Turnabout is Fair Play


Light played and shadow danced across her form. Her voluptuous body writhing slowly to the music that she had selected. The air smelled of cigarettes and beer. And a tinge of something else. More ethereal and yet base. An essence.

The other girls on shift worked the room wandering from patron to patron. Or they sat together, read or conversed between sets.

Her shift had been long and rather dull to this point. Some newbees, one regular. He was always nice. Polite conversation before and after, even during sometimes, but not often, she thought. She held his attention in other ways. On one occasion he had remarked that his “reaction” was only very strong in this sort environment. And then really only with her. She was taken aback at the time, but later began to understand why it was so.

Forbidden fruit.

The excitement of pushing the limit, how far to go. She never even thought about consummating their relationship, it would spoil it. Theirs was a relationship of the tease. Strip tease.

All of these thoughts went through her mind as she danced under the lights of the main stage. She always felt alone up there, as she could not see beyond the halo of the stage lights. If she had her way she would not work the stage. But it was required of her to do so.

So she did.

A bit indifferently.


Her stage dance reflected her attitude towards the whole idea.

She preferred one on one.

Close interaction.

And it showed.

She had regular patrons who waited for her patiently.

The music stopped briefly, and Buck’s voice rang out

“Put your hands together for the lovely Camille.”

“Next up on the front stage, Allison”

And so it went.

She stepped down from the stage and collected her costume. She dressed on one side of the stage in the shadows. Looking into the mirror, she adjusted her costume, checked her hair and glanced around the room behind her. The afternoon lunch crowd seemed to have thinned out. Leaving the usual hangers on and – hello, she thought, what have we here…

Sitting in a dark corner , she spied a slight figure.

Allison brushed by her, caressing Camille’s breasts in passing . She gave Allison a playful pinch on her exposed butt cheek in return.

“Don’t tease the animals, Camille”, Allison remarked.

“You sure about that Ally?” She replied, shaking her breasts, mostly for Allison’s benefit.

Her reply was drowned out by the start next song.

Allison was a dynamite dancer and really put on a show on stage. And it more than made up for her lacking in certain attributes. Camille shook her breasts again and Allison stuck out her tongue.

“You wish” Camille mouthed to her.

She turned away from the stage and looked over to the dark corner. There were 5 girls on shift and 6 patrons. She wandered over to the corner and as she did she began to make out features. Slight of build, soft facial features. Longish length hair, blond, pulled back. Very pretty for a guy.

Wait – no. Not a guy.

“Can I dance for you?” Camille asked.

“ummmm, I, ahhh…”

“Nervous?” Camille asked, hand resting on her thigh.

” Very “

“Don’t be… First time?”

” yes “

“tell you what, first one is on me. If you like it then we can talk about more.”

” uuhh.. mmm… I’m not sure if…”

” If what, you want to or ..?”

“uhh mmm… if I should even be here…. “

The next song was starting, and Camille stood up. “Well?….”

She always found the eyes to be telling. A certain hunger in most. In this one she saw curiosity, and just a little bit of fear.

She leaned in close, and began to dance. Camille’s body was full and curvy, the classic exotic dancer, and she knew how to use it to her best advantage.

This club, the dancers were not allowed to remove their costumes for table dances, however, ataşehir escort in the dimness they could reveal their charms to the patrons, offering, teasing cajoling. Camille climbed up on her lap, she felt a hand on her thigh, and then slowly slide behind her, cupping her ass.

Camille allowed her hands to roam a bit… mmmm… a nice firm body. This girl works out, nice flat tummy… One her hands found under the loose t-shirt that there was no impediment to her breasts. Camille’s hand cupped a small teat, and caressed a nipple, as only one woman can do for another.

Camille heard a soft moan. Barely audible over the music. Then a hand cupped one of her full breasts, caressing the underside before traversing the nipple and tweaking it gently. Camille offered her full breasts to her mouth, all the while watching in the mirror for the pit boss.

She hated her, the bitch, Camille felt she did not get enough, but liked to watch the dancers bump and grind and was very inconsistent in how she applied the rules.

Not seeing her, Camille guided her patron’s hand to her inner thigh, just beyond her G-string. After a brief hesitation the hand explored and touched the outside of her costume, Camille could feel the coolness and she imagined that her patron felt the heat.

The music stopped and Camille paused, their eyes locked for a moment, her patron whispered:

“Please don’t stop …”

“mmmm… hadn’t planned on it…”

Their lips met briefly, tongues touching. Camille allow her patron to explore, touch, probe and seek most if not all of her curves and sensitive places – save one.

The area around them, while it did not clear out, it did grow quiet as the men and the other dancers observed the intimate interplay before them. Camilla and her patron had only eyes and touch for each other. Her patron, allowed Camille free access to her. Camille ran her hands across her patron’s firm flat belly, down to the top of her jeans.

The top button was unbuttoned.

Camille’s fingers teased lower, beneath the top of her jeans. The smooth skin extended deep into the soft, worn cotton of her Levi’s.

Camille smiled and whispered, “Hardwood floors?”, as her finger found her patron’s wetness. And then withdrew.

Her patron gasped, “oohhhh… yes… noo…”

Camille was getting very aroused, it was not often that she had the chance to indulge her fantasies, dancing meant indulging others.

“he’s here”, her patron whispered, from behind half open eyes, “don’t let him see me yet…”

Camille stared in the mirror in front of her, at the panorama behind her and then at her patron.

“what do you mean ‘he’s here’, your husband, boyfriend…?”

“yes, my husband, he comes here all the time…”

Camille was taken a back, but regained herself quickly. “Where is he?”

“opposite side of the room, near the bar – the joe-six pack guy…”

Camille scanned across the bar, and settled on a likely fellow. He looked fairly average, nothing that set him apart from the crowd.

“have you danced for him before?

Camille’s eyed widened and her heart began to pound in her chest.

“Just what are you up to, my sweet girl”, Camille hissed.

Her patron held Camille’s gaze, a depth of passion in her eyes.

“I’ve never understood why guys like this sort of thing, to me I always thought is was…”

Camille hushed her.

“you came in here looking for him?”

“No… well, sort of… and not finding him… I watched for a while.”

“Jesus, girl you’ve got me in a spot here”

” I like it, what you do… It makes me hot… Wet… Like nothing before…”

Camille looked down, then back at her patron’s husband. She had seen him before. But did not think she’d done him. Dammit girl what have you gotten into. Thankfully he wandered to the other side of the room, and found a vacant space. ataşehir escort

“I doubt he’ll recognize me, he won’t expect me here.”

The music started again, and Camille found herself wanting to continue, risky, but it made her loins burn with desire – to taste forbidden fruit.

“Would you join me in a private dance?” Camille asked. ” We have a room we keep for our best customers, no holds barred.”

Her patron gasped, and Camille knew then she only had to tell her where to go to find the private suite.

“The between the men’s and the ladies room”, Camille told her, ” Go down the stairs, last door on the left, that’s my room… I’ll meet you there in 5 minutes.”

The music stopped and Camille stepped back from her patron.

Camille leaned forward, exposing her full deep cleavage, “What’s your name girlie?”

She swallowed, “Shelli, Shelli MacIntyre”

“OK Shelli – see you in 5 minutes.”

Camille sauntered away towards Shelli’s husband, figuring that she might as well find out the other side of the coin. She saw he was not being entertained, and paused for moment, checking herself in the mirror and giving him the once over. Joe six-pack, she smiled to herself, he sure does look it.

He was about 35 or so, receding hairline and the beginnings of belly from inactivity, office life or who knows she thought. Just an average guy.

She came to him and asked him if he wanted a dance, but told him she could only stay for one, as she was to go on break.

“Only one?” he replied, in mock disdain.

“I’ll make is worth it to you…”, she leered. Camille managed to block his view of the room, hoping Shelli would be smart, for the first time today.

“sounds like a come -on”

“If you don’t like it or don’t get hard, it’s on me, but if you do – straight rate.”


With that they chatted for a moment. Camille sat down beside him and she strove to hold his attention, all the while she stole glances at Shelli making her way across the room.

The music started up and Camille brought out her most provocative lap dance. Before he knew it she had all of her charms before him. Her iridescent creamy white breasts, her neatly trimmed pubic hair, revealing the fiery red hair on her head was just as fiery between her thighs. She could feel his arousal growing in his trousers. She smiled a seductively sweet smile she saved for her best customers, and guided his hand between her legs. A definite no-no up on the floor. yet she wanted his touch. And she was rewarded.

His was the touch of a gentle man, nervous, yet seeking, he probed where she guided him. He became bolder as the music continued, she could feel hi fingers between her lips, and she rewarded him with her wetness and a sigh for his ears only.

Meanwhile she had put her breasts just below his mouth, tempting him to taste her. Finally she rubbed her breast across his mouth and she felt his warm tongue across her nipple.

She thrust her hips against his fingers, making sure he could have a good taste just as the music ended.

Her breathing was deep and rapid. She leaned against him for a brief moment. Beneath her she could feel his arousal, and to her it felt massive. She gave it a squeeze for his benefit as she slid off his lap.

“I-I gotta go on break… Will you be around in a while?”

“wow..” he replied, ” I could be… how long?”

Camille smiled and said, ” Maybe 30 minutes? You’ve had a taste, surely you want more.”

“I can stay for a while I guess…

With that she quickly retreated to the dancers room, which had another stairwell to the private rooms. She quickly descended the stairs and found her room, with the room slightly ajar.

Inside she found Shelli nervously sitting on the day bed. She looked up at Camille with fire in her eyes.

“Why did you do that? That was petty and very mean!” anadolu yakası escort Tears welled in her eyes, “I did not need to see that!”

Camille was unprepared for this response.

Her own anger flared. “Well what did you want me to do? Let him watch you move across the room?’

“Well no…”

” I’ll be totally honest – I did it to distract him, but yes I was also curious…”

“Camille, maybe this was a bad idea…”

Camille sat down next to her” You really think so?”

She put her arms around Shelli, holding her close, the softness of her bosom enveloping her. She pressed her lips against Shelli’s neck gently nipping and kissing her skin.

“you’re sure…”

Camille caressed her pert small breasts through her top, raising a pointed nipple pressing against the fabric.

Shelli sighed and allowed her head to fall towards Camille and their bodies began to intertwine.

Their clothing was pushed aside to reveal a contrast of bodies.

Camille was womanly, soft and curvy. Her breasts were full and soft, with big pink nipples. She had no tan lines. She kept her pubic area shaved except for a small strip of fiery red fluff.

Shelli was slight , lean and whip cord strong. Her body was sculpted and tan. Her muscles were well defined, yet not vulgar. Her breasts were small round and firm. Her nipples were small tight points, that protruded when aroused. And they were aroused. She kept her pubic area clean of all hair. She was smooth and tan, not a white line to be seen.

Camille laid back and let Shelli explore her. She could feel Shelli’s hands touching probing and seeking across her body.

“mmmm…. ” as Shelli suckled a breast in her mouth.

“They’re soooo big!” Shelli giggled, ” They’re so soft and so sexy”

Camille spread her legs invitingly and purred, “You wanted this bit a while ago…”

Shelli dipped her fingers down, below her waist and touched Camille’s sex, finding it wet and hot with desire. She raised her fingers to her lips and tasted.

“you taste different, not like me at all.”

“of course…”, Camille reached down and traced her fingers around Shelli’s sex before touching her directly, Shelli gasped as Camille explored her sex.

Camille’s fingers found her lips and she could smell Shelli’s musk. She tasted and smiled.

“I’m gonna like you.”

They continued to explore each other, touching, probing, seeking and finding point of pleasure. Soon Shelli found Camille’s lips on her sex, and Shelli put her on Camille’s. Shelli’s tan body contrasted with Camille’s creamy white skin Shelli on top and CAmille beneath. Soon Shelli shuddered and moaned through her first orgasm. She struggled to stay focused, finally giving in and riding out the waves of pleasure Camille imparted. Shelli rested her head on Camille’s inner thigh, gasping for breath.

Shelli could feel her sex pulsing with pleasure, throbbing with orgasmic pleasure. She slowly began to position herself between Camille’s legs, and began to eat her as only one woman can eat another.



But with great passion…

Shelli could feel Camille building up to a deep, full body release. She felt Camille grasp her hair, her legs clamped tightly.

She screamed once, then wept, with the joy of her pleasure. Both of their bodies were covered in sweat.

They held each other for a while, touching caressing and just exploring each other.

“Can I ask you something?”, Camille finally said.


It’s about you husband”

“ummm, ok”

“his cock is so big, I felt it…”

“And he knows nothing about using it, I deny him because he thinks that he should just pound me… At one time he was a… more of a gentle lover.”

“Do you want that back?”

“more than anything”

In the end they would become lovers. Meeting quietly, satisfying each other. Finding ways to pleasure one another ways that men could never know or understand.

And they agreed that they would conspire for Camille to seduce him, and to teach him to be a gentle lover.

But that is for another time. And another tale.


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