Wait till your father gets home final part

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Wait till your father gets home final partWell after my encounter with my step daughter the little minx was always teasing me,just to get a good fucking in that your pussy of hers. I was at home one day,having a work at home day as her mother was out doing shopping and a catch up day,Jenny was upstairs as I heard her music.I was thinking of Jenny on her bed playing with her sweet slit, I got my cock out and started to rub it, I was in my own world when I heard daddy what are you doing, there was Jenny standing looking at me with my cock in my hand, she licked her lips and walked over and held it.She lowered her head and started to suck it, I felt her warm tounge licking the head and I felt inbetween her legs she was soaking, I pulled her panties to one side as I probed her pussy my finger slipped in as she moaned. I helped her up and took her clothes off I noticed she had her nipples pierced I bent her over and slid my cock into her pussy, she groaned as I went all the way in.She said take me daddy as I moved slowly in and out of her pussy my cock shinning with her jucies, my cock twitched and shot my load into her she cum as well I had not had sex for about 2 weeks and was gagging for some slit.As I slumped back in the chair, Jenny knelt down and sucked my limp cock she took my hand and led me to her bedroom.As we lay on her bed kissing and touching my phone rang, it was brian my side kick asking if I was free, he asked what I was doing Escort Bayan I joked and said I was taking care of my daughter,he joked saying lucky dog, Jenny whispered ask him to come over, I asked he said he would be there in about a hour.The hour past and brian came over he was a divorced father of 2 girls his wife pissed off and took the girls with him this hit him hard, Jenny answered the door and made friendly chat he asked if I was treating her ok she nodded her head and smiled cheekly I had a funny feeling she was upto no good.As we sat chatting Jenny sat oppisite us and listened she opened her legs slightly I noticed she had no panties on, she opened them a bit more Brian noticed her smooth pussy he kept staring at this awsome view, I has getting hard at the view, and Brian was getting that way too I knew Jenny had this in mind by her look, she got up and walked over to Brian as she kissed him and took his hand and placed it on her tits.He reacted grabbing her mounds like a hungry savage kissing him passionatly she got his cock out, it spung to attention as he lifted her skirt her naked young ass was grabbed, Brian got up bent Jenny over and slammed his cock into her repeatedly cumming in seconds she cried out as she cum as well.Brian slumped in the chair with a limp cock slumped over his leg Jenny now looked at my buldge walked over and pulled it out in a second she inpailed her cum filled pussed onto Bayan escort me. I felt Brians spent jucies running out of jennys pussy as I filled her cunt full of cock. I stripped her naked, as her young tits bounced up and down Brian now watched in amazment as Jenny slammed up and down her shouting for more.Brian got up grabbed Jennys tits and shoved his now hard cock into her mouth, she sucked it like a hungry whore grabbing his balls as they hung down. Brian was enjoying this as he had not had sex in over 2 years, and was now fucking a hot 20yr old girl she pulled his cock out of her mouth and told me to stop and lay on the floor, I did and she got on top sliding her slit down onto my cock she then told Brian to put it in her ass.She was now double penertrated as jenny kissed me her young tounge swirling around my mouth he rubbing her pierced nipples Jenny cumming multiple times all of a sudden brian shout his load as jenny cum and then me it was fantastic. Brian left with a huge smile on his face and said he would love to fuck her more.That evening I sat there thinking of what had happened that day, the following day Brian came round but I wasnt home, Sandra Jenny’s mum asked him in as they always got on so well, as they chatted Sandra broke down in tears saying I hadn’t touched her in over 2 weeks Brian comforted her she looked up and kissed him with passion she felt his cock grow,as she got it out and started Escort to suck it, all of a sudden Jenny walked in seing brians cock in her mums mouth.She shouted she was going to ring me and tell me that her mum was sucking my mates cock. I answered the phone Jenny was in tears as she told me I said I would be home asap, when I got there Brian was sitting in the livivng room saying he was sorry he took advantage of Sandra, I said well I knew he fancied her like hell so I couldnt say much Sandra said she was sorry then she explained why she did it.I said well would you like to fuck Brian whilst I watched she nodded her head and Brian looked in amazement. As Sandra stripped naked her perfect body made me horny Brian got naked in a hurry as Sandra knelt sucking his stiff cock she was rubbing her pussy as her head moved back and forth, she layed on the floor opening her legs and guiding brians cock into her she cried out in orgasms, He rammed his cock into her time and time again shouting his huge load into her.When they had dressed sandra said she was horny as hell with mme watching confessed she would love a huge black cock slamming into her pussy, I said ok I would love to fuck a young girl. Brian said his goodbyes and left, Sandra came in and said she needed a good fucking right now I throw her onto the sofa got my cock out and rammed it into her pussy filling it with a huge load, she screamed as the whole world must of heard her, that weekend we met a guy and a girl who we knew from the pub and brought them back to our place where he fucked her and I fucked his 18yr old girlfriend. Sandra admitted that the huge black cock she had was fantastic and felt like she was bieng split in 2.

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