Thinking of you


Thinking of youI cant help myself I know you cant be here tonight, but I cant stop thinking about you. Oh how you make me crazy. I start running my cold hands up and down my inner thighs and up my stomach. Then I pull them shirt up over my breasts and I start to play with my boobs through my bra. Once I feel my nipples start to get hard. I pull my red bra down so I can pinch my nipples. I pinch and pull at my nipples for a minute then I spit on each of them and rub the spit all over my nipples. Once both Escort nipples are good and wet. I slap each tits hard not sparing myself any favors. I can feel my pussy starting to get wet. I stand up and bend over the couch and pull my jean shorts down to around my ankles and slap my own ass. Twice on each cheek making sure to leave a good mark. Knowing if you were here you would want to see the marks visible on my ass. I grab two nipples clamps and put one the right nipple 1st , Then give it Escort Bayan one strong tug make sure it wont come off. Then again with the right nipple, and for a 2nd good tug. I know walk to my room with my shorts still around my ankle. I went without underwear today in hopes of seeing you. To grab my red suction cup dildo that is about 6 inches long with a good girth. Then I walked to the bathroom and stuck it to the bathroom wall and sucked on it for a minute imagining it was you. Rubbing Bayan Escort it all over my face. Shoving it down my throat once it was good and wet. I stood up. And bent over and slammed that cock in my ass. Saying out loud. “ Oh. I wish you were here”. In my mind you were standing there egging me on to ride that cock harder. After a few minutes I came hard, squirting everywhere. I can hear you telling me to do it harder so I do. Cum is just running down my legs as I fuck it with all I have, and I cum again almost immediately. http://juicysecrets4u.blogspot.com/2010/06/thinking-of-you.htmlAfter I am done Cumming I get off the cock lick it clean and then try to get as much of my sweet cum from me. How I wish I could be with you right now.

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