VPLI’ve always had more female friends than male friends, and for a while, in college, I was part of a small clique of beautiful girls. There was one girl, Jennifer, who was my closest friend in that group, and we would all gather in her room to watch our favorite TV show every week, all lying on her bed, which was just a mattress on the floor. I was always extremely turned on whenever this happened, especially if I was in the middle, but even though I fantasized about the situation turning to sex, I never imagined it ever would.One of the nights that we got together, after the TV was turned off, no one got up from the bed. We laid back and talked for a while, and finally this one girl, Stacy, who had a marvelous bottom, probably because she liked to ride horses, asked everyone, out of the blue, “What kind of panties are you wearing?”One of the girls, a very cute Korean girl named Cindy, said to her, “Who are you talking to?”She responded, “All of you.”I said, jokingly, “Even me?””Yes,” she said. “Even you. Haven’t you ever heard of VPL?”I could feel my face flush deep red, and it was either the previous comment, or my blushing, that made the three girls laugh.Jen stood up, and for some reason stood in front of me. This should have indicated to me that the other three had planned this ahead of time. She didn’t strip for me. She simply took off her shirt, exposing a very sexy satin bra, with lace at the edges, and then took off her jeans, exposing her beautiful pink satin panties.Stacy said simply, “Pink.”Jen, who was now in her underwear, asked Stacy to scoot over, and she climbed down next to me, and pressed her body against me.Cindy took her turn next, and stood up, making sure to be right in front of me. She then played with her blouse a little bit, and then slowly unbuttoned it, so that little by little, I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra. In a way, this was a let-down, but in another way–probably the way most men would feel–it was stunning to see her naked breasts, with their sharp nipples, and small areola. Her breasts were larger than they had always seemed to me. She next undid her slacks, and played with me a bit, showing me peeks of her white silk panties, before suddenly pulling them off her tight body. She stood in front of me for a while, letting me soak in the image of her in just her panties, then she climbed down on the other side of me, and pressed her body just as tightly against mine as Jennifer had.Stacy said to the group, “White.” She then took her turn, and stood in front of me. She seemed so eager to get out of her clothes, that her white men’s t-shirt and tight beige slacks were off in an instant. Her panties and bra were both made of pink silk. Her bikini panties had lace around the edges, and a little bow at the top of the front panel.Being naturally shy, I was unwilling to assume that this was anything other than a show. I closed my eyes, and let the feeling of these two beautiful girls, in their panties, pressed against me on either side, fill me with satisfaction. Cindy laughed a bit, and suddenly the other two laughed as well. It was obvious why: I was very hard, and Escort Bayan it was visible.In the back of my mind, I had been dreading my own turn in this show, and was hoping that it wouldn’t come to that. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. All three insisted that I stand up and strip down to my panties. Stupidly, I told them that I wasn’t wearing panties, I was wearing boxers, and that I was not going to take off my clothes.Jen said to me, “We know you wear panties.”I continued to insist that I didn’t.”Don’t you realize,” said Cindy, “that it’s fairly obvious?”I laid there for a while, with no one speaking, and finally said, in a meek voice, “Do I really have to strip for you?”They all said “yes”–almost in unison.I couldn’t stand up. They finally pushed me up, and I found myself standing in front of them. I felt differently once I was standing up. It suddenly seemed as if this was my best chance of living out my fantasies.Very hesitatingly, I took off my shirt. I wasn’t teasing them, but it took a long time to get up the courage to take it off. It took almost too much courage to unbutton and unzip my khakis, but I was able to, and as soon as they caught a glimpse of black satin, they all began to laugh, but not in a mean-spirited way. They didn’t seem to mind.Emboldened by this, I took my khakis completely off, and stood in front of them, wearing nothing but a pair of black satin panties. My erection was pushing as hard as it could against the fabric. Jen said to me, “Come on. Lay back down with us.”It felt very different now to lay between two of them. My entire body was naked, except for my panties, and when I got back inbetween them, I suddenly felt more turned on than I ever had before. Skin was against skin; silk was against silk. Jen turned my head toward her, and began to kiss me, deeply and slowly. I soon felt Cindy’s hand, turning my head toward her. She too began to kiss me. I thought I was going to come at any second, but for some reason I held off. It was an odd foursome, because Stacy was left out. She wasn’t left out for long. She stood up, and then lowered herself on to me, so that I was completely surrounded by my beautiful friends. They took turns kissing me, and when one girl was kissing me, the other two would stroke my body, being careful not to touch my panties, since they knew as well as I did that doing so would make me come.Stacy finally ended the kissing session by saying, “Let’s get all our panties together.”The kissing really was over. The three of them stood up. Jen went to her panty drawer, and pulled out all her panties. The other two put their clothes back on, and went back to their own dorm rooms, which were right next to Jen’s room. They didn’t take long. They were both back in a couple minutes, one carrying a large gift bag, and one carrying a book bag. I was still laying down, as the feeling of suddenly being parted from them was making me feel miserable. It had felt so good to have them on all sides of me. I wasn’t going to be disappointed for very long, though. Each of my three friends took turns dumping all their panties on top Bayan escort of me.These were girls that really loved buying panties, as it seemed, since I was covered from head to toe in silk and satin. Stacy and Cindy made short work of getting their clothes back off, and while this was happening, Jen laid down beside me, rubbing my body through the layer of panties. Stacy and Cindy watched with fascination as she did this. Stacy finally said to everyone, “Choose your favorite. Let’s change.”This included me. First the three of them searched over the top of my body for a good pair to wear (no doubt making sure not to pick a pair of their own), and then Stacy and Cindy lent me their hands, and pulled me up, the panties sloughing off my body. It was my turn. I found a perfect pair of worn purple panties, ones that had obviously been bought a while ago, and very meekly stepped out of my own panties, and into the new ones. I was so incredibly hard, and my penis was jerking from the tension. Jen said to the other two girls, “I think we’re being unfair. Let’s see if we can let him release his come.”Before I could think about what she had said, all three of them pushed me onto the mattress, and then all got down on their hands and knees–partly off the bed–at the level of my panties. Cindy pulled my stiff penis out of my panties (or rather, one of their own panties), and she put it into her mouth. Stacy and Jen took their time to each take a pair of silk panties, and rub them against my balls, and against my asshole. They also kissed me on the hips, or the tops of my thighs. Soon Cindy gave way to Stacy, who pulled my penis out of Cindy’s mouth, and into her own. Stacy was really much better at giving head than Cindy was. I was breathless, and my heart was beating like crazy. I suddenly remembered our TV show, and all the times I had masturbated to mental scenes that weren’t nearly as hot as the real life I was experiencing. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before, and in fact I had believed up to that point that this sort of thing was meant for other people, or restricted to the pages of erotic fiction or letters sent in to porn mags.Jen took my penis in her mouth, and it was the mouth that I loved more than any other. She was one of my best friends, but she was also extraordinarily beautiful, and I had always longed for her mouth. It wasn’t long before I was ready to come. I whispered this, barely able to speak, and she took my penis out of her mouth, and pumped it with her hand, while five hands rubbed panties on my body. I knew what she wanted, and I was in no position to do otherwise. I shot my come all over her face. She smiled as each warm spurt hit her, on the cheek, or on the lips.I was exhausted suddenly, and laid down, still able to see the other three. Stacy and Cindy did something rather unexpected. They began to kiss and lick Jen on her face, until all the come had been cleaned off her.Normally, when I have sex, I get very tired afterward, and rather disinterested in any more. This was not the case that night. I came vigorously, but stayed hard. They all Escort noticed this, and seemed to purr between themselves. Jen smiled at me, and then climbed on top of me, my penis still out of my panties. She pulled her panties to one side, and guided me inside of her. Her pussy was tight, but also very wet, and I slid in with no problem. I had never imagined actually making love to Jennifer, but it was happening. She kissed me passionately, as she moved up and down on top of my erection, and my hands found her breasts, and undid her bra. She leaned forward, and I was able to take first one breast, then the other, in my mouth. I first licked, then gently bit down on her nipples. I also reached down to her clitoris, and massaged around it, without touching it, in order to bring her to orgasm. She began to really pump me, and as my penis slid up and down inside her, where she was so warm and wet, I realized I was going to come again. Luckily, she started to come first, and the feeling of her vagina contracting caused me to come inside her at the same time that she came on top of me.This time, I couldn’t stay hard. Jen tucked my penis back inside my panties, and then suggested that we all sleep on her mattress. I was still lying down. Jen took up her former position on one side of me, Cindy on the other, and Stacy again climbed on top of me. It was the perfect thing to do, after I had come so hard two times in a row. I basked in my post-coital glow, and the feeling of being surrounded by my beautiful friends. We were all in nothing but panties, and it was strange feeling three pairs of breasts up against my skin–although this paled in comparison to the feeling of their panties either against my outer thighs, or grinding into my own panties, as Stacy’s were.We did fall asleep, and when I awoke, Jen was still sleeping beside me, and Cindy and Stacy were gone. They hadn’t forgotten that night though, or tried to make it a one-off thing. Since we were already friends, it only made sense that we would begin a four-way relationship. It ended up lasting for about a year and a half, which is pretty good considering the dynamics of such an arrangement. We made love at every opportunity during that time, either with one or two, or sometimes all three. They all made sure that I wore panties every day, and never my own, but one of theirs. They also liked to wear each others’ panties, and there were many long nights where I would find myself, at some point, watching two or three of them having sex, while I lay next to them in my panties. Jen and I had the closest relationship, and it was Jen who stayed with me after the foursome broke up. She ended up developing a fetish for men in panties, and so our sex was always hot. She and I went on many buying sprees, and on occasion she would openly tell the sales clerk at the lingerie store that the panties were for me. (This actually became convenient, because after a while, every woman working at that particular store knew I wore panties, knew my size, and my preferences.)Jen and I were engaged for a while, but it didn’t work out. I wish that I still had her today, but I have a lot of great memories of being with her. I also love to think about that year and a half when I had three girlfriends, and foursomes were common. I can’t think of that college now without thinking of satin and lace, and the feel of their beautiful bodies against me.

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