It was my birthday, and my new friend Teri had arranged to take me out for a day’s shopping. I had only known her three weeks, meeting her at an evening dance class, but already we were firm friends and getting closer all the time. She was wild, forever saying outrageous things, flirting shamelessly with men, dressing how she pleased, trying to get me to ‘let myself go’. I didn’t consider myself a prude – I’d had several boyfriends and was always open to approaches from others – but Teri took my breath away sometimes. Last week she’d invited me to an orgy – I think she was serious – but I chickened out at the last minute.

Perhaps I should tell you a little about us. My name’s Lisa and I’m 25, secretary, fairly small but well-formed, short blonde hair, pretty (I’m told), fond of sunbathing so I’ve got a good tan that covers all but a few strategic square inches. Teri is taller, same age, hair a little darker than mine (when it’s not dyed), slimmer but with a nice bust. Her love life is so complex (if you believe her) that she needs a laptop to keep track of who she’s dating that day.

Anyway, she turned up on time in a bright pink sundress bearing a huge card and a small gift-wrapped box. We kissed – Teri kisses everybody and I’m getting the habit now. The card bore some obscene greeting, and the box was very heavy. Inside were two smooth balls made of some golden metal.

‘Uh, thanks,’ I said. ‘They’re very nice . . .’ I had seen similar objects designed for exercising the fingers. It seemed a strange gift. Teri was looking at me with suppressed laughter.

‘Don’t you know what they’re for?’

‘Uh . . . ‘

‘They’re called ben-wa balls. Lots of women use them. They’ll drive you wild!’

I must have been thick that morning, because I still didn’t see what she was driving at.

‘You put them in your cunt,’ she said, grinning at my discomfort. I opened my mouth but no sound emerged.

‘Go on, try them,’ said Teri.

‘Are you sure?’ I mumbled. I couldn’t imagine using them, and yet deep inside me something subconscious obviously liked the idea because I felt a tiny quiver in my loins.

‘Of course I’m sure,’ she said, holding her arms out and wriggling like a belly dancer.

‘You mean – you use them?’ I was stunned.

‘Yep. Quite a lot of the time. I’m wearing some now. I feel great – ready for anything!’

I swallowed. Well, it was my quarter century, so I felt I ought to try something new. And my body was liking the idea more and more, if the trace of hot wetness in my pussy was any signal.

I went to the bathroom (I wasn’t going to put them in with her watching, was I?) and took off my panties. I ran the balls under the hot tap for a minute as Teri had advised me, then squatted down in the tampon-inserting position. I took a deep breath, wondering whether to just tell her they were in without actually doing it. Courage, Lisa. Today is the first day, etc.

The warm smooth spheres, about the size of a hen’s egg, went in with surprising ease. I stood up slowly, examining the novel sensations: a dragging on my pelvic floor muscles, a satisfying feeling of fullness in my cunt – and a sudden surge of sexual arousal that swept through me and made me clutch at the basin for support. Wow! That was like nothing I’d ever experienced before, neither with a man, nor with myself. There was no focus of pleasure – clitoris or whatever – just a hot glow of sexual power diffusing through my entire body. My breasts tingled and I felt my nipples harden. My pussy grew wet with my juices.

I pulled my panties back on and tried to walk nonchalantly back into the lounge. Every step sent a wave of pleasure coursing through me. I gasped and swayed, and Teri, coming to see what was taking so long, caught me before I stumbled. I felt her warm arms around me, through my thin dress, and felt a definite sexual current flowing between us.

‘Good, heh?’ she said, ‘Here, sit down till you get used to it.’

I sat on the sofa and, once still, the feelings subsided a little. ‘How do you manage?’ I said, ‘I feel like – I don’t know what.’

‘Like you’re going to cum all the time?’ she asked, grinning, and I nodded. ‘You’ll get used to it. You’re just on a higher plane. It took me a few hours to be able to act natural.’

I sat there with an inward look, shifting my hips occasionally and analysing the sensations it produced. I did feel as if I was at that plateau stage when you want to cum but need just a bit more stimulation – not much! – to tip you over the edge. It was delicious, Escort in fact, and I could see it would be addictive.

Teri was looking at her watch. ‘Come on, we want to get some shopping in before lunch.’ I wasn’t sure that I could manage walking round the shops, but she persuaded me. I hung on to her arm as we went out to her car, gasping and giggling with pleasure.

The faint vibration of her car set up sympathetic trembling in my ‘balls’, and by the time we arrived at the mall I was as close to cuming as if I was being tongued by a professional linguist. I had to sit there for five minutes before I was able to get out of the car. Teri looked at me with amusement. I knew now why she out of all my friends had a different air about her, an air of excitement, daredevil, arousal. It was because she was constantly on a sexual high. I found myself looking at her as if I were a man, admiring her long legs, her high breasts with their prominent nipples showing under the dress, her moist full lips, her nostrils flaring with excitement. Faintly I thought I could smell her sexual musk – or perhaps it was mine!

We strolled into the mall, me desperately trying to pretend I was normal. I found myself adopting a slower, more sensuous, hip-rolling walk – sudden movements tended to make the balls bump against the walls of my vagina. I realised that Teri walked like that: it was one of the causes of her innate sexuality. We linked arms and I took pleasure in the feel of her warmth against me.

Soon I had to sit down on one of the benches until I had got myself under control. We laughed together at my predicament, and Teri suggested we grab a coffee and doughnut at the stall opposite. I thought I could make it that far.

We stood at the counter, making small talk with the young assistant, a teenage girl with long black hair. Suddenly she stopped and looked at me directly.

‘You wearing?’ she asked.

I didn’t understand. ‘What?’

‘Are you wearing?’ she repeated.

‘Yes, she is,’ Teri said. ‘First time today.’

The girl grinned at me. ‘Welcome to the club,’ she said. ‘Have a nice day!’ She winked.

I was stunned. We went and sat down and Teri explained that women who were wearing ben-wa balls, or anything similar, generally had a air about them which was recognisable by those in the know. A sort of underground subculture.

‘I could tell she was,’ Teri said, ‘and she didn’t have to ask me. But maybe you haven’t learnt how to show it properly yet.’

I breathed deeply. There was a lot I had to learn about life. The girl flashed another grin at me.

We spent the next half-hour just watching the people walking past. I lusted after the men – anything between 15 and 55 that was halfway decent seemed like a sex god to me just then – but Teri told me to concentrate on the women.

‘Here’s one,’ she whispered, ‘Coming from the left.’ She was 35ish, business type, smartly dressed, short skirt. But yes, her walk was just a little too slow and swinging, her breasts held a little too proudly, her mouth open slightly, her misty eyes focused inwards on her bodily sensations. ‘She’s wearing, I’ll bet you. Look at the eyes, they’re the key.’

By the end of the half-hour I could identify them with reasonable accuracy – probably about 1 in 20. Of course, we had no way of knowing whether we were right, although Teri said that we could always ask. I thought she was joking, but she reckoned that they would be pleased to meet a fellow wearer. There was a sort of freemasonry at work here. Certainly I hadn’t been offended by the coffee stall girl – in a way I had felt closer to her.

But the purpose of our visit had after all been some serious shopping. We browsed around the clothes shops, not finding anything that we liked much. I must admit that my mind wasn’t totally on the task in hand – every so often a too sudden movement would send a bigger than normal wave of pleasure through me, and I would have to suppress a whimper. One time, I was squatting down looking at shoes, and it was too much. I clutched Teri’s arm. ‘Teri, I’ve got to cum!’ I whispered.

She smiled at me. ‘Me too,’ she said, ‘Cmon, let’s go outside.’ We staggered to the bench out in the mall and sat. I was shaking with the climax that hovered just under the surface.

‘Cross your legs,’ whispered Teri. I pressed my thighs together and squeezed my internal muscles, knowing instinctively what to do. Teri and I gripped hands and I felt her trembling. The climax burned through me like a hot wind, I felt myself flushing Escort Bayan and my vision went misty for a moment. Faintly I heard Teri moaning beside me. I came down from the heights very slowly – it hadn’t been like a normal orgasm I get with a man, more of a great heat filling my body.

‘Wow,’ I breathed, and Teri looked at me and grinned. I could see her lips moist and her eyes smoky with the afterglow of her own climax. We sat there gathering strength – I for one felt as horny as before.

A woman came out of the shop opposite and approached us. She was in her thirties, attractive and well-dressed. I though I could detect in her movements and demeanour the signs of a fellow wearer.

‘Hi,’ she said, ‘Do you want to use one of our changing rooms? You’re welcome, you know.’

I was taken aback, but Teri said, ‘OK, I guess we need that. Lisa here’s not used to it.’

The shop woman smiled at me. ‘Quite a buzz, isn’t it?’ she said. ‘Took me weeks to act normal.’

‘You’re . . . wearing?’ I asked, using the accepted phrase.

‘Sure,’ she said, ‘Wouldn’t be without them. Helps pass the time. Couldn’t stand this job otherwise.’

We got up shakily and went into the shop. She handed us some dresses. ‘Here, pretend you’re trying these on. Changing rooms are through the back.’

Teri and I got into the small mirrored room and shut the door. I clung to her, feeling another climax welling up in me. She helped me off with my dress and took her own off. I was shocked to see the large damp patch in the crotch of her panties, but I realised that I was just as wet. She slipped them off and leaned back against the wall, sliding her fingers down between her legs. In a few seconds she was shuddering and gasping her way through an orgasm, rubbing her hard nipples with her other hand. I felt more juice spill into my panties, and slipped them off, unable to take my eyes off Teri. My hand found its way to my clit of its own volition and with shocking suddenness I came powerfully. The balls held in my spasming vagina pressed against my sensitive places and renewed my climax again and again.

Eventually Teri and I came down to earth, looked at each other and laughed. ‘Like it?’ she said.

She pulled out another pair of panties from her bag. ‘Got a spare pair?’ she asked, and I shook my head.

‘Always carry a couple of spares. Here, borrow one of mine.’

We dressed and tried to make ourselves look presentable. My orgasms had relieved my more urgent needs but I was still on that sexual plateau where a small extra stimulation would trigger off further climaxes. The woman grinned at us as we gave her back the dresses that we had ‘tried on’.

‘Feel better now?’

Teri grinned at her, unembarrassed. ‘You bet. Thanks.’

‘I know what it’s like. What are you wearing?’

‘Lisa here’s got a pair of balls. It’s her first time. I’ve got four in. What about you?’

I was taken aback. Four! Teri must be stretched to bursting.

‘Just a couple of balls. Sometimes I use a big egg, sometimes a butt plug as well. I like a bit of variety.’

I wanted to ask what a butt plug was, but decided to wait. Teri was talking to the woman, analysing different designs, most of the jargon over my head.

‘Some of us here go to a work-out class on Wednesday evening,’ the woman said. ‘We all wear something for that. It’s wild! You should try it. And the shower-room afterwards, wow! We really have some fun.’

‘I’ve got an exercise bike,’ Teri said. ‘That’s nice. I can cum continuously for half-an-hour!’

‘I can imagine,’ said the woman, smiling to herself. ‘Well, guess I got to go in back after that! Have fun!’

We wandered out into the mall again. I felt as though I was in a dream, where anything was allowed and possible. Had I really just cum on the seat there, and again in the changing room?

‘Was that true, about the exercise bike?’

‘What?’ said Teri, distracted. ‘Oh, yeah, of course. You should try it.’

We suddenly felt hungry so found a cafe and stuffed ourselves for a while, watching the people walk by and trying to identify the ‘wearers’. Teri reckoned that most of the waitresses and assistants were, but I wasn’t so sure. I found that I was getting used to the glow of sexual arousal suffusing my body – I could ignore it for periods, although I realised that I was smiling at everyone and unconsciously giving come-on signals to men (and women too, probably). Then I would concentrate on my insides and feel the balls rolling against my vagina, and Bayan Escort a wave of pleasure would break inside me. My borrowed panties grew wet.

Over coffee, Teri and I had to let ourselves cum again. I managed it quite well, my breathing growing deeper and louder but no other outward signs. It was a good way to end the meal.

‘How many spare pairs have you got?’ I asked her, and she laughed.

‘You’ll just have to leave them off, Lisa. That dress’s long enough – just.’

We strolled around, getting chatted up by a couple of men working on an empty shop. I think if Teri had been on her own she would have ended up fucking them both, but I wasn’t ready for that – yet.

‘Can men tell?’ I asked her.

‘No, don’t think so. Not consciously anyway. They just know whether a woman’s sexy or not, don’t stop to ask why. Probably don’t even know about wearing things.’

We browsed around a stall selling silver jewellery. The owner was a tall striking Afro-American woman; she radiated sexuality like an electric fire and I felt that no man would have been able to resist her. I found her quite exciting myself. She held some of the chains up to my neck and the touch of her warm fingers sent a spark through me. Teri was looking at another counter.

‘What are you wearing?’ she asked me in a low voice.

‘Couple of ben-wa balls,’ I answered, then realised that she might have been asking about my perfume.

‘Thought so,’ she said.

‘What about you?’ I was bold enough now to ask.

‘Come through the back and I’ll show you.’ She called to the other assistant to watch the front, and led me through into the storeroom. She put a foot up on a crate, and hitched up her long skirt with no embarrassment.

She was naked under the skirt. Her long brown legs flowed endlessly upwards to her dark crotch. She was shaven, and her labia were black and velvety. But what drew my eye was the large cream object sticking out of her vagina. It looked like a sculpted pair of testicles, and a wire led from it upwards across her stomach. I saw also that there was a silver ring in one of her outer labia. I couldn’t tear my eyes away.

She pulled something out of a pocket in her skirt; it looked like a small TV remote control. She turned a knob on it and I heard a faint buzzing sound. She breathed fast and I saw her hips writhe slowly.

‘Batteries are inside,’ she said breathlessly. ‘I can control the power from this thing.’

She put her leg down, letting the skirt fall to cover her. Her hand gripped my shoulder, and she looked into my eyes as her climax swelled. She turned the knob again and an expression of pure ecstasy swept across her face. She gasped and moaned, her hips jerking. I grew ever wetter. . .

When she had calmed down, she felt in her other pocket and gave me a small business card. She looked hard at me and said, ‘Why don’t you visit me and my husband some time? We’d both like to get to know you better. Call us anytime.’

I looked at the card – just their names and a street address, with ‘Handmade Silver Jewellery’ underneath. They lived not far from me.

‘I might do that,’ I said, smiling at her, and thinking that I had to get to a place where I could cum quickly.

‘I better get back to the shop. You can stay here – if you need to.’ She grinned at me.

She left me in the storeroom and I watched her shapely figure walk out into the shop with that sensuous roll she had. I slipped off my panties, pushed my hand between my legs and squeezed my thighs together. The climax burst inside me and I nearly fell over with the ferocity of the heat burning through my body. The spasms lasted for minutes as I fought for breath.

Later, I left the sodden panties on a box and tottered weak-kneed through the shop. The black woman winked at me as I left. I found Teri on a bench, looking as if she’d also just finished cuming. I collapsed beside her.

‘I think I’ve just been invited to a threesome,’ I said, and told her what had happened.

‘Lucky you,’ said Teri. ‘Can you bring a friend?’

I was exhausted, both physically and emotionally, and persuaded Teri that we should go home, even though we hadn’t bought anything (the object of the trip, after all).

‘OK,’ she said, ‘but don’t forget I’m taking you to a party tonight.’

I had forgotten, in the heat and excitement of the day. ‘What sort of party?’

‘You’ll find out.’ She grinned.

‘What should I wear?’

‘What you’re wearing now,’ she said, pointing at my crotch.

‘No, I mean clothes.’

‘Oh, anything. Nothing you don’t want to take off and probably lose track of.’

So it was that sort of party – Teri had told me about the parties she went to and I only half believed her. Soon I would find out.

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