. And if I had to relent, there really wasn’t a better place or a safer group of people to do that with. So, I nodded my head. “It’s hard, ya know,” I finally said. Both David and Cody nodded their heads. They understood completely. Dane had gone through it somewhat when Cody and David had hooked up and both men felt it when Brett came into their lives as Dane’s boyfriend. Maybe not the same as me but similar enough to say that it was. I could only agree with them. When the boys came out after their first go around we continued to chat on the lanai while the boys swam then joined us for snacks and drinks. Amongst us we decided to head to Maui early the next morning. A discussion about Little Beach came up and again I was against it. Cody suggested a happy medium. “Well, if we go out there early, like 9 or so, there won’t be a lot of people on the beach. We can all have the experience. Let the boys get it out of their systems, then move on, maybe take a trip up Haleakala.” My boys asked what that was so David explained it to them then went on to say that there were a few other things to see on the island as well. “We can make a day of it, spend the night or head to the big island and check out the volcano and other things. “Yeah,” Jorgy said. “That would fun,” Gunnar added. “Let’s do it,” Evar said, thinking he was ending the conversation. “Yeah, please Jordon,” Brett said. “It’s gonna be a blast,” Dane finished. All of us, including me laughed and I added that I didn’t want to have to experience that through every conversation we had. “We won’t; We promise; Honest,” 3 of the 5 said and we all laughed again. However it wasn’t over. “But then again,” Dane said, “stranger things have happened,” Brett finished. “Oh, god help us,” David murmured. I relented so David got on the phone and arranged for their plane to be ready the next morning and then called Kamaka, the limo driver that had picked us up and brought us to the house. He then got us a Villa at the Ho’olei Grand Wailea just down the road from Little Beach, and a van to get us around. He also called Derrick, the real estate agent that had worked for both of us and who was also Brett’s benefactor and told him what we were doing and invited him to go along. Sadly, he said, he had just gotten back from a trip and already been gone longer than he planned and had a ton of stuff to do but wished us a nice trip. We continued to chat, the boys engaging with us for a brief while before jumping back into the pool for more frolicking about. I didn’t notice that after about 10 minutes they apparently congregated at the far end of the pool. “Don’t look now Jordon,” Cody said, “but those horny adolescents are up to something and I’m going to bet solid coin that it has to do with us, specifically you.” I didn’t look but asked what he meant, although I knew in my heart. I had barely a moment to make a decision about how to play it. When David mumbled “oh oh, here they come and they’re all hard as rocks,” I decided to go along. What the hell and why the hell not? Dane tells the story We had been in the house after dinner shooting pool and I asked my cousins if they wanted to swim. “We’d have to go home first,” Evar said. “To get our swim suits,” Gunnar added. “Unless we swim naked,” Jorgy finished the train of thought with a smile on his face. “We generally swim naked,” I told them and when they asked about the adults, especially Jordon, I explained that David and Cody generally went naked as well. As for Jordon, David could handle him if he got weird. “Besides, you’re old enough to decide for yourselves.” They agreed with me but still didn’t want to hurt Jordan’s feelings. I nodded my head in understanding then started toward the lanai. Outside we all stripped and I almost died and went to heaven. It was like being in the sınırsız escort snake house at the zoo. “Jeez, you guys ARE identical,” I said as Brett and I both scoped the triplets out and they did the same to us. They were as big as David and Brett, long thick pale blue veined cocks hanging below their smooth, hairless balls which were also pretty big. Unlike the rest of us they were uncircumcised and their foreskins were partially retracted so that the tips of their cocks poked out of the skin. I felt my belly tingle just looking at them. Like me and Brett, they shaved their gardens so the sandy colored patches of hair were more like a boy who had only had hairs for year or so, although Brett didn’t have a huge patch to begin with. By that time the adults, including Jordan, saw what was going on and the older man actually stood up. David stopped him and I could hear them talking then all of us boys dove into the pool. We congregated about waist deep and called for the men to join us which they finally did, even Jordon. We played horse for a while then everyone got out of the pool and the adults went back to talking under the cover of the lanai while we boys laid around in the sun drying off. “This is so much fun you guys,” Evar said, “swimming and laying around naked.” “We’d like to do it but our fans…” Gunnar added, letting the sentence trail off. “It just wouldn’t be a good idea for people to see us naked,” Jorgy finished the train of thought. “Well you never have to worry about that when you’re at our houses,” I told them. “How many houses do you have Dane?” one of the boys asked. I explained that we, that is David or David and Cody had this house, the one we lived in outside of Seattle and actually there were three houses on the property, one in L.A. and one in Mexico. We also had use of my grandfather’s penthouse apartment in Manhattan and his villa’s on the Italian Riviera and in Greece. Gunnar asked if I’d been to my grandfather’s house in Zurich and I said that I had. “Isn’t it an awesome house?” he asked. I agreed that it was and told them that I’d hoped that we would be visiting him during the summer. In fact there had been talk of spending the entire summer touring Europe. Then the boys wanted us to come to one or some of their concerts as they were doing a European tour over the summer. I told them that if it worked out we could maybe use the jet to get them from show to show. That led to a discussion about the plane which led to me telling them that I’d helped Brett join the mile high club then had to explain that which got me plenty of smiles and a request to help them join that club as well. I said I’d be glad to then Jorgy said, “Well, maybe we can practice right now?” I nodded my head and stood up, everyone else following my lead, and headed into the house then down a hall to the media room. We all sat on a long curved sofa set sort of fondling our stuff but for some reason it seemed a little awkward. I got up and went to a wall and popped open a hidden compartment and pulled out a DVD. “This is from David’s 18th birthday party in Montana last summer,” I told them as I inserted it into the player. Brett had seen it already so it wouldn’t be a surprise for him. The 60 inch screen came to life and we watched as a door opened and boys piled into the room that the camera was in. There were over a dozen of them from 14 to 18 years old, all totally gorgeous and all completely naked. My cousins were surprised to see me then David and Cody come into the room, my cock fully hardened and bobbing in front of me. They all commented when Jamahl came in, the dark skinned boy’s huge cock dangling half way to his knees. It didn’t take long for the five of us to get stone hard as we watched the boys on the screen getting sucked, fucked, licked, and everything else in between. “Oh man Dane, I can’t imagine having that much cock,” Jorgy started. “In every opening I had,” Evar said and for once the statement ended right there, Gunnar seemingly having nothing to add. We were watching a scene where Nikki was fucking me, Misha was sucking my cock and I had Shannon’s long thin dick in my mouth. “There’s Alika, the Hawaiian boy I mentioned earlier,” I said pointing out the beautiful fifteen year old as David slowly inserted his huge cock up the Pacific Islander’s ass. “I’d like to meet him,” Gunnar said as he slowly stroked his long thick hard cock. I’d had my share of uncircumcised cock but it was still a bit of a novelty watching my cousin’s hands as they slid their foreskin back and forth over their swollen cock heads. Everybody finally seemed to be watching each other with only casual glances at the big TV screen. It was hard to believe that at seven and a quarter inches, mine was the smallest cock in the room. I didn’t care you understand as I’d learned long ago that it ain’t the size of the ship it’s the motion in the ocean. Still it was awesome to see so many huge hard cocks in such close proximity. I was dying to just get into pile with all of them and go for whatever was in front of my face but I also knew that a mutual jack off together first was a sort of ritual that needed to take place. “This is so hot,” “And so much fun,” “It’s not gonna take long to cum,” the boys each said in turn. I watched them switch stroking methods, pull on their big heavy sac of balls, tweak a nipple or some other little thing as they loved themselves. I watched my baby boy as he slid his hand up and down on his big thick cock, amazed again at how big it looked on his smaller body. Brett was still the youngest of the group and physically the smallest and not for the first time I imagined that was what David must have looked like at that age. That would eventually be topped by a boy named Majah that I would meet at his 14th birthday party the next time I was in Hawaii. Majie, as his friends called him, was a small statured fourteen year old that sported, I swear to God, a twelve inch cock. I watched Majie fuck a small 12 year old boy at that party, the young boy taking every single millimeter of the snake like penis up his ass. Maja fucked me too, but that’s a whole different story. I really enjoyed jacking off with other boys. It was almost as good as having actual sex. There was just something though about watching boys loving themselves, stroking on their cocks, playing with their balls and stuff, watching the expressions on their face as they got all hotted up and ready to cum. On the TV screen I was lying on my side with one leg drawn back and Nikki was driving his rock hard cock into me from behind while I sucked on Daven’s cock, Shannon and Misha having moved on. Daven was fourteen at the time, a gorgeous hunk of boy, attending his first “get together” at the ranch. “Man I’m ready to cum,” Brett announced. He was sitting sort of in the middle with Jorgy and Evar on one side with Gunnar sitting between him and me. I watched the familiar expressions on my boy friends face, loving him immensely, and then his big cock erupted. A glob of sperm blasted out and landed on his chest almost dead center between his nipples. One hand was clamped on his inner thigh and the fingertips pushed against the soft skin of his hairless sac. Brett had looked down to watch the first shot then his head went backwards onto the back of the sofa with his eyes closed as the next four streams of sperm shot out onto his upper and mid belly leaving 2-3 inch streaks of white. “Awesome,” Jorgy commented as he watched Brett’s sperming which finally slowed down to burps of white globs, “I’m ready to cum too.” We all watched as Jorgy’s stroke stopped completely with his foreskin fully retracted. He was squeezing his cock so hard that it vibrated which I found interesting. I’d cum like before too, not stroking but just holding my cock tight at the base. The first squirt wasn’t really a squirt but more like the end of a cum where a blob of white sort of just pops out and falls right into your fuzz, which it did. The second third and fourth squirts however were real one’s, jets of white cream that shot out onto the boys’ chest and belly just like Brett’s had done and after the second one Jorgy went back to actually stroking his cock again. “I love watching my brother cum,” Gunnar said then he too squirted although it didn’t go far. He was holding his long thick cock not quite upright so the stuff shot out and up but it looked like a fountain. It landed in around his belly button, creating a little pool in the shallow indentation, and around his fist as it gripped his favorite body şırnak escort part. Evar and I came at the same time, both of us shooting sperm out onto chests and bellies and ending up with globs of the stuff in our hairs. Evar had been tugging hard on his heavy sac and when he came he didn’t watch any of it but let his head fall back onto the sofa and moaned loudly. Three of us kept up a slow stroke while Brett and Jorgen had finished and were resting with their hands on the sofa or on their legs watching the rest of us. When Evar finally let go of his big dick it rested against his belly and his hand moved south to cup and fondle his balls as he looked around at the rest of us. “Well that was certainly fun,” Jorgy commented, his fully hardened cock hanging in the air about an inch away from his flat tummy. “I can hardly wait till later.” That statement prompted Gunnar to remind his brothers that they still needed to tell Jordon that they planned on spending the night at our house. He went on to say that he would let the man know out of earshot of the rest of us in the event that he wanted to argue. That would turn out to be unnecessary. “Do you have something to clean up with Dane, my cum is starting to run,” Evar stated. “It would be easier just to get in the pool,” I told them. Jorgen commented that if they went outside with their dicks still hard with their bodies covered in sperm everyone would know what they’d been up to. Brett pointed out that it wouldn’t matter to Dane and Cody and maybe it would be an easier way to let Jordon know right off the bat that they’d all been sort of sexy together. Gunnar admitted that was true, adding, “We do seem to make a bit of the stuff,” he commented as he looked around at us. It was true, there was a lot of goo. We all got up somewhat carefully so as not to drip cum on the sofa and headed for the lanai and since I was last I got to view the tight, firm butts of the triplets as well as my lover boy as they swayed rhythmically in front of me. The adults saw us come out and head to the pool and it was pretty hard to miss all the cum splattered on our bodies. I could see Jordon sort of shrink then David and Cody talking to him. We played in the pool a little bit then got out and laid in the sun. The discussion about Little Beach came up and my cousins got real excited about going there but Jordon was against it; the boys image after all and what would people say and what about pictures. Cody suggested that we go early in the morning and leave early then spend time seeing the sights. Jordon finally gave in so David got on the phone and made all the arrangements. After that got done we boys got back in the pool and played around a little bit then sort of gathered at one end of the pool to chat. “It would be nice to get Jordon to relax a little bit,” Jorgy said. “Yeah,” Gunnar said, “maybe even have a little sex.” “Well,” Evar said, “you know he can’t refuse our hard cocks.” “So, are you thinking maybe if we got all hard and walked over there we could seduce him,” I said. I had used that trick on David and Cody plenty of times, not that I ever really needed to. “I wouldn’t mind playing with David a little bit,” Brett said. My cousins agreed with all of it so we worked our cocks into boner and walked out of the pool. Jordon I turn then and it was a sight to behold for sure. 5 young teenage gods, all fit as fiddles and hung like horses, striding toward us, magnificent cocks either standing straight up or bobbing along in front of them. Dane was the smallest of the 5, about my size I figured or a little smaller so call it 7 inches. Brett looked like the triplets, long and thick. “So, Jordon,” Dane said in a seductive voice, “how do you feel about getting sucked by a hot horny boy, or sucking a hot horny boy?” “Or both,” Gunnar said. The two were standing side by side alongside my chair. Gunnar reached down and took hold of Dane and stroked him a little. “It’s a great cock Jordon.” “You shouldn’t pass it up Jordon,” Evar said “Trust me on that one,” Brett added as he sidled up to David and offered the blonde god a cock that looked just like his own, not that I’d seen David hard but it wasn’t difficult to imagine. Jorgy and Evar had cornered Cody. “Sorry you only get two of us Cody; can you handle us,” Evar asked. “Two outta three ain’t bad, I can handle you guys.” From that point on I was too busy to pay a great deal of attention to everybody else because Dane opted to drop between my legs and start sucking my cock. The boy wiggled his fingers under my sac and began fondling my balls and in the process got me to full on chubby in short order.. Gunnar offered me his healthy hog and naturally I took it. I discovered that Dane was one hell of a sucker of cock and why not since he’d been practicing on David and Cody for at least a year and Cody’s dick was closer to David’s than mine. About every 4th dip on my dick, Dane took it to the root, bouncing my cock head off the back of his throat and causing shivers to flood through my body. I was going the same thing to Gunnar after I had him straddle the chair, and thus my body to stand in front of me. That allowed me to fondle his magnificent ass, the beautifully formed globes filling each hand, to help encourage the hot teen to fuck my face. Not that any of the boys needed any more encouragement. “Time to trade,” Dane said after a moment and stood up. “I’m always good to suck on Jordon’s cock,” Gunnar exclaimed and thus verifying for our hosts that the boys and I were engaging sexually. The boys’ traded and Dane’s cock replaced Gunnar’s while Gunnar’s mouth replaced Dane’s. I followed the same protocol with Dane that I had with Gunnar; held on to his delicious butt, and Dane definitely had a delicious butt, and took his cock all the way to his pubic hair before backing off. I did elect to change it out a little bit and moved a hand forward to cup and tug on his balls. “God Jordon I love it when my balls get pulled on,” he panted. “Me too,” Gunnar concurred, then went back to my cock. I continued to suck the green eyed boy for another few minutes before both boys wanted to move. When they did, I had a moment’s reprieve from duty and saw that Cody and Gunnar’s two brothers had move to the grass and were engaged in a triangle of cock sucking. “Why don’t you and Dane make out a little bit Jordon and I’ll join David and Brett.” They heard me and Brett agreed that Gunnar should join them which was seconded by David. “Are you okay with that Jordan, the making out part,” Dane asked and I nodded my head. By that time any inhibitions, fears, or other concerns had melted away, as if that were any kind of surprise. We ended up on a two-person chaise lounge with the back dropped so that it was more like a bed than a chair. The hot green eyed boy snuggled right up to me and took command, touching his perfect lips to mine for some little kisses. “This means a lot to me Jordon, having cousins around. Since my mom and sister died it’s like I don’t have any blood family. Sure, I have my grandfather, but I don’t know him very well and don’t see him often. Besides, having cousins is way more exciting that having adult relatives, even without the sex. So, thank you.” I kissed him back then said, “You’re welcome Dane. And I’ll thank you as well.” He gave me a look that said he didn’t understand so I explained. “I’ve gotten a little hard-headed when it comes to the boys, a little over-protective because I see the dangers of their position that they don’t. I also have to remember that they’re boys, still children, that need to be able to make decisions about their social life, their sexual life, not just their business and musical life. I know this for a fact but it’s still hard to let go. I realize that this,” I waved my hand to include everything and everyone, “Is the safest possible place and the safest possible people to be able to practice those skills and get their physical needs met. I had heard that you are a somewhat special and unusual boy, and I mean that in the most positive terms. I am quickly learning that what I heard is true.” A single tear began to run down Dane’s cheek. “Thank you Jordon,” he said softly, “for sharing that with me. Gosh, I’m not sure I want to have sex now.” He paused for a moment then said, “Okay, no, that’s going to far. I’m always ready to have sex.” That said he put his mouth against mine and this time it was a very sexual kiss. It didn’t take long before we were both moaning softly and rubbing each other’s backs, butts, cocks, and whatever else came within taksim escort reach of our gasp. I elected to push Dane onto his back and worship his teenage cock, the stiff shaft and head red from engorgement. Dane muttered the entire time telling me it was so good, that I sucked a mean cock, that he could cum any time and things along those lines. We eventually traded places and the boy suckled me and like before, he did a very good job. We ended that phase in an up down 69 where Dane rimmed me thoroughly, not missing a single spot within 3 inches of my hole. Gunnar came back to join us and as the two boys engaged in a heavy make out session I rimmed Dane. I truly enjoyed rimming, actually more than having it done to me which is saying something. A few minutes into it Dane asked me to get a finger up his ass and miraculously a bottle of lube found its way into my hand. I got into a position where I could finger fuck him and suck on either his or Gunnar’s cock at the same time. “Fuck me David,” I heard Brett groan, “get that cock into my ass and fuck me good and hard. I heard Jorgy say the same thing to Cody and whether or not hearing those two speak their desires caused Dane to go there I don’t know, but he did. “I think I need to be fucked too Jordon,” he said. “Can you fuck me like this while I make out with Gunnar?” Of course I could and of course I did. It took a little doing but with some body adjustments we managed it. Gunnar was on his back and Dane was lying partially on him with his legs spread. I got on my knees atop Dane and prodded his tight little asshole before pushing it inside of him, causing the boy to wince. I stopped all movement until he told me to go ahead then slowly slipped 7 inches of cock deep inside of him. I fucked Dane like that for a few minutes while Gunnar slid farther up our ersatz bed so that Dane could suck his big cock, which the green eyed boy did with his usual enthusiasm and talent. It had been awhile since I’d fucked anybody but the triplets and while an asshole is an asshole it was still thrilling to drill a new one. I glanced around to see what else was going on. Jorgy was on his hands and knees with Cody behind him, holding on to the boys’ narrow hips and banging his booty with powerful thrusts. Evar was underneath his brother sucking Jorgy’s cock and since Evar’s cock was right there for the sucking, that was what Jorgy was doing. David and Brett were going at it in a sitting position with Brett on David’s lap. The smaller boy was fully impaled and rising and falling on the hot 18 year old’s huge cock while the two engage in passionate kissing. Brett finally told David that he needed to be on his back getting fucked like a little girl so the teen moved, with Brett still impaled and managed to get turned around to put the boy where he wanted to be. “Now fuck me like you love me,” Brett said. David responded that he did love Brett and proceeded to give the boy his wish, fucking his tight ass like a little girl’s cunt. Dane requested that we move him onto his side so after some moving about and re-arranging of body parts that was where we ended up. Fucking a boy from behind while on our sides isn’t my favorite position but as the man said, there is no such things as a bad fuck, some are just better than others. Dane draped his top leg backwards over mine while I drove in and out of him. The part I did like about it was holding a boy, and in this case, holding Dane. He had a tight body, firm without being overly muscular. He turned his head as much as he could so we could try to kiss but it wasn’t all the successful. Gunnar moved downward and began to suck Dane’s cock while I fucked him and from that position he could also play with Dane’s heavy balls as well as feel my cock as it drove in and out of the boy and play with my balls too. “I love this position because I get held like I was a little boy,” Dane mumbled, “even though it isn’t the best position to fuck in, even for big cocked boys like David and Brett. “I’m going to cum Cody,” Jorgy cried out, “fuck me into a cum. “Cum in my mouth Jorgy,” Evar said, “I want your sperm in my mouth.” Further over Brett was whimpering each time David thrust into him and it sounds like a typical porno flick. “I can cum any time you guys,” Dane finally mumbled and I whispered into his ear to go ahead. My warm breath caused him to shiver and moan and it wasn’t but about 30 seconds later he cried out that he was cumming. I felt Gunnar’s hand move to Dane’s balls to squeeze on the eggs as if to encourage them to give up their elixir. I also felt Dane’s asshole constrict against my cock and it took me over the edge. “Fuck Dane I’m cumming,” I groaned out. “I know Jordon I can feel it; I can feel your sperm shooting into my ass.” I heard Gunnar gag just a little bit so knew that he’d kept Dane’s cock in his mouth while the teen spermed. As usual things slowed and stopped and the environment, which previously had been filled with grunts groan cries and moans was eerily silent, except for the panting and the sound of the waves on the beach not 100 feet from where we lay recuperating. Gunnar was the first to move and spied Evar doing the same thing. He asked his brother if he’d cummed and Evar shook his head. Gunnar flopped onto his back and yanked his legs back. Evar didn’t need any more invitation that than and less than a minute later had his brother’s legs draped over his arms and was fucking the adorable triplet like a jack rabbit. “That was awesome Jordon,” Dane said after we separated and he moved into my arms for some post-coital kissing and hugging. I held him tightly and whispered sweet nothings in his ear and amongst those was praising him and swearing that I’d do it again if the situation came up. Dane leaned his head back a bit for eye contact. “Oh, it will, I guarantee it.” He then kissed me and just lay snuggled up to me. I loved it. Afterwards we all laid about and snacked and talked, everybody stating that it had been great. Eventually a second round got started and I ended up with Brett and Cody. During that one Brett ended up fucking me while Cody fucked him at the same time for a brief bit before pulling out of the teen and working on my cock. David got triple teamed and each of my boys took turns fucking him while he sucked on one cock and the third boy sucked his. It was quite memorable, all things considered. By then it was close to 8pm and the boys wanted to go out for ice cream so we all piled into a long black Mercedes Limo that David had inherited and he drove us down to Waikiki where we got out and walked around. Surprisingly enough we were our own crowd and not too many people recognized the band, which was really nice. We did run into a couple of boys that knew who my boys were but didn’t bother them about autographs or otherwise make a big deal out of it. One of the boys named Timmy would pop back up in our lives during a birthday party we would attend during the summer. Otherwise Waikiki went quite smoothly. We got back to David and Cody’s by 10 and decided to call it a night. Apparently the boys were pretty much sated because no one talked about a sleep over. He headed home after plenty of kisses and hugs and promised to meet the next morning about 7:30 to go to Maui. Cody “Well that was certainly fun,” David, my young lover and best friend said as we snuggled in our bed. “Mmm,” I responded. “Well I’m glad the boys got that out of their system, at least for now. Jordon seems happy enough for the moment as well, in fact, I suspect that it might well be a lasting thing.” We were quiet for a moment longer then David spoke. “So how do you feel about working with Jordon and the boys? Is it something you want to do?” I thought about that for a moment. I didn’t have to work. There was enough money to last a lifetime but that wasn’t my style. School was okay and I enjoyed learning, especially if it was something that would be useful to the 2 loves of my life, but I liked action better. “Yeah, I think so, at least for a while. I’m kind of looking forward to hanging out with the band and doing some tour stuff with them and learning something new. I think it would be a fun experience and since Dane and Brett are out of school for the summer, fun for them as well. Then of course, they’re family and Dane is pretty excited about that. I know we fill a void for him but it’s not the same.” David nodded his head, said that he thought that might be okay for the summer as well and he too thought that it would be great for our boy to be around blood. “I’ve got to decide what I’m gonna do after I graduate from the Academy. Gosh it’s hard to believe that it’s only a few weeks away.” I agreed with him wholeheartedly, it did seem surreal at times. We finally drifted off to sleep only to be awakened by Dane after what seemed like barely a few minutes.

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