Vacation impregnation 2/2

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Vacation impregnation 2/2As I sat there with the images swirling in my head, the minutes passed and Sara never returned to the room. I couldn’t help but wonder if Sara was with Don, and the more I thought of it the more I found it to turn me on. About an hour had passed when I heard Sara come through the door. One look at her and I could tell that she had just been fucked by Don. She had a very strange look on her face, maybe because she wanted to tell me, maybe because she thought I knew and would be mad.Not sure why but I just started kissing her and she melted into my arms. As I kissed her I moved my hands over her warm body, and pushed my hands into her bikini bottoms. Her pussy was warm and moist. I took her hand and we went to the bedroom. She stopped and said she had to go pee, but I wouldn’t let her go and continued to kiss her as we both fell to the bed. As I kissed my way down her body, I could smell that unmistakable musky smell of sex already on her, mixed with the smell of chlorine from the pool. I started to remove her bikini bottoms and she pleaded that she had to go pee, but I still wouldn’t let her.As I started kissing her pussy, the musky and chlorine smell was very arousing. As I licked her clit I noticed that she was very wet, and realized that the clear liquid that was coming from her was most likely Don’s cum mixed with her own juices. After several minutes, I continued to kiss my way up Sara’s body ending at her lips. She then reached down and guiding me into her warm pussy.The feeling was much different, maybe because of what I knew, and maybe because she was full of another mans cum. I came very very fast, and Escort I filled Sara with everything I had. After we were finished Sara asked why I had cum in her, which is something that I rarely do considering we weren’t ready for another c***d yet. My only answer was to shrug, and say that I really wasn’t sure why. The next day started out no different than the one before it. We all spent pretty much the entire day lounging by the pool. In the evening Don showed up again, and I noticed a difference in the way Sara and he interacted, but I pretended not to notice. That evening Sara again said that she felt like going for late dip in the hot-tub and asked if I minded. I answered no and watched intently after she left through the zoom lens of the camcorder.Sara was the only one by the pool area as she swam. A short while later I noticed Don show up and jump in the pool. They both climbed from the pool minutes later and started walking back towards the hotel. Again I couldn’t help but think that they were heading back to Don’s room. A little more than an hour had passed when Sara came through the door. This time she immediately said that she had a headache and went straight to bed.A short while later I joined her and lay there with a raging hard-on thinking of where she was. I couldn’t help myself from reaching over and start touching Sara. She immediately said that she had a headache, assuming that I would take that as a hint. I replied by saying that she felt very wet (no doubt from from Don’s cum) and that I really wanted to have sex. She then agreed but said that I couldn’t cum inside of her and that she didn’t want me to kiss Escort Bayan her pussy – something that she NEVER says because I know it drives her nuts. I paid no attention and kissed her body taking in the scents of her and the erotic feeling knowing that another man was there just a few minutes earlier. As I kissed her pussy, I couldn’t help but notice that she was even wetter than the day before. As I kissed her clit, I fingered her slimy pussy and noticed that my fingers where full of sticky goo. Needless to say I came very fast, but not inside of her. The next morning I lay there and thought about everything that happened. I came the to the realization that Sara was probably trying to get pregnant with Don’s baby in the likelihood that we’d finally get a girl. That would explain why she was so adamant about me not cumming in her the previous night, and why she didn’t want me to possibly impregnate her with another boy. It would also explain why she was so much more wet the night before, possibly trying to keep all of Don’s cum inside of her while the previous night she may have wiped as much away so that I didn’t know. That day we again lounged by the pool. Don appeared by the pool by us shortly after lunch and said that he again was skipping the afternoon session. I laid on the lounge chair as Sara swam with the boys, and Don joined them. I laid there with my sun-glasses on and pretended to be taking a nap, but was watching them the whole time. They were close to each other, joking and playing with the boys.A few minutes later Don emerged from the pool and left the pool area towards the hotel. Shortly after Sara emerged Bayan Escort and said that she was going to head back to the room to take something for her headache. I knew though, that they were both going to have sex. A little under an hour had passed and Sara came back to the pool area. I tested her just to make sure my thoughts were right. I asked her what took so long, and she stammered that she laid down for a bit to get rid of her headache and that it helped because it was gone. I knew by her response that she wasn’t telling the truth. That night Sara didn’t ask to go down to the hot-tub, and we didn’t have sex. The next day however, Don was not by the pool and I thought that he might have gone home. When I mentioned that to Sara she quickly said that he was on a golf outing and would be going home the next day. That night Sara again asked if I would mind if she went for a late dip in the pool. I watched through the zoom of the camcorder to see her, but she never emerged in the pool area.A little over an hour had passed when Sara came home. I again took her in the arms to the bed and stripped her of her bikini and started kissing her. I loved the smells and thoughts. As I kissed her pussy and pushed my fingers in her, I was somewhat shocked to see a glob of cum ooz from her. She was moaning and didn’t know what I was looking at. I surmised that she must have just got done fucking Don minutes earlier for such a large glob of cum to ooz out. Needless to say I came very fast that night as well, and not in her as usual. Shortly after returning home and getting back into our everyday routine, we discovered that Sara was pregnant. Nine months later Sara delivered a healthy baby…GIRL. We never talked about Don after the vacation, and it’s obvious to me that our little girl was conceived by another man. Either way she’s my girl and I love my wife and entire family.

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