Two Firsts


The weather, here in the Pacific Northwest has been beautiful the past several days, allowing my wife, Deb, and me to set on our front porch, watching neighbors walking by. We see the same groups, and sometime overhear their conversations. We are usually reading a book, either the newest Daniel Silva thriller, or another new James Patterson book.

There is a group of three ladies that are discussing their latest book, loud enough we can hear. We hear them talking about “Marcy” which piques our interest. You see we have become huge fans of one MJ Roberts on the site, and Marcy’s Playground is an all time favorite.

The second time we hear them discussing this Marcy, Deb asks, quietly, are you girls talking about Marcy’s Playground, from ? All three of them turned a few shades of red, and nodded in agreement. Smiling, she told them it was an all time favorite of ours. As we were discussing this story, we noticed a younger girl trailing them. One of our neighbors told us she was her daughter, Annie.

As we finished, they walked away, with Annie hanging behind, with her head bowed down. She doubled back, and asked, Deb, my mom says you are a social worker, is that correct? Yes, I am retired, though.

Deb takes over the narration.

Can kocaeli escort bayan I talk to you about something personal? Annie asks. Jay, taking a hint gets up and goes into the house. I patted the seat next to me, and Annie sat down, still very quiet. I didn’t say a thing, and neither did she. After a few minutes I whispered to her that I was not a mind reader. She softly started to cry and told me her wife of over 15 years left her two weeks ago telling her she fell out of love.

She laid her head on my lap, and I just listened. I didn’t realize as she talked, my hand was softly stroking her hair, and she was rubbing my knee, through my thin pants. As we continued talking, her hand started slowly moving up my leg, but I didn’t say a thing. Let me tell you that I have never had any sexual contact with another woman. Ever.

She moved around so she was on her back cradled in my left arm. Similar to the position you would hold a nursing child in. Very slowly, her left hand moved from my thigh, up across my tummy, and softly caressed my right breast. I inhaled, sharply, and she dropped her hand, apologizing. Don’ t be sorry, I said, its just that I have never done anything like this with another woman, I repeated. Smiling kocaeli sınırsız escort at me, she placed her hand back on my breast, softly, teasing my nipple, and said, can I be your first?

Not even realizing that I was beginning to get aroused, I just nodded. She slipped her hand inside my blouse and bra and slowly rubbed one nipple. My husband is the only person in my 72 years who has touched my boobs in a sexual way, and I must admit, this felt good. She leaned up and lightly kissed me on m lips. Wow, another first. I said to her, should we go inside?

We held each other, making our way to the master bedroom. I was unsure if I could have walked a straight line, or not. We started undressing each other, and I stopped her as she started taking my blouse off. saying, you realize that my boobs are old and gravity has done some harm. She smiled, and unhooked my bra, allowing the girls some welcomed freedom. The DD boobs were now in her hands, softly being caressed. My nipples felt like erasers, as she slowly licked each one. I finally managed to get her top off, seeing her boobs, for the first time. Maybe a B cup, but with very large nipples. I leaned down and took a nipple in my mouth, softly licking izmit anal yapan escort and sucking. Another first!

Removing the rest of our clothing, we fell into my bed kissing and feeling each others body. When her finger started rubbing up and down my very wet pussy (I hate the word cunt) I figured I would do the same thing, sliding a finger up and down her very wet slit.

With my body shaking with my first orgasm, she rolled on top of me burying her mouth in my pussy. I asked myself, if I could do that to her. I said yes I could and did. Slowly, at first, until I realized it wasn’t too bad. I noticed Jay had walked into our room, very naked and very aroused. As he climbed onto the bed, Annie whispered, please not inside of me. We rolled over, changing positions, allowing Jay to start fucking me from behind. With me still eating her pussy, and Jay fucking mine, we continued for quite a while.

I must have cum another two times, until Annie screamed and with her body shaking, fell to one side of me. We just laid there, starring at each other, and smiling like two Cheshire cats. After what seemed like an eternity, 5 or 6 minutes, we got up, cleaned ourselves off and went back to the living room.

Jay asked if we were OK, and all I could do was smile and nod.

Will thus ever happen again? I not sure, but Annie sure opened up some new horizons. Before she left, we both told her to call her wife to see about getting back together. We shall see.

There just might be a second chapter. Who knows?

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