Voracious Appetite


Two days after I finally finished raking up the leaves, we got six inches of snow. My boss let everyone go home early. I dreaded the thought of shoveling out the driveway. My wife, Holly, was home everyday, but she would rather sit on her ass and frivol away, or masturbate to porn, mostly the latter. Upon arrival at the house, I saw our neighbor was half done with the backbreaking job. William was the boy next door who helped us with chores to earn money for college. He was a freshman this year and home on holiday break.

William’s shovel was there unattended. I guessed that he went inside to get warm or use the bathroom. I entered thru the basement and heard Holly talking to our eighteen-year-old helper upstairs.

“It would be all right if you wanted to touch them, William. That’s it, honey. Do you like my breasts?”

“You have nice breasts, ma’am. They feel nice, too. Your nipples are sticking out.”

“That is because I am very excited. Let’s take this bra off, so you can see how hard they are.”

“Ms. Holly, they are like bullets,” William said amazed.

“Pull on them. A little pinching does not hurt. Oh, sweetie, do put your lips on them. Hmmm, yes, suck on them like that. You are turning me on so much. William, please, let me see your cock.”

“You are squeezing it good. Is that not enough?”

“No, honey, I want to see it. If I were to let you look at my pussy, will you take it out and let me see your big cock then?”

“I do not think we should be doing this, with you being a married woman and all,” he said.

“Oh, do not worry so much. My husband will be late with the weather we are having. We have hours to play, but you must promise me not to tell anyone else.”

“I promise, Ms. Holly.”

“I am getting naked for you, William. Now you do the same or go back out and shovel snow if you would rather do that.”

“That is a no-brainer,” he said.

“Look at my pussy. See how wet it is.”

“Oh, wow, that is a pretty pink pussy, and it is shaved cleanly smooth. Is that your clitoris poking out?”

“My clit protrudes more than most girls’ little nubs. It is very sensitive, too. Touch it, honey. Rub circles over it. Push it side to side.”

“Your pussy is dripping juice.”

“Yes, baby, my pussy needs to come. Play with my clit. Do not be afraid. That’s it, back and forth. Oh, sweetheart, you are making me feel so good. I am going to come for you. Jiggle it between your fingers, William. Rub your hand over it fast. Please, do not stop. I am coming. Yes!”

“You are shaking. Are you all right?” he asked. “Your pussy is a gooey mess.”

“I am so horny now. Please show me your cock. Just let it hang out of your pants. Pull it out, honey, for me.”

“Yes, ma’am, you are the boss. I hope that I do not get into trouble for this.”

“Oh my god, William, that is a beautiful cock. It is so long and thick. How big does it get when in full erection?”

“My cock will get nine inches long and twice as thick as it is now,” he said.

“Let me make it that way. Take off your pants, get comfortable, and I will make you feel good, too. Yes, sweetie, relax and I will jerk it for you. It is so big. I love it. Has anyone had the pleasure of this cock in her pussy? This fat monster would really open me up.”

“No, ma’am, I have never done anything like that, before. The girls my age think it is too big.”

“You are a virgin. Oh, god, that makes me so hot. Maybe, we could do something about that. Ooh, no, I mustn’t, but I need this big cock. My pussy wants every thick inch. How long are you home on school break?”

“Two more weeks,” he said.

“We could have so much fun. I want you to visit me everyday. I am going to be very naughty with you. There are many things we could do and we will have all day to do them.”

“Really? I would like that very much. Your hands sure are making me feel good. My dick is ready to pop.”

“It is very hard now. You have the biggest dick I ever saw. The head is so shiny and swollen. Try to hold back as long as you can. I am glad that you like me stroking your cock for you, baby. I love jacking you off, but I could make you feel even better than this. I am going to kiss it a little, William. Rub my lips on your cock. Does it feel good when I lick the head?”

“Yes, ma’am, that feels very good.”

“You are oozing cum. I love that so much. A young man like you must surely have a lot. Your balls are so big, and they are full of luscious cream.”

“My balls are ready to explode. I had not jerked off for a week,” he said.

“Oh, you poor baby, there must be an awful amount of cum built-up in your balls. Do you want me to alleviate the situation, lighten the load, so to speak? I could put my lips on your cock and take it into my nice, warm mouth. I would love to suck it for you. I bet a lot of girls have done that.”

“You would lose that bet. None of the girls I knew have done that to me either.”

“I istanbul escort find that hard to believe. I personally had fantasies about having sex with you. I cannot tell you how many times that I played with my pussy while watching you work in our yard. I could see that you had a big cock; and for so long, I desired to have it inside me. Oh, William, I want to be a bad girl for you. Please, baby, I am on my knees. Let me be the first to blow you.”

“You could be as bad as you want, Ms. Holly,” he said. “You being bad sounds good to me.”

“Hmmm, I love the taste of cock, and yours has that distinctive salty flavor, with a certain tangy sharpness of which I cannot get enough. Put your hands on the cheeks of my face, William, and pump my head up and down on your cock. Do it as fast or slow, as you desire. Keep eye contact with me.”

“Ms. Holly, it is going to come,” he alerted, within sixty seconds of his first blowjob.

“Let it go, precious. You can come in my mouth.”

“Are you sure? Because, here it comes,” he said and spurted his boy juice into my wife’s hot mouth. Holly moaned and sucked out every drop.

She asked for more and continued to stroke his cock. Holly praised his resilience after he shot such a big load of cum. He told her that his cock could stay hard a long time, and that one ejaculation does not put it down. My wife swooned at that and offered to blow him as many times as he needs. She wanted to drain his balls dry. That was when I closed the basement door and yelled that I was home.

“Who was shoveling the driveway?” I asked from the bottom of the stairs. William said it was he and would finish in a minute. Holly said something about having hot chocolate. I told him to take his time, and that I was going outside to help. William stayed in the house so long that I had finished the shoveling job. Holly must have been sucking his cock the whole time. He apologized but still took a twenty from me when he left.

I knew Holly had an infatuation for big dicks. She always checked out the bulges in other men’s pants and tried to estimate the size of their cocks. Then while we were in bed, she commented on these well-hung men and wondered what their huge cocks would do to her cunt. It was a turn on for me to hear her fantasize being a submissive slut for these men, and I would conjure up scenarios with her at the mercy of them. Holly and I enhanced our lovemaking with dirty depictions of her having sex with other men. It made her very horny and once she got started coming in orgasm, she never wanted to stop.

The episode with William was not the only time that my wife was with another man, where she provided a titillating treatment to his cock. The first occasion was with my permission, but she had been doing it behind my back ever since.

I had let her play with an older friend’s cock before we married. We used his apartment to fuck. He had a much bigger dick compared to mine. We had been drinking and watching porn, when she sat between us and jerked both of our cocks. Her attention was more on his thick cock, and she favored stroking his big eight inches over my strict-measured five. The hand that jerked on my dick wandered away to circle over the head of his mighty erection. I had to watch, as she worked on his throbbing cock.

She told him of her love for the clear juice seeping from his cock as she licked it from the palm of her hand. Her slick stroking on his big dick continued while we watched porn. When he got close to coming, Holly pumped hard on his cock until he shot his cum. He spurted seven healthy volleys, three feet in the air, before the last of his cream trickled over her hands. She had to have a taste and said it was sweet to her liking. Holly then pulled me into his bedroom to fuck her wet pussy, where she showed her appreciation for letting her play with his cock.

The next weekend at his place, it was replay of us getting high together and fooling around. Holly had been sneaking squeezes on his cock, since we walked in his door. She usually gave him a quick peck on the cheek upon greeting him, but that night it was a lingering kiss on the lips with her hand on his crotch. She was the one who suggested that we turn off the lights and watch porn. That time she solely played with my friend’s cock. Holly knelt between his legs and used both of her hands to stroke his bull prick. I was a bystander jerking on mine.

He asked that she expose her breasts, for he claimed to be a mammary man, and Holly had perfect-size tits. I nodded my approval, and she went topless for him. He caressed her full breasts, while she continued to stroke his hard cock. Holly moaned and said that she loved doing this to him. I commented that all the week prior, she had been talking about his big cock and wanting to jack him off, again. He said that she could do it as much as she wanted, and as long as I did not mind. I shook my head. He was as a mentor to me, and I wanted to show her escort bayan off. I bragged that she played with my dick, from the time I picked her up, until I took her home.

Holly culpably smiled and kissed the crown of his cock. She smothered his cock between her breasts, and he humped to fuck her tits. On every upstroke came a quick lick on the swollen-purple knob, which progressed to putting the tip of the shining head into her mouth. She nibbled with her teeth lightly scraping over the sensitive skin. That pushed him over the edge, and he showered her face with cum. She licked his loving reward off her hands and from around her lips. Holly was so hot that she pulled down her panties and fingered her own pussy in front of him. She made it come with her juices flowing, two quick times. I was proud to point out how orgasmic my girlfriend could be.

The evening was young and within the hour, she wanted to play with his cock, again. She was jerking on my stiff dick, but it was obvious her interest was for his to be in her hands. He had been strutting by her with his big cock swinging semi-hard between his legs. Holly could not help touching it, whenever he was within her reach. He lingered long enough in front of us for her to pet it and feel his balls. Holly praised their size as she caressed them and said they felt full of fresh cream. She asked if he was ready for another session of her stroking his cock. She whimpered with pouted lips to let her do it to him. His fat cock thickened and rose before our eyes.

I moved and let him sit next to her on the couch. They kissed, while she stroked his cock. I watched her make out with him, and she was doing it in a more passionate way than she did with me. She acted as a possessed woman with deep-seated desires. She kept saying how much she loved his big dick, while she pumped on it. Judging by the wet spot on her panties, I could see her pussy was dripping with excitement and anticipation for hopefully more to come.

He slid his hand in Holly’s panties with no objection from me. It was only fair, and I knew that she would come right away. I encouraged Holly to take off her panties, which she did with a lustful smile. I watched his hand diddle with her excited long clit. He slid the sensitive nodule between his fingers, until she was about to come. She moaned when he entered a finger inside of her pussy, and more so as he added another. She had her legs wide open, and her hips humped to the rhythm of his pumping hand. Holly started to quiver, as she did when approaching an orgasm. I listened to her wet pussy creaming for him. She cried out that she was going to come. He made her pussy come three juicy times with his fingers deep inside. He had her shaking in an orgasmic fit. Girl cum coated his hand. He winked at me and said that was how to make a woman squirt when she comes.

After Holly recovered from the onslaught, she whispered in my ear that she wanted to blow him. It was only to be a little bit and just that one time. She loved doing it to me, as long as I did not come in her mouth. Not that she would not swallow, but more because she wanted my hard dick to fuck her pussy without further delay. I had been boasting to him how well my lady sucks a cock, so I gave her permission to put her lips on his big dick and bob her head a whole minute long. It was to be a sample of her expertise.

Two minutes went by. I could not believe how much of his thick cock Holly had in her mouth, or how much it excited me to see her sucking it. After two more minutes, Holly still had not stopped. She now added her hands to jerk the shaft and pull on his balls. She pleaded with her eyes to give her his cum. He held up a finger to me and wanted one more minute. He said she was very good with her mouth. I nodded and jerked harder on my dick. I was letting my girlfriend suck him off. Holly muffled a moan as he started to fill her mouth with cum. He held her head and pumped his load down her throat. She swallowed every bit and kept sucking his dick. I had to pull her by the hair to get her mouth off his cock and drag her into the bedroom to fuck.

After we married, Holly admitted more about her relationship with my friend. She said that after our lovemaking in his bedroom, she snuck out to blow him some more. I thought she went to the bathroom, but instead she was sucking his cock. She came back and kissed me with his cum in her mouth. Holly told me that up until we took our vows, she was blowing him on a regular basis after that night. I had no idea and wanted her to tell me more.

Back then, I worked from three to eleven. During which time, my future wife spent the evenings at his apartment and pleasured his cock. He taught her how to make love to a cock and rewarded her with his plentiful cum. She craved to have a man’s warm semen spurt into her mouth. Holly swore they never fucked, but he made her pussy come in puddles with his hand as she cuddled next to him and sucked on his cock.

He wanted Maltepe escort to test her skills and asked if she would be willing to blow someone else. It was his superior at work, whom he told of her desire to suck cock. It could mean a raise in his pay. Holly said she would do it for him. His boss was an indomitable, stout man with a very big dick. He joined as another tutor to teach her how to worship a man’s penis and milk its sweet cream by using her hands and mouth.

His preference was to have Holly handcuffed, while he held her head and pumped his cock into her mouth. He liked to splatter her face with his cum, after he made her beg to do it. He also provided sex toys, including a twelve-inch dildo, for her to use while blowing them. Holly bounced on the rubber dick and alternated from one cock to another with her mouth. She sucked on their cocks until her belly was full of hot cum. She had to blow them at least two times per nightly devotion to their cocks. They made my girlfriend be an oral slave for them, and she served her masters well.

She did it behind my back, but that was before we married a year ago. My friend transferred to another city with a substantial raise in salary since then. (Thanks to Holly, and the threat of blackmail by my friend to tell the boss’ wife of her husband’s dirty deeds.)

I called her a slut and asked if she still longs to suck on another man’s cock. Holly sheepishly nodded yes. She said that she loves doing it and misses having a big dick in her mouth. I agreed to let her do it, as long as she elaborated on every detail of the affairs with them. We fucked after that, while she told me more about her prior lust-filled trysts and current ambitions to do them, again. I was humping hard into Holly, when I suggested an entire evening where she blows as many as ten men. We also fantasized her in a gangbang with them fucking her, all night long. Her pussy creamed at the thought of that. I wanted to watch; but if she did it on her own, I told her to take pictures, next time.

She was targeting William, now.

That evening, William snuck over to get another blowjob from my wife. Holly must have sent him a text, after I fell asleep in my chair. They were in the kitchen, and it was her gagging that woke me up. I peeked in and saw her on her knees sucking his cock. The boy had a giant dick, not only long, but super thick. She had one of her hands stroking it with half of his cock in her mouth. Holly was fingering herself at the same time. She came while sucking his cock.

“Hmmm, suck it, Ms. Holly. Here comes number three. You love doing this, do you not? How about, if tomorrow, I could bring a couple of my friends. Would you like to blow other boys? I know they would love you to suck their dicks. They are of legal age the same as me.”

“Oh, William, that sounds so tempting to me. Yes, baby, I do want to blow other boys for you, but I do not word to get around that I am doing it. Would any of them happen to be well hung between their muscular legs?”

“Yes, ma’am, two have very big dicks. They are always bragging about the size of their cocks and that women become sex slaves for them. Their favorite thing is to tie up girls and use vibrating toys on their bodies. You may have seen them, for they were hanging out at my house a lot. My mom entertained them until I came home from school.”

“I bet she did and in the submissive way that they liked. Your mother is very hot. She leaves the drapes open in her bedroom, and I could see her undress. She has a beautiful body. I wonder if she knows that I am watching, while she masturbates. She does it everyday. Seeing her touch herself and fuck her pussy makes me play with mine. I have fantasies of licking her wet pussy and making her come.”

“I think my mother has affection for other women, as well. You two should have a lesbian affair. Maybe someday, you will. Do you know what, Ms Holly? I could try to hook you up, before I go back to school.”

“Yes, baby, I would like that. Tell me, William, has your mom ever played with your dick? Maybe she touched your boner, when it suddenly popped up. I cannot blame her for wanting to feel her son’s magnificent cock. Did she stroke it for you, honey, and make it come? I want to know.”

“Yes, Ms. Holly, but she only started doing it this past summer. Oh shoot, I promised not to tell.”

“You can tell me, William. How did it start? I do not want to jump to conclusions, but did your mother put her lips on your hard cock and suck it for you, too? Did you come in her mouth? Does she blow you a lot?”

“Within the last year, my mom looked at me differently with her eyes focused on my you-know-what. She even asked about the size of my cock. Her face turned bright red, when I said it was nine inches long. I am pretty sure that she went into her bedroom and played with herself. It started when mother caught me masturbating one day-I actually wanted her to see me stroking my cock-and she said I should not be doing that. I asked what else I could do. She saw that my hard cock was ready to come and finished jerking me off with her hands. My cock stayed erect, which put her in a tizzy. She then offered to suck it, but she did not want me to come in her mouth.”

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