Topless Photos


Mike was approached by one of his daughters for a small favour for a friend. “Dad, you know my friend, Melanie?” she asked.

“Yes?” said Mike, raising an eyebrow in inquiry.

“She’s moving into a new house later this week, and we were wondering if you could drop around and take photos of the house and yard for the inspection report. You know how snarky some agents can be about giving back bonds at the end of the lease, and Mel thought it would be a good idea to have photographic evidence of any existing defects.”

“She’s not wrong. Tell her to mark down any defects she spots and I’ll drop around on the weekend to take some shots.”

The next Saturday afternoon, Mike went round to see Melanie and take the required photos. Mel answered the door, apologising for the way she looked. She was obviously still in the midst of unpacking, wearing very casual clothes and looking a bit scruffy. Not that Mike objected. Mel was about 23, a pretty brunette and had one of the nicest sets of boobs that Mike had the pleasure of seeing. And right now he was seeing quite a bit of them, as Mel was currently without a bra and hadn’t noticed that a button too many had come undone. Or possibly she had, but didn’t mind.

Mike went around the house with her, taking shots of all the rooms with Mel indicating the defects for the photos. He also took a few pictures of Mel and her cleavage. While showing Mel the final photos she commented that there seemed to be a few extra of her, and Mike just grinned and pointed out that she was very photogenic. He then asked her if she wanted the SD card to load onto her PC or would she prefer him to keep it.

“Oh, I think you’d better keep it and back it up, Mike, otherwise I’ll just lose it,” said Mel, and then grinned and added, “and that way you’ll be able to keep your extra shots.”

“No problems,” replied Mike, “But in that case you won’t object if I take a few more shots?”

Mel laughed and gave a few poses for him, including leaning forward to let him take a couple of deeper cleavage shots. “Very nice,” said Mike afterwards. “Of course if you took of your shirt I could take some even better shots.”

“That would start to cost you money,” said Mel, laughing again. “I’ll think we’ll leave it at that.”

“How much money?” queried Mike, winking at her, but Mel just shook her head, smiling.

Mike subsequently backed up and filed the photos and promptly forgot about them. A few days later, however, he received a call from Mel. She thanked him for taking the photos and said that she’d received the printed copies he’d sent. Mel then started to chatter, slightly nervous about something, and Mike waited to hear what was on her mind. Eventually she came to the point.

“You know how you suggested a topless shot and I said you’d have to pay and you said how much, well I was wondering if you were serious and how much you’d be prepared to pay for a few shots,” Mel suddenly blurted out.

“Perhaps you’d better tell me a bit more about what your problem is,” Mike calmly suggested, “and then perhaps we can discuss how to resolve it.”

“You know my sister, Susan,” she started, going on before Mike could comment. “She’s short on her rent this week and wants to make some extra money, and I’ve found that I’ve left myself short as well this week so we both need some extra cash and we were discussing what we could do to get it and then I thought of what you said and decided to ask you.”

“Mel,” Mike offered. “If the pair of you really need some money urgently I could lend you some for a few weeks.”

“I know, Mike, and we thought of that but then we’d have to pay it back, so that’s just putting the problem off for a few weeks. If we let you take topless photos of us we’d be earning the money and wouldn’t have to worry about paying it back. We’ll even go so far as to strip down to our panties, but no nude shots and they’d have to be kept private. Mum would kill us if they went on the internet. Please.”

“I don’t know, Mel. You’ve sort of sprung this on me. Why don’t the pair of you decide if you really want to do this and then decide on what you think is a fair price. I’ll call you back in about an hour.”

“OK, Mike. Thank you.”

Mike considered the offer. Suzy was about a year younger than Mel and just as well stacked. He was also quite sure that neither of them were blushing virgins so he wouldn’t be taking advantage of a couple of innocents and it was their idea. He grinned to himself. As long as they weren’t going to be too greedy he’d go along with the idea.

Mike called Mel, and they discussed the issue further, coming to mutually satisfactory terms, resulting with Mike calling around to Mel’s place later that week. On entering, Mike presented Mel with an envelope and told her that it contained the required amount. He was giving it to her beforehand so that she could put it away and then decide if she really wanted to go ahead with the photos.

Mel thanked him and then looked across escort bayan to Suzy, silently asking her opinion. Suzy smiled and nodded, and then stood up and took off her t-shirt with no hesitation. She looked at Mike, gently swinging her shoulders back and forth, causing her magnificent breasts to sway in the excuse for a bra she was wearing. Mike nodded his appreciation of the view and turned back to Mel, finding that she had also removed her top. In Mike’s view, it was not possible to choose between them if you were trying to decide on which was the better set of boobs.

“Are you going to start by taking photos like this?” purred Suzy, obviously excited by the idea. Mike laughed and raised his camera, starting to take his shots. Shortly after Suzy stepped up behind Mel and unhooked her bra. Mel blushed deeply but let the bra fall forwards, then tossed it to one side. As Mike continued to shoot he saw that Suzy, while still wearing her bra, was stepping out of the tracksuit pants she’d been wearing revealing miniscule panties to match the bra.

Shortly both girls were parading around before him in little panties, enjoying the shoot and hamming it up with each other. Mike could see that both girls were excited and being sexually stimulated by what they were doing, flirting with the camera and him. How much further could he push them, he wondered.

“Mel, it would be a better shot if you’d drop the panties for a while,” he casually suggested.

“I don’t think so, Mike,” came the answer. “We’re not having photos of our pussies floating around thank you very much.”

“OK, but it’s a pity. Turned three quarter away from me you present a lovely flowing line from your shoulders right down to your thighs. The panties break it up, ruining the symmetry.”

Mel glanced at Suzy, who shrugged. “We agreed on no nudies, remember,” said Susan.

Mike held his peace as the girls discussed the idea; nude from the side or back. They could hold a small towel in front of their pussies to protect their final modesty.

Mel suddenly, decided. “I’m going to do it, but I’ll be holding a towel. Would that be OK, Mike.”

“Whatever you feel comfortable with, Mel,” he told her. “Don’t worry if you feel too nervous to go that far, Suzy,” he added. “We did agree that you’d keep your panties on.”

He saw Suzy stiffen indignantly, and not greatly to his surprise he was soon taking rear and side views of a couple of lovely naked young women.

Mike was slightly frustrated that they clung so tightly to the hand towels they held in front of them, but decided it was wiser not to push the issue, as they might start to get upset.

Eventually they called the session closed and the girls hurried to dress. Or rather, Mike noted with interest, Mel hurried to get dressed while Suzy got dressed slowly, making sure he had a good view of what she was doing. He wouldn’t be too surprised if he didn’t accidently run into Suzy or get a call from her sometime soon. One never knew what might eventuate from this sort of situation.

Mike took his leave, the girls smiling, honour satisfied.

Mike didn’t receive that half expected call from Suzy. However he did receive another call from Mel a few weeks later, asking if he could come to see her that evening and to bring his camera, please. So once again Mike found himself fronting up to Mel’s place. Mel admitted him and taking him through to the kitchen she made some coffee. They talked generally for a while, and then Mel came to the reason she’d called him.

Mel explained. She was short again, not by much, but she didn’t want to build up a bad reputation with the estate agent. Could he help her out just one more time. She’d be able to pay him back this time, because she was due for some extra money in a couple of weeks, and she’d already budgeted paying him back into it.

Mike shrugged slightly. The amount she mentioned wasn’t much and it wouldn’t hurt him. He was quite willing to lend it to her and he knew she was reasonably honest and would attempt to repay. He assured Mel that it wouldn’t be a problem.

“Thank you,” breathed Mel. “I was sure you would but I was really nervous about asking you, especially after last time.” She blushed.

“Speaking of last time,” said Mike, “why did you ask me to bring that?” indicating the camera on the table.

Mel’s blush deepened. “I thought you might want to take a couple of pictures before you’d agree,” she told him.

Mike laughed. “You should know me better than that,” he chided her. “I wouldn’t want to coerce you into doing something like that.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t mind,” Mel said hurriedly. She smiled mischievously. “That’s why I’m wearing a track suit. It slips off really easily.”

“I admit I enjoyed it last time, but I wouldn’t insist,” said Mike. “Of course if you want to take off your top and let me take a shot or two as a thank you, I won’t fight it.”

Mel giggled. “I can do better than that,” she said, accompanying her words with a kocaeli escort bayan couple of quick movements. She lifted the top up and off, revealing that she hadn’t bothered with a bra, and then dropped the pants. She stood looking at Mike with her head tilted slightly to the side, trying to determine his reaction to the fact that she hadn’t been wearing any underwear.

Mike observed the nude beauty standing in front of him and his initial reaction was angry appreciation. He fully appreciated the young woman’s beauty, noticing that she clean shaved and her nipples were slightly erect. She had been getting herself excited by the anticipation of what she was going to do. Unfortunately for Mel, the anger was the stronger emotion for the moment. “Does she think I’m an eunuch?” he thought. “Think she can strip in front of me like that and be completely safe?”

He smiled grimly. “I’ll be delighted to take a few pictures, Mel,” he told her quietly, “But first…”

He twisted his chair away from the table slightly, at the same time reaching across and catching Mel’s arm, giving it a hard jerk and causing her to stumble forward and across his lap. His hand came down smartly and firmly across her bottom, the first of half a dozen spanks that landed in quick succession. He let Mel scramble back up onto her feet, a shocked look on her face and her hands hovering over her bottom.

“Stripping like that was just plain silly and dangerous,” he told her. “You’re trusting me not to rape you but in doing so you’re grossly underestimating the appeal of your beautiful body, and pushing the limits on my self control. Don’t take chances like that again unless you’re prepared for the consequences. Now where would you like to stand for the photos.”

“You spanked me,” said Mel in a shocked voice.

“I’m glad you noticed,” came the dry reply. “Perhaps it’ll make you think next time. The photos?”

“Do you expect me to pose for photos now, after you’ve assaulted me,” Mel demanded angrily.

“Well, yes, seeing it was your idea and you’re wearing that lovely birthday suit for them.”

“How do I know you won’t try something else?” Mel said, clearly a bit worried.

“That’s the point I was trying to make. You don’t. But don’t worry about it. I’ve already spanked you and I have no intention of raping you. Now, the photos?”

Mike watched as Mel considered. He didn’t know if Mel fully realised it, but she was even more excited than when she stripped. Before her nipples had been slightly erect, but now she had had a taste of male domination while she was naked and her body was interested and showing it. Her nipples were standing out more and he could see her lower lips were flushing slightly. There was enough excitement flowing through her to make her a little rash, he decided. She’d go on with the photo session.

“You can take some here,” she capitulated. “What do you want me to do?”

“For a start, I want you to rotate on the spot. I want to try to make an animated photo of you revolving.” Mike settled down to take some photos.

Not wanting to drag the session out too long, Mike made sure that he took enough photos to keep Mel happy and then suggested that some set pieces would look good. Why not move into the lounge so you can sit on the couch for some properly posed shots, or possibly the bedroom?

The sexual excitement was still coursing its way through Mel’s body, slowly building as she found herself able to flaunt herself before Mike in the belief that she was safe. That little imp of desire gave her the prod to move into the bedroom for the set shots.

“Just sit on the edge of the bed for now,” advised Mike. “No, not like that. Let me show you.” He moved over to the bed, gently repositioning the way Mel sat, his hand accidently brushing her breasts a couple of times. He looked at Mel for a moment and cupped her breasts, lifting them slightly. “Throw your shoulders back slightly so that these lift higher. Try to see if you can lift them off my hands slightly.”

Mel didn’t know whether to be alarmed or gratified when Mike cupped her breasts. This wasn’t part of her plan; she’d assumed that it would be no touching. She braced her shoulders, finding that she was thrusting her breasts more firmly into Mike’s hand before she adjusted and caused them to lift slightly, pleased at Mike’s casual “well done.”

Then she found Mike moving her legs slight apart, not touching her there, of course, but even the feel of his hands on her knees was strangely exciting. She let him position her legs for his picture, only slowly registering that with her legs moved apart like that Mike wasn’t just seeing the front of her pussy but her entire mound, from top to bottom.

Seeing the knowledge of her exposure registering on Mel’s face, Mike forestalled any protest by suggested she move more fully onto the bed. “Perhaps on your hands and knees, sideways to me, but turning your face towards me,” he suggested.

Eager kocaeli escort to move into a less embarrassing (and less exciting) position, Mel scrambled onto the bed to take the suggested pose. Then Mike was touching her again, sending more little ripples of excitement into her. She felt him reach out and adjust her arm slightly. “I want to see the curves of your breast here,” he said, a finger tracing the curve as he spoke. Mel was breathing harder now, and then her breath just stopped from shock as Mike traced his hand down her bottom and brushed lightly across her mound. His hand rested lightly on her sensitive flesh as he advised her that maybe she should move her leg slightly so that her pussy wasn’t in this shot.

Mel was appalled at herself. Instead of listening to Mike and doing as he suggested she was just kneeling there, letting his hand rest on her down there. She should be moving away from him, not just letting him touch her like that. She was breathing hard again, but forced herself to move, knowing it was a mistake as she felt herself pressing more firmly against that teasing hand, but not letting that stop her. Whatever the game she and Mike had been playing, she’d lost. He was going to take her, here on her own bed, and she was going to let him, even welcome him. She sighed and relaxed. She hadn’t worn panties because she’d been hoping for this outcome. Truth be told, she finally admitted to herself, she’d wanted this ever since that first photo session.

Mike felt Mel pressing back against his touch, knowing it wasn’t resistance but acceptance. She was yielding herself, accepting him as a lover and, he suspected, would be not just compliant but enthusiastic. His hand moved from where it rested, starting to stroke Mel, gauging her state of readiness for his coming onslaught. Her lips were flushed and swollen and he could feel her flowering under his touch, opening to give him admittance. “Yes?” he breathed quietly to her, and saw her nod and heard the quiet “Yes, please” come floating back.

He reached in his pocket and extracted a little packed from his wallet before stripping off his clothes, keeping one hand on Mel all the while to stroke her and wander over her body, letting the anticipation build.

Mel felt Mike moving onto the bed behind her, wondering if he’d be a gentle or rough lover. Right now his hands were gentle as they floated over her, seeming to touch just the rights places to heighten her excitement, but she knew that could change in a moment once he mounted her. She felt his hands touching her more firmly, fingers slipping between her lips and probing deeper. Then she felt his erection pressing against her, eager to go where the fingers had led, but so much larger. She found herself raising her bottom higher, legs spreading further so as to facilitate his access, felt him sliding between her lips, stretching and filling her.

Mike gave a small groan as he finally plunged into the heated depths of that tight wet pussy that had been tormenting him all evening, hearing an answering gasp of appreciation as he sank rapidly home. He had wanted to do that as soon as he saw that smoothly shaven mound, had been tempted to just push Mel to the floor and take her then, protests or not. Now his patience was being rewarded, with Mel lifting her pert bottom up, wriggling her pussy against him and encouraging him to do his worst.

Mike reached around Mel, hands reaching to clasp her breasts while he commenced to thrust energetically into Mel’s tight body. He caressed her breasts, squeezing them in time to the rhythm his cock was beating out, enjoying the feel of her.

Mel felt Mike take her breasts and relaxed even more, enjoying the twin sensations as Mike massaged her body, both inside and out. She pumped her bottom energetically, helping to drive herself onto Mike as he pressed repeatedly home. These sensations were what made her glad to be a woman, happy to feel a man dominating and taking her, practising the age old art with her. A small ball of fire was now lit deep inside her, the energetic action encouraging it to flame brightly. She could feel Mike sliding back and forth within her fanning the flames, threatening her with a bonfire that would totally consume her.

Mike pressed onward, dominating this small female in front of him, demonstrating his mastery over her as he hammered relentlessly home, hearing her frantic gasps and feeling her helpless submission. Every thrust he made was met by a willing body throwing itself up at him, eager to be impaled upon his cock, desperate for him to satisfy her. Then he was no longer moving as he explosively climaxed, feeling his cock throbbing his release, relieved to feel that Mel was also coming, clamping tightly around him while she groaned her release.

Coming down afterwards, lying together. Not talking.

Too soon, stirring and rising, with Mel taking him to the en suite to shower. Dressed and relaxing over coffee. Talking of general things, not mentioning what had happened. Finally Mike mentioned the loan. “When did you intend to start paying it off,” he queried.

“I should have the money by Friday week,” replied Mel. “Do you want me to put it in your account or would you prefer to come here and collect it?”

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