The Young Man Next Door Ch. 05


Part V

A Risky Quicky

She didn’t hear from him for a week. She did not propose another date and neither did he. Perhaps it was over and done already. It had been fun—really fun—but, as they’d agreed, it could not last long and perhaps had already run its course.

She bent over her zinnias and plucked little weeds and thought about the events just one week ago. She was feeling a sense of loss mainly. Her memories might be erotic, but the fun was tempered by the growing sense that it was done.

Then came a voice from behind her. “Hey. Hey.” She stood and looked back over her shoulder toward the alley and there he was, outside the gate, gazing at her over the top. She felt suddenly happy, and a mild pang of lust made itself known. She went to the gate, anticipating, hopeful. “Hi,” he said. She loved the familiarity.

“Hello,” she responded, an air of formality seeming appropriate, at least until she confirmed his reason for coming to her.

“You need any help?” So, he was testing, trying to get a foot into the door, so to speak. Maybe he really just wanted to help, but his ulterior motives quickly became apparent the previous time. This was likely to be no different.

“Uh, no, I don’t need help.” She was deliberately aloof, doing some testing of her own. He looked crestfallen, much to her gratification. “It isn’t a hard job,” she continued, softening her stance, “but you can help if you want,” she declared, unlocking the gate for him with a welcoming smile. “I’m just doing a little weeding. Not much in the way of labor needed here,” she teased. It was really good to see him, she readily admitted to herself. She felt giddy as a school girl being noticed by a boy she liked.

She returned to her work and he followed her. She squatted next to the flowers, and he positioned himself on the other side of the flower bed and started pulling weeds, though he mostly kept his eyes on her and proved to be pretty inept at weeding. Some help, she mused to herself. Cute, but not much of a weeder. He had something on his mind and was searching for a way to convey his thoughts. She kept busy and let him get around to it at his own pace.

“I’ve been thinking,” he started, then paused. “I’ve been thinking about you a lot. I know you are right. Soon I will leave for college and my life will change. And I know that you … well, you don’t need a kid like me hanging around. I …

“Look,” she said, without looking up. “It was a lot of fun for me. I am happy with the way things are,” she lied. She was not really done with him yet, but realized that she might have to be done with him, like it or not. She hoped not. Just being here alone together for a couple of minutes had already started inciting her with carnal desires. She struggled to keep her emotions at bay until she knew what he wanted.

“Here’s the thing,” he continued. “You don’t know it, but I have liked you since the first time I saw you. You never even noticed me and didn’t remember me from one time to the next. But I really liked you and wanted you to notice me for so long. I think you are the most beautiful woman I know.”

She was startled. She looked up at him. He was sincere, she realized. He means it! He’s so sweet! She smiled. “I’m gratified,” was all she could think to say.

“So, anyway,” he went on. “I know you can’t give me every Saturday afternoon. I know I can’t just come over whenever I want. I know there are limits. But I do want to see you when I can—when it is okay. At least until I go away. Any time I can see you—be with you—I ….” He wasn’t sure exactly how to say it. He wanted more afternoons, though, if it was possible. Finally, he blurted out the question that most concerned him: “Where is your husband?”

“You’re insatiable,” she chided, smiling at him.

“Yes,” he conceded. “Are you alone?”

“Well, you’re here!” she teased. Then, seeing his expression, she continued, “He is out running errands. Should be gone another hour or so, maybe. We have at least a little time alone before he gets back. Come on,” she said, rising and heading to the basement. It was a window of opportunity and she was going to seize the moment. She hardly gave it a thought, really. She knew she wanted to have him again, and she could probably do that now before her husband got back. It was worth a try!

She went in through the mud room and on into the basement, qiqitv.info and he followed. “Shut the doors behind you,” she ordered. He did, firs one, then the other.

Once they were inside they stood there by the laundry counter looking at each other, a little unsure how to proceed. His desire was urgent, though, having simmered now for a full week. She felt much the same.

She held out her hands to him, and he came to her nervously, as if it were the first time.

“Don’t be shy. We don’t have time for that!” She clasped his hands, pulled him to her, and kissed him, at first gently and tentatively, trying not to rush, but her passion rose rapidly and she soon opened her mouth and probed for his tongue. He opened his mouth to her, their tongues met and danced together, and soon they began to make little moaning sounds as they made out. He wanted her badly and pressed his hardness against her to let her know his urgency. Her vagina steamed already, and she groaned aloud at the feel of him. They began to grope each other, hands on asses, pulling themselves together urgently.

After several minutes of kissing and groping, she stopped him, pushed him back half a step, and plunged her hands into his shorts, grasping his steely penis and jacking him off with both hands. They might have very little time and she wanted him ready to cum. He nearly did, and she let his penis go, and pulled his pants down. His cock was in her face as he stepped out of his shorts and she seized the moment to take him briefly into her mouth and fellate him for a few savory seconds, then she stood erect and unbuttoned her own pants, her eyes fixed on his speaking volumes about her passion for this moment together. “We don’t have too much time,” she repeated, as she shoved her shorts and briefs down her legs and stepped out of them. “We have to do it here and now or we might have to wait I don’t know how long, and I don’t want to wait.”

She pulled him back to her, kissed him deeply, and rubbed her wet vagina against his erection. They were both fully primed, and it was time to couple. She put her arms around his neck and hoisted herself up onto her tip toes, trying to position her vagina at the head of his penis. He crouched down a little to guide himself between her legs and eased himself into her. He began to pump up and down as best he could in this awkward position. She wrapped her legs around his hips to steady them both and he leaned back against the mud room door for support. They were now able to get into a somewhat regular rhythm and copulated urgently there against the rattling door. He put his hands under her butt cheeks to support her, his long fingers nearly intruding her most private place, pulling her cheeks apart. She could feel her anus stretching and could smell herself in the air. He picked up her scent also and it affected him noticeably. He plunged his tongue into her mouth and began to make low, guttural sounds.

They were rapidly approaching climax when suddenly they heard the back door close upstairs. They both froze at the sound and he began to lower her to the ground, but she stopped him, wanting to remain coupled together. “No, it’s alright. Just be quiet and keep doing me slowly.” She kissed him deeply to calm his nerves. If they would get caught, she was not sure what would happen, but it was unlikely that her husband would make a fuss. Still, she did not want to get busted and hoped they could somehow complete the act undetected, right under his nose. She felt mischievous and her heart was pounding with excitement. Then they heard the door at the top of the basement stairs open and both froze again. They breathed excitedly into each other’s ears, practically panting, trying to keep as quiet as possible, listening for footsteps on the stairs. If he came down even a few steps, he would see them, catch them fucking in his basement.

“Honey?” came her husband’s voice from the top of the stairs. The laundry light was on, but the main basement lights were out. He would not expect her to be there. She did not answer. “Hmmm?” he said and closed the door. They could hear him calling up the stairs to the floor above him as he began to search the house for her. They promptly resumed their intercourse and their passionate kissing as if nothing had happened.

The very idea of almost getting caught, however, had an excruciating effect on her. Her excitement was evident as she kissed her young hard porno lover deeply, whispering even as their tongues played together, “Yes, baby, that’s right, just keep fucking me. Slow and easy, give me all you have. Don’t worry about him, just fuck me, baby. Yes, that’s right!” At that he pushed hard to get himself fully up inside her, causing her to grunt. The head of his penis banged against her cervix. She’d never before been so filled by a man. She loved the feeling of being stuffed by this young stud.

They made love slowly, deeply, exquisitely, and soon again they were approaching orgasms when, suddenly, the door at the top of the stairs opened again. Again they froze in place, him deeply inside her, both of them breathless. They listened intently. The light at the top of the basement steps clicked on, then came rummaging sounds, as he appeared to look for something on the shelves there by the landing, and then the light went out again and the door closed. They could hear his footsteps in the kitchen above them, then the back door closed again. He had gone outside.

“Oh God!” she said in a loud whisper. The sense that they were doing something so illicit right under his nose was so erotic! She listened carefully to see what he would do next. Her young lover held her in his strong arms and kept himself in her, waiting for her to tell him what to do. Suddenly, they heard a key being inserted into the unlocked, exterior door leading into the mud room and, thinking quickly, she grabbed the dead bolt on the interior door behind and snapped it closed—just in time! She hoped he had not heard it over the noise of the city outside. They heard the exterior door swing open not five feet behind them, and then they heard her husband mutter to himself, “Now why was that door unlocked?” He tried to open the interior door just beyond which they stood, coupled together, waiting, silent as they could be. Thank God she had locked that door! He shook the door knob vigorously and they heard him utter to himself in bewilderment again, “Huh? Now why is that one locked?!” But, he only shrugged and turned away. They heard him go back outside, closing and then locking the door behind him. They remained frozen for a few seconds, sighed heavily in relief, then resumed their copulation. The suspense and fear were driving them to new levels of passion. She had never felt such sexual excitement in her life! He felt rather anxious, and that helped him maintain control over his testicles, which were ready to unload themselves into her. They continued to screw each other slowly, deliberately. She focused her attention again on the sensations of his penis sliding around inside her hungry vagina, the wonderful pleasure of making love.

Shortly, they heard the sound of the lawn mower in the back yard. And then they could see her husband’s shadow intermittently blocking the light from the basement window above them as he passed back and forth, cutting the grass. This inspired a new, daring idea in her mind. She whispered into her lover’s ear. “Let’s change positions,” and she pressed down onto his shoulders, a signal for him to stoop down so she could get off. He was confused, but she simply took him by the hand and led him over to the end of the laundry counter right under the fluorescent light of the laundry room. She kissed him there several long seconds, tempting fate, daring to get busted. The shadow passed back and forth outside, the mower whirring away.

She broke off the kiss, turned away from him, placed her hands on the edge of the counter, and thrust her naked ass back toward him. She could see directly out the window now. She watched her husband passing back and forth with the mower, knowing he could see her as well were he simply to look in her direction. She spread her legs and her lover, standing behind her, stared at her exposed bottom, wet and lusty and ready to be taken from behind—like an animal!

He eyed her anus and the inviting, opening below it, and licked his lips. She egged him on: “Do me now. Do me from behind!” His lust overwhelmed his fear. The sight of her proffered bottom kicked genetically imprinted instincts into action and he moved boldly up behind her to claim her, to take what she offered for his pleasure, to claim her for himself right in front of her husband. He grasped his long shaft in his hand and guided it to her yearning vagina. She knew it would hurt, reklamsız porno but what exquisite pain it would be. He entered her half way, keenly aware of a new tightness in her vaginal canal at this angle, and she grunted and pushed back at him with her hand. “Go easy, baby. Go in easy.”

He slowed his movements and very gently slid himself into her as far as he could go, then began to pump in and out slowly. She stood more erect and lowered the position of her bottom a bit for a little more comfort, and he squatted a little to keep in alignment. Now they had the right position and she urged him on: “That’s right, baby, that’s right. Fuck me, baby, fuck me harder, just a little harder.” He complied, pushing himself into her with greater force with each thrust. She braced herself with the counter, her arms outstretched and, wanting to take him more deeply, pushed her bottom back into him, struggling to keep herself steady. He began to moan and she knew he would not last much longer. As they copulated so wantonly with her husband right outside, they listened vaguely to the mower and watched him cut the grass as they made love crudely, defiantly. She almost wanted her husband to stop and peer into the window and watch her let this young stud fuck her with his huge, hard cock, watch them as her lover pumped his semen into her freely given bottom.

Suddenly, the mower stopped whirring, and they paused again, both looking up toward the window. He was now out of their line of sight, but they could hear him pushing the mower over the sidewalk, and then the side gate swung open. They just stood there, him buried deeply into her backside, waiting, and then they heard the mower again in the distance. He was now working in the front yard. The coast was clear for at least a few minutes.

“We have to finish now. This is our chance,” she declared. She placed her forearm along the edge of the counter, leaned forward and rested her head on it, and then slipped her free hand between her legs to touch her clitoris. He then began to pump himself into her vigorously again. Her lust was peaking and she began to talk dirty again. “I love fucking you, baby. I love fucking you. I want your cum. I want your cum in me. Cum in me now, baby. Fuck me hard and cum in me!” Her lewd comments put him over and he did just that. He grunted loudly, heaved himself hard into her and spent a full load in several quick, powerful spurts. The head of his cock was firmly against her cervix now and he held himself deeply in her as he gushed into her, squirt after powerful squirt of his thick, hot cum. She could see it in her mind, the lewd image of him cumming into her, and she rubbed her clit hard, then let herself go too, squeezing his penis with her wildly contracting vagina, her carnal grunts echoing off the concrete floor beneath her.

As soon as she was done, he eased himself out of her. He was still erect when she turned to kiss him and express her affection. “Thank you. That was wonderful, she breathed as she kissed him lovingly, one last lingering expression of affection. Then she stopped and became abruptly business like. “We have to hurry,” she exclaimed as she grabbed her panties and pulled them on. She knew it would not take much longer for her husband to finish his work in the front and she needed to get her lover out the back while she could. She pulled her shorts back on. He quickly put on his shorts also and she started pushing him toward the door. She unfastened the lock and pulled the door open. She turned to him, kissed him once more, even as she zipped her pants. She whispered into his ear. “I am so glad you stopped by, sweetie. Now go! Shoo!”

He peered out the door into the back yard, listened briefly to the reassuring sound of the mower whirring out front, then quickly strode to the gate, opened it, turned to wave goodbye, and left.

She went upstairs. She walked straight to the front door, stepped out onto the porch, and caught her husband’s eye. He looked at her, surprised, but kept mowing.

She went into the kitchen and puttered there until he finished his work and came in. “Where were you?” he asked.

“In the basement.”

“But, I called down the stairs and you didn’t answer.”

“I was busy,” she explained.

He looked at her quizzically, and, in answer, she unsnapped and unzipped her shorts, then lowered them and her briefs down to her knees and showed him the cum that had oozed out of her into her panties. Her pubic hair was matted with it, and her vagina gaped open. “I was busy,” she said again.

He smiled at her in admiration. “Why you little slut!”

She smiled back, took him by the hand, and led him to their bedroom.

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