TRAIN RIDEOK THIS ISNT MY STORY BUT VERY HOT , i HOPE THE ORIGINAL WRITTER DOESNT MINDI recently had the pleasure of taking a leisurely trip by train, across this great nation of ours. It was three nights on the train and the experience proved to be much more interesting than I had anticipated. It was the morning of the second day when we were stopped in Saskatoon and I opened my eyes. I realized what I had done.I had my own cabin and although it was small, it was large enough to accommodate a fold down bed, which was extremely comfortable. When I retired the night before I was very tired and forgot to pull my shade down, as it was extremely dark outside, at the time. My bed was at the same level as the window and when I opened my eyes I freaked out. We had stopped at the station and the sun had just come up. I jumped up and tried to pull the shade down as quickly as I could and as I fumbled with the mechanism I saw a young man standing on the platform, next to two older people. He was staring at me, with his mouth slightly open.I sleep nude and I know he could see my breasts as well as a possible quick glimpse my pussy. I finally managed to get the shade down, threw my tracksuit on and quickly walked to the shower stall at the end of the car. I showered, returned to my cabin, dressed and went for breakfast, slowly putting the morning events from my mind.I spent time in my cabin reading and enjoying the view and had almost forgotten my embarrassment until I went to the dining car for lunch and saw him sitting next to the older people from the platform. I caught his stare and nervously smiled. I was sure he had seen me in my ‘morning glory’ and felt my face flush, as he stared at me when I walked by.I ate quietly and decided to go to the bar car for a glass of wine only to see the three of them sitting there staring out the window. The older man (he was actually my age), it turned out was the father. He smiled and said hello and I returned the greeting. He began to chat with me and it was not long when I learned that he and his wife were sending their son, Ben to Toronto as a birthday gift for his eighteenth birthday. I was surprised and looked at the boy, who smiled for the first time. I did not think he was eighteen, but wished him a happy birthday. I wanted to ask him if he enjoyed my present this morning when he stared into my cabin window, but thought better of it.The parents were de-training in Winnipeg later that afternoon and their son, Ben would be continuing on by himself. We talked and drank more wine and actually got along well. The parents were friendly and well spoken and although Ben was very shy, he seemed like a nice boy.We were about 30 minutes from Winnipeg and the father said he would go and get their belongings. The mother asked about accommodation and I explained that I had a cabin. They said Ben had a berth (the basic difference is that a berth is two bunk beds with a curtain for privacy, where as a cabin has a sink, a toilet and a door, which locks).The father returned and asked his wife if she was ready. They said goodbye to their son and asked me to keep an eye on him. I think it was his first trip alone and based on his shyness I assumed he leads a very sheltered life. I remembered thinking about myself at eighteen; what a difference. Ben walked them to the door and I saw them on the platform. A few minutes later Ben returned and I asked him if he wanted a glass of wine. I forgot that legal drinking age is 19 and when I ordered a second glass the waiter looked at Ben and then at me. I smiled and he left, returning a moment later with two glasses of Shiraz. We chatted a bit about school and when I looked at my watch I saw it was nearly supper time. I asked Ben if he wanted to join me and he said he did. I returned to my cabin to freshen up and when I stood I realized the wine was taking its effect.I washed in the small sink and Escort used the toilet. I decided to change my blouse and opted for a clean, white one. I looked in the mirror, still pleased with my shape. Although I was in my late fifties my daily trips to the aerobic gym had paid off. There was little fat and even after two k**s I had maintained a shapely form. By breasts were sagging slowly and although I had gone from a C cup to a D cup I had maintained a 36 inch circumference, so I was quite pleased. My nipples have always been perky and noticeable. In high school I used to cover them with adhesive tape to avoid cruel comments from my peers. I looked at my bra and decided to be little adventurous. I took it off and put on my blouse. I felt a tingle when I thought about Ben seeing my nipples push against the blouse, especially after having viewed me nude this morning.I noticed Ben’s eyes drop to my breasts several times during dinner, thinking that I did not notice, but we did make eye contact one time. I asked him if everything was OK and he nodded. After dinner we played bingo and stared at the stars above the dark prairie outside. He asked if I knew how to turn his seat into a bed and I explained the staff would bring it down. I suggested we go and check it out, as it was getting late and probably time to retire. He wasn’t impressed with his accommodation and I didn’t blame him. He had the upper bunk with no window. It was narrow and dark. He asked me about my cabin and I tried to downplay it. He seemed interested and I asked if he wanted to see it.They had already put my bed down for the night so there was no where to go except to sit on it. Ben said it was nice and I asked him if he wanted to come in for a minute. He did and we sat in the bed. I reached for the shade and pulled it down, mentioning that I forgot to do that the night before. I looked at Ben for a reaction. He stared at me.”You saw me this morning, didn’t you?” I asked, putting him on the spot. He stared at me nervously and slowly nodded his head. “It’s OK,” I said, smiling. “It was my own fault. I was quite embarrassed.” I asked if he had seen a nude woman before and he shook his head.”So what did you think of the view?” I asked. He was a little squeamish but said I was pretty. I asked if he thought i was fat and he said no. “Well, you are sweet,” I replied. “But I think I could lose a few pounds.” he looked at me, forcing a smile. “Besides,” I added, “You only saw me from a distance, through a dirty window.” I smiled.I pushed my breasts forward almost into him and asked him if they were too fat. “No… no… they’re, uhm… not,” he stammered. I looked him straight in the eye. “Would you like to see them up close?” I asked. I was shocked at my own words. If I had not had the wine I would never do anything like this. It was certainly a fantasy of mine, as it is with many women, but to act on it was quite out of my character. Ben nodded in disbelief and I slowly began to unbutton my blouse. He was staring intensely, his lips parted in anticipation. “Are you OK?” I asked. He nodded, never taking his eyes off my slow, deliberate undressing process. When I finished I opened my blouse and cupped my hands over my breasts. “And you have never seen a nude woman before?” I asked, again.””No… only in magazines,” he said slowly.”Well. What do you think?” I asked, slowly removing my hands and allowing my breasts to fall free. He stared and I opened my blouse further exposing my nakedness for his innocent eyes to see. “Do you think they are OK?””They… they are beautiful,” he stammered.I smiled. “You can touch them if you like,” I said, somewhat nervous, as I spoke. He stared at my breasts and then at my face. I smiled reassuringly. He had a look of astonishment and I was rapidly becoming excited, as I watched his opportunity of reaching manhood approach.”It’s OK,” I said. “No one Escort Bayan will know.” I knew he was shy and afraid to move so I took his hand and placed it on one of my breasts. He rubbed slowly and I told him to squeeze. I felt the pressure in his hands increase slightly as he pushed harder on my soft flesh. “Squeeze harder,” I whispered. “They won’t break.” I felt his pressure increase and the feeling , coupled with the action sent shivers throughout my groin.I told him to use both hands and he slowly raised his second hand and placed it n my other b**st. “Now squeeze really hard,” I commanded. He did and the shivers riveted throughout my body. “Pinch my nipples, Ben.” He looked into my eyes and moved his hands to the perky buttons on the end of my breasts. “Pull and pinch,” I said. He did. “Harder,” I ordered. He did. “Harder,” I repeated. He did and the pain shot through me. I felt moisture forming between my legs, as I took advantage of this naive boy entering manhood.I asked him how it made him feel and he said really nice. I asked him where and he looked up at me. “There,” I said, as I pointed to his groin. Sheepishly he nodded. I reached down and placed my hand against his lap. I pushed slightly against the denim material of his jeans and asked if this was where it made him feel good?He nodded slowly and I asked if I could see it. Again he stared at me in disbelief. I lifted my hand and placed it on his neck, pulling his head toward me. I leaned forward and allowed my moist lips to touch his. I pressed hard and pushed my tongue slowly against his lips. It took a few moments, but finally he parted them. I allowed my tongue to slip between and made contact with his. I began to push my tongue in and out of his mouth.My tongue acted like a penis, probing a wet vagina and I moved my hand to massage his groin. I moved my other hand down and slowly began to unbutton his jeans. I felt him shake as I reached in and slipped my hand beneath his underpants and came into contact with his member. It was not quite hard, due to his nervousness.I told him to lay down, which he did and I squatted over his ankles and tugged on his jeans, pulling them down. I leaned forward and slowly, deliberately slid his underpants down, along his knees. His penis was small for his age, but it was pointing straight up. I reached and touched him and he trembled. “Can I suck you?” I asked. I did not wait for an answer and lowered my head, slowly opening my mouth to take his shiny little helmet between my lips. I licked it gently and felt him pulsate against my tongue. It made me feel motherly to have control over him and it only took a minute until he I felt his muscles tighten and his body stiffen. I kept him in my mouth during his entire orgasm and swallowed his squirting semen as it shot deep against my throat. He finally relaxed and I let his penis lay softly in my mouth as it began to soften. i asked if he would mind if I undressed and he shook his head. I told him to remove his shirt and crawl under the covers so he would not be cold. He watched me closely as I removed my jeans. I climbed under the covers and took my thong off.”Was it good,” I asked. He nodded. “Can I ask you something personal?” I asked. He stared and nodded. “Was this the first time that a woman satisfied you?” I knew he was embarrassed and I thought perhaps I should not have asked the question. He nodded and I leaned over and kissed him. “I’m glad it was me,” I said and smiled.”Would you mind if I satisfy myself?” I asked. “I’m very horny.” I was extremely amorous and needed to do something quickly. He shook his head and stared at my face while I masturbated. I came quickly and we rested for a few minutes. The rocking motion of the train was soothing and we were almost asleep. “Do you want to spend the night here?” I asked. He nodded and I smiled. I moved my hand under the covers Bayan Escort along his stomach and rested it on his soft penis. I began to massage it slowly and felt it come to life. “I really want you to fuck me,” I said. “Would you like that?” He did not answer, instead he just stared at me. “I will help you,” I added, trying to make him feel more comfortable. When he was very hard I told him to roll on top of me. I opened my legs and moved so his penis was throbbing against my wet opening. I lifted my knees slightly and reached down to guide him inside me. “Stick your cock in me,” I ordered. He moved a little and with my help he slipped his throbbing member inside my womanhood.He began to pump and I could feel the foreskin of his uncircumcised cock slide back and forth inside my wet pussy. I moved the covers back and lifted my les, wrapping them around his back. I held him tight and used my hands to push his buttocks hard against me. “Fuck me!” I yelled and he looked at the door. I realized I was loud and tried to muffle my moans. “Fuck my cunt, as hard as you can,” I whispered.He pushed hard and I could feel his thrusts against me. His cock felt so good and I knew I was near another climax. “Make me cum,” I said. “Make me cum now!”He pushed hard and I heard him moan as he stiffened his body. He thrust his cock into me as hard as he could and I felt his sperm shoot inside me. It was enough to send me over the edge and I came hard. I shook and twitched, holding his cock in me as long as I could. It was an amazing orgasm and I knew he enjoyed it as well.”I want you to eat me,” I commanded. He stared at me. “Now!” I ordered. He looked at my cum drenched pussy and began to move his body down. A moment later I felt his tongue licking my clean honey pot.Every three weeks I go to a spa to have my vagina waxed. It is smooth and clean and I knew he was enjoying himself. “Do you like the taste of my pussy?” I asked. He looked up and nodded. “Eat me Ben. Lick my cunt and clean your cum out of it.” I was so turned on by this stranger, knowing he was licking his own semen out of my most private area.Although it took about twenty minutes of his inexperienced fellatio I felt a third climax approaching. I pushed on his head and told him to eat my cunt as hard as he could and when I felt his teeth sc**** my clit I exploded like a volcano that had waited centuries to erupt. I could not stop cumming and I felt my love juice stream from my puss. I held his head in place as long as I could and I heard him cough as he tried to swallow my stream. After what seemed an eternity I released my grip and he came up for air.”I’m sorry,” I said as I stared at his red face. “It was just so good. Possibly the best orgasm I have ever had.” “Really?” he asked, quite surprised.”Really!” I answered. “I always squirt when I cum, but seldom this much.” He seemed pleased with himself and I am sure he will always remember the loss of his virginity. We fell asleep and woke early the next morning. I suggested he dress and go to his bunk in the event the attendant was concerned. He did and I laid quietly reminiscing about the evening before.I felt somewhat guilty, knowing my husband was at home, probably working and being faithful. I was surprised when I realized I was still wet between my legs and moved my hand down to feel. I brought it up and tasted my own juice. The nectar was sweet and the act made me feel dirty. I reached down and used two fingers, again lifting them to my lips. I sucked them dry and again touched my self. I slipped two fingers inside and began to finger myself. I opened the shade and let the sun stream in. I pushed the covers down and lay naked before the window.Feverishly I masturbated and when the train slowed as we passed a road crossing I waited for the precise moment when a truck was waiting in the intersection. The driver stared at me in disbelieve and I allowed my feelings to explode yet again. I turned my head and smiled and saw the stranger smile back. I closed my eyes and laid in pure exhaustion. The experience was one I would probably never repeat, but I would recommend an overnight train journey to everyone.

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