Three Tales: Wife, Girl and Hubby

Adria Rae

Three Tales: Wife, Girl and HubbyPART ONE — WIFEY’S TALE***************************************You know a girl is over-the-top sexy when even a married woman like me creams my panties just from laying eyes on her.I knew she was in college, or going to college this fall, but she definitely looked barely old enough for that — so right away I figured she had to be 18. Her face was pretty enough. She had long, curly strawberry-blonde hair, almost amber in some light; her skin was a luxurious tanned bronze, now deep in the summer. She had bright, round green eyes, thick lips, and high cheek bones — her heritage was something mixed up, that was for sure, and the resulting concoction was deliciously pretty. But where merely facially pretty, her body was “entirely all dope,” as my husband would say (sorry, I have no idea what that means, but it’s about the highest complement, apparently). Her was smallish, but still a bit fleshy, on a normal female’s body is might look like a little ass but, below her extremely thin, skinny waistline, it sort of stuck out a little. Similarly, while her torso was narrow, she sported well-grown C or D cup boobs, giving her medium-height body an hourglass shape even if she wasn’t over 110 pounds. Wearing tight shorts and an even tighter t-shirt, the girl was putting her shape on display for everyone in the neighborhood.I’d hard that our neighborhood had some new hottie who just moved onto the block with her family this summer. Other moms on the street spoke disdainfully about her; whomever she was, some new girl was making men and boys get stiff necks, as they watched her jog around the area in the morning, or tan in her yard visible to all passing cars. I hadn’t seen her yet, and I was curious to see what the fuss was about.Well, hot dang, she was worth the fuss. I hadn’t fucked another girl since just after college — it’s been a decade, my Lord, I’m getting old — but even I had fantasies about this girl, pretty much as soon as I saw her.After staring at her body from a distance for a few seconds, I glanced at my husband next to me. We were strolling up to the gathered crowd, where the late afternoon block party was just underway. Paul’s eyes were, as I expected, targeted directly at the body of this strawberry-blonde fox. Oh, his eyes stray constantly; I don’t mind, they fixate on my firm body plenty too. But even if I was the jealous type, and I’m not, I couldn’t have been mad at him. The view of this teenage creature was intoxicating, he couldn’t help himself — Paul is all man, after all, and what do men crave more than the sight of hot tits and tanned legs like this beautiful creature.Squeezing his hand, I actually giggle at him, as he suddenly realized I was watching him watch the girl. He ripped his eyes away from her, as if there was nothing to see there. “Oh I caught ya,” I sneered at him, but gave his hand a hard squeeze so he knew I wasn’t upset. “What’re y’all lookin’ at, sugah — see som’thin’ ya like?”Yes, I’m proudly Southern, even more so after living for the past few years in this eastern part of Pennsylvania. It’s pretty enough out here, but it’s not the skies of Alabama or the sweetness of Georgia. Paul, he grew up around these parts, so he didn’t appreciate how much better it can get. Anyways — I shouldn’t get started on all that.Paul blushed, not liking it when I caught him checking out another female. He pretended not to know what I was talking about, and he pulled me by the hand to go talk with an older couple we’d known for a few years. Our backs were turned to the hottie; he could forget she was here.Paul apparently didn’t want his wife — that would be me — to get upset at him checking out the big boobs and small waist on the hot 18 year old girl, so he always seemed to have his back to her. I swear, over the next couple of hours, if I picked out where the girl was, Paul was somewhere entirely different, with his back to her.But I guess I don’t have any shame, and curiosity got the best of me. After I don’t know how long, I found myself standing near her, talking in different circles. The teen beauty was talking to two of the married men on the block; they seemed friendly with her, not leering, but I could only imagine the thoughts going through their heads. Their little conversation evaporated soon enough, and the girl was suddenly there by herself. Like I said, I couldn’t help myself. I excused myself from my conversation with a neighbor, and caught the girl’s attention. Just wanted to say hi, I said to her.Kelli was her name, “with an ‘I.'” You know, she looked like a Kelli? A name like Kelly or Kelli should be reserved for pretty blondes with ample boobs, and this girl was exactly that. Maybe she had a different name when she was born; at some point, when her parents realized what she’d turn out to be, they must have changed her name to Kelli, because it fit her perfectly.And guess what else — well, Kelli was extremely charming. It’s almost not fair, you know, being gorgeous and sexy, while also being down-to-Earth, approachable, and super-friendly. That’s how I took her to be, anyway. She sure liked to talk; I mean, once I got her started, she didn’t stop. But it’s not an annoying trait on her; she is witty and sensitive, and she keeps a conversation moving by constantly changing what she’s talking about. Some might call it lack of focus. Then, after having 90% of the conversation, she apologized and said something like, there I go again, talking away, and she started asking about me. I steered the conversation back to her. Kelli was indeed 18, going to be a freshman at Tech State a few hours away. She had a boyfriend in high school, but that was a town a couple states away; so far, she’d met “friendly” boys, but didn’t have an actual boyfriend for the summer. Nor did she want one, heading off to college soon. “But I get plenty of attention,” she told me, and she wasn’t bragging, just being honest. I wasn’t surprised at all.Walking away from the party an hour later with my husband, I found myself giggling about my encounter with the girl. I actually lorded it over him, a little bit. Hey, I met the new girl — daughter of that new family — she’s going to college, she’s gorgeous, she’s popular, and she’s sweet as a peach. Paul shrugged off the news, acting like it didn’t matter to him. And it didn’t, really; why would his life change at all, based on this gorgeous female who was only going to be in our neighborhood for another month? Still, I sensed some vague interest in his part, as I was describing my conversation with the girl. He didn’t act interested; but he didn’t stop me, either.Literally walking home with him, sweaty hand in sweaty hand in the early-evening humidity, a powerful fantasy popped into my brain. I fantasize a lot, sexually; I’ve been known to read a few Literotica stories when I’m alone, and even to have playful cybersex with men online. It’s like a game, it doesn’t mean anything. Maybe it’s cheating, I don’t know; it fills a void, sometimes, you know, on nights he’s working late, or at an out-of-town job site. Anyway, walking home with my handsome stud husband, a very sexy image came to me. Paul, naked, his hairy chest and muscular shoulders and arms, glistening in sweat; and laying under him, spread-legged, the naked figure of Kelli the sexy teenager. His fat, almost-eight-inch cock drilling into her tight teen pussy, giving her a real fucking like no teen boy could. He’d be so hard, fucking a girl like that; and she’d never had a fuck like he could give her. I should know, when I get Paul all worked up using my lingerie or a sex movie or something, he fucks relentlessly, like a machine. He doesn’t hardly talk to me during sex, he just goes about his business drilling my pussy for over an hour. There’s nothing like a multi-orgasmic man, ladies!I have always thought our sex was great, but I probably had to admit, it was getting a bit stale. We’d been married six years, and only been with each other — as far as I knew — and, while we did it in different rooms or with me wearing differing clothing or outfits, it was sort of always the same. Reading stuff online and chatting to men, I guess I’d been fantasizing about threesomes — either Paul and another hot man sharing me (and that would NEVER happen, knowing Paul), or me helping some other horny female fuck him. Like I said, I’d been with girls before; it wasn’t out of the question. But Paul and I had never shared a girl before, nor even really talked about it. So it wasn’t like a plan to hook up with the girl; it was just a hot image. Paul, a sexy b**st of a man, and a divinely beautiful young woman. The sex would be outrageously hot, or at least, so it was in my fantasy.And it proved to be a pretty powerful fantasy. It crossed my mind, later that evening, as I was in the shower to cool off for bed. With the warm water running down my petite body, and my long brunette hair rinsing in the stream, my fingers slipped downwards, towards my shaved vagina. My clit tingled a little, wanting attention. Paul was in the TV room downstairs, I was expecting that instead of dressing, I’d just put on a robe and go down and seduce him, and get some of that delicious cock. But instead, I froze in the warm water. My brain started picturing hot Kelli, in that tight t-shirt hugging her ample boobs; and also those pink shorts, clinging to her soft buttcheeks. What might she look like naked? Mmm, perhaps a trimmed bush — not shaved, but nicely kept. Tight, pink lips. Fresh, tasty teenage pussy. She’d make Paul so hard. And, honestly, she’d make me hot too. I had been so long since I licked another cunt; I’d definitely lick that girl’s, if I was to lick another.Thinking about Kelli had me aching for attention, and my fingers began grinding into my clitoris while my brain thought of all sorts of nasty things about the teenager blonde. Paul’s cock in her; my tongue in her; her tits in my mouth while Paul buried his fat boner in her tight ass. Tying her up and using her, the two of us, all weekend. Nasty things! I was so aroused, it didn’t take long to give myself a body-wrenching orgasm, as I stood in that shower. I felt guilty, having an orgasm while my husband was still at home; but I couldn’t help myself. Nature just takes over, you know.Paul didn’t get to fuck my 31-year-old pussy right after my shower. But maybe two hours later, we were in bed, and he was moving on top of my naked body. I’d been constantly horny all night, wearing see-through, black lingerie to bed — knowing it wouldn’t last. Paul was already rock hard as he crawled into bed with me, and instantly we started making out. Indeed the lingerie flew off of me, as did his underwear, and not even two minutes after shutting off the lights, he was about to jam that huge, sexy dick into my cunt.Having been horny all evening, I was playful – and, when I get playful, I get to tormenting. Normally, that would mean, I’d tease him and deny him sex until he was almost unable to control himself — I like him wild that way — but this particular evening, the torment was through mental imagery. “Mmm, baby, what’s got y’all so hard tonight, hmm?” My voice pitched up innocently, like I had no clue. “What has my sexy man’s big dick all thick ‘n hard — y’all got som’thin’ on yer mind, that’s got y’all turned on like a concrete pole?” My hands were around his neck, feeling his tall, manly body moving above me, while I spread open my knees to give him full access to his wife’s wet, juicy slit. The fat, bulbous head of his enormous dick kissed my cuntlips, and I squirmed, wanting it inside me so badly. But I undulated my hips, moving my cunt away from his dick, giving him a challenge before I let him fuck me. He wasn’t answering my questions, so I persisted. “Baby, dahlin’, look how hard ‘n hot y’all’re — what’s got you so fuckin’ big for me?”Paul shrugged in the darkness, kissing the nape of my thin neck, smelling my sweet cumfuckme perfume. He muttered something sweet, like “my wife’s ass,” or some bullshit like that. I didn’t buy it.”Mmm, is that it?” I pretended to sound innocent. But then I cackled. “Or — was it the sight of those big teen tits, on that hot girl Kelli today?” Just mentioning her name, I felt him pause; the rhythm of his movements seemed to stop, for a second. See, I was reading his mind! But immediately I assured him not to worry. “Oh, it’s alright, baby — even I saw, she was fuckin’ hot — every man there wanted to git her alone, ‘n rip her clothin’ off, ‘n treat her to some manly lovin’!” I moved a hand down to my husband’s meaty ass, while my other hand reached between our sweaty bodies. Clasping my thin fingers around his throbbing boner, I rubbed the head of his wonderful erection against my achingly wet clitoris. “Mmm, it’s ok hun — nothin’ wrong with lookin’ ‘n fantasizin’ about sexy girls — admit it, you were fantasizin’ about fuckin’ her?”He laughed, as if I was being ridiculous. He might have even tried to deny it. But it didn’t matter; I was hot for his sex. His dick began to penetrate me, spreading open my tight cuntlips, and my entire body began squirming in affirmation. Panting, and thrusting against his movements, I rammed my pelvis upwards while his penis started drilling into his wife’s cunthole. I might have been shrieking; in fact, I probably was, I was so turned on.And the fantasy in my head wouldn’t go away. As Paul built up a rhythm, fucking me with long, deep strokes, I ran my slim fingers through the thick, sweaty hair on his chest. “Baby, I have to tell you,” I almost cried to him in the darkness, “that girl got me wet too — I haven’t fantasized about another girl ‘n ages — she was pretty and sweet and had those fuckin’ gorgeous boobs and hot li’l butt — I’m all wet picturing you fuckin’ her — she makes your cock hard, don’t she?”Paul laughed, telling me to shut the fuck up, and he planted his mouth on mine, so my mouth filled with his tongue and not my words. But his body was talking to me, he was on fire, slamming furiously into me repeatedly. I arched my back, sucking his tongue, and my body exploded with a huge cum. Relentlessly he continued fucking me through my orgasm, until I had a second and a third; then, finally, he began cumming too, filling my protected womb with his seed. That’s when I knew just how horny he was; he remained hard, and without missing a beat, he continued ramfucking me savagely, as if he never orgasmed himself, until both of us screamed to simultaneous orgasms again a few minutes later.Kissing and sucking air, we collapsed together in the now-sweaty bed sheets, laughing at the a****l sex. He kept saying “wow,” because rare was it that he’d cum twice in one non-stop fucking. It proved my point to me. As we caught our breaths, I patted him on the head, derisively. “See, baby — I know y’all, you got all hard cuz of that hot li’l bitch you saw today — you were checkin’ her out, weren’t ya?”Now, the truth set in. In a husky voice, he just muttered his response. “Everyone was — even you, apparently, you li’l lesbo slut.”Lesbo slut — his endearing reference to some of my sexual adventures before we’d gotten engaged. He used the term derogatively, and if you didn’t know better, you’d think he was insulting me. But he’s a man, I know he’d jump at the chance to fuck two women at once, if he wasn’t married to me. So it always made me laugh when he said that, I didn’t take it as an insult. In fact, in this particular context, it was dead-on correct. “Mmm, what’s not to look at, baby — she was f-i-n-e FINE!” My hand reached between our bodies again, and I clasped my palm and fingers around his semi-erect, sloppy-wet penis. “It’s ok if y’all look at girls — she was hot to look at — her hot bod git your dick all hard, ‘n make y’all wanna fuck her?””I never would,” he promised me, kissing my forehead, while his penis throbbed in my small hand.I nodded, knowing his commitment to me. “Oh, I know that,” I softly exhaled, enjoying the feeling of that big dick in my hand, trying to make him hard again. “But, still — I think it’s sexy, her hot, young body gettin’ my man’s cock all worked up ‘n all!” Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought his cock twitched a bit; he’s just cummed in me twice, and yet I thought he might have a third orgasm just waiting for me. “What do y’all think ’bout that, baby — hmm — does my sexy hubby get HARD, thinkin’ ’bout stickin’ that big tool of yours in her teen cunny? Treatin’ her t’ a real man’s big dick, not some teen boy-cock?”Wow, Paul was getting hard again. I rolled him onto his back, and threw my leg over him. He’s almost 80 pounds heavier than me, and nearly a foot taller, so I look very petite when I’m perched on him. Shit, his cock looks half as thick as my skinny hips. Sitting upright, I undulated my hips to slide my wet lips back and forth on his aching erection, feeling the length of that pole. It made me cackle, feeling how fast he got so hard. “Mmm, my oh my — seems mah baby IS all hard fer that young thang — bet you wish she was here now, hmm, riding your big dick with her sexy bod, those big boobs?” He denied that was his preference, as I pulled his hands up to my b-cup breasts. I leaned upright, letting him fondle my bosom, while my cunt pulled forward until the head of his dick was at my entrance. Preparing to fuck him again, I wailed in unbridled arousal: “Wanna pretend I’m her, baby — imagine her big tits in your hands — her teen cunt fuckin’ your fat cock?”We’d never done this before. It was totally hot — me playing some other woman.It caught Paul by total surprise; he wasn’t saying anything, he was just underneath me, moving his hips up and down, ramming that cock into my cunt as I began riding him. I sat upright, arching my petite back, letting my husband play with my perky breasts and stiff nipples. I kept the seduction going, telling him my tits were teenage and fat, and teen boys felt them up all the time, and I loved having teen cocks in me but I needed a big, man-size cock — a fat married one — to really screw me hard. Paul’s cock responded by filling me as deep as he could, my body was smacking onto his noisily as our two bodies crashed together.Paul muttered that he loved me, and softly spoke my name — Amy — but I intercepted reality and substituted my sexual fantasy in its place. “No, Paul — Mr. Paul — say it, call me Kelli — I love fucking your big married cock, Mr. Paul — tell me you love fuckin’ my sexy body, tell me how hot I am — call me Kelli!”Nine hundred ninety nine million, nine hundred ninety nine thousand, nine hundred ninty-nine times out of one billion, Paul would have declined. But in the midst of this brutally a****l sex we were having, he gave into the fantasy.”You’re so fuckin’ gorgeous, Kelli!” roared my sexy husband, pounding his cock into my twat but imagining something else very different, “your teen ass and tits are so fine — I’m so glad my wife let me fuck you — you’re such a hot fuck, Kelli!”Ok, the thought of my sexy husband fantasizing about that girl, while fucking me? TURNED ME ON. I can’t tell you in words just how horny I was. Suddenly, completely unexpectedly, I had an orgasm. I was screaming, shrieking; my hands were clutching his hands to my tits, so his palms rubbed my aching nipples, and my pussy pounded onto his thick erection as he shoved it so deep inside me. “Fuck me Mr. Paul, fuck my tight teen cunt!”His snarled, it was a delicious noise. He was so into the fantasy now. “You fuckin’ bitch — making a married man so hard — Kelli, I’m going to fuck you harder than I’ve ever fucked my wife!”This was how excited I’d made him. When he fucked me, normally he NEVER said anything verbally — he’d kiss me, or suck my neck or tits or something. But talking nasty was not part of our lovemaking. I always thought, he was squeamish about using dirty words, or something, at least during sex. But when I was playing as teenager Kelli? Suddenly he was a new man — talking to me like I was a rented whore! And — it was like men online during cybersex, it was turning me on too!Suddenly, he threw me off of his body; almost in one motion, he put me on my knees, and he was behind me on his knees. I felt his strong hands wrapping around my thin hips, as he steadied me, and guided his cock to my cunt from the backside. I yelped, as Paul began to fuck my doggy-style. He reached a hand down my thin spine, pushing my head and shoulders into the bed, while he spread his thick legs to lower his genitals and fuck my cunt with that huge shaft. I heard him roar, as he stared down at me in the near-darkness, probably imagining the strawberry-blonde’s hot little ass in front of him instead. “I love your fuckin’ body, Kelli!” spat my husband at his pretend, fantasy date, pulling my pelvis back so he could sink his dick all the way inside my cunt.Shit, this was brutal! We both screamed and moaned, while I pinched my nipples and alternatively rubbed my clitoris while my sexy husband fucked me senseless. My legs and back were sore from being bent over, but he didn’t stop; he continued driving that fat, long dick into my cunt over and over, stretching it. I felt liquids dripping down my spread-open, inner thighs, a mixture of his sperm and my juices. I felt my asscheeks, tight as they are, ripping from the repeated impacts of his flat, firm pelvis against my small figure. The air was still, hot, musky; we moaned as we sucked in air, pounding our bodies together.Keeping the fantasy going, I turned to look back at him in the darkness, and I wailed at the top of my lungs, “Oh, Mr. Paul, you’re the best — fuck me with that big married dick! It’s the best cock I’ve ever fucked!””Oh yeah!” Paul was into this fantasy, he even smacked my pretend-teenage butt while he kept fucking me. “You have me so horny, Kelli — I wanna fuck you all night!”Not long after that, we both had Earth-shattering orgasms, accompanied by loud wails of tired and store bodies. Then we collapsed arm in arm, sweaty and expended, kissing lightly, but mostly panting from the incredible sex.Before drifting off into sleep, Paul snickered at me. “That was so fun,” he admitted, although even a bit guilty, “but you know, I wouldn’t ever–“”Oh, hush yourself,” snapped his wife, as I put my finger on his lips to shut him up. “Thought y’all’d like th’ fantasy, is all!”He admitted he did. But, in my devilish brain, I was asking myself — was this really just to be a fantasy? Or — could I make it come true? And if I could — should I? That might be some kind of fire, I might not be equipped to put out.Oh I should, I came to realize. The next day, when Paul was off at work, I spent all morning digging my fingers into my pussy while I lay naked in bed — thinking the whole time about the girl we’d seen. The cums were delightful. I felt less guilty about it, too, compared to when I made myself cum during cybersex with men I met online. Something in me said, Miss Amy, you go about the business at hand. I don’t know how or who, but somehow, I had to make it happen.***************************************PART TWO — THE GIRL’S TALE***************************************In all my 18 years being alive on this wonderful planet, I swear, Amy’s question was the most — well, what’s the right word? — provocative I could ever imagine.I was sitting in her hot tub, right behind her house, which is about a block and a half down our new street. Well, more than that, maybe, there’s this little bend before the stop sign. Anyway, whatever. It was still summer, a couple weeks before I was leaving for Tech State. I was already nervous, thinking about college and all, being away from home and stuff. So I was pretty much filling every day that summer with fun things, trying to keep my mind off of school. I jogged around the neighborhood most mornings, trying to keep in shape, even though I didn’t think I’d be playing soccer anymore because my new university had a pretty good team, and I wasn’t all that. One morning I passed her house, and she was out sitting on her porch, reading the paper. We’d met before, so she called out to me and I stopped, and we started talking a little. It was all friendly. But at some point, she said, I have this hot tub we never use, you should come over. And I was like, I should! It sounded fun, I don’t get to use a hot tub very often. And thinking nothing of it, probably the very next day, it was in the afternoon, I was over at Amy’s house, in my bikini, in her hot tub, with her across from me.Now, you have to realize, Amy kind of stands out in our neighborhood. I’m not being judgmental; I don’t like trying to put people in a category or something. But surely, some people do stand out from the crowd, and that’s Mrs. Amy. First, she talks funny — she’s from Atlanta, although she always calls it “Hotlanta,” she sounds like she got off at the wrong station. “Y’all,” funny words like that. Here in Pennsylvania, you don’t hear that much. You do hear “yunz” (“Yunz goin’ to the store?”), which is more from near Pittsburg but some folks around here say that. But “Y’all” don’t hear “y’all” that much “around these parts.” Yes, I’m trying to be funny, but I don’t know if it’s coming through your computer screen that way. Anyway, besides being the only Southerner, Amy was also way prettier that any of the other married women in the area. She’s probably an inch shorter than me, but real skinny, with super-long, jet-black hair. And she’s really gorgeous. Most of the women around here aren’t much to look at, and there’s a lot to look at for most of them (if you get my meaning). Amy, you can pick out of a crowd with your eyes.Plus, Amy’s husband is a hunk. Paul, or Pete, or something, I wasn’t sure at first what his name was. He’s tall, sturdy, for an older guy he’s got it for sure. Kind of handsome, but a rocking solid body. I’m not fixated on male bodies, and what on Earth do I have in common with a married guy in his late 30’s? Nothing, other than the street we live on. So guys like him, I might think, nice to look at, even VERY nice, but that’s about it. I mean, my parents would absolutely freak, if they thought I was checking out a guy twice my age — and a married one at that! I mean — there are rules!Not that I abide by all rules. I mean — well, I guess I cross a few of them. Rules about alcohol, I’ve crossed that line a few. Dating other girl’s boyfriends — check that rule too. The pastor would probably read me a few verses of other vices in my lifetime, but I don’t go around telling everyone to get with Jesus, so I figure, as long as I keep it private, what I do is alright by me, and what you do is okay by you too.Sorry, am I getting off the topic again? I’m sort of a blonde, I can use that as my excuse whenever I want.I’m in my bikini with Amy in her hot tub, it was like a Wednesday afternoon. A pretty hot day, but we were in the shade behind her house, just relaxing in the hot tub. Talking girl stuff, nothing out of the normal. I mean, it was the first time I’d been sort of hanging out with a married woman, you know; but she was only 31, younger than most of the moms around the area, and she wasn’t a mom. So, it wasn’t all that weird to me. Just two gals talking about nothing in particular, and mostly about boys and guys, relaxing in the bubbling warm water.She was setting me up, the vixen! Talking about boys I’d dated, and then about adult men, and whether I liked married men. I was being truthful at all times, cross my heart, I really was. I didn’t see it coming. Her question, I mean.She goes to me, something like the following: My husband thinks you’re sexy, and I (meaning, Amy, it’s like she’s talking to me, I hope I’m not confusing you) wouldn’t mind it if you went on a date with him — either out for a dinner and movie, or just over to our house to hang out and have some fun together — alone, or even right in front of me.And the way she said it? She was nervous, her voice quiet, her big brown eyes staring at me, watching for my reaction.I think I didn’t say a word at first, not a word. She apologized if she was freaking me out, but then she goes, what do you think — something you’d be interested in?Now, this seemed to be like crossing about ALL of the lines you’re not supposed to cross. My parents raised me proper, I knew right away I was going to say, why thanks but no thanks, you’re sweet for considering me, but that’s not really something I can consider doing.And no sooner had those words entered my brain, when another thought crowded the empty space between my ears. Miss Kelli, it’s an invitation, from one very pretty woman, about her very sexy husband. There’s nothing wrong if she’s asking, and no one else has to ever find out. And, to be brutally honest — I’d say, to be FRANK with you, but that always makes me laugh because I’m a girl, and so I can’t be Frank, I mean, you don’t name your daughter Frank, right — I have to say, I’d had some weak moments when alone in bed at home, or reading porn on the Internet (there’s another one of those lines I was referring to, well, my English teacher would say, one of those lines to which I was referring). Sex with a married man? Not a good idea, but a sexy one. And his sexy wife INVITING me to do it? Even more sexy. And thinking about the wife WATCHING me with her hot husband? Way more than sexy; unbelievably hot. It was almost as scary-hot as the idea of a sexy woman wanting to fuck me herself; that was a line I’d never, ever crossed, but seen more than a few videos to think it might not be such a bad thing.So yeah, all those thoughts are going around my brain, in like a split second, as she asks me. I’m not sure what noises came out of my mouth; nothing intelligible at first, I’m sure. I might have looked away. I’m sure I blushed, if you can tell that in my very-tanned face. Amy even said, before I really responded, that she didn’t mean to make me nervous or put me on the spot. Then she complemented me — she said, I seemed like a real grown-up girl even at my age (18), and I have lots of guys who like me (true true), so maybe it was something I’d thought about?Now, when you get the most wild and provocative question you’ve ever been asked before, I don’t think you answer with some boring response. I think real calls for real, you know. Fight fire with fire. That kind of thought.I thought about it, and trying to keep a straight face and not burst out in laughter or fall apart with blushing guilt, I answered her question with three questions. “Well, tell me this first,” I asked. First, would she promise me — and by that, I mean, SUPER-promise me — that there was absolutely no way on Earth that my parents would ever, ever, ever find out about this? Amy was like, oh, guaranteed, it’s our little secret. Great. Okay, second, would she promise me that she wouldn’t get jealous or mad at me? Like if she changed her mind; us girls do that, you know. Amy said, she was confident she wouldn’t change her mind. Double-great. And third — well, I paused at that. I knew what I wanted to ask, but had the trouble saying it to her face. She was like, what, what? And finally I just blurted it out: “Third, will I be on the date with just him, or with you AND him at the same time?” And by “date,” of course, I mean “fucking.” Because I assumed that’s what she was talking about. Married men don’t date girls my age. They fuck girls my age, when they get the chance.As to that last question, Amy smiled warmly at me, her brown eyes staring in my face from across the hot tub, and I felt her foot under the water find mine, rubbing my foot. “It’s whatever would put a smile on your face,” she answered, her voice in a hush, but her face full of energy.This was a moment of my life I’ll never forget — well, I assume, when you’re 58 or 88 or something, you might not remember being 18. But I figure, for the near future at least, I won’t forget this moment.And, getting back to that moment, the moment was — here was a hot, pretty 31 year old married woman, basically saying, she’d be ok having sex with me AND her husband, if I was ok with it!Wow — can you believe, this was actually happening to me!As I’d said, I’d seen movies and such; the concept wasn’t foreign to me. I might have indulged in thinking about licking that hot pussy of this girl on my swim team a couple years ago, when I saw her showering naked in front of me; shit, she was sexy. I fantasized about her for a few weeks. And sometimes, I’d get aroused when friends of mine dressed slutty, if they had nice bodies; I think I might have a weakness for nice, perky boobies. But I’d never done anything about it, you know, other than THINK it. I mean, I think about robbing banks too. (Seriously.) (No, I mean, I’m serious that I think about it; how I could do it, what I’d do with the money, the rush of doing it; but I’d never actually do it, I’m not serious about actually robbing a bank.) So thinking is okay, right.But another female asking me to join her for sex? And a married woman at that? Too wild to be true!She was looking at me, across the small hot tub, playing footsie with me under the warm, swirling water. I felt my nipples hard in my bikini top, and my bald shaved pussy aching a bit in my bikini bottom. This was a pretty nervous moment for me, but a sexy one. I was flattered, of course, but feeling naive. I’d never done anything like that before, maybe I would be real bad at it!”I’ve never done anything like that before,” came out the words, just as I thought them, “I might be real bad at that — I — I don’t know.”And her response? Well, it was even more memorable than anything the last few minutes. This just kept getting hotter and hotter.Amy stood up, well, she leaned upright on a bench in the hot tub, so her chest and shoulders were above the bubbling white water. I watched her reach behind herself, and her bikini top loosened. To my total amazement, she pulled it off — showing me her breasts! They were smaller than mine, but proportionate to her slim figure; round, soft, with hard dark nipples, which were stiff and long. Combined with her pretty smile and big brown eyes, she looked really attractive, topless like that. My jaw dropped, I didn’t say a thing. Then, a couple seconds later, she stood up in the water, reaching to her hips. She had on a bikini bottom that tied over both hips, and she pulled at the strings on both hips. The bikini bottom fell away, and I found myself staring at her naked body. Specifically, at her cunt — totally bald, shaved, like mine; pink; entirely girly.Oh, wow, a married woman was naked in front of me! In her hot tub!I was just a stupid teenager, at that moment. I looked up to her smiling face as she stood nude in front of me, and I said something incredibly dumb, something like, “What are you doing?” As if.Her hands were behind her back, arching her torso to push her sexy breasts forward, and she pried her thighs apart to show me her wet cunt. Seeing me looking over her naked body, she knew she had my full attention — and she could see I was nervous, but not scared. She said to me, in a husky, sultry tone, “Do y’all want me t’ put these back on — or, do y’all wanna take yours off too, hunny?”Oh, shit — now she wanted me naked too!And, guess what? This was another line, and I was going to cross is like a jockey on a horse. Full speed. Check this one off too.”Well,” I moaned, my eyes riveted at the unbelievable sight of her married pussy and her tits, “if you have to know — I’m too nervous to do it, but, I’ve always thought about it.”I could feel her eyes, staring at mine, as I continually stared at her naked figure. “Y’all have thought about what, dahlin’?”I gulped, feeling so nervous and horny, unsure of myself. I so wanted to proceed; but I felt so guilty. “About, you know — being with a girl.”Amy smiled warmly at me, stepping into the middle of the tub. She reached down, taking both my hands in her hands, and helping me stand up in front of her. Like I said before, she’s like an inch shorter than me, so my eyes were pretty even with hers. I must have given her a nice smile, or something, and she took it as permission to continue. I think I meant to give her permission; sometimes, when I know I’m supposed to say no but I really İzmir Masaj Salonları want to say yes, I just don’t answer, and when someone does what they want, I let them continue. Her hands reached to my chest, her thin fingers with long, painted fingernails slipped under my bikini top. It didn’t have strings, so she had to pull it off of me. But with a tug, she yanked it over my tits, and I raised my arms so she could completely remove it from me.I was standing there now, directly in front of her, my boobs pointing at her. They were creamy white, with dark tan lines from my bathing suits, and with light-pink areolas and my stiff, sensitive nipples. Amy moaned seeing them, reaching both hands to my bosom. I was being felt up by a married woman! Her hands kneaded my twin orbs, rolling them in her palms, feeling their size. “Wow these are big,” she gasped at me, and I told her they were “D” cups. She said, my tits are so sexy. And you know, I smiled, thanking her, trying not to let on that I’m proud of my tits. Everyone says I have hot tits. My unmarried uncle, I let him take pictures of me naked — that’s one of those lines, you know, but I didn’t let him touch me — and he said, I have the hottest tits ever. I didn’t totally believe him, except that, everyone tells me I do. So, I guess I do?The married brunette leaned forward. Holding up one of my breasts, she opened her lips and stuck out her long tongue, darting it around my stiff nipple. I moaned, encouraging her more; she was so turning me on. My tits were wet from being in the water, and she was licking them off, replacing the water with her sticky saliva. Back and forth between my boobs her mouth went, sucking and licking, making my nipples ache and sizzle in her mouth. Between my thighs, my cunt was also aching for attention; I could feel the emptiness of my pussy, while my clitoris throbbed for loving.Yes, a female — thirteen years older than me, if my math is correct, and I got a B+ in math the last two years basically, so I’m not that bad at it — was sucking my tits, standing here in her backyard in her hot tub. And it was not only turning me on, it was making me want a LOT more. So when I felt her hands slide down my back, over my butt, pushing down my bikini bottom, I didn’t stop her; instead, I groaned, pushing my tit into her warm, wet mouth. I felt her slide my bikini bottom down my legs, into the water, and she held it firmly for me to step out of them. There, I was assisting her in stripping me nude. Now, like her, I was naked. We were SO going to fuck, weren’t we?Yeah, I was nervous as shit — this was all new to me!Not knowing what to expect, I let her take the lead. When she had me as naked as her, her mouth slid off my tits, and she licked up my neck, down my jaw, and right to my mouth. Mmm, I was going to kiss another female! Our lips touched, and just like that, we began making out — jaws opened, tongues thrust forward, we were sucking each other’s breaths, licking tongues, French kissing like lovers! I’d never kissed a girl like that before, compared to probably over a dozen guys. She was soft, definitely feminine; instead of feeling like the object of a man’s desire, I was sharing a mutual desire. A totally different feeling; it made me smile, the novelty of this wonderful experience. I mean, well, how do I explain? When a guy makes out with me, it’s like, it feels good because a man and a woman are meant to combine, it affirms my femininity. I don’t mind giving into a guy’s stronger will power, that kind of submissiveness turns me on, especially if I’d been seducing him, so in a way, it’s what I want too. But here’s this girl kissing me; we were both just basically horny, and it felt good. I could hear my mom screaming in my ear — you dirty lesbian! But I wasn’t a lesbian, I was just kissing a sexy woman, was all. Felt great!Now, as we began making out, her hand slid between my thighs. Oh fuck! Her petite hand moved right over my bald cunt, and she found my pussy sopping wet — and not just from being in a hot tub. Her fingers slipped around my clitty, grinding it, rubbing it against my body; then, downwards her fingertips slipped more, to my wet lips, to my entrance, and softly inside. Ohhh shit! She was finger-fucking me, as I stood in front of her, making out with her! I didn’t know exactly where to put my hands, but with a leg lifted, I needed to balance myself; I wrapped both my arms around her slim back, clutching her, leaning into her as our faces meshed together in a sloppy kiss, and her fingers drove into my cunt.She was totally leading me, which is okay, because in bed normally I let the guy be the aggressor. I was slightly bothered that we were in her backyard, naked, doing the nasty — I mean, anyone around could have seen us. Her house backed to trees, and while there was a neighbor’s house to one side, she had this big privacy fence between us and it; so it wasn’t likely anyone was watching us. Still, there was a (closed) upstairs window of that house; had someone been looking out at it, they’d have gotten quite the show! But, passive me, I didn’t stop her, when she had me move to the edge of the tub.On one side of the tub, the top edge had a platform a couple feet wide, and she had me sit on it — with my ass at the edge of the tub, my feet in the water on a bench. As I leaned back, my knees bent to the sides in a butterfly position, I exposed my cunt to her, and that made me blush. Another girl was seeing my privates, and not in the shower at school. I hadn’t ever been more horny. Amy’s brown eyes admired my bald pussy, looking it over, and then she bent down in the water. I saw her small ass, as she leaned her tits into the water, and put her face between my spread-open thighs. Her pink tongue darted out, just as her hands reached up to my large boobs. Clutching my breasts, squeezing my aching nipples, Amy began licking my clitty and cuntlips, tasting my juices.Ohhh, shit! I was so wet! I gripped the edge of the tub, leaning backwards on my elbows, almost flat, as I spread my legs open for her. With her hands on my tits and her tongue against my twat, I began gyrating my small ass wildly, really getting more aroused. That expert tongue found the tight hole to my pussy, and Amy pushed inside, tongue-fucking me. I swear, I screamed hard, thrusting my pelvis so hard forward that I felt bed I’d hurt her. But no, she kept her face against my pussy, licking furiously, driving tongue into me while playing with my big, pale boobs.Ok, guys, Amy was WAY better at licking my cunt than any guy had ever been. And I’d had a few guys try (and many more offers, like my pervy uncle). But I’d never cum from a guy licking my twat; it always took a fat cock to get me off. I’d had to learn to have orgasms fast, because the teen guys I fucked usually couldn’t last more than 10 or, at most, 15 minutes before cumming. Shit, the first cock I fucked, he pulled out and came all over me after, literally, like one minute. I had thought, gee, that’s how sex was supposed to be. Then I saw some porn movies, and I was like, that is SO fake, guys don’t last that long! I found out some guys last a little longer, but not like in the movies. So a girl has to cum fast, if she wants to enjoy sex too.As a result of practicing sex with teen boys, Amy found me extremely aroused and multi-orgasmic. I shrieked in delight, realizing how good that tongue felt in me — a tongue! I felt my orgasm cumming and I didn’t stop it, concentrating on it, gasping and panting, and my young body exploded with a sizzling, warming daze that cascaded all around me. When I opened my eyes, she was still going at it — licking me just as hard as before it, but with my juices all over her pretty face. Wow! My state of arousal remained just as high, and probably within another five minutes, I was cumming hard again, a second time!The married slut had me cumming probably six times, or something, before she finally pulled her mouth off of my pussy. I could hardly move any limbs, my muscles were so sore from remaining there on my back, on that small ledge, tensed while I got fucked. It made me laugh, how sore I was. Amy laughed with me, probably not realizing what had me so giggly, while she crawled over me. Her lips came to my mouth again, and as we kissed a second time, all I could smell and taste was the flavor of my own pussy. I’d licked my fingers after masturbating, I liked the flavor; I’d certainly licked it off of a cock, after being fucked. But tasting my juices in Amy’s mouth, and sharing a sensual, girl-girl kiss with that flavor infused in the kiss, made my pussy ache for more fucking. She had me so turned on in every way.Amy asked if I was having fun, and I had to laugh, confirming it was a LOT of fun. She told me to do something else, and had me kneel on the bench in the hot tub, facing the edge — so, I had my elbows on the platform above the tub again, bent over, my butt pushed towards the married brunette. Leaning down behind my ass, she peeled my buttocks open with her palms, exposing my little puckered asshole. Ok, this was another line of mine, never been crossed before! And she crossed it — her tongue began licking my asshole, while her finger played with my cunt’s hole below it!I had never imagined this. I’d heard about it, but never thought it would actually be, you know, something I would do. But I didn’t stop her, as I felt her tongue sliding into my sensitive, puckered orifice; and below, she had two stiff fingers, sliding expertly into my cuntlips, stretching them open. All that attention on my twin holes had me close to cumming quickly, and I gripped the platform as I looked up into the sky. We were in the shadows of the house, so the sun wasn’t on me; but I felt warm air brushing over my sweaty face, heating me up. All around me, my skin prickled from perspiration. But all I wanted to do was cum, so I spread my knees, shoved my ass backwards, and let Amy do whatever she wanted to me!That woman had me cumming a few more times, tasting my butthole while finger-fucking my pussy at first; then, she licked down to my twat and began tongue-fucking me again, this time from the rear. I was swaying my hips wildly back and forth, kind of like when a boy doggy-fucks me, but this time I only had a female tongue inside me. She was good, though, reaching into my pussy with it, her hands playing with my big boobs as they dangled underneath me. I had orgasms that way, too. It got even more wild, when she leaned up and began rubbing her nipples over my asshole and pussy; she was kind of tit-fucking me now! I looked back at her, smiling, encouraging her to continue, and she did by leaning down again and licking my pussy once more. She easily got me to cum hard in her mouth two more times.So that was like, I mean, I lost count — over a dozen cums? I was sweaty and hot, and heated by the warm water, feeling dizzy, my limbs aching and sore. My body wanted to rest, but at the same time, I wanted millions more orgasms, the sex with Amy was insanely great!We hardly relaxed, catching our breaths after the latest of my seemingly never-ending orgasms. Then, she hot brunette stood up, pulling me carefully to my feet too. She helped me step out of the hot tub, and both naked, together we went inside her house. A blast of cold air from the air conditioner hit me, almost making me shiver; but it was soothing, quite the relief from the heat outside.Hand in hand, entering her basement level, Amy took me right over to a guest bedroom a few steps from the sliding door. The room was dim and almost cold; but it had a big, comfortable bed, with a fluffy comforter over it. Amy and I crawled onto the bed, I was happy to relax on such a soft, soothing surface. Lying flat on my back, I looked down as she licked around one of my breasts again, enjoying the feeling I suppose, sucking on it, making me wet for more sex. I parted my thighs, and her hand massaged my cuntlips while she greedily suckled my boob.I was totally her sex toy now, letting her do as she pleased to me. But there was another half to this sexual escapade I hadn’t experienced, yet; and hadn’t really thought of, to be honest. But it was on Amy’s mind.Lifting her pretty, triangular face from my bosom, she smiled at me warmly then asked softly, “Hunny, would y’all like t’ fuck me too?” And she added, with her Southern charm and a wide, toothy grin: “Please?”Wow, my turn to fuck a girl! I knew I couldn’t say no, so instead, I quickly answered in a hurried tone, “Oh gosh, yes, let me fuck you!”It wasn’t how I was expecting it; she kept me on my back, but she spun around, crawling over me, in a “69” position. Right above my face, I was staring at Amy’s naked pussy and asshole. Her twat was perfectly shaved, completely smooth; her pink pussylips were beaded in liquids, and I could smell the exciting aromas of both her twat and her small, puckered butthole. Her thighs were spread around my chest, and she lowered her cunt to my lips. Meanwhile, between my thighs, I felt her warm breath on my cunt too, as she moved to start licking me more.That married pussy hung over my face, all juicy and smelly, and I had a moment. I studied it; you, miss cunt, was going to be the first cunt I’d lick. And if I liked it, maybe not the last. Now, a girl like me was wondering, how exactly do I lick it? I flashed back to the same thought, the first time a guy stuck his dick in my face. It wasn’t a big dick, as I look back on that now, but I had nothing to compare it to, at the time. I also had no idea what exactly to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do. I found that out, when he yelped in pain, as I thought softly biting it might relieve the pressure. Um, not so much. Know what that moment was like? In freshman gym class, we were supposed to play volleyball. I’d never played it; I had no idea how to hit it. The ball came to me, I stuck my hand out and tried to hit it. It hurt, I had my hand the wrong way, it stung, and all the k**s screamed at me because I was a blonde being an idiot, I didn’t know what I was doing. I’ll not forget that moment, either, but not for good reasons. Trying to suck a cock was the same way, I guess. I didn’t want this moment to be like those two.The difference was, I know how I like my pussy licked; I know what feels good. So, just do that to Amy’s, and she’s probably like it, right?Oh, yes, exactly.Soon, my hands were plastered flat against her soft, 31 year old buttocks, as she undulated her cunt over my face. I had juices all over me, from my eyelids down to my chin, dripping out of my mouth. My tongue was out, shoved deep in Amy’s tight hole. She masturbated herself against my face, grinding her clit against me, and humping my tongue furiously. I LOVED IT. I eagerly fucked her sexy hole, sucking out the tasty, nasty juices, feeling her squirm and climax, and then — proof of my skills — drinking mouthful after mouthful of juices when she had orgasms. And not just one orgasm; several. Mrs. Amy came several times on my mouth, as I continuously licked and fucked that cunt with all my energy.I was coming, too, with her tongue darting inside my pussy, and around my pussylips and clitty. She even flicked her tongue tip rapidly over my clit, back and forth, teasing it, which got me SO hot. I did the same to her, and it drove her insane, until she yelled at me to put my tongue back in her hole. As soon as I did that, she had an orgasm. Wow, I mean, this was fucking fun!After mutually fucking each other for a while in the 69 position, she crawled around me again, collapsing next to me, our sweaty bodies entangled as we massaged each others’ sweaty backs and had some soft kisses. It wasn’t like lying with a boy; this was more mutual, like we were sharing something. Weird, I know, I can’t explain. Different, yet nice. Very nice! Amy told me, she hadn’t been with another girl since like college, or something; I said, well, I’ve never done it with another girl. Amy said I was great at it, and then — she kind of paused, before asking — said, if I wanted to come back to her house any afternoon before I left for Tech State, she’d be totally willing to fuck me again. Every day, if I wanted to.Imagine that, two weeks before going off to college, I got myself a girlfriend — a married one! Um, does that count as crossing a line?Then, Amy asked if I was still interested in her origination proposition — going on a date with her husband. And, she explained with a wink, “a date could mean dinner ‘n a movie, or a walk down th’ river, or in our bedroom humpin’ like hot naked lovahs.” Mmm, sounded kinky and pervy, especially with the thought that, not only did she want me there, but she wanted to be there too to watch! How unbelievably horny is that?Amy began asking me about my sexual experiences. I’d never been with an adult guy. Some college guy did me when I went to visit his campus, and I got drunk; he must have been a few years older than me. I feel guilty that some guy fucked me, and I don’t even remember his name! I was drunk at the time. Not that that excuses it; as my Mom always says, you’re responsible for your decisions, and if you decide to get drunk, then you are responsible for the consequences. I guess she’s right. I look at it like, I suppose it could have been great sex, but I really can’t remember much of the details, so it was a wasted opportunity. I mean, of the guys I’ve fucked in my life, he was the oldest and the one I remember the least. Like I said earlier, I’ve never really fixated on fucking older guys, it seemed to me like I’m only supposed to be with teen boys (while I’m a teenager). Teen guys, they get me hot — but, I can’t say, it was ever like, after being fucked, I thought I’d just died and gone to heaven. It was never like what I’d see in porn movies; and none of them exactly looked like porn stars.Amy promised me, her husband was going to fuck me way, way better than any teen guy. Fit, hot body; big cock; great kisser; and he could LAST a long, long time. I mean, does that sound dreamy, or what? Just hearing her describe him in bed, I so wanted to go on the date! And by date, I mean, strip naked and fuck like a whore!As much as I couldn’t wait to have sex with her husband, I couldn’t stay at her house much longer — Mom had told me to be home late that afternoon for a thing we had to go to. Besides, I was pretty wiped from my first girl/girl sex. Amy understood, and she said, today wasn’t best for her either. Instead, she and I agreed I’d come over the next day — and, Amy laid out a pretty specific plan. It sounded so hot. I couldn’t wait!***************************************PART THREE — HUBBY’S TALE***************************************Talk about memorable days. I’ve had a lot of them, mostly involving sexy, horny, naked, slutty women. But as those kind of days go, this one ranked right at the top — verging on “fantasy come true” territory.As I look back on it, it was a day of twists.I vividly recall the moment the day started taking its twists. A weekday afternoon, probably around 4 o’clock. I was in the master bedroom of some nondescript, suburban house, mostly empty except for cheap rented furniture to make it look lived-in. My pants were around my ankles, as I stood on the wood floor, leaning over the bed. In front of me, on her stomach, was a late-30’s blonde screaming with passion as my fat dick impaled her married cunt. Susan was a real estate agent, and one of my best referrals of business for my home remodeling company. Besides being great for business, she was a great lay. Slim, petite, with smallish boobs and super-long blonde hair (usually pulled back in a ponytail), she was also horny as fuck. The very first day I met her, we were alone in some house she was selling talking about what I might do to the house. Suddenly, the conversation became, what could I do to her body? And having met her only like 15 minutes earlier, we were already naked and fucking. That’s Susan for you. Since then, Susan often would call me to set up an “appointment,” for an estimate for a new project. Sometimes, it was an actual business opportunity. Other days, like this particular day, she simply brought me into one of the empty homes on the market, so she and I could have a couple hours together fucking without our spouses ever knowing.My big hands were around Susan’s petite waist, holding her naked body firmly, watching her small, tight ass squirming on the bed. My erection was halfway into her cunt from the backside, as she spread her thighs and flattened her body on the bed sheets. I was barking at her like normal; with my girlfriends, I’m really verbal in bed. “You fuckin’ slut,” I spat down at her, sneering to make it sound like I was disgusted with how sexual she was, “look how fuckin’ hard you made me — I wanna fuckin’ rip your cunt open from fucking it too much today — you aren’t gonna fuckin’ be able to walk when I’m done here, you fuckin’ tramp!” As I addressed her, I slid a hand up her skinny body, wrapping it under her torso, fondling her smallish boob and firm, dark nipple.The horny bitch grunted in approval, feeling my fingers pinching her nipple hard. Her hot ass began undulating faster, grinding in circles against me, taking more of my dick into her. “That’s it, Paul, baby!” she screamed, panting, “fuck me deeper, baby!” My insults to her got her even hotter; that’s the kind of bitch I like.I love talking nasty to a slut when I’m fucking her — turns me on even more. Except for my wife, when I fuck her, I keep my mouth shut. I don’t want her figuring out how much I like slutty women, she might accuse me of cheating on her. So with my dick buried inside Susan, I just kept talking like a sailor — “You fuckin’ nasty skank! Cheating married cunt! Taking my cock inside you, like a fuckin’ callgirl! Making me wanna fuck your slutty cunt all day!” Plus a few smacks on her ass, painful ones, drawing whimpers or squeals from her, added to the delight of talking nasty to her.Right in the middle of fucking Susan, my cellphone began chirping in my pant’s pocket, at the moment down around my ankles. And not just any ringtone; the one indicating the call was from my wife, Amy. I winced, because Amy was being a real pest that day. Even before I left the house, she wanted to know my schedule that day. Said she might have plans early that evening, could I get home then — or sooner? Now, Susan has already set up with me an “appointment” for that mid-afternoon, so I told Amy, no way would I be free before 5 pm. Amy accepted that, as I left the house. But she kept calling — before lunch; after lunch; and now at 4. The earlier calls, she was pestering me whether I would still get home by 5. I assumed this was just another call. Amy’s great — petite, hot, nice tits, only 31 years old, seven years less than me — but she can be controlling. I think, between the hot sex and my disdain for confrontation, I allowed the marriage to continue so I wouldn’t have to go through some yelling matches if we got divorced. It crimped my sex life, but between Susan, Haley (the young-20’s receptionist at the company), and Alexa (a 30 year old dancer, whose dance studio I remodeled), I still had plenty of cunt to keep my throbbing dick happy most weeks. I just had to fit in the sex between the demands of running my own business and the expectations of my blissfully ignorant wife.Again wanting to avoid confrontation on the home front, I reached down to pull up my pants and fish out my cellphone — while not stopping the sex with Susan. The blonde slut quieted down, smiling to herself, allowing my time to talk to wifey while blondie kept getting my erection shoved up her pussy. I might have been a little testy with Amy, as I answered the call, but I defended myself right away — saying, I’m at an appointment, I told you that. My tone didn’t phase Amy; she seemed in an unnaturally good mood. Still coming home by 5? I said, maybe 5:30 or 6. Amy actually giggled at my response — she just said, the earlier I get home, the more I’d be happy, but it was up to me when I could get home.What the fuck did that mean?I hung up, tossing the cell to the bed, kicking off my pants. Susan crawled onto the middle of the bed, rolling onto her back and spreading her creamy, white thighs. Her cunt was trimmed, not bald; as a guy who’s been around pussy, I have to say, hers isn’t the hottest. She has sort of fat pussylips, plus some dark hair around her anus. But her body was tight, her tits proportionately small, and she could fuck like a paid whore — plus, with that long blonde hair, she truly was gorgeous. Stripping totally naked except for my socks, I climbed onto the bed to keep fucking the bitch, barking at her, “Spread open those slutty thighs, you fuckin’ trampy whore, you’ve got a lot more cock to take today!” Amy, and whatever thing she had going on at home, could wait.Only, here came the next twist. Barely had I plunged my penis back into Susan’s vagina, before her fucking phone rang too. Susan, unlike me, can’t ignore her cellphone; she’s biologically addicted to it. Patting me on the back, she made me climb off of her, so she could jump off the bed and retrieve it from her purse. It wasn’t her husband, but her “mortgage guy.” I saw the look on her face — genuine concern and dismay. Kind of a hot look — a sexy, naked, petite blonde woman ready for sex below the neck, whereas above the neck, a steely businesswoman intent on trying to save a deal. Seems a deal was going south, and Amy needed to fix it. Thirty thousand in commission, or something. Shit. Susan sat in the bed, naked, pussy dripping, talking on her phone like some Wall Street negotiator. But, it also marked the end of our sex that day; she promised to make it up to me, she had to get over to the buyer’s place and fix the deal, whatever that meant.So my dick was still hard, not having come close to finishing its business, as I pulled into my home’s driveway a quarter before 5. That should at least please Amy, I thought to myself. I knew I could get a good fuck from her, maybe a couple times; Amy has the sex drive of a prostitute. I always loved that about her.And here’s the next twist of the day.I get into the house, it’s quiet — Amy isn’t obviously around, at least not on the first floor. But there’s a note on the kitchen table, near where I always put down my computer case. “PUT ON THESE – COME OUT TO HOTTUB,” she wrote, in huge letters so I couldn’t miss them. And, under the sheet of paper, was a pair of my Speedo’s — the white ones. This was definitely out of the ordinary, but it piqued my curiosity; plus, I was still horny from the aborted sex with Susan, so I figured, this sounded like Amy wanted to fuck in the hot tub. I wasn’t going to argue.Quickly, right in the middle of my kitchen, I stripped totally naked — hey, it’s my house, right — and pulled up the Speedos. My cock was semi-rigid, and frankly, even in that state it didn’t entirely fit in the trunks. The white fabric had to stretch, both around my shaft and balls, as well as around my muscular buttocks — almost felt a bit like a thong. I adjusted my willy so it was straight up and down, making a prodigious bulge in my crotch. That might please Amy, and get something started.I bumbled down the steps to the cold basement — damn air conditioner was running overboard again — and headed for the sliding door to the backyard. The d****s were closed over the door, so I couldn’t see outside even as I approached the door. Not until I slid it open, and stepped onto the deck, did I see what Amy had invited me to.Next twist.Amy was in the tub, alright — but not alone. A very pretty face was next to her; a teenager girl, going to college soon, who had recently moved into the neighborhood. Kelli, her name was.Okay, did I say, pretty face? More like, cute face, with a rocking fabulous body. Kelli had D-cup tits, and a skinny waist over small, round butt and athletic thighs. Her hair was long and curly, and a reddish-blonde color. Her skin was deep tan, bronzed from tanning all summer. Every teen boy in the neighborhood had already tried to hit on her that summer, plus a couple of the fathers around us, if I’m not mistaken. I’d seen her around, and there’s no question, Kelli is like a male fantasy come true. Eighteen years old, busty, slim body, athletic, and sweet. What man wouldn’t want to sink his dick into that kind of girl?As I approached the tub, I noticed Amy was in her black, string thong — I could tell it from the single, thin loop arching around her neck. I figured she had the bottom on too, a thong that made her ass look almost nude. But she was sitting back in the swirling water, with just her shoulders and head visible. Directly next to her, the sexy teenager had a white string around her neck, also, almost the same style as Amy’s bikini. I instantly wondered, if she had the same bottom on, wouldn’t I love to see the teen’s fleshy ass.But — why was this hot youngster in our hot tub, next to my wife? Other than a brief chat at a neighborhood party a few weeks earlier, I didn’t even know they ever hung out, or even spoke with each other.”Why, hello ladies,” I said in my professional, friendly tone, climbing up the steps to the edge of the tub. I was immediately aware that my dick and balls were making an obvious target for the teenager’s attention; and, indeed, as she sat next to my wife, the girl’s green eyes fixated directly in the direction of the shapes in my white Speedo. Instantly, I felt it was inappropriate; she just graduated high school, and my wife was sitting right next to her. Okay, more the latter reason than the former. Still, you know, I wouldn’t want anyone accusing me of robbing the cradle for pussy; I got plenty of adult cunt, I didn’t need to cross those lines.Amy introduced me to her new friend, with her sweet, sexy Southern tone allaying any concerns I might have. “Paul, baby, this is Kelli — she’s our new neighbor down th’ street — I said, come on over ‘n hang out with us — great you could git home ‘n, ya know — hang.” And she winked at me, and the reference to my cock and balls hanging out of my crotch in my tight trunks was palpable.Now my attitude changed — I felt studly. I arched my back, showing off my muscular shoulders and upper arms and my mostly-flat chest, covered in thick, rich dark curls. I climbed into the warm water, sitting on the bench directly opposite my wife and Kelli, resting my long arms to my sides on the padded, top ledge of the tub, so the girl could admire my upper figure more if she wanted. And, let me tell you, she wanted; her green eyes were almost guilty, in how she tried to look away sometimes, but she kept staring at my arms and upper chest with interest. It’s always rewarding, when a hot girl checks you out; even better when my hot wife didn’t seem to mind at all.Obviously, this was a set-up. I just didn’t know where it was going. Amy had teased me, once, during sex, about me fucking Kelli. It was just a sex game, but we’d never roleplayed like that before. Or since. I jerked off a few times since then, fantasizing about fucking hot Kelli, but never thought it would happen. Not only was she young, but she was going to college in two weeks or something. Instead of chasing tail like that for a low probability of sex, I’d rather fuck around with Haley or Alexa, or with Susan if I got that call. No, I figured, Amy was teasing me — in a very powerful way. But, I’d have to put up with the teasing, and I was sure that later on I’d be rewarded with excruciatingly hot sex with my sexy wife. That would be worth the teasing.Over the next hour and a half, things progressed exactly as I expected they would — with Amy literally tormenting me with Kelli’s presence and body.First, the three of us just sat around in the hot tub, chatting about bullshit. I mean, shit, Kelli is young — only 18! I can barely remember being 18. Hearing her talk about classes and teachers and after-school stuff — it’s just not things anyone talks about around me, anymore. And she had this fresh, innocent face, it was pretty easy to see her as nothing more than someone’s c***d. Plus, you should hear her talk — bleh! High-pitched, whiny voice that just wouldn’t shut up. Let me be more clear. Didn’t. Shut. Up. The girl blabbed and blabbed, she couldn’t stay focused, she prattled in a stream of consciousness, leaving Amy and me to sit there, smiling, pretending like we gave a fuck about anything she was saying.Basically, as pretty as she was, she was losing my attention — until she stood up from the water. At one point, Amy asked if Kelli wanted to get some cold water, out of the minifridge on the deck. Kelli was like, I’ll get it — and she climbed out of the tub, right in front of me. It was at that moment I discovered that, like my wife, the teenager had a thong on — and her small, soft ass looked, literally, almost naked. Her butt was creamy and untanned; round and soft, but tight. On her petite waist, it looked like two small handfuls of sexy flesh. Then, when she came back into the tub, I got to see her massive hooters, mostly uncovered by her bikini top. And the fabric of her white bikini was thin, and now it was wet, so it clung to her nipples and pussylips and looked almost semi-transparent. It was easy to see exactly the shape of her teen nips and obviously shaved cunt.My cock was rock hard, almost stretching out of the Speedos. But I remained seated, so the swirling water covered my reaction. Still, the thoughts in my head were not a mystery. Amy was watching me stare at Kelli’s sexy, young body, and my petite brunette wife was giving me a very naughty, knowing grin. She knew I loved what I saw, this was exactly what she wanted — to tease me with Kelli’s body. Sucked that my wife was there; if I was alone with Kelli, I’d have been putting on the moves to get her bikini off. Because a girl that wears a bikini like that, she intends to take it off for hot men. That’s always been my experience, having taken off bikinis of many horny sluts — let me count, eleven since I got married. Not all of them were in bikinis, but, figuratively speaking, I think my point is clear.So I played along, being teased, staring at the flesh of the girl until she sat back down in the hot tub, shoulder to shoulder with Amy. I even put up with her fucking nauseating voice and stupid conversational skills. It’s like, I tuned the energy away from my ears and towards my eyes. Just enjoy the sight, but not the sounds, of this hot bitch.After hanging out in the hot tub a while, Amy looked around at the still-bright summertime sunlight. Even though it was dinner time, it was still a bright sun lighting up our backyard. Amy says to Kelli, let’s do some tanning while Paul makes dinner. Apparently, I was making dinner. Amy said she’d prepared a large Caesar salad, and I just needed to throw some chicken on the grill — it was already marinating up in the fridge.It was like a reprieve — I didn’t have to listen to the young bitch keep talking. But I still got to stare at her. For the next twenty minutes or so, I was on the upper deck behind our house, right off of the kitchen. With the grill at the edge of the upper deck, I could look down on the backyard. I watched as Amy and Kelli spread out some big beach towels on the lawn, then laid on their stomachs to give me a bird’s eye view of their almost-naked backs and butts. Amy still has a mouthwatering little butt, but my eyes couldn’t stop staring at the teenager’s ass. Creamy white, compared to her bronze tanned legs and back; small handfuls of flesh; athletic and round, but not fat at all. My cock was definitely getting hard in my too-small trunks, but with me up on the deck, it didn’t really matter.Amy was determined to make me even more lusty; she was putting on a show for me, I guessed. My sexy, petite wife poured some suntan lotion on her hand, and reached over to begin smearing it around the teenager’s back. That was pretty fucking hot, seeing my wife’ petite hand rubbing the 18 year old’s slim shoulders and thin back. And then — her hand kept going. I pretended not to be paying attention to her, but instead watching the chicken patties İzmir Masöz Escort sizzling on the grill; so out of the corner of my eye I watched, as Amy’s hand slithered down the slender girl’s hot, young body, until she was rubbing suntan lotion over Kelli’s twin asscheeks. Mmm, wow, Amy was touching that teen butt — how lucky was she!Man, this was such a set-up, I thought to myself. Amy’s just trying to turn me on. But it sure was working. I had some pretty wild fantasies in my head, thinking about that girl’s body getting naked and bent over. It was just fantasy, I figured; Amy was only teasing my eyes today. It would be Amy’s naked body I’d be bending over in a while, and Amy would get the full benefit of how horny she was making me. Shit, with my sex with Susan aborted early, Amy was already due for an usually zealous romp with me in bed. Now, getting turned on by the sight of this teenager, Amy was creating a voracious monster in my crotch.While finishing my work at the grill, my cell rang. Susan, of all people, called. She had put out her fire, and wanted to know if I could rendezvous with her again at that house, so we could finish off what we had been doing. That helped my cock stay hard. But even if I was alone with Amy at home, there was no way I could extricate myself without a really good excuse. And watching Amy rubbing suntan lotion onto the girl’s butt, I told Susan I needed to stay home. She was disappointed but not surprised, and she made me agree to meet her the next afternoon to resume where we’d left off. I promised, committing to the fuck date.The three of us had dinner on the lower patio deck, sitting around our deck table and chairs, although none of us really ate. Kelli picked at her food, she was too busy using her mouth to babble on and on. Amy eats like a bird anyway; I mostly had the chicken, because lettuce and vegetables are for wimps. Instead, I tried not to be too obvious, again, as I stared at the teenager’s boobs in her string bikini. Those hooters were bigger than any of the sets of my three girlfriends I regularly fucked; with the thin, white fabric stretched over the teen orbs, I could easily see the outlines of the girl’s nipples and even areolas. I’m pretty sure she saw me staring at her tits, and Amy assuredly watched me gazing at them. Amy was smiling through dinner, this clearly was her master plan to show off the teenager’s body in front of me.After dinner, Amy volunteered to clear the table, leaving me alone to chat with Kelli. Normally, being left alone to talk to a gorgeous young woman in a bikini, I’d be all flirty and friendly, breaking down barriers and getting to that “I want to know you better” point. But, with Amy around, and this girl being just 18, I felt inhibited. Horny, but reserved, told myself to keep my behavior in check. I could see the girl staring at my hairy chest and broad shoulders, while wasn’t helping matters. So instead of talking about her school and stuff, I got her talking about something actually interesting — her boyfriends and dating. She didn’t slow down, she kept talking at rapid pace in her sickening-sweet, high-pitched voice, although it was easy to listen to her when she was talking about guys and sex. She didn’t have a steady boyfriend, but seemed to be pretty friendly with guys, she had lots of “guy pals” and went out on dates a lot. Yeah, this was no virgin, I figured, although she didn’t come out and tell me directly.My hot brunette wife in her black string bikini came back out in the midst of the conversation. Instead of sitting back down, she stood next to me, her small hand rubbing my shoulders, listening to Kelli describing a couple of the hot teen guys who had been hitting on her all summer. Amy giggled, saying something like, “Y’all are so pretty ‘n sexy, it’s no wonder th’ boys ‘r like flies on ya — don’t y’all agree, Paul?” I looked at her, and Amy repeated the question, more directly. “Don’t y’all think Kelli here is th’ mos’ gorgeous li’l thang you’ve seen in awhile?”I didn’t think I would make Amy jealous by agreeing, so I admitted the truth — “Yeah, Kelli, you’re fuckin’ hot — and you know it, don’t you?”Kelli blushed, thanking us for being so nice. I wasn’t sure where Amy was going with this, when Amy asked Kelli the same thing, basically — “And Kelli, don’t y’all think mah hubby here is one hunk o’ a man — he’s ALL man, y’all know!” Made my ego inflate a little bit more, when Kelli readily agreed, her green eyes gazing at my naked chest again. Amy wasn’t done, however. She had me stand up next to the table, in front of Kelli, so the strawberry-blonde teen could gaze at my full, 6-foot-3 body — including the extremely obvious bulges in my skin-tight swim trunks. Kelli’s eyes moved up and down my legs and chest, but definitely stared at my crotch a bit. My cock was getting harder, it was ready to burst out of the fucking trunks. Amy was killing me!And that’s when the next, unexpected twist occurred. They were about to come quite rapidly, too.”Mmm, he’s sooo handsome,” my wife purred, looking me over too, reaching across herself with a hand to massage the thick curls of dark hair on my chest. I could hear her salivating, checking me out — and showing me off for her young friend. Kelli sat still in her chair, watching my wife fondling my chest. Then, Amy’s hand started moving downward, over my bare, flat tummy. I almost took a step back, as her hand neared my crotch — but, Kelli’s eyes were now glued to the sign of my dick and balls outlined in the thin, white trunks. I was thinking, Amy’s doing more than showing me off and turning me on; could she really be initiating something?I groaned, as my wife’s small hand began fondling my semi-erect shaft and fat balls through my swim trunks, right in front of the teenager’s eyes. Ok, I was fucking turned on, and hoping Amy was going to let the girl see my dick. Maybe this was leading to sex; maybe the girls had set me up tonight. If so — it was beyond anything I’d have expected from my wife.My wife giggled at the teenager’s eyes, fixated on the sight of Amy’s hand fondling my genitalia through my trunks. In a soft, raspy voice, almost a purr, Amy asked the teenager, “Wanna see Paul’s SECRET tool, hun — it’s the BEST!”I was like, shit, this really is happening! But, after several years of playing the doting husband to my wife, I felt like I shouldn’t be too eager; I should resist, right, after all, as far as Amy knew, I hadn’t been naked with another woman since she and I began dating, like seven years ago or so. On the other hand, I didn’t want to resist successfully. So, I just blurted out, in admitted a weak voice, “Umm — seriously, Amy?”My wife was ignoring me, her hand was massaging my fat cock’s shaft, getting it even harder, making a bulbous shape in the trunks where my cockhead wanted to pop free. Kelli sat there, smiling, not moving, eagerly watching. Amy’s next words made me leak precum. “Tell y’all what,” my wife muttered to the teenager, “if y’all show him yer big boobies, I’ll show you what Paul’s packin’ in his trunks.”Amy was fucking reading my mind. I’d been wanting to see those big tits for the past hour or two.Kelli wasn’t resisting whatsoever. Leaning back in her chair in front of me, she reached her hands to her bosom, grasping her string bikini, and in one motion she ripped it off of herself. Both of those huge teen tits sat on her skinny torso like balloons — round, soft, creamy, and pale, with huge, light-pink areolas and very long, super-stiff nipples. The girl was proud of them, as she should be, arching her back to show them off, looking at my to be sure I was approving.I was so approving, licking my lips at the sight of Kelli’s breasts. I couldn’t wait to get naked too, although a small part of me was very hesitant because Amy and I had never played with another girl before. I wasn’t sure what had gotten into Amy — but I wasn’t arguing either.As I stood there, stupidly gazing at Kelli’s naked boobs, my wife peeled down my Speedos. It wasn’t easy, the fabric was stretched to its limits; but she pulled it around my erection and down my fit ass, and then as she slid it down to my ankles, Kelli got an eyeful of my cock and balls. I’m really proud of my penis — hard, at that moment, it was seven and a half inches long, but extremely thick at the base, with a fat, round cockhead and noticeable, bulging veins running down the shaft. My balls were shaved, and they dangled low under my tool, full of cum.The big-titted teenager gasped, seeing my adult erection. Her big eyes flirted up to catch me staring at her; and she giggled when she saw how enamored each of us was with the other.My hot wife began stroking my penis, as I remained standing in front of Kelli. I could tell, Amy had a plan here, and I was happy to let her run with it. Amy was typically the sexual aggressor in bed anyway. Amy got my dick as hard as possible, I could feel it throbbing in her soft hand, and precum was dripping out of the eyehole. Young Kelli stared at the view of my erection, almost pointing in her direction.And that’s when the second-best twist of all occurred.Not stopping from stroking my dick, Amy looked up at me, almost blushing. “Paul, hun,” she giggled at me, her voice apologetic, “there’s som’thin’ y’all should know!” I forced my eyes to stop looking at Kelli’s tits, and I smiled at my wife’s face, wondering what she was going to say. But it wasn’t anything verbal she said, to explain herself. Instead, keeping one hand on my dick, she stepped forward towards Kelli, and she bent over. As my wife’s hand clasped my penis tightly, I watched Amy put her lips to Kelli’s lips — and the two girls started making out with a tongue-filled French kiss, right in front of me!”Oh, shit, Amy,” I gagged, biting my lip because it was such an erotic sight, seeing my wife’s mouth pressed against a hot teenager girl’s mouth. The two girls got into it, so much so that Amy let go of my penis, so her hand was free to start groping one of Kelli’s huge D-cup tits.Finally, Amy broke the kiss, but remained bent over, her lips near Kelli’s mouth, as my wife looked back at me. “Paul, I hope y’all won’t git mad at me, but — well — yesterday, I fucked Kelli here.” See, THAT was the best twist of the night. But I barely had time to process that slutty, sexy news, when Amy immediately followed up with her offer. “I fucked her yest’day, and t’night it’s y’all’s turn — and if y’all’r REAL good with her, then, maybe I’ll let ya watch her and me do each other again, t’night!”Fuck, this was that fantasy come true — Amy was inviting me to fuck this young slut, and on top of that, my wife was going to go lesbian with us.So why was I suddenly nervous?Put yourself in my shoes. I’d been fucking behind Amy’s back for years, almost since we got married. I wasn’t looking for it, really; but I had clients and other women hit on me, and I figured, if I could make them happy with my body and cock, who was I to say no? Besides, as long as Amy didn’t find out, it wouldn’t hurt her. But carrying around the secrets of lies and deception, I’d gotten a complex — I was almost compensating the wrong way, doting on Amy so much and acting like no other females were sexy. Trying to give Amy no reason to believe I was a cheat. Even a couple weeks ago, when Amy roleplayed being Kelli during sex one night, I was pleasantly surprised but a little worried about it. I didn’t want Amy to realize other women made me so horny, because she might get jealous.So instead of saying, yes, I wanna fuck the hot slut here, I hedged. “I, uh — if you want — are you sure?” Hardly the response of a sexually accomplished womanizer like myself, but I had years of conditioning around my wife to have to revise in a split second. Amy didn’t have to respond, nor did Kelli; they were planning this all along. Amy stood up next to me, holding my cock again, pointing it at Kelli. This time, topless Kelli slipped off her chair, kneeling in front of me, smiling. I couldn’t wait, my cock grew even harder in Amy’s hand, pulsating and twitching before Kelli’s eyes. The teenager leaned over, opening her thick lips, and her young mouth closed on the top couple of inches of my shaft. Shit, the bitch was sucking my cock, and my wife was encouraging her to do it! “That’s it, hun — suck his big dick,” Amy growled, pulling her hand off of my shaft and putting it behind my naked butt. Amy pushed my pelvis forward, so I thrust a bit more meat into Kelli’s warm, tight mouth.My eyes were rolling, I was in heaven having my dick in Kelli’s lips. I felt her suckling it, creating a vacuum around it to squeeze and pull it, while her tongue washed back and forth on my soft underside, inside her mouth, and around my peckerhead. “Damn, Kelli, you suck good,” I told her, instantly amazed at how hard she was making me. Amy snickered, seeing her new friend sucking her husband’s fat dick. As if I could get even more horny, right in the midst of Kelli’s blowjob, my wife started telling me details from the day before. How she seduced Amy to get into the hot tub, got each other naked, and they went into the guest room and ate each other’s pussies for an hour. “I hope y’all ain’t mad at me,” apologized my horny wife again, “we were jus’ a couple’a horny gals, jus’ havin’ sum fun!”Mad? Noo, not mad. I answered her by turning my face to hers — almost a foot below my face — as I grabbed her long, silky dark-brown hair. Holding her head in place, I planted my lips on hers and give my wife a huge, wet, thank-you kiss. It put an even larger smile on Amy’s already-grinning lips.Like I said, Kelli was a good cocksucker, even at her age. Her thick lips were tugging on my shaft, and she was able to get a solid four inches — over half my penis — into her mouth, although just at the entrance to her throat. Amy knew how I liked it, so Amy had Kelli pull back for a second so that I could sit on one of the deck chairs. Naked, I leaned back and spread my feet to the sides, parting my meaty thighs to expose all of my cock and balls to the busty teenager. Kelli waited for me to take the position, then she crawled in front of me and quickly resumed the blowjob, wrapping her lips around my penis and bobbing her head up and down. She was making it wet with her saliva, and she used a hand to massage and grope my fat, dangling balls. She even hummed and moaned, adding vibrations to the sensations of her lips and tongue on my penis.She was turning me on so much, I so badly wanted to say something to her — call her a slut, tell her what a great cocksucking little bitch she was. But I bit my tongue, I didn’t want my foul mouth during sex to show off in front of my wife.My wife — damn, she was into this. Amy just stood there, next to my chair, watching her friend sucking her husband’s cock. The gleam in her eye was precious, watching her husband’s fat, gorgeous cock — yeah, I’ll say that about my tool, it’s awesome — buried in the mouth of a young thang like Kelli. A cock meant to fuck a mouth like that; a girl meant to suck it.But then it got better, if you can believe it. Kelli pulled off of me, gasping for air, her eyes big and heavy with lust as she smiled at me — and up at Amy. Kelli grabbed my now-sloppy wet penis, and she leaned forward to kiss one of her stiff nipples to my cockhead. Shit, that looked and felt hot. Kelli rocked her torso back and forth, making her ample boobs sway side to side, brushing her nipples over my erection. Then she wrapped my cock in a flesh sandwich, burying my penis between her huge, sexy soft tits, and she started humping my cock with her tits. Meanwhile she smiled up at my wife, then excitedly gazed at my eyes with a young, lusty glare.Next to me, Amy was standing at attention, hardly moving, watching this young thing sucking and tit-fucking her husband’s big dick. Her petite, pink tongue was licking her lower lip; her nipples were achingly hard knobs in her tight bikini top. It almost shocked me, seeing my wife’s state of arousal at watching another female turning me on.And Kelli was doing more than just turning me on; enveloping my burning erection between her soft, huge boobs was getting me near an orgasm. I hadn’t fucked tits this big for many years, and I’d almost forgotten how much I get turned on by having my dick between two D-cups. Plus, Kelli had her tongue out, flicking it over my cockhead each time the fleshy helmet appeared between her tits, sticking up in front of her chin. I felt my shaft and balls rubbing Kelli’s smooth, teenage chest, adding more sensations to my state of arousal.”Fuck!” I roared, unable to stop the swelling in my balls. It’s all I let myself say, as much as I wanted to yell a few more things. Amy could tell I was at my orgasm, she put her hand on my naked shoulder and felt my body quaking. Kelli must have sensed it too, sneering up at me and leaning upright, keeping her tits squeezed in her hands around my penis. I tried to resist but couldn’t, and my balls exploded. My lungs exploded too. “SHIT!” I looked down when I felt the jism flowing through my erection – and watched streams of my hot, gooey cum jetting out, splattering loudly on Kelli’s chin, neck and breasts.I reached between the girl’s twin orbs, taking a hold of my dick, jerking it off at the pace I like. Kelli leaned back, offering her breasts to me, cupping them in her small hands, forming targets for my ejaculation. I rubbed my peckerhead against her light-pink, stiff nipples, squirting wave after wave onto her areolas and breasts, each of them back and forth. Soon her entire chest was coated in my smelly, creamy cum, and the waves of pleasure slowed down and ceased from my balls.My wife snickered in approval. “That was fucking hot,” she panted. I could smell Amy’s wet cunt, as she stood next to me; I have to say, the fact that this seemed to turn her on as much as me was part of the pleasure. If you’d have asked me before it happened, I would have thought I’d feel guilty for cumming on a slut’s tits in front of my wife — but, now that it happened, I actually found it even more stimulating than just fucking another girl behind my wife’s back. There was no guilt involved whatsoever.I sat back on the deck chair, moaning in appreciation, milking my still-hard erection while I rubbed the sensitive tip against Kelli’s splattered, sexy breasts. Kelli’s hands moved over her boobs, not just cupping them but now fondling them, smearing my semen over her slick, soft skin. Amy purred again, watching the delicious sight of my cum glistening on Kelli’s ample bosom and now her thin fingers.Then a nervous moment occurred; I’d just cummed on the teenager’s tits, so now what? Was Amy going to allow me to fuck the young bitch, or was that all I got to do with her?Amy immediately answered the question. She grabbed Kelli’s wrist, pulling the girl to her feet. “Let’s go inside,” my horny wife demanded, not seeking to discuss the subject. Kicking off my trunks off my ankle, I followed the two hot women into our house, naked, my dick still primed for more action. My eyes gazed at the almost-naked female butts in front of me — Amy’s tight, sexy over-30 ass, and Kelli’s divine, smooth 18 year old fanny. With her tiny waist, Kelli’s ass looked round and sort of stuck out, but actually, it was just as small as Amy’s. She just had more curve to her petite body.Figuring Amy would lead us up to the bedrooms two floors above us, I was surprised when Amy immediately yanked Kelli into the guest bedroom, right off of the sliding patio door. No sense in going upstairs, apparently, when we had a perfectly comfortable bed here. My wife, still in her bikini, jumped into the bed, lying on her side on one half of it. She pulled Kelli with her, laying the girl on her back in front of her, down the middle of the mattress. Kelli’s tits reflected in the dim light of the room, smeared in sperm; her bikini bottom was tight against her wet cunt, forming parallel ridges as it clung tightly to her cuntlips. Her thighs were tanned and smooth, very inviting.Amy let me lie on my side on Kelli’s other side, so my wife and I had the teenager between us. Amy’s head was lifted, watching Kelli and me, and what came next just sort of happened naturally. I usually like to kiss Amy or my girlfriends as the start of foreplay, and it seemed Kelli had the same idea. My mouth found Kelli’s, and the strawberry-blonde beauty and I began making out in front of my wife — who didn’t mind whatsoever. I heard Amy moaning, even encouraging us with soft gasps of, “Yesss!” and “mmm hmm!”Kelli kissed differently from other women I’d been fucking. She was tentative and soft; a little apprehensive, I felt her wanting to giggle or smile, even as our lips crushed together and our tongues intertwined. Her breath tasted like cock, obviously, but I got over that quickly; there’s that thrill of making out with a female for the very first time, and with my wife watching it while it happened, I thought to myself I could just kiss this girl until midnight and be perfectly content.But we weren’t just kissing. My cock, rigid and throbbing with head, pressed against the side of the girl’s hip, telling her how badly I wanted to fuck her. I had one hand underneath Kelli’s body, sliding between her soft back and the bed sheets. Lowering it further, my hand was then directly beneath her butt and the bed, and I could start groping the teenager’s perfect little ass. Fleshy, firm, muscular; just delightful. My other hand, above my body, moved forward to touch the soft skin of her hip and tummy. I felt her thong moving, and when I looked down, I saw my wife peeling off the girl’s bikini bottom. A couple seconds later, Amy had the thong down and around the teenager’s feet, so the girl was as naked as I was.Instantly, the girl’s thighs parted, and an even stronger aroma of wet cunt filled the room. My hand darted between her thighs, joined almost instantly by my wife’s fingers as she laid back down next to Kelli’s other side. Simultaneously, our fingers surrounded the girl’s juicy, soft little clitty, hiding inside a feminine hood of flesh; and, below it, the girl’s tight, pink pussyhole was already dripping with juices. I stiffened one finger, sliding it up and down vertically between the girl’s lips, teasing both her clitoris and her vaginal entrance with each stroke. Amy’s hand surrounding mine, feeling me move back and forth on Kelli’s cunt.The chick’s cunt was extremely wet — virtually gushing, she had pussyjuice sliding down her creamy thighs and her soft, small asscheeks. My mouth watered for her; my wife knows how much I love eating cunt. So I couldn’t help myself, I broke the kiss with the teenager and quickly slid down her body — passing on the opportunity to lick her sperm-covered boobs. Amy pulled back one of Kelli’s thin legs, and the teenager did the same to her other leg, leaving her cunt gaping open, fully exposed for me. I saw Amy grinning towards me, then I turned my attention down to the 18 year old pussy in front of me.Fucking tasted divine — this must have been what the gods ate on Olympus, right. Young, feminine. Kelli’s hot little body squirmed, as I began sliding my manly, married tongue around her hood and clitoris. Amy’s fingers pried open the flesh, exposing the little clitty to my direct licking. I heard Kelli yelp in delight at the sensation, so I began suckling her clit with my lips clenched around it. Her thin hips rocked and bucked, slamming upwards against my mouth. Immediately I pushed my mouth downwards, over the hole of her twat, and I shaved my tongue inside that tight, teenage hole. Fuck, it was tight! Small, juicy; warm and silky; and small! I had to wiggle my tongue around, feeling her pussy clenching it, as I stuffed some of my tongue into that little hole.Looking upwards at the girl’s face while I began tongue-fucking her twat, I watched my horny wife leaning over the girl. Amy kissed Kelli briefly, but then my aroused wife put her mouth onto one of Kelli’s big, fleshy boobs. My brunette wife began licking the flavor of my sperm off of the huge orb, licking all around it and suckling the girl’s nipple and areolas, making Kelli whine with high-pitched intensity. I stuffed more tongue into the slut’s pussy, both of my hands under her small ass to feel her butt gyrating wildly. With my wife’s mouth on her tit and my tongue fucking her tight little hole, Kelli screamed aloud, sucking in air, and her pussy spasmed with her first orgasm of the night — the first of many, let me tell you.As soon as the bitch’s first orgasm subsided, I gave her what she really wanted — and what Amy obviously wanted to see — my meat inside that tight, teen pussy.Climbing over the small teenager, she looked almost frail and too small to fuck; except that her big, green eyes were wide open, and those huge, round boobs begged to be screwed like a whore. The way she pulled her bony, tanned knees open to let me fuck her, there was no reason not to give it as hard and deep to her as I did to any of the older cunts I banged regularly.My nasty wife definitely wanted me to fuck the girl. Amy even helped me position my dick, grabbing my erection and holding my fat cockhead against the girl’s pussy, until I found the sweet, magical entrance. At that moment, Kelli’s eyes opened even wider, and her jaw trembled with a gasp of excitement. The girl’s small hands shot upwards, wrapping around my thick neck above her, as she hung off of my muscular build.Gathering energy, I rammed my grownup hips forward, shoving dick inside the teenager. Her 18 year old lips parted, taking the thickness of the top inch of my erection. She was so fucking tight! I roared almost in pain, throwing my head back, feeling that vice-lick grip on my cockhead and the top of my shaft. But I wanted way more than that inside her, and I began ramming against the pressure of her twat. So fucking tight! It fought me, resisting my penetrations, but I kept pounding away at her, using my strong legs to undulate my pelvis and hammer against the tightness with my concrete dick. Bit by bit I worked more and more inside her twat, stretching her wide open to accommodate the superior thickness of the base of my shaft.The adorable look on pretty Kelli’s face caught my attention. The way her eyes rolled, how she was gasping and smiling as I fucked her. I couldn’t resist saying something about it. “You like that, huh?” I sneered, giggling, “that big dick feels good in you, doesn’t it?”The blonde with long waves of curly hair gave me a toothy smile and firm nod, agreeing with my diagnosis. But I winced, wondering if I was showing off a bit too much in front of my wife. Nah! Right next to me, Amy watched attentively, her eyes mostly glued to the sight of my penis disappearing inside the teen. Four inches, five inches, six; soon I was almost all the way inside. But I couldn’t get it all the way in, the last inch or so didn’t want to go. It was like a wall inside the girl’s body, my cockhead pounded against it, repeatedly, but I couldn’t shove more inside her.As I drove it into her more and more, Kelli was fucking going nuts — screaming, thrashing. Her nails dug into my shoulders, then she ran her fingers through the thick curls of hair on my chest, almost pulling it out as she held onto me. Her thin legs bounced uselessly in the air, each time I pounded against her little body; soon, she had her legs wrapped around my waist, feeling me using her little twat for my pleasure. Amy couldn’t watch the sex directly now, so she just watched Kelli’s face as it contorted in pleasure and pain, the effects of that supremely deep fucking inside her little body.I wanted to yell at her, tell her what a hot cunt she had for my big married dick, but I continued to bite my tongue — besides, she was making so much noise, I didn’t really need to add to it.As the not-yet-college girl screamed underneath me, her arms and legs binding her body to mine, my movements were restricted. Plus, the thought of her insanely gorgeous ass was on my mind. So, after a good long time of screwing her cunt with me on top of her, I pulled out and flipped Kelli onto her knees. Willingly, she bent over, pushing that hot ass into the air, parting her knees, and lowering her chest down to the bed sheets. Kelli looked back at me over her petite shoulder, the same anxious look in her eyes that Amy was giving me right next to her. My eyes fell onto the sight of that naked, teenage butt — small, firm, with a shallow valley, glistening in cunt juices and sweat, plus the light-brown, puckered asshole above her drenched, pink cuntlips.Grabbing her hips, I held her body firmly and shoved my dick into her pussy again. Kelli grunted, sucking in air, pushing her ass upwards at me. Our bodies slammed together, her firm round buttcheeks planted against my flat abdomen. Her long, curly strawberry-blonde hair flowed from around her shoulders, as I began rocking her petite body back and forth, sliding my shaft in and out of her cunt. My penis was so thick, it looked half the size of her body, almost. Kelli moaned happily each time I sunk almost the full length of my shaft inside her tight tube, then I pulled out quickly almost all the way, and then slammed inside hard again. We built up a rhythm, her body rocking along my shaft as I impaled her from the rear side. Her buttcheeks and thighs slapped against my body, making a loud, cracking skin-in-skin noise, with her cunt making squishy sounds while my penis drilled it.While I fucked Kelli doggy-style, my wife was on her knees too, facing Kelli’s bent-over body. Amy’s brown eyes watched my manly erection doing the girl, disappearing below her firm little butt over and over. Amy put one hand on Kelli’s as cheek, prying it open, as if letting me get that bit deeper into her cunt. My wife’s other hand, with her wedding ring, slipped between her thighs, and was rubbing her pussy gently through her bikini thong. For some reason, Amy wasn’t moving to strip naked; and I wasn’t going to ask. I preferred just fucking the teenager, I mean, I could fuck Amy at any time, right.Amy then slid her hand from Kelli’s naked butt cheek underneath the girl’s stomach, then reaching down to the girl’s crotch. I felt Amy’s fingertips against my balls and shaft, as I kept fucking the teenager. My wife began rubbing Kelli’s clitoris, stimulating it while I stretched open her cunt to fill it with my tool. The teenager screamed at the to of her lungs; I mean, if you were passing our house, you might have felt she was being stabbed in the heart or something. A loud, ripping shriek of lust. Kelli began bucking against me with even more fervor, and suddenly her asscheeks clenched, her limbs got stiff, and she began having another orgasm. Amy expertly played with the girl’s clit, drawing out a huge, body-shaking orgasm.I continued pounding the girl doggy-style while my wife teased the girl’s cunt, giving Kelli a couple more orgasms. My ass and legs were sore from the position, because I had to really spread my knees wide to lower my penis to the level of her cunt – her body, like Amy’s, was almost too small to fuck that way. So I pulled out and dropped onto my back, and Amy quickly helped Kelli roll to her knees and climb on top of me. My hot brunette wife smiled at me, brushing back her long hair, knowing how much I was enjoying this.Kelli sat on top of me, arching her back to show off those massive teen tits, as she wiggled her hips and moved her cunt’s hole over my penis. I used my cockmuscles to lift my shaft, aiming it at her pussy, and the girl sat back on it. I was inside her twat again, as she began riding me cowgirl-style. Kelli sat upright on me, straight up, her back arched so that as she humped me, her big boobs bounced on her chest. I felt that silky, warm pussy milking my cock, and I put both my hands up to grope the girl’s tits. They were most just sweaty now, and I grinned devilishly while I felt up the teenager’s D-cup breasts, while my sexy wife with her B-cups sat next to me, watching me fondling the girl.My barriers were falling; I just wanted to sex this young thing so badly, I didn’t care how much of my carnal cravings I showed my wife. “Mmm, shit, you hot slut,” I gasped at the teenager, not caring if I was the first guy ever to call her that, “your tits are so fuckin’ fine — you’re such a hot fuck!”She pulled her strawberry-blonde flocks back from her shoulders, making sure my eyes could gaze at her boobs without interruption. “Mmm — thanks!” she cooed under her breath, smiling a bit more at me. “I love your dick!”The longing in Amy’s married mouth and cunt couldn’t sit idly by the side for long. With Kelli humping me, sliding her young body up and down my penis, Amy crawled to kneel next to Kelli. The girls kissed, smiling at each other, then start licking each other’s tongues in the space between their mouths — so I could watch. Kelli looked at me, out of the corner of her eye, to make sure I was watching that. Riveted, I was. Amy’s small hands groped Kelli’s big boobs again, and once more, Amy couldn’t resist — bending over, licking and sucking Kelli’s tits, while the girl undulated her pelvis on top of me, whipping my cock around inside her tight cunt. Amy slid her hand down to Kelli’s crotch again, grinding her clitty, and that brought more orgasms out of Kelli — mouth on her tits again, finger on her clit, and my fat married cock deep in her vagina.Amy was getting more involved now. Kelli pulled off Amy’s bikini top, exposing my wife’s gorgeous, B-cup boobies, with long, dark-brown nipples. Amy rose on her knees as Kelli bend over, and I watched the 18 year old licking my wife’s titties back and forth. Kelli was pawing at Amy’s hips, trying to push off my wife’s thong; so Amy obliged, doffing the thong so she, like Kelli and me, was complete nude. Amy’s freshly-shaved vagina dripped juices anxiously. Spreading her knees, Amy let Kelli’s hand wander down to her cunt, and I watched my wife getting her pussy felt up by the horny teenager, while the teen was still licking my wife’s breasts.My wife winced, rocking her body against Kelli’s fingers against her pussy, even clutching the blonde’s wrist to keep her small fingers pinned against my wife’s married pussy. I knew Amy wanted to cum so badly, but I didn’t want to fuck her myself — I wanted just the blonde teen. I pushed Kelli off of myself, and put the teenager back on her knees to resume fucking her doggy-style. But this way, Amy could lie on her back, in front of Kelli. My wife and I stared into each other’s eyes for a moment, and I saw how fucking horny Amy was. Then I watched as the back of Kelli’s head hovered over Amy’s crotch, and from the squeal Amy let out, I could tell Kelli was eating my wife’s cunt like a lesbian lover should.Shit, I was hard, knowing Amy was being licked by this teenager. I grabbed the teen’s small hips between my powerful hands, and I began savagely attacking her cunt with my erection from behind. I was smacking her little body hard, shaking her, forcing her mouth to crash harder into Amy’s pussy. Amy was shrieking now too, cumming, she had been on edge for a while. Meanwhile I was getting close to my second orgasm of the evening, furiously pounding Kelli’s tight cunthole from the backside over and over.”Fuck yeah!” I was almost smiling, screaming with inflamed passions, when my balls exploded and I began ejaculating cum directly into Kelli’s hot little cunt from the rear. I didn’t care I didn’t have a condom — I hate them; and I didn’t care if the bitch was protected or not. Amy was letting me do this, so Amy couldn’t be upset about any consequences. (No, there wouldn’t be any, anyway — at least, not THAT kind of consequence.) My wife was cumming, I was cumming, and even Kelli, I think, had an orgasm feeling me ejaculating inside her pussy, filling her body with my seed.The three of us collapsed on the bed after that; I was gasping a bit, that had been a very athletic and prolonged workout. I don’t think anyone had fucked Kelli like I had, and she was whimpering, rubbing her pussy while making cute, little noises sucking in air, trying to regain her composure. Amy was still in the midst İzmir Model Escort of her sexual peak, however, wanting more orgasms like Kelli had had. Drawing a chuckle from me, Amy pushed Kelli onto her back and spread the girl’s thighs open. Now it was my turn to watch, as my horny wife kissed down Kelli’s flat belly, between her spread-open thighs, and began licking the girl’s shaved twat again. Kelli wrapped her small hands around her knees, pulling back her legs, giving Amy all the room she needed.My wife’s petite, pink tongue darted around Kelli’s wet clit, soft pussylips and pink hole, making Kelli begin to gyrate again. Amy’s hands slithered up the girl’s body, cupping and fondling her boobs while she ate the younger girl’s twat. Kelli screamed once more, almost biting her lip, when Amy’s tongue entered the girl’s cunt and shoved inside. Stuffing her feminine tongue into her younger female friend’s juicy vagina, my wife began tossing her tongue side to side inside that little pussy. Kelli’s hands clutched Amy’s wrists, keeping Amy’s hands around those big tits, and Kelli started having more orgasms. One, two, three in rapid succession, squirting juices into Amy’s open mouth. I couldn’t believe it — my wife was eating cunt with as much a****l desire as she’d suck or fuck my cock. What a little bisexual slut I was married to!Throughout her lengthy eating of Kelli’s cunt, Amy was licking my sperm out of Kelli’ — scooping it out with her tongue and tasting its flavor as gushed from the teenager’s pussy during orgasm, mixed with pussy juices. My wife’s lower face was becoming covered in those liquids, plus plenty of Kelli’s sweat, forming a thick coating of glistening, clear juices from her nose down to her chin, and dripping down Amy’s slender neck.Kelli was loving the pussy-eating from my horny wife. Sinking between some pillows on the bed, Kelli looked incredibly relaxed — flat on her back, knees opened and bent like butterfly wings, her small body squirming on the saturated bed sheets. Her green eyes were half-closed, fluttering; her big tits heaved up and down with heavy breaths, but not pained ones, just satisfied ones from multiple orgasms. Kelli didn’t know what to do with her hands; sometimes she reached down to grab Amy’s dark hair, pulling Amy’s tongue harder into her cunt; sometimes she grabbed her knees at her sides; other times she reached above her head, grabbing air or pillows, or stretched them up to grab metal bars on the headboard. All the while, Kelli’s petite hips were moving in circles, pumping her ass and cunt under Amy’s mouth, sometimes rapidly moving in little circles or other times more languorous, satisfied undulations.I have no idea how long I watched my wife eat that slut — maybe twenty or thirty minutes. But it wasn’t just a show for me; Kelli was really getting off from Amy’s tongue, and my wife was definitely enjoying the flavors of Kelli’s twat.But watching two horny women having girl/girl sex had made my penis super-hard again. Only once before had I seen two girls go at it together; at a business convention downtown, for some parts suppliers, in a hotel room afterwards several of us guys watched two models at the show do each other. My cock didn’t get to come out that time (although I had a one-night stand with one of the two models a couple nights later). This was far better, it was personally meaningful sex, and I was involved.Finally I had to get back into the action, so I rose to my knees and crawled to Kelli’s head between pillows. With a hand no the headboard to provide leverage, I lowered my dick down to her mouth. “Suck this big thing,” I demanded of the slut, and she obliged. My penis was smelly and messy, with cuntjuice and sweat and sperm coating the shaft and my shaved balls. Kelli grinned at me, then opened her mouth, dutifully sucking my cockhead between her soft lips to taste the juices there. Amy didn’t want to be left out, and a few moments later, my wife’s mouth was next to Kelli’s. While Kelli sucked the top of my shaft, Amy began licking the thick base of my shaft from the side, and also licking down to suckle my balls softly, rolling them between her tongue and lips.Two female mouths on my dick at once! Fuckin’ heaven on Earth!My mouth was on its own now. “Oh yeah, you two hot cunts — suck my fat cock — look how hard you both have me, you’re such nasty tempting sluts — got me so fuckin’ hard!”I don’t know if Amy was surprised to hear me talk like that, but she spat back at me with a grin, “Mmm, I love you so hard!” Then she put her mouth back to work.The girls were moaning now, both of them loudly making noises while licking and sucking my penis and balls. I felt both tongues simultaneously sliding up and down my shaft; then Amy went to suck my cockhead, while Kelli licked down to and mouthed my scrotum. Their tongues were all over my shaft and sack, their lips kissing everything, they had their saliva completely replace all of the liquids that had been on my tool.I so needed to fuck a pussy again, and figured, Amy probably wanted it by now — I’d cummed in Kelli earlier, and Amy hadn’t had attention on her pussy during the while time she ate out Kelli. Staring at my wife’s hot butt as she lay on her tummy on the guest bed, I caught Amy’s eye and motioned to her body. “Wanna get fucked?” I asked my wife, assuming she’s like that I was thinking about her, and assuming I would avoid a fight later if I didn’t at least offer.Fortunately, Amy completely understood my priorities at that moment. “Nah,” she purred in her deep Southern accent, “y’all kin fuck me anytime, sugah — I brought Miss Kelli home, so y’all kin fuck ‘er all night!” That last word, “night,” her accent she made it sound like, “naaahhht.” Then, my pretty wife winked at me, my erect cock against her soft cheek, and she was definitely encouraging me to pork the teenager again.This time around, I really wanted to give it to Kelli extremely deep — not just the six inches I’d managed before, but all seven and a half of my penis. To do that, I climbed off the guest bed and reached to the girl’s ankles. With her cackling in surprise, I pulled the teenager’s butt to one of the bottom corners of the mattress. Fortunately, this particular bed frame didn’t have a footrest, so I could do this position. Still holding her ankles and now splitting her thighs wide open, I had her ass halfway off the bed — so her wet pussy seemingly hovered in mid-air, hanging off the mattress.Standing on the floor, parting my legs just enough, I lowered my pulsating cock down to the girl’s vagina. Kelli lifted her head to watch, and my naked wife sat on her ankles nearby, watching closely too. Standing upright on the floor, I had no resistance as I pushed my dickhead against Kelli’s pink pussylips, then when I found her hole, I shoved my meat inside. The girl yelped again, feeling the size of my cock fucking her once more. But with her body flat on her back, her pussy hanging off the bed, and me standing over her, I had total freedom to ram myself as hard into her as I could. She had no clue what was coming — how hard I could slam into her, and how deep I was going to get.Amy knew, giggling at my sexual prowess in completely filling the bitch’s cunt with every inch of my demonic erection. All my girlfriends loved this position too, despite how sore it makes them.Now hooking Kelli’s skinny, tanned legs over my elbows, holding her ass in mid-air as the mattress lifted her back, I began boning the slut with full force. My legs were tensed, my muscles working hard. Moving my pelvis back and forth faster and faster, I began hammering my cockhead as deep into her cunt as it would go. She seemed to have gotten tighter, with all of those orgasms; after about five inches, it didn’t seem my cock could go any deeper. But I sneered, almost like a growling a****l, staring down at my sexual meal for the night. Kelli’s big green eyes stared up at me with lust, asking for it all, while she panted and moaned as the felt the pain of her cunt being stretched and plunged. I pounded against her small body even harder, really using all my force — screaming at her, too, like, “Yeah, baby, yeah, take it!” And beside her, Amy was rooting me on, “Yeah, hun, fuck th’ li’l slut — fuck ‘er hard, baby!”Kelli was screaming now, almost in pain, it seemed; and with Amy muttering with encouragement, I was roaring and screaming. The bed was shaking, my hips were smacking hard against Kelli’s flesh, the noises of the room was incredible. Amy and I kept yelling at the teenager slut as I fucked her. “Fuckin’ slut!” I screamed through my deep breaths, “your cunt is so fuckin’ tight, so fuckin’ good!” My wife kept up with me — who knew her mouth was so foul during sex? “Fuck the bitch!” yelled my wife at me, “fuck her tight li’l pussy!”And my dick — it was driving deeper and deeper. I felt intense pressure deep inside her pussy, almost like her body was trying to cram my cockhead back into my cockshaft. There wasn’t room for all of my penis, not in that little frame of hers. But I wasn’t stopping, I just ground and redoubled my efforts, exuberantly thrusting my body against her hips and drilling my penis into the tight depths of that vagina. Bit by bit I felt it going in, and with her screams getting louder and louder, I knew I was having the effect wanted. Looking down, I saw just a bit of my cock outside her pussy’s lips. A couple more thrusts, and I had it in there — my balls were up against her pussylips, and Kelli had all seven and a half inches of my married dick inside her 18 year old cunt.Amy sensed the victory, smiling at me with her white, toothy grin, even winking at me. “All th’ way in ‘er li’l cunt — fuck her good ‘n hard, hun!”My hands slid to Kelli’s ankles, and I bent her legs backwards — almost down to her chest. She was bent in half, her feet over her head now, while her ass dangled halfway off the mattress. My whole erection was shoved completely inside her body, and so instead of pumping in and out, I just ground into her, keeping the pressure inside. Kelli was in tears at this point, crying and screaming, but loving it — she was shrieking unintelligibly, but not for me to stop. And I wasn’t stopping, the tight pressure and twisting on my dick from her petite pussy felt wonderful.Suddenly, unexpectedly, I just started to cum inside her. Kelli, too, began spasming and thrashing with an orgasm. Even my wife, just sitting there watching us fuck, was fingering her pussy between her creamy thighs, moaning and biting her lip in ecstasy watching the gorgeous sex her hubby and the 18 year old were having.My dick was on fire, squirting semen into the deepest parts of her pussy; there wasn’t even room for that cum, it seemed, so the pressure grew enormously just as the sensitivity of my cock increased too. I fought the pain to unload every last drop of my third orgasm of the night inside Kelli, then I had no choice but to pull out — my dick was violently hurting. As my cock popped out of her wet cunt with a squishy noise, Kelli’s cries turned into a gasp of relief, but she kept tearing her cheeks while her pussy spasmed from the deep fucking, her lips still gaping open from the damage my cock inflicted on her.”Holy shit!” the girl cried to me, virtually her first words since she’d started sucking my dick back on the patio deck, “that was — I can’t believe it — no one’s ever done me that good — ever!”Playfully, still standing above her with my cock twitching and dripping juices, I shrugged like it was no big thing. My wife, however, reached a hand out to pat Kelli’s bony little knee. “Told ya, darlin’,” my wife chirped proudly, “I told y’all th’ mah manly husband would fuck y’all better’n th’ whole load of teen boys y’all’ve had.”By this point, I was feeling like Superman. Not only had I fucked this teen girl senseless, but my wife was fucking proud of me for doing it. I had a newfound appreciation for Amy, too; maybe I’d misappreciated some of her real talents. One can only think of all the pussy I could have fucked over the past few years, knowing Amy liked cunt as much as I did. Feeling boisterous, I leaned back against the wrought-iron headboard of the bed, with a couple pillows behind me, to give my sore cock a little rest. Spreading my thighs, I let the cool air of the room soothe my well-used penis and aching balls, allowing the liquids on them to evaporate. It also let me show off my handsome genitalia to the two sluts in the room. Meanwhile, I pulled Kelli to my side, propping her back against the side of my chest and throwing an arm around her. I kissed her forehead, turned her face, and began making out with her — right in front of my wife. Amy just smiled at us, watching the new lovers making out. It was like, I was showing off my new sex toy to my wife. Definitely a novel but very satisfactory feeling.A few minutes after making out with Kelli, I felt a swelling in my belly — I had to go pee. That was pretty typical of my body, especially after a few orgasms. I excused myself and pushed myself off the bed, hobbling on tired legs to the bathroom down the hall. My dick hurt, as I held it and aimed it at the toilet; my cockhead was sore from the fucking, and the pee going through it felt like a knife twisting in the hole. Guys know what I’m talking about.When cleaning my hands up in the sink, I caught a look at my body in the mirror. Beads of sweat dotted my hairy chest; my semi-rigid cock and fat, shaved balls dripped with juices. Women fucking love my body and sex, and now I had another convert to that stable of sluts. I felt awesome.I trotted back into the bedroom, and what did I find — Amy was using my new sex toy for her pleasure, too. Amy had taken my spot on the bed, sitting against the headboard, with pillows underneath her back; as she stretched out her slim legs, her knees pried to the sides, Kelli was on her knees and elbows between them, bent over. The 18 year old blonde was starting to lick my wife’s shaved vagina, and my wife’s chest with its B-cup tits was heaving in the expectation of some orgasms.Another round of lesbian sex — this teenager was getting used by Amy and me. I sat beside my wife, smirking, just relaxing while I watched Kelli getting Amy off. Amy had both her hands in Kelli’s long, curly hair, yanking her face around to move the teen tongue over her married cunt. My wife spread her legs even more, pushing her pussy into Kelli’s mouth, then Amy screamed in delight when Kelli shoved that tongue into the house and began tongue-fucking my horny wife.It was beautiful, watching my wife have sex with another woman. I wondered, besides Kelli, what other sluts had eaten Amy lately? It seemed hard to believe that Kelli was the first since we’d gotten married. Not that I was mad at Amy, if she’d been fucking women behind my back; I could hardly throw stones. No, I would have been mad that I didn’t get pussy out of it too, or even been allowed to watch. Seeing Kelli’s young tongue sliding into Amy’s pink pussylips, I realized I could be perfectly satisfied just watching Amy have lesbian sex all night.Kelli’s small, soft pale ass wiggled in the air, as her body rocked and her head bobbed between Amy’s thighs. Amy’s growing snarls and moans filled the room, her level of excitement approaching an orgasm. Then my wife shrieked, she clutched Kelli’s hair tightly in her fingers, and Amy exploded into Kelli’s mouth with an orgasm. I could see, smell and hear how thrilled Amy was to cum, and even after the cum subsided she kept Kelli’s mouth planted on her twat, the teen tongue buried inside that married slit, until Amy screamed and spasmed to a couple more orgasms too.I told Amy she should “69” with Kelli, and my slutty wife obliged. Amy spun herself around underneath Kelli, so the teenager was still on her elbows and knees, but my wife was backwards underneath her. Amy split her knees again, and Kelli’s face disappeared between Amy’s thighs, her long hair covering up what she was doing. I could tell from the way Amy’s body jerked and twitched, Kelli was obediently licking Amy’s twat again, deep and fast. Meanwhile, Amy reached her face up from underneath Kelli’s pussy, licking and tasting the girl’s younger vagina before shoving her married tongue into the teenager’s slit.The two women moaned and rocked, fucking each other with their tongues at the time time. My cock, while sore from the hard fucking, was getting quite hard again; watching Amy go lesbian on another chick was amazing to see. My wife, she looks fucking good nude and has a very high libido. I had no problems with her using that sexual energy on another female, particularly one as sexy as Kelli.My eye caught sight again of Kelli’s firm, pale buttcheeks shoved into the air, with my face lapping at the girl’s cunt underneath. I scooted down the bed, still sitting on my ass, to get a view of Amy’s tongue on Kelli’s cunt from the rear. Instead, what I fixated on was the sight of Kelli’s puckered little asshole — tight, small, brown, in the middle of her small as crack. My mouth watered at the sight; I wanted it. Having no idea if the teenager liked as splay, I just leaned over and began licking Kelli’s butthole. The girl’s body shook, and she yelped a little, but she didn’t stop me, and she didn’t cease from continuing to lick my wife’s pussy.With the two women doing a 69, I was eagerly licking Kelli’s tight butt. I felt Amy a little below, licking Kelli’s pussylips and clitty; but I concentrated on that asshole. Super-tight, and it tasted like fuck — a young girl’s ass, just what you’d expect. Nasty and sexy. I shoved my tongue inside that hole, feeling her muscles grip it. Actually, it was a little painful on my tongue. To get her muscles to relax, I pulled my tongue out and used a finger, fucking the girl’s tight ass a couple of knuckles deep, pulling my finger back and forth and watching Kelli’s butthole suck it in, squeezing, and relaxing.As her ass loosened, I had a better idea than merely licking her ass. I crawled onto my knees behind the girl’s soft little asscheeks, holding her hips, aiming my now-rock hard penis for her asshole. Amy surely saw what I was doing, and I felt my wife massage my shaved, sloppy balls as I prepared to ass-fuck the teenager. Pushing my head to the butthole, and spitting on it for some additional lubrication, I then shoved my cock inside Kelli’s ass.Kelli’s tight little ass! Instantly, it wanted to rip my cockhead off, her ass was so tight. I stared at the sight of that hot, young, pale butt set off against her dark tan lines; as I pushed forward, more and more, I felt her tight hole squeezing the blood out of my penis. Amy continued to lick Kelli’s cunt below, and Kelli was still trying to lick Amy too — but the feeling of my fat cock invading her butt was definitely distracting her. Kelli lifted her face from my wife’s cunt, moaning and whining, fixated on the feeling of my big dick going into her tight teen butt.What a gorgeous sight — my fat, reddened cock inside Kelli’s pristine little ass. With her pale buttcheeks, untouched most of the summer by the sun, it looked so fresh and virgin compared to my oft-used, rigid erection. As I began slamming my body forward while yanking her hips towards me, driving more meat into her ass, Kelli’s butt loosened a little to allow me to rhythmically fuck it. Her moaning lessened, when she put her mouth back on Amy’s pussy to continue licking it. But the teenager was whimpering, feeling me fucking that tight ass.Kelli’s thin hips began wiggling in circles, violently, as she approached an orgasm. Amy rammed her tongue harder into the girl’s pussy, below my balls; and I slammed several inches of my dick into the tight teen asshole until no more would fit. Kelli erupted, screaming against Amy’s twat, enthralled with another orgasm made all the more unique by the fat, married dick shoved up her butthole.My wife’s hands reached up, she was pulling me out of Kelli’s tight anus. I relented, moving backwards, and for a few seconds my wife started mouthing my dick, tasting the flavor of the other girl’s ass on my penis. But just for a bit. I felt Amy grab my dick, aiming it at Kelli again, and she pushed me forward. Kelli moved backwards, and a second, later, my cock was back inside Kelli’s cunt — fucking her doggy-style for the third time.I didn’t mind at all, I got to keep looking at Kelli’s hot young ass, as I humped her from the rear. As the girl’s lovely, soft, wet pussy enveloped around my penis, I became aware of another sensation — tongue on my balls. My wife’s head was still between my thighs, and now she was licking me while I fucked Kelli. What an incredible sensation, it made my sore cock even harder, wanting to fuck Kelli more savagely. My hands wrapped around Kelli’s thin hips, holding her firmly, while I began pounding her cunt — slamming hard into her body, knocking her, making slap, slap, slap noises as my skin crashed into hers. Meanwhile, Amy was sucking my balls and licking Kelli’s juices off of them; and Amy even began licking my shaft, right at the base, even while Kelli’s cunt was sliding back and forth on my penis.When Amy’s mouth continued to move upwards, now licking Kelli’s clitoris while I fucked the slit, the blonde teen lost is. She couldn’t keep licking Amy, too; she raised her head, and she began to wail in one loud, long high-pitched scream. Her ass cheeks clenched shut, and she started having a powerful, deep orgasm, one that seemed to last longer than previous ones. Her scream didn’t let up, as I intensified it by keeping my fat dick as deep inside her cunt as I could, and my horny wife continued licking the bitch’s throbbing clitoris.It was something of an ordeal for Kelli — not a normal orgasm. As the cum began subsiding, she was sucking in air, and her body was quivering. Shaking, she pulled herself away from Amy and myself, collapsing on her back in the middle of the bed. She wasn’t crying, but almost sobbing without tears — but her mouth was smiling, and she began cackling. Gripping her pussy with her hands, rubbing it, Kelli was screaming, “Oh, shit, oh shit!” She kept up her combination of laughing and screaming, trying to massage her over-stimulated vagina.The slut still needed fucking, I wasn’t done with her. Not letting her get away, I jumped on top of her, pulling her hands off of her cunt. I grabbed her sexy legs, putting her feet on my shoulders, as I plowed my dick back inside her pussy. Kelli looked up at me almost fearfully, but lusty, biting her lip and trying to allow me fuck her some more. My dick wanted to be inside that cunt in the worst way, and I was snarling as I rammed it into her, pushing against its tightness, feeling how hot and wet it was as I sunk into it.Kelli was staring up into my eyes, locked on my face, her jaw opened as if trying to say something. But she was just gasping and moaning. I could tell, she was hanging on, trying to endure this latest fucking I was giving her.And endure she couldn’t. Her hands started to push my chest, then my hips, and she began yelping, “Please, please — stop — shit, please, no — I’m so sore!” I saw that look of actual pain in her eyes, so I immediately pulled out of her pussy, my cock throbbing and twitching and dripping with juices. The girl was apologetic, pleading with me. “I’m so sorry! I can’t — I’m so sore — I can’t!” She balled up under me, putting her knees together, on the verge of bursting into tears as she sucked air, trying to calm down the fire in her pussy.It was probably a pretty pathetic sight. But myself, I was proud as shit. I’d just destroyed a teenage girl — fucked her raw, right up to her limit! And I still wanted more pussy!That “more pussy” was on the bed, watching — my wife Amy. Seeing Kelli have to stop fucking, Amy immediately rolled onto her back and spread her legs open. “Come do me, huh,” barked my horny wife, showing me that cunt I love to fuck. I didn’t need any more encouragement, hopping on top of my wife and instantly drilling my hard penis into her tight, juicy cunt.As my wife and me fucked on the bed, Kelli came to her senses, her whimpering slowing down and her stuffy nose eventually returning to normal. She sat upright, hands behind her body, her big, naked tits hanging on her small chest as she watched me brutally ramfucking Amy. Kelli was impressed; her mouth turned up in a half-smile, and she gapsed at me, “Wow, do you ever stop?”Me? No, never. I smiled at her, and began to put on a show. My cock was so sore, it was almost desensitized; fucked Amy, it was like, I could go on forever, it seemed. Towering over my wife, with my muscular arms straight down and my hairy chest looming in the air above her petite body, my muscular ass and thighs began thrusting up and down powerfully, pumping my shaft like a piston in and out of Amy’s cunt. My wife, dying for cock for hours, began wailing through a series of orgasms. I could feel her cunt gushing all around my balls and cock, and her hand squeezed my neck or shoulders each time she felt light-headed and her pussy exploded with a cum.In the midst of fucking my wife, I looked over at the strawberry-blonde, who just sat there watching the married couple fucking. Our eyes made contact, and I smiled at her; and she smiled back. I asked if she was okay, and Kelli instantly began to apologize again. I hushed her with a finger to her lips, telling her, she was only 18 and obviously just needed a lot more practice with hung, adult cocks. Kelli winked and smiled at me, fully agreeing with the thought. I wanted to show her that I wasn’t disappointed she was too sore to fuck more, so I pulled her towards me. While I continued having sex with my wife, I began making out with Kelli — right above Amy, who saw Kelli and me wrapping our lips around each other’s tongues, moaning sensuously. Kelli definitely knew, I wasn’t mad that her pussy was too sore to continue.As I made out with the teenager, her big tits were leaning over my wife, and Amy started sucking one of Kelli’s big round boobs while my tongue was inside Kelli’s mouth. Amy had another orgasm, and all the smells and stimulations suddenly had me at the edge too. Again without warning, I started cumming hard inside my wife’s pussy, my balls churning and my stomach fluttering as my fourth orgasm of the evening ripped through me. Kelli was still thrusting her tongue into my mouth, and I felt Amy’s mouth on Kelli’s tit, and so I continued fucking Amy’s pussy even after I had my cum.But by this point, I too hit a wall. Okay, so I wasn’t a cyborg.I fell onto a fleshy heap on top of Amy, kissing her now, then moved my head to the side so the two sluts could make out a little bit. Amy and Kelli had a thing for each other, their kisses were passionate. Very sexy!The three of us lounged on the bed, relaxing from the hot sex. I ended up on my back, mostly flat but with pillows under my shoulders to prop up my shoulders and neck. Kelli was lying on her back, right next to me, hip to hip, our legs entwined and we were playing footsie with each other’s sweaty feet. I had my arm to the side, stretched under her shoulders, my hand bent down to caress her soft arm. Meanwhile, Kelli’s hand between us was resting on my thigh, softly caressing my balls and cock. I didn’t mind the contact at all. Nor did my wife, sitting on her kneels naked, watching Kelli and me sitting together, and watching the 18 year old fondling her husband’s dick after multiple rounds of hot sex. The two girls were talking — banter, really, just fluff. Somehow, though, they got to talking about sex at college, and Amy was promising Kelli she’d get laid alot, given how sexy she was, with those big tits, hot ass, and love for cock and pussy. Kelli didn’t disagree.My wife asked if anyone wanted something to drink — she was going to run up to the kitchen and grab some “cherry water.” I didn’t like the stuff much, but my mouth was aching for refreshment, so I told her to bring me one. Kelli said, make it three. I watched my naked wife leave the room, and in her absence, I rolled Kelli to face me. The blonde was on her side right next to me, looking at me, and she and I began making out again. It was weird — I felt guilty now, this was more exciting with Amy not there.So I said to Kelli, any chance she might want to hook up with me before she left for college — just the two of us, without Amy? Kelli looked surprised at the question, but her lips turned up, and her green eyes sparkled. “I guess — if Amy thinks it would be ok?” I told Kelli, Amy’s feelings about it wouldn’t matter if she didn’t know. Then I gave the girl a knowing smile, and the teenager giggled back at me. “Why, that would be helping you cheat, huh?” She had to muse about it for just a brief second. “Oh, that would be so fun — helping you cheat — yeah, totally, let’s do it!”And then, she proceeded to tell me about a girl friend’s older sister, who had claimed dating a married man was the best kind of boyfriend — something about the fun of helping him cheat. I wasn’t in the mood to hear the bitch ramble on, she liked to talk WAY too much. So I interrupted her anecdote by pressing my lips into her mouth, shutting her up.We were aggressing kissing each other, when I heard Amy’s footsteps coming back down the stairs. Kelli and I, both planning on cheating behind Amy’s back, got this guilty look on our faces. We broke the kiss, just before Amy came back into the room.Amy came back into the guest room, handing out bottles of flavored water as promised. I don’t normally like the sticky-sweet flavor, but the cold water and even the piercing scent was refreshing, from the musky and sultry scents of the bedroom. With Kelli still in my arm as the girl and I laid back against the pillows, Amy sat again on her ankles looking at us, smiling at the pair we made. Amy had her own ideas for future activities together, asking Kelli if she could come over the next afternoon or evening to “play again.” Kelli readily agreed, even offering that she might tell her mom she was sleeping over at a girlfriend’s house later that week, so she could spent most of the weekend with us. My wife’s eye twinkled, she loved the idea. My sore, spent cock even twitched — I loved the idea too.It was past 9 o’clock now, and Kelli started to muse that she should be getting home sometime soon. At 18, she could say out late, but she stilled lived at home and didn’t want to explain where she was past midnight or something. My cock was sore from four orgasms and a lot of deep fucking, so I wasn’t upset about her leaving for the night — she’d promised repeat opportunities, after all, in the two weeks before she would leave for college.But then Kelli said something like, she should shoulder to get the “stench” off of her. Amy and I looked at each other, and my wife immediately picked up the offer. Amy said, “Paul here gives great showers, huh!” My foxy brunette wife climbed off the bed, her petite, nude body sore and damp from sex, but she wasn’t finished for the night. Pulling naked Kelli to the floor too, my wife led my newest fuck buddy out of the guest bedroom and up the stairway to the first floor of the house, then the second floor. Weary, I followed behind, my cock twitching (a little painfully) at the sight of their cute, naked butts ahead of me on the stairs.Straight into the master bathroom my wife led Kelli and me, opening the large shower stall and turning on the jets of water from the huge head above. Amy and I had taken many showers together, most of them ending in sex, so despite being tired I was amused at the idea of showering with young Kelli. My wife allowed me to take the 18 year old into the stall, and Amy remained outside — sitting on the closed toilet lid, looking at me and the girl through the glass of the shower stall’s door.After adjusting the water to a mutually acceptable warm temperature, I soaped up my hands and started groping Kelli’s little body. Fondling her big tits way too long, then caressing her slim back and squishy buttocks, I touched every part of her figure in the name of cleaning it off. She giggled when my soapy hands rubbed her soft, shaved armpits; she stuck her legs out so I could rub soap over her tanned thighs, even up to her cunt. When her body was gorgeous, streaming with white soap bubbles, Kelli took her turn to scrub me off — well, just my hairy chest, down to my cock and balls, which she fondled in her small hands until my dick and sack were totally clean, and my cock was, surprisingly, totally hard.While she was still holding my shaft in one hand, I slid a hand down to her vagina, and she and I began making out in the warm water. I saw Amy watching us, perched on the closed toilet, sitting back and admiring her hubby being naked with the hot teenager. Kelli was really into the kissing, her hand was aggressively stroking my penis while while our tongues snaked together and we exchanged hot breaths lung to lung, with our lips sealed.I loved that Kelli was adventurous again, but I was worried I was being misled. In the midst of our kiss — our lips hardly separated — I mumbled, wasn’t she too sore? Kelli seemed to have recovered, she smiled and laughed back at me, “Not TOO sore!” So, clearly, this was leading to more sex.When I determined my cock was going to be hard enough to fuck her one more time, I just snapped off the water and kicked open the glass door. Scooping the little bitch up in my broad, powerful arms, I carried her straight into the master bedroom — with Kelli laughing in my arms, and Amy giggling as she followed behind. Amy spread out a couple of huge, cloth towels on the bed, so I could plot Kelli’s wet, nude body on them. Her hair was wet, her skin was covered in water, but we didn’t care. Kelli hooked her hands around my neck, pulling me over her, spreading her legs. I crawled on top of her, rubbing my cock against her labia, and I pushed my penis inside her vagina again.Shit, we were both so sore, so we moaned almost in protest when my cock began fucking her. But she was still silky, warm and tight, and my fat dick was at full size. With my wife watching us, Kelli and I made out while we fucked, slowly. Driving my penis into her as far as it would go without a struggle, I began humping her loudly, grunting, slamming into her. She moaned into my mouth, her lips sucking my tongue, while her cunt sucked my dick. We both ground ourselves into each other, naked bodies aching for one another, until she had an orgasm — and I, too, had an orgasm. My fifth of the night, the fourth in a vagina, and the third in her cunt; whether any sperm actually came out, I have no idea, and didn’t care.Amy almost clapped, watching us fuck one last time. I got a deep kiss from Amy for the effort, as did Kelli.And, finally, Kelli announced, she better find her clothing and get home. Apparently, she had on a t-shirt and tight booty shorts when she’d come over earlier; I hadn’t known that, as she only had the bikini on when I first saw her. As I opened the back door of the house for her to walk out, I gave Kelli a wink and asked quietly under my breath, did we still have a deal to hook up privately, too? Kelli winked back at me, purring, she couldn’t wait to get me alone soon. Then, she turned her back, shook her divinely perfect teen ass at me, and headed off into the summer night.My wife was still naked, waiting up in our master bedroom. I thought, maybe this evening with Kelli was going to reform me — instead of cheating on my wife all the time, I’d just have threesomes with other hot sluts my wife could bring home.Well, old habits die hard. Not even an hour later, my girlfriend Haley called — the 23 year old receptionist I hired earlier in the year, who types slow but has a rocking, skinny body with decent titties and superior cocksucking skills. She was naked at home, and wanted me to listen to her finger-fuck herself; said Haley, I could tell my wife it’s a conference call with someone at work, which was certainly true. I told my wife it was a call about a supplier problem, so I took the call in my home office. Amy had no idea that I spent the 45 minutes of that call telling Haley how I was going to ramfuck her tight bald pussy the next time I had the chance, talking the slut through a few of her loud orgasms.Hanging up on that call, I reflected on the day — sex with Susan, a threesome with that hot teen slut, and phonesex with Haley. I was out of control, I just couldn’t get enough slutty women.And — wait, like, that’s a problem?

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