Violating Angel


A few months after our first night with the Angel she began school. She lived over an hour away so when Brendon would bring her to visit it was a special treat. Most times he would just take her up to his room and lock the door. All we would hear through the cracks in the floorboards were her pitiable cries. On rare occasions he would invite us up to watch and masturbate while we all took turns with the Angel. It was cute in a way. She knew what was coming; yet we in turn knew that she was too afraid to leave and we used this to our advantage.
We would play games with her. Psychological and Sociological mind tricks that broke our Angels spirit so as she would never leave us. We would tie her up almost completely naked (with the exception of her bra and panties); and hover over her. Laughing as she squeezed her eyes shut when we would pretend to be breach her. We would also let her fall asleep and just before her mind completely shut off we would enter the room and quietly position ourselves over her.
By the time she was 16 our Angel was much taller, standing at 5’6” she had pretty well fully developed. She had filled out, her waist was still slim and her breast had finished off with a nice D. She gave up crying when we would entertain her and we decided to stop tying her hands up.
One night we heard the Angel Escort start to take a shower and we walked up the stairs. Brendon met us at the top of the stairs and told us to get the camera ready in the bedroom.
After we were done setting up, he came in carrying the Angels clothing.
“Ok guys, disperse yourselves!” He smiled.
The Video
Brendon hid in the closet just before the Angel entered the door in nothing but a plush blue towel her wet hair sticking to her back and neck. She leaned over the bed to get her clothes where she ‘forgot them’ and dropped the towel before getting dressed. She pulled her bra and underwear on first and as she was pulling her shorts on Brendon snuck out of the closet and grabbed her from behind.
He put his hand over her mouth and drug her onto the bed. She arched and pulled away as Brendon pulled a pair of scissors off the bedside table and cut her underwear off. He must of gotten her leg because she screamed and her body spasmed. But that didn’t stop our Brendon as he thrust into the Angel rapid fire. He pulled out and slammed back even harder. He bit her neck and shoulders as he released inside of her.

This past year our Angel grew daring and told Brendon that she was in love with someone from her school. She also informed us that this person was also a girl. Livid by the audacity Escort Bayan of the Angel, Brendon grabbed her by the throat and began yelling.
“You ungrateful bitch! I spend my time trying to please your needs and when I didn’t think I was enough I let my friends fuck you to try and get you off; and you never appreciate it!” With this he threw her into the mirror that donned the closet door.
Incensed he jumped on top of her and tore her clothes off. He pinned her down and we could hear her screams echoing through the walls of the house. He screwed her harder than anything she’d ever taken before. She arched up and grabbed Brendon’s shoulders so that she didn’t have to keep lying in the glass shards.
After this night Brendon came up with a set of rules. The first of which was that she was never allowed to communicate with that bitch from her school ever again. But the poor Angel didn’t listen.
One night while the Angel was lying in his room, Brendon took her phone from her jacket and checked out her text messages. When he realized who most of them were from he got furious. Apparently the Angel was talking to this girl behind his back and he didn’t like that very much.
He messaged the girl from the Angels phone and she seemed extremely flirtatious. She started asking questions trying to get intimate details from Bayan Escort our Angel. The question that Brendon lost it at was “What turns you on the most?”
He told us to meet him upstairs in half an hour.
We heard screaming, and crashing. Then we waited; when the half hour was up we walked up the stairs into the bedroom.
The Angel was lying on the bed her hands tied above her head. She was unconscious from what we could tell and her abdomen was covered in cuts and bruises. He was standing by the door waiting for us.
“Chris I want you to fuck her as hard as you can.” Brendon said with a stern look in his eyes.
Without hesitating I took off my clothes and climbed onto the bed.
I lined myself up and thrust in. I set a menacing pace and it was a few minutes until she woke up; she let out a pain-filled moan as I rocked her lithe body. The next thing I knew Brendon was standing next to the Angel.
He pulled his hard penis out of his pants and told her what she was to do with it. When she refused he punched her in the face.
He grabbed her face and forced her to look at him.
“Do it or I’ll kill you!” He threatened.
She opened her mouth and he smashed his penis into her throat. While he was thrusting into her throat and I was fucking her tight cunt: he looked into her face and asked her “Does this turn you on most?”.
That night we all fucked the Angel harder than we ever thought possible, and that night our poor Angel got pregnant.

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