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Subject: Uncle Will’s Houseguest 21 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill UNCLE WILL’S HOUSEGUEST Chapter 21 Andy was excited about Simon’s visit…or to be more exact, a threesome with Simon and his Uncle Will. “What shall we cook for dinner?” Will asked after breakfast on Saturday morning. “I don’t know,” said Andy. “Nothing heavy that might put us off having sex.” “Fish then. How about doing that two fish dish we had recently in the Restaurant de la Gravette? It was fillets of John Dory and sea bass – Saint-Pierre and Loup de Mer in French – remember?” “Oh yes, that was delicious,” said Andy. “And maybe Île Flottante for dessert. That is light and yummy.” “Okay. I can make the dessert in this afternoon and you can prepare the vegetables to go with the fish,” said Will. “We won’t need to spend much time in the kitchen when Simon is here.” Andy didn’t think about visiting René at the antiques market when they went out shopping but he had to stop to answer a phone call from Patrick. “I’m sorry, I can’t this evening. We have a friend coming to visit us later today,” he said in response to a suggestion that they might go to the cinema together. “Another time perhaps. I will see you at school on Monday.” “I’m pleased that you have a friend the same age,” Will said when Andy explained about the call. “You should spend more time with Patrick.” “I will but I’m not sure my French is good enough yet to follow a film at the cinema,” said Andy. “Anyway Simon is close my age and he is sexier.” Will shook his head and went to buy extra bread. *** “Mon ami!” Andy cried as he rushed forward to hug Simon at the bus stop. Simon smiled. “Have you missed me?” Andy laughed. “A little. Did you enjoy Paris?” “I had some lovely meals and some interesting discussions with Michel,” replied Simon. “However the business meetings were often boring and sometimes I think Michel just wanted to show me off to his friends.” “Did you have to strip off for his friends?” Andy was curious because he would love to get naked for a group of men. “No, of course not,” smiled Simon. “Oh. Did you still get naked for Michel?” Andy asked. Simon nodded. “We had adjoining rooms so I stripped off whenever I went in to help him.” “I don’t know how Michel is able to keep his hands off someone as sexy as you,” said Andy. “You are the sexy one,” Simon responded as he started tickling Andy. Andy giggled and pulled away. “You said Uncle Will was sexy.” “He is, in a different way,” replied Simon. Andy winked. “We will have some fun together later.” “It’s good to see you again, Simon,” Will said, greeting the young man with kisses on both cheeks. “Please take a seat and I will get you an aperitif. Would you prefer a kir or a gin-tonic?” “A kir would be very nice, thank you,” said Simon. “Are you enjoying being back at school?” “Yes, it’s good to be back at work,” replied Will. “And luckily I don’t have to teach Andy.” “Hey! I’m the prefect pupil,” retorted Andy. Simon smiled. “I wouldn’t have liked to have one of my uncles as a teacher.” “Uncle Will has taught me several things but not at school,” Andy said. “Tell us about the places you went to in Paris,” Will said, quickly changing the subject. The evening went well. The food turned out exactly as Will had hoped and the conversation flowed easily. It was almost ten o’clock before Andy said, “I don’t know about you two but I’m really horny. Isn’t it time we moved to the bedroom?” Simon looked at Will who immediately said, “Andy said you wanted sex but I won’t be offended if you no longer think it’s a good idea.” “I think it’s a very good idea but I’d like to take a shower first,” smiled Simon. “We will all have showers first,” said Andy. “And I will shower with you. Come on.” Naturally there was plenty of touching in the shower. There was laughter too. Andy, who was erect before he had finished undressing, tried to suck Simon’s cock but was told to wait. “The bathroom is free, Uncle Will,” Andy shouted as he led Simon to the bedroom. The pair were lying naked on top of the bed, holding hands and occasionally kissing, when Will entered with a towel around his waist. “Drop the towel, Uncle Will,” said Andy. “Let Simon see all of your sexy body.” Will had been staring at Simon, impressed by the size of the semi-erect dick. However he quickly looked into the faces of the two young guys and smiled. “Are you sure?” “Yes, Will,” replied Simon. “I like what I see but I want to see more.” Will tossed the towel onto a chair and took a step forward. He too was semi-erect at this point. “Just wait until you see that cock standing upright,” said Andy. “It’s magnificent.” “I’m already impressed,” Simon said. “Come, Will. Get into bed between us.” He moved to the side to make room and Will climbed onto the bed. “We should all kiss,” suggested Andy. Simon nodded and moved closer to Will. Will put a hand on Simon’s head and pulled him in for a kiss. Simon then leaned over Will to kiss Andy. “And now you kiss your uncle,” Simon said. Andy had told Simon that he and his uncle had seen each other naked and erect but not about their sexual relationship so he tried to act coy when he puckered his lips, closed his eyes and moved in for a kiss. Will took Andy’s head in both hands and give him a long, sensuous kiss. Andy gasped when they parted because he hadn’t expected his uncle to do that in front of Simon. “That was hot,” smiled Simon. “Yeah,” was Andy’s only response. Simon didn’t see Will winking at Andy. “Any more orders?” Will asked Andy. Andy shrugged. “I guess we just start caressing each other and see what happens.” He placed his hand near the top of Will’s left thigh. Simon smiled and put a hand on the top of Will’s right thigh. The two smiled at each other and then reached for Will’s now fully erect 23 cm (9 inch) cock. Will gasped as two hands grasped his cock. Then he reached out and took hold of Simon’s and Andy’s cocks. “Is this cock big enough for you?” Andy asked Simon. “I think it’s the biggest I’ve ever seen,” said Simon. “Not too big, I hope,” said Will. Simon smiled. “I don’t know but I definitely want to istanbul travesti try taking it.” He raised his free hand and caressed Will’s chest. “You are a very sexy man.” “Suck his cock,” Andy told Simon. “I will play with his balls.” “I want to suck your cock, Simon,” said Will. “You two move into a sixty-nine and I will fit in,” suggested Andy. Moments later he was watching the pair sucking each other’s cocks – two cocks he knew well. His uncle’s thick 23 cm (9 inch) cock was the most impressive but he liked Simon’s 20 cm (8 inch) one too. He leaked pre-cum watching the foreplay and wished they were both going to fuck him. “I can’t have a threesome with them though,” Andy said to himself. “Simon can’t know that I have sex with my uncle.” When Simon rolled on top, Andy spotted the opportunity to get more involved. “I will help prepare you for that big cock,” he said as he got behind Simon and spread his arse cheeks. He licked his lips and then dived in to tongue the arsecrack. Simon moaned around Will’s cock and that encouraged Andy to move from licking to probing the entrance to his hole with the tip of his tongue. Simon moaned louder but carried on pleasuring Will. Soon Andy began to finger-fuck Simon, knowing he’d need some stretching to take his uncle’s cock with minimal discomfort. Simon’s jaw began to hurt because of the size of Will’s cock so he switched from sucking to licking. Andy noticed and asked, “Are you ready to be fucked now?” “I think so,” replied Simon. Hearing this, Will let go of Simon’s cock and said, “I’m ready to move on too.” Andy moved out of the way to let his two lovers have sex as they wanted. He had accepted some time earlier that he would have to wait until his uncle had fucked Simon before he had his fun and he didn’t mind. His only concern was that Simon might cum while being fucked. Watching his uncle lube and play with Simon’s hole turned Andy on. “Better than any video,” he said to himself. “I’ve got a front row seat for a live sex show starring two of the hottest guys in France. Even watching them kiss is making my cock stiffer.” Andy squeezed his cock as he watched Will prepare to penetrate Simon. “His cock looks huge…almost too big to enter Simon’s pussy,” he thought. “I hope it doesn’t hurt him.” Simon moaned as Will began to press for entry and Andy thought he looked unhappy. Suddenly the cock burst through the sphincter. Simon gasped and then smiled up at Will. “He’s taken it and he’s enjoying it,” Andy told himself. “That’s a relief.” Andy looked on as Will began to move in and out of Simon’s tight hole. He was pleased to see that they were both enjoying themselves and he slowly wanked. “I haven’t been fucked for a while but this feels great, Will,” Simon said. “I’m glad I’m not too big for you,” smiled Will. “You are as hot as I imagined.” Andy smiled. “I wonder how long Uncle Will has lusted after Simon. I’m glad I brought them together,” he said to himself. Then he moved closer to Simon and allowed his friend to suck his cock. “That’s hot,” said Will. He was referring to Simon sucking his nephew’s cock. “I know you two have been having sex but it’s great to watch you doing it.” Andy enjoyed Simon sucking his cock but he didn’t want to cum soon. He also wanted to give his uncle another thrill so he pulled out of Simon’s mouth and bent down to suck his cock. “Hmm, nice,” Will said. “You’ve got a great arse, Simon, but it’s a turn-on to see Andy sucking your dick. You are giving pleasure to two members of the same family.” “I’m receiving pleasure from two members of the same family,” corrected Simon. Andy sat up and licked his lips. “I love sucking your cock, Simon, but I don’t want to eat your cum this time. I want you to cum while fucking me.” Simon smiled. “I’ll try not to cum until I get that chance. You can easily cum twice though so let me suck you off now.” Andy moved to allow Simon to suck his cock again. Will was getting more worked up watching Simon and Andy together while fucking Simon’s tight hole. “I can’t hold back much longer,” he told them. “You don’t have to hold back. Just enjoy cumming,” Andy responded. Will’s thrusts became faster and more forceful. Andy looked on, enjoying the sight and also the sound enjoying of his uncle pounding Simon’s arse. Suddenly Andy gasped and started spunking off. Will realised what had happened and smiled as he watched Simon gulping down Andy’s cum. “Oh, I’m cumming!” Will cried just before he began to unload inside Simon’s arse. When both uncle and nephew had finished, Andy said, “I’m jealous of you, Simon. I wish I could take two loads at the same time.” Simon kissed Andy’s cockhead and said, “I have never done it before but I’m sure your wish will come true soon.” “Yes, I’m sure you will find a way to make it happen,” Will said as he left to visit the bathroom. Andy smiled and said to himself, “I want it to be with Uncle Will and Freddy.” He lay down beside Simon and put an arm across his friend’s chest. “Tell me when you’re ready to continue. I still want your cock in my pussy.” “I’m ready when you are,” said Simon. “I was close to cumming when Will climaxed but you have already cum.” “I’m hard again. Let’s do it!” Andy have Simon a quick kiss. “How do you want me?” “On your back so that I can see your handsome face,” Simon replied while sitting up. He pushed a pillow under Andy’s hips and then pushed the boy’s legs back. Will found Simon eating out Andy’s arse when he returned to the room. “You’ve started again.” “I have waited long enough,” responded Andy. Will sat down and enjoyed watching Simon prepare his nephew. He knew that Andy had a high sex drive but he was surprised to see him leaking pre-cum so soon after being sucked off. “He really does get off on anal sex more than anything else,” he thought. Simon now had a finger inside Andy’s arse, rubbing the prostate and driving the boy crazy. “More,” begged Andy. “Another finger at least.” Simon pushed a second finger inside the tight hole and began to finger-fuck Andy. “He won’t be satisfied until he has your cock inside him,” Will told Simon. “That’s true,” smiled Andy. “I love having a big cock in my pussy.” “You’ll get mine soon,” Simon said while pushing a third finger inside. Being fucked by three fingers brought soft moans from Andy, and more pre-cum dribbling from his cock. When Simon started kadıköy travesti looking around for the lube, Will tossed him the tube. Will watched as the young Frenchman greased up his 20 cm (8 inch) cock and then prepared to enter Andy. He sensed Andy pushing back and then smiled to himself as he saw the look of bliss on Andy’s face when the cock slid deep inside him. “Yes, Simon. Your cock feels so good. I love being fucked by you,” said Andy. He looked up at his uncle. “It feels very naughty but also thrilling to have you watching me being fucked, Uncle Will. Are you enjoying it too?” “I don’t know what my brother would say if he knew I was doing this but yes. It’s turning me on to watch Simon fucking you,” replied Will. His cock has grown stiff again and he wished he could stick it in Andy’s mouth. “Simon can’t know the full extent of my relationship with Andy,” he told himself. “I wouldn’t have to hold back if it was Freddy fucking Andy. Maybe I should agree to a proper threesome next time we get together.” Andy was moaning louder now and jerking his cock as well. “I’m getting close. Fuck me harder!” Simon began to thrust faster and harder into Andy. Will was wanking now too. He was turned on looking at the two sexy young guys in action. Simon was a caring lover, doing his best to give Andy exactly what he wanted. Even with an audience, Andy was totally uninhibited. He pushed back against the cock, demonstrating how much he loved it. He was also wanking furiously. Will reached out and pinched one of Andy’s nipples. Andy gasped and began to spunk off. Cum flew high onto the air to land in spots across his face, neck and chest. It was a huge load for a boy who had cum only a short time earlier. This eruption triggered Simon’s orgasm. He gasped, pushed his cock as deep as possible inside Andy’s arse and blasted off. “Yes!” cried Andy. “Fill my pussy with your cum!” To Will’s surprise, he erupted for a second time. It wasn’t a big load and it dribbled down his cock and over his fingers rather than firing high but it has been a long time since he’d cum twice in such a short space of time. “That was hot, eh?” smiled Andy. “We will have to do this again.” “Maybe,” Simon replied before bending down to lick the cum from Andy’s face and body. When he had finished, he turned to Will. Will moved his hand out of the way and watched as Simon licked and sucked his cock clean. Andy watched Simon and then grabbed hold of Will’s wrist to pull the hand wet with cum towards him. Then with both men watching him, he licked off his uncle’s cum. “Sorry, I just couldn’t resist it,” he said when he had finished. Then he smiled and said, “Your cum tastes good.” Will was speechless. Then Andy felt Simon’s softening cock slip from his hole and he scrambled to take it into his mouth. He licked and sucked the cock clean. Neither Simon nor Will knew what to say and avoided looking at each other. When Andy sat up after finishing the job, he felt the awkward silence. “What? I nearly always use my mouth to clean the cock which has fucked me. It’s the right thing to do, isn’t it? I’ve seen it done in some porn movies.” He looked from his uncle to Simon and then back to his uncle. “Yes, it’s the right thing,” said Will. “A good bottom boy takes good care of the top’s cock.” Andy smiled, kissed Simon and then hugged Will. “This has been a wonderful evening. Let’s all sleep together in this bed.” “Okay but it will be a tight squeeze,” said Will. “I need to go the toilet first,” Simon said and left for the bathroom. “I’m not sure that licking my cum from my fingers was a good idea,” Will said quietly. “I’m sure Simon just thinks I did it on impulse,” said Andy. “He has no reason to guess that I have known how your cum tastes for some months now.” “I suppose not but be careful.” Will kissed Andy and then lay down. “You get in between us,” Andy told Simon when he returned. “That way both me and Uncle Will can touch your sexy body.” Simon climbed into the centre of the bed and gave both uncle and nephew goodnight kisses. Andy lay with his head on Simon’s shoulder and a hand on Simon’s chest. He drifted off to sleep within minutes. The other two lay without speaking until they too fell asleep. Andy was awake first the next morning. He looked at the two men lying beside him, smiled and then went under the bedclothes in search of Simon’s cock. He loved how big it was when flaccid. After running his fingertips all over it and then gently pulling the foreskin back, Andy took the cockhead into his mouth to tongue and suck it. He soon felt the cock stirring and grow stiffer. “Andy?” Simon’s voice could be heard and that encouraged Andy to be more aggressive. He sucked the cock harder before taking it deeper and deeper. Simon moaned softly when his cockhead was squeezed by Andy’s throat and put a hand on top of the boy’s head. Andy squeezed Simon’s balls and that reminded Simon that Andy liked to be mastered when sucking cock. He applied some pressure, pushing Andy’s head onto his cock. Andy immediately moved his hands to either side of the cock, as if he was about to push away, but he just allowed Simon to continue fucking his throat. Simon was the one to bring this to the end. He pulled Andy’s head back until less than half his cock was inside the mouth. Andy took the signal and focussed on the cockhead. He sucked, teased with the tip of his tongue and savoured the pre-cum juices. At the same time, he toyed with Simon’s balls. When Simon began to whimper, Andy knew that he was about to cum so he sucked harder. Moments later he had to swallow fast to avoid spilling any of Simon’s cum. Andy was kissing Simon and sharing the last of the cum when Will woke up. “Good morning,” he said. “Morning, Uncle Will,” Andy said as he sat up. “You keep Simon company while I shower and then go to the boulangerie.” “I can’t refuse an offer like that,” smiled Will. Simon smiled and moved to give Will a kiss. “Have fun, guys,” Andy said as he left the room. Andy expected Simon and his uncle to be out of the bed when he returned to the apartment. Instead he found them in bed and having sex. He looked into the bedroom and found Simon on his hands and knees being pounded hard by Will. Simon was moaning and then he cried, “Je viens!” (I’m cumming!) Andy smiled and remained in the doorway. “I’m cumming too!” Will cried moments bakırköy travesti later. Andy watched for another couple of minutes until the fuck was over and said, “Breakfast will be ready in five minutes.” Neither Will nor Simon had been aware of Andy’s presence. They spun their heads round just to see him leave. Andy started making coffee and then set out the bread, croissants, butter and jam on the table. When he heard a second person going into the bathroom, he poured three glasses of orange juice and then sat down. Will appeared first, fully dressed. He kissed the top of Andy’s head and then poured coffee for himself and Simon. “Thanks for being so sweet,” he said as he sat down next to Andy. “No problem,” smiled Andy. Then Simon entered the room topless. “Here is my other favourite man,” said Andy. “Good morning again, Andy,” smiled Simon. “You treat guests very well.” “I like to take care of my men,” grinned Andy. Breakfast was a happy occasion with talk of many subjects. “Sadly I need to leave soon. I have to work,” Simon said when breakfast was over. “Yes, but you have one job to do before you leave,” said Andy. “I am the only one here who hasn’t cum yet this morning.” “Ah, yes,” Simon said. “Sadly I am not able to give you what you really want. I will suck you off though.” Andy nodded. “I can make do with a blowjob this time.” He stood, pushed his shorts and briefs down in a single movement and presented a rock-hard cock. Simon smiled at Will and then got down on his knees in front of Andy. With his hands on Andy’s buttocks, Simon took the cock into his mouth. Andy smiled at his uncle and then placed his hands on Simon’s head to steady himself while enjoying the tongue and lip action of the experienced cocksucker. It wasn’t long before he fed Simon his load. Simon licked Andy’s cock clean and then licked his own lips. “Delicious as always and a fine way to end breakfast,” he said as he stood up. “Thanks, Simon. That was great,” Andy said as he made himself decent. “When will I see you again?” “I’m not sure. Could you possibly cycle to my place after school one day?” Simon replied. “Yes, I could do that,” said Simon. “Text me when you know you will be free.” Simon gathered his belongings and thanked Will for everything. “I had a really great time.” “Andy and I did too,” said Will. “Yes, it was fantastic,” said Andy. “I will walk with you to the bus stop.” Will looked Simon up and down as he left the apartment. “Even hotter than I had imagined,” he said to himself. *** Will and Andy were preparing dinner together on Monday evening when Will said, “I will be having my poker night with the guys on Thursday. Do you want stay at home or go out for a meal like you did before?” “I’m not sure. It’s not much fun cooking for one and then eating alone,” replied Andy. “But I can’t watch Simon at work like I did last time I went out for dinner alone.” “Maybe you could invite Patrick to join you. I will happily pay for both of you,” said Will. “That’s a possibility. I will think about it,” responded Andy. A short time later, he asked, “Could you change your poker night to a Friday next time? If I didn’t have school the next morning, I could go and stay with Freddy again.” “Okay. I will suggest that to the guys on Thursday,” said Will. *** Andy and Patrick were sunbathing stripped to the waist on the lawn in Jardin Président René Cassin after school on Tuesday. They had been chatting about people and events at school and then Andy mentioned being alone on Thursday evening. “Would you like to come to dinner with me? We could go back to my home afterwards and fool around a little if you like.” “Merde! I wish I could but it’s my younger sister’s birthday and we’re having a big family meal on Thursday,” said Patrick. “Never mind. We can get together another time,” said Andy. “I hope so. I like the idea of fooling around.” Patrick looked to see if there was anyone nearby and then groped at Andy’s cock. “I want to suck this,” he added with a smile. Andy giggled and grabbed at Patrick. “I like to suck too.” A woman with a dog on a leash appeared and the boys quickly pulled apart. Patrick sat up and said, “I had better go home now.” He started putting his shirt on and smiled at Andy. “I’m glad to have you as a friend.” “I like you too.” Andy smiled as he began to get dressed. “Do you think there are other gay boys in our classes?” “There might be but I don’t know any,” replied Patrick. “What about gay teachers?” asked Andy. “I doubt it. Anyway, I’m not interested in old guys,” said Patrick. “I think we could learn a lot about sex from older, experienced guys,” responded Andy. “And they might have bigger dicks than us. I wouldn’t say no.” Patrick laughed. “Nice to dream about a big dick, I suppose.” They walked to where they had left their bicycles and said their goodbyes. Andy was walking with his bicycle to the opposite exit of the garden when he saw a man standing in front of an easel, obviously painting. “That’s Pete,” he said to himself. He wheeled his bike towards him and called out, “Bonjour, mon ami américain.” (Hello, my American friend.) Pete turned and smiled at Andy. “Bonjour, mon ami mignon.” (Hello, my cute friend.) “May I see your painting?” Andy asked. “I’m not very happy with it but go ahead,” replied Pete. The painting showed flower beds, shrubs and the avenue of trees framing the path. “You have captured the scene well…” Andy began. “But it’s not very exciting,” Pete finished. “I should have gone where it’s possible to see the train station in the background.” “You could perhaps just add a figure to give it more life,” suggested Andy. “Someone walking their dog perhaps.” “Or a cute boy like you,” smiled Pete. “Maybe you could pose for me.” Andy laughed. “Sorry. I need to get home.” “Another time perhaps,” said Pete. “Maybe,” smiled Andy. “Hey! Are you free to join me for dinner on Thursday? My uncle is busy that evening and the schoolfriend I invited has a prior engagement. I’d like to pay you back for the delicious lunch you bought for me.” “You don’t have to pay me back. I really enjoyed your company that day,” said Pete. Andy looked sad as he thought Pete was refusing to join him. Then Pete went on. “However I would be delighted to have dinner with you…on one condition. I will pay for my own meal. I will almost certainly want to have wine and it wouldn’t be fair for you to pay, even if it was legal.” Andy grinned. “Okay, we will split the bill. I look forward to chatting with you again. I will phone you on Thursday to confirm where and when to meet.” “I can’t wait,” smiled Pete. To be continued

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