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“Waiting Outside The Lines 14”

I tried to keep myself from hyperventilating, but it was getting more and more difficult by the second. Especially with Chandler keeping my attention on him the entire time. There was an entire set full of people and extras and a crowd of chaotic tech people trying to get the scene ready…but underneath that truck…it was just me and him.

A few weeks ago, this would have been a dream come true. I would giggled myself right into a baby nap, right here in the dust. This is the closest I”ve ever been to him. Can you believe that? I”ve walked past him a million times, said hello, even shared a lunch table with him, since I”ve been on set. But this is the first time that I”ve been hip to hip, shoulder to shoulder, with him. I was close enough to smell the sporty fresh scent of his deodorant. Close enough to see his individual eyelashes as they gently blinked to give me a micro break from the glow of his neon blue eyes. I could kiss him right now. I mean, you know that, right? I could lean over, just a few inches…and kiss Chandler right on the lips. What”s to stop me? He would reach hand up to caress my cheek as our lips made contact…and he”d roll over to his side…maybe even on his back. There was just enough room under that truck for me to slide on top of him and position myself between his legs. Just enough room for us to moan and hump and truly enjoy one another as our tongues slid against each other. I can practically feel his hands on me. I can almost taste his tongue. It was a lot more difficult being this close to him than I ever thought it would be.

I peeked at him every now and then, but tried to keep my eyes focused forward as much as possible. Worried that he would be able to see the lust in my concentrated stare.

“You ok?” He asked me with a gentle grin. “You look a little nervous.”

“Oh. Yeah. I”m cool.”

“M”kay.” He said. I looked away again, but he kept leaning his forward, hoping to catch my eye again. His smile widened, and when I gave him a timid smirk in return, he giggled in the cutest way…and scooted a little bit closer. I didn”t even think he could get any closer. “I like you, Evan. You already seem like fun. We should have talked long before now…”

I was stuck for words, unable to really respond with anything but a nervous nod of my head.

“Alright, boys! You guys ready?” The director called out, and Chandler was all set to go. Right on cue. I, on the other hand, still had a few minutes left to go before I could compose myself. Maybe even longer before I could stop grinding my hips into the mat beneath me. I hope that my mind will be elsewhere when I start reciting my lines, because I was soooooo hard at that moment! Ugh, I thought my legs were going to go numb if I didn”t soften up soon. I”m surprised my brain was getting any blood at all. “Places, everybody. Can you get me a light reading? Let”s get in motion, folks.”

I was swallowing hard, attempting to keep my mouth from being so dry. Ok, I can do this. It”s all make-believe. Make-believe is easy. This is why we”re here. Just breathe.

The director looked at us, and said, “Say, Chandler? Can I get some space between you two. You guys look a little “cozy” under there.”

Thank God! Chandler had to shuffle a bit further away from me, until we were no longer touching. That helped some. Well, at least a little bit. I did what I could to get my breathing under control, and I noticed that Chandler was lightly brushing his hair out of his eyes, giving me a tilted smile as he looked me in the eyes again. I attempted to break the momentary tension by saying, “Ok, so I guess you lead in to the scene and I”ll just, like…follow you, or whatever?”

“I miss being over there next to you.” He grinned.


“I do. I wanna be “cozy” again.” I turned red, which only seemed to make his smile even more engaging. “Maybe next time, we”ll get a chance to rehearse first. We can try it both ways, if you want.” Did he wink at me when he said that? Maybe he had some dust in his eye or something. It was quick. I probably got mixed up with what I thought I saw. I”m…I”m getting even harder than before. This is almost starting to hurt now.

“Alright, your lead, Chandler.” The director told us, and he grabbed the prop gun next to him and got into character. I did the same…trembling hands and all. “Lights up. We”re rolling. Background. Annnd….action…”

Don”t freak out now, Evan. Don”t freak out now.

“The key is to always aim for a headshot…” Chandler said, with “Carl” aiming his rifle at the zombified extras clawing at the gate in front of us. “…But if you find yourself overrun by walkers, sometimes you can aim for the legs to slow them down. Never aim for the torso. It”s just a waste of bullets.”

“You sound like you”ve had plenty of practice with this stuff.” I said.

“We”ve been out in the middle of this mess since the beginning. I hardly remember a world without it.”

I said, “We spent more time running from them than trying to make a stand against them. I have to say…guns are new to me.”

“Can”t run forever…” Chandler started, but the director called for a “cut”.

He told us, “Say, Evan? Can you give me that line again? I”m looking for a bit of a darker tone, so dial it back a touch, ok? Chandler, take it from “I hardly remember a world without it.””

“Sorry…” I mumbled.

Chandler just said, “Don”t sweat it. First take. You”re fine.”

“We”re rolling, people. Quiet on set. And…action.”

“We”ve been out in the middle of this mess since the beginning. I hardly remember a world without it.”

Lowering my voice a bit, mersin escort putting a little “shade” on the whole vibe, I said, “We spent more time running from them than trying to make any kind of stand against them. So, I guess I have to admit…the gun thing is new to me.” Not exactly the scripted words, but definitely close enough.

Chandler said, “Can”t run forever.” Then he aimed the gun at the gate, and pulled the trigger. “Guns are the easy part. It”s what comes before and after that”s hard to deal with.”

The director called another cut and I was worried that I might have screwed up again. I bashfully laid there and waited while the director went over his notes and quietly talked back and forth with some of the techs on set. It might have only been 30 seconds, but I was all ready to start biting my nails and apologizing for messing up when the director called out, “Great job, guys. That”s just what I”m looking for. You nailed it, Evan. Give me more of that. We got some interference in audio, so we”re going to get another few shots of that. But you boys are all aces. Keep it up.”

Oh wow…um…ok!

Chandler smiles at me, and with a playful little shove, he says, “See? Told ya! Piece of cake. Whenever he uses the words “all aces”…that means he”s impressed that you took direction so well. It”s a bonus. I bet he gives you more lines by the end of next week.”

Now, I was feeling a whole different series of boyish jitters inside. Jitters that warmed me through and through and made me feel as though I was soaring high into the clouds. You know, instead of being so dizzy that I was about to fall, face down, in the dirt. I mean, to be able to come out and take part in something that I really loved, something that I was truly passionate about…that was exciting enough. But to be rewarded for a job well done by my peers and idol for it…there”s no describing the feeling. It felt so good that I had to suppress the urge to giggle madly while doing retakes and the like. Chandler could tell that I was having fun, and always made me smile between takes. It helped me relax a little bit. In fact, I think the added confidence made my performance even better than before. Who knows? Maybe Asa and Chandler were right. Maybe there really wasn”t anything to this acting biz once you get in the right frame of mind.

We took shot after shot, some close ups, some two shots, a few over the shoulder takes…keeping our memorized scripts in mind and trying to recreate the same feeling time and again to make the editors” jobs easier when they had to blend it all together smoothly. We didn”t have to move around a whole lot, which makes things easier too, I think. I still have a bad habit at looking down on my mark to figure out when to stop walking and stand on it so I can remain in frame. But I got to load a rifle, even got to aim at some on set zombies! Boosh! Ohhh man! I can”t wait to see what it looks like when the episode is all put together! I got to kill zombies! What kid doesn”t dream about stuff like that?

Two hours worth of filming blaze past us in the blink of an eye. I couldn”t believe how much I was enjoying myself at that point. Chandler and I were given a break, and a few people from the set helped us to slide out from under the truck to dust ourselves off.

“My legs are a little wobbly, but I think I could definitely get used to this.” I grinned.

“If you ask me, it looks like you”re pretty used to it already.” Chandler said.

“Boosh! Boosh! I”m so psyched now to see a zombie”s head explode on screen when I do that! Hehehe!”

“Omigod, Evan…it”ll look awesome. You should see some of the cool stuff they can do in post. The effects are all top notch, and they make it look all gross and slimy…you”ll be blown away.”

I asked, “Was I really ok? I mean, do you think the director might want me to do more stuff like this?”

“I wouldn”t bet against it. If I had to put my vote in, you”d be back for every episode. I”m sure the writers can find plenty of trouble for you to get into.”

He has a cute way of flattering me that really makes me believe it, you know? There”s a sincerity about him that draws you in and holds you still. What can I say, it made me feel good. “And now I can add loading and unloading a rifle to my skill set on my resume. Hehehe, I”ll need that when I become Hollywood”s next big action hero.”

“Yeah, right. Hehehe!” Chandler snickered.

“What do ya think? Maybe I could be “The Punisher”? Get Asa in a skin tight Spidey suit and take a few shots at him?”

“Somehow, I get the feeling he might get a kick out of that.” Chandler”s eyes met mine again…and a sheepish grin appeared on my lips out of nowhere. Everything had gotten to be so comfortable that I had almost forgotten who I was talking to here.

Looking away and clearing my throat, I said, “Actually, you know what would really be cool? I wanna get made up like one of the extras on the set. I want to be a zombie for a day. Like…with my brains all exposed and my guts hanging out…”

“Dude, that would rock!” He said. “Too bad that I”d have to put you down.”

“What? You”d take a head shot at me?” I grinned.

“Damn straight! No mercy for the walking dead “round these parts.” He said, raising his prop gun at me.

“Watch it, or I might have to bomb first!” I said raising my gun as well.

Just then, one of the prop guys came over to us and took our guns away from us, saying, “Not a toy. Not a toy. Kids and guns don”t mix. Run along and go play elsewhere til we call for you.”

“Sorry. Hehehe…” I mumbled. That”s when I noticed Chandler giving me this really flirtatious smile, those piercing blue eyes holding me hostage as he admired my bashful attitude.

After a brief pause, he said, “Come with me. I wanna show you something.”

I think all the blood suddenly drained from my face. “Huh? Wha…? I don”t know. What if they call us back to set or something, and…?”

“They won”t need us for a while. Besides, we”ve got our cell phones on us, right? They can call us if escort mersin they need us. This won”t take long.” He said. He gently bit his bottom lip, taking a baby step forward, almost as if fighting the temptation to kiss me on the lips. “Come on. It”ll be fun.”

I don”t know what happened. I panicked! I heard my voice squeak slightly as I said, “Um…yeah. Ok…” My chest began to shake with violent tremors, my hands turning ice cold as my palms began to sweat, and my heart began to thump wildly in the back of my throat.

“Sweet! Hold on a second! Just let me grab Asa real quick! Don”t go anywhere, ok?” He said, and hurried off before I could even catch my breath. Did he say he was going to get Asa too? Omigod omigod omigod…what am I doing? Did I say yes? Why did I say yes? Where is this going? Maybe I”m way off base about this whole thing. Things like that don”t come this easy, do they? Teen heartthrobs don”t just randomly get infatuated with people and ask them to go back to their trailer for hot sexual pleasures beyond imagination. Right? I mean…right? No, I”m thinking that doesn”t happen. Yeah…that”s just not a normal thing to happen.

I can”t imagine that I”ve built up that level of good karma just yet.

My pulse quickened as I saw both boys walking quickly in my direction. They”re coming over here. BOTH of them are really coming over here! Ahhhh! I would have run away from them if I had the will power to get my legs to move!

They barely slowed down their pace as Asa took a firm grasp of my hand and said, “C”mon, Evan. You”re gonna love this.” Chandler”s hand rested itself on my shoulder, and I suddenly found myself being carried off set and out into the middle of God knows where, to do God knows what, with you know who! It was all happening so fast that I didn”t have time to think straight. I was already swept up in the rapidly traveling current of the situation, barely able to keep up as I stumbled along.

They kept talking to me, grinning and making jokes…almost as if to distract me. To keep me moving until we were far away from the eyes of everybody else on set. I recognized the path we were taking. I remembered it well. And that”s when thoughts of Chandler and Asa, writing and rolling around naked in that twin sized bed came back to me. There was a part of me that still wanted to deny that this was happening. That they probably had something completely different in mind. But as we got to the “magic trailer” and I felt their pace slowing down…I tensed up all over again.

Asa actually stopped me for a second and said, “Hold on. Why don”t we let Chandler go in and pick up a bit first, eh?”

Chandler said, “Yeah, it”ll just take me a minute. I”ll be right back, k?” I felt Chandler”s hand graze mine. It was quick, but deliberate. I could hear an excited quiver in his voice as he climbed up the few short steps to get into the trailer, and looked back at me with a smile before going inside.

Asa reached up a hand to gently tuck some of my blond locks behind my ear for me. He said, “It”s not really all that dirty in there, but we wanted to make sure everything was ace, y”know?” Then he”s like, “You were good today. I liked watching you work. Maybe we can keep in touch after the shoot. I get to come back to the States quite often these days for work. I could always make arrangements to come see you or vice versa.”

“Uh huh…” I said, hardly able to breathe. Get me out of here! I need to go! Ahhhh!

I froze as I heard the turn of the knob and saw the trailer door open. Chandler peeked out and said, “Ok. Come on in.”

I swallowed hard as Asa gave me a smirk and put his hand on the small of my back. “Go on. After you.” I know he was watching me as I climbed into the trailer. I could feel it. The same way I could feel his hand slide further down as I took that second step up.

Is this real? Oh God, this is real, isn”t it?

The trailer looked so much bigger from the inside than it did from the outside. Chandler led me straight back to the sleeping area, where it looked like he did a super quick cleaning job, rushing to half-heartedly make up the bed and toss some pillows on it at random. The second I walked in, my eyes looked over towards the window, and the tree branch that I had been using to spy on them. I instantly wanted to cover that thing with a shade or a curtain or…or a coat of black paint! SOMETHING! This was causing me to spaz out. Seriously, the whole room was spinning.

Chandler sat on one corner of the bed, next to the wall. He turned sideways, with one foot on the floor, and the other knee raised, his foot on the mattress. I hesitated, as the thought of me sitting on a bed, practically between Chandler Riggs open legs, frightened the HELL out of me. But, taking a step backward, Asa was right behind me…his smile even more wicked than before. And he invited me to sit with a little nudge. Again, right in the small of my back. Something about the way Asa touched me caused me to shiver all over, and I pretty much had to sit down to hide a shamelessly growing erection in front of me.

Asa sat on the other side of me, and I found myself trapped between the two of them. Trapped, without the good sense to formulate a plan of escape. I can”t even stand up without accidentally poking somebody”s eye out with this boner of mine. Not to mention that I was desperately trying to block out that tiny little voice in the back of my mind that was screaming at me to go for it. Trying to convince me that there would be NO consequences if I did! NONE!

“This is sort of our home away from home.” Chandler said. I watched as he kicked off both of his shoes, and then extended the leg he had on the mattress until it was behind where I was sitting. Chandler smiled at me, and he said, “This is sort of where Asa and I come to relax. We need to unwind every now and then.”

Asa leaned in a bit, and I had to turn my head when he said, “Yeah. This place takes a bit of the stress off. A place to call our own.” He smiled.

Chandler then told me, “Nobody mersin escort bayan comes out here. It”s just a storage trailer really. There”s a couple of them around the set. Nobody even knows we”re out here.”

Asa said, “Yeah. Nobody. We”re all alone. It”s our own personal paradise.” I had to keep looking back and forth between them, and just as I felt I was getting a lock on one of them, the other would draw my focus in the other direction. “Do you like it?” Asa asked me.

“Yeah. This…this whole place seems really cool.” I said.

“Nice…” Chandler said. Then, as he leaned back against the wall, propped up by a couple of pillows, his wiggly sock foot moved up behind me and he used his toes to playfully tickle my backside…spreading his legs even wider for me.

Did he have a bulge in the front of his pants? I didn”t dare look. I didn”t DARE!

Asa said, “Are you alright? You seem a little tense. Hehehe, relax. It”s just the three of us. It”s ok.” And he used a hand to reach up and sort of massage my right shoulder. And I felt Chandler”s foot move forward to sort of wiggle around my ankle.

Chandler said, “Take your shoes off. Get comfortable.” Then he”s like, “This trailer doesn”t really have a big electric output or anything, but…it”s still pretty cozy, right? Just like you and me under the truck?”

Asa echoed, “Yeah. Pretty cozy, eh?”

I didn”t have time to answer. Chandler was already telling me, “I”ve got video games and stuff in my own trailer, but they don”t really give us much privacy when we”re that close to the set. Out here? Well, this place is all ours. This is a place that Asa and I can enjoy without…you know…interruptions.” I felt his toes flex a few times behind my back, and he grinned when he did it.

“I…I uh…” But before I could finish, Asa put his hand on my leg.

“It”s ok, mate. It”s just us out here. you can have some real fun with us if you”re up to it.” Asa said. He let one of his hands rest on my knee, and the other moved up to feel my longish, blond, hair again. He smiled and said, “you feel a little moist up here, Evan. Hehehe!”

Trying to keep my composure, I said, “Well…I guess that I”m just…well, I”m really just…I…” UGH! Stop stuttering! Fuck! I said, “It”s alright.”

“You sure?” Asa asked, seductively. “It feels a little damp to me.”

“I think I”m…I”m just…I think I”m hot. That”s all.” I said.

Asa and Chandler shared a mischievous grin over what I had just said, and Asa said, “I totally agree! You”ll get no arguments from me there. Hehehe!”

“Me either…” Chandler replied. I noticed that the foot he had on the floor had moved forward, almost touching my shoe as he made a subtle approach to get me to maybe accept his advances. “Sometimes, you just have to sweat it out.” He said. “It helps.”

I looked at Chandler, but Asa put his hand on my thigh and distracted me again. It wasn”t the kind of innocent touch that I was used to. Asa made sure to put his hand high enough on my thigh o not make it seem creepy, but high enough where there would be no mistaking that it was meant to be a method of sensual contact. There was no mistaking that.

I looked back at Asa, giving him a bashful grin. Then I looked over at Chandler to see his smoldering blue eyes egging me on. Then back to Asa, who”s hand was slightly moving up to a place where his intentions couldn”t be hidden any longer. The whole time, they made it seem like we were just hanging out as a couple of precocious teen boys on the set…trying to find a break from the monotony of filmmaking. But I knew better. They weren”t shy about letting me know either.

I nervously giggled, trying to come up with something “normal” to say. I was like, “I guess you guys need a break, huh?”

“Yeah…” Chandler said, as he seductively leaned back and rested on his elbows as his legs spread open even further to open himself up to me.

“You”re so tense…” Asa said from behind me. He started to knead the muscles around my neck with his hands, and he said, “Relax, mate. We”re not gonna hurt ya…”

Chandler gave me a little poke in the side of my abdomen, and the second I looked back at him and grinned, I felt Asa poke me from the other side. Had they worked this whole thing out ahead of time? Or were they just so in sync that seducing a young boy like me had become second nature to them at this point.”

I watched as Chandler raised his other leg and rested his deeply arched foot on my lap…with Asa reaching for it to rub it deep in the curve with his thumb. I could feel their eyes on me. Both of them. But since I was in the middle, I could only look at one of them at a time.

Back and forth, back and forth. I don”t think I was built to resist this kind of temptation. And they knew it. Didn”t they?

Chandler didn”t make any real attempt to hide the fact that he was extremely aroused by the fact that I was even there. Sitting right here on a bed that they had just made love in a few hours ago. With Asa”s hand crawling, ever so slightly, up my thigh…his long fingers tracing small circles around a set of delicate set of sensual nerve endings that I never really knew were there until my sweet Greyson activated them for the very first time.


My sweet Greyson…

“You like this?” Chandler asked me.

As I turned to look at him, I felt Asa lean forward and lightly graze his beautiful lips against the side of my neck. His hand now moving up even further to where the back of his pointer finger and middle finger could now touch the side of my balls through my pants.

I don”t think I was mistaking this for something else now. It was pretty obvious what they were pushing for. And to think that I”d be strong enough to resist at this point…with my erection threatening to burst through my pants…was a wet dream at best.

Chandler Riggs on my left…Asa Butterfield on the right…both touching me in the most intimate ways as I fought to fall in line with the rest of this lustful teen fantasy…

How can I NOT give in???

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