What Mom Doesn’t Know Ch. 02


That night there was no fun to be had as my mother came home from work first. I didn’t feel like hanging out in the family room when all I could think about was what had happened that morning, so I faked a migraine and went to lie down in my room.

What I was really doing was researching and reading stories on the internet to try to get a good idea of what to do next. About ten minutes after my parents went to bed I slipped out of my room and went to the kitchen. I was pretty thirsty as I hadn’t taken a drink with me when I went to “lie down.”

I was wearing nothing but a long t-shirt which covered all the important stuff, though I had no panties on. I padded barefoot to the fridge and opened it, gasping slightly as the cool air hit me. I must’ve been really horny because my pussy was so hot that I could actually feel the cool air go up my nightshirt and cool it off.

I was looking for a diet coke. I found OJ, Sprite, Cranberry Juice, but I wanted diet coke and I was certain I had stashed one in here. I usually hid one so there was always one in case of emergency. I bent down, reaching towards the back of a lower shelf, my shirt riding up.

In the back of my mind I was enjoying the feel of the air on my bare ass, but I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand run over it. I jolted upright and spun around to find my stepfather smiling at me. The fridge door closed behind me and it was only the glow of the moon that let us see each other.

“Don’t mind me,” he grinned, “I was just enjoying the view. Go ahead and look for your drink. You might find it hidden under the lettuce in the crisper, way down at the bottom.”

My heart was still doing back-flips from the shock of him walking in on me, but even so I could feel the excitement welling up as well. Then I remembered something.

“What if mom comes out here?”

“She won’t. Even if she does I’ll know because she’ll stop snoring.”


“Shhh!” he put a finger to my lips. “That soda isn’t going to find itself. I thought you were thirsty?”

I pushed my fear down and tried to focus on the thrill. I had no idea what he wanted to do. Maybe he just wanted to watch? But what if he decided he wanted to fuck me and slid his cock in while I was bent over?

He must have noticed the fear on my face because he sighed and said, “I’m sorry, I’ll go back to bed and not bother you.”

I knew right away what I wanted and I grabbed his arm to keep him from turning away. I pouted and in my best little girl voice I said, “But what if I can’t find it, I might need some help.”

He smiled and backed away, but kept watching me. I opened the fridge door and muttered, “My, my, I wonder where that soda could have gone. I bet it’s all the way on the bottom shelf.”

Though he had told me where it was I wasn’t going to check there first, I wanted to see what was going to happen.

Slowly I bent over, letting my shirt ride up over my ass. I pretended to search the fridge, knowing he had a perfect view of my ass and dripping pussy. Well, as perfect as he could have in the moonlight.

I felt him move closer and put his hand on my pussy, sort of cupping it. “God, you’re so hot.” he whispered. I kept my face in the fridge and maintained my position. He fingered my wet lips for a moment and then I felt him slide a finger into my cunt and I gasped.

“So fucking tight too, are you a virgin?”

“Yes,” I breathed. My heart was in my throat. I kept thinking that if my mother came in now she would kill us both, but if he stopped fingering my pussy I would die.

“You have a dildo, though?”

“Yes. A small one.”

“Still, good practice. You have a beautiful pussy. I’ve been thinking about it all day.” he said, wiggling his finger inside me, then removing it and running his fingers lightly over the lips.

“My back is starting to hurt,” I heard myself say. I hadn’t even realized it until I said it. I had stood bent over for too long with no support. I suddenly became aware of my breasts hanging free and slightly swaying with my movement.

“Just another minute. I don’t have time to fuck you tonight but I want a preview of what I get to have tomorrow.”

Before I could even wonder what he meant I felt him kneel behind me. He placed each hand on the outside of my thighs and rotated outward slightly to get better access to my soaking cunt.

“Keep looking for the soda,” he ordered, “and don’t make a sound. I need to listen for your mother.”

Suddenly I felt his tongue lap the juices that were flowing from my pussy. How was I supposed to not make a sound?

I bit my lip as the thrill of his hot wet tongue on my equally hot and wet pussy stole my breath and sent shock waves through my body.

He paused just long enough to say, “Keep looking,”

I busied myself in the fridge and tried desperately to pretend I didn’t have my mom’s husband sucking on my wet cunt in the kitchen while she slept only two rooms away.

He ran his tongue in circles, first licking my juices from the outside, and then dipping it into my tight little cunt and back again. He teased my clit, gaziantep escort numaraları then went right back to my cunt, and even sucked the lips in his mouth one at a time.

I tried to pretend I didn’t notice but I couldn’t. Before long his expert tongue brought me to the edge. I grabbed the refrigerator bit my tongue to keep from crying out as wave after wave of orgasm washed over me.

I knew my juices were flowing all over his face and he valiantly tried to lap them up. I simply stood there, grasping the fridge and panting.

He gave me one good long last lick and helped me right myself again.

“Fucking delicious,” he pulled me to him and kissed me hard and I could taste myself on him. As he pulled away he grabbed my nightshirt an pulled it over my head. “And beautiful,” he added.

My hands went to cover myself as I turned toward the kitchen door, fearing being caught. Then I realized even as I felt him pull my hands away from myself that I could still hear my mother’s snores. I stood naked, my hands at my sides, nothing to see by but the moonlight as the refrigerator had managed to shut itself sometime during our embrace. He ran his hands over my body, then turned me around and slapped me on the ass.

“Now, I think it’s time you go off to bed, young lady. You’re going to be very busy tomorrow.” I began to walk away, only to have him call for me after a few steps. I hadn’t even heard him open the door to the fridge, but he was holding the diet coke I had come out to get. I had completely forgotten about it. I reached out and took it. The cold air from the fridge gave me goosebumps.

“Now I need to go brush my teeth before your mother wonders why I have pussy on my breath.” He grinned. He handed me my nightshirt but said, “don’t put it back on.” He watched me walk back to my room, dazed with pussy juice running down my bare legs, and then went into the bathroom.

I don’t know if it was the fact that I’d never cum so hard before, which seemed to be a theme lately, or the realization that my stepfather had just ate my pussy while my mom was so close and could have walked in. I was just dazed.

As I lay in bed and began to relax my senses came back to me and I realized it was the latter. Mom being so close had only made it hotter, as had walking back to bed naked.

I began to think about what would happen tomorrow and I was surprised to find myself getting excited all over again.


The next morning I was nervous. I kept going back and forth between anticipation and fear.

I didn’t know for sure what was going to happen but I was pretty sure I was about to lose my virginity to my stepfather, a thought which got me dripping instantly.

Because I was bursting with energy I helped my mom do some housework before she left for work. We did everything except the dishes because I hate the dishes and we had had pasta last night and the pans were still dirty. I knew I had to do them but I was putting it off until I had no choice.

Once she had left I went straight to my room to find something to wear. I eventually decided on my Pom Pom squad uniform. I had been a little sad putting it away after graduation, but now I saw a whole new use for it. By the time I showered and dressed it was twenty minutes until I expected him to be home.

I went and sat on the couch and turned the TV on to the cooking channel, which is what we usually watched when he got home.

When I heard his truck pull into the driveway it was all I could do to keep from creaming myself. I kept my eyes on the TV and tried not to look like I was waiting for something.

He came in, grumbled about his day, and took his shoes off, going straight to the kitchen without so much as a hello. I was shocked and embarrassed. Had he changed his mind? Did he decide my pussy wasn’t worth it after last night?

“Why aren’t the dishes done?” I heard him call from the kitchen. He sounded angry.

I jumped, “I-I’ll get right on them.” I tried to hide my disappointment but I felt like crying. I swallowed my tears, kept my back straight, and walked past him into the kitchen.

I felt my skirt brush against his leg and was sure part of my ass had shown.

He turned and went to the bathroom without so much as a word. I heard the shower come on.

I choked back the tears and became angry. As I filled the sink and scrubbed the dishes I splashed the water around in my anger.

I wondered what had gone wrong but at the same time I cursed him for tormenting me, using me, or whatever he had done.

I heard the shower turn off and I tried to compose myself so my hurt and anger wouldn’t show. After a few minutes I heard him walk into the kitchen and stand a few feet behind me.

“Still not done?”

I cleared my throat as I suddenly felt a lump in it. “Almost.”

“I never could understand why you take so long to do the dishes. And those clothes,” he stepped closer behind me. I was raging and hurt and suddenly I felt his hand slide under my skirt and brush along the curve of my ass. gaziantep escort bayan numaraları “No panties. You are such a naughty little girl. What am I going to do with you?”

He stepped up closer behind me and the anger and hurt melted away as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me back against his bare chest which was still damp from the shower. I felt his hot breath on the back of my neck as one hand slid under the front of my skirt and one under my blouse, fondling me.

“Did you think I forgot?” he breathed in my ear. I almost cried in relief but laughed instead as I said,


“No need to worry, I couldn’t get the taste of your pussy out of my mind all day and I need to fuck it. I just want you to know who’s in charge. When we fuck we’re going to fuck my way.”

He slid one of his hands back to the back of my skirt again and pulled it up. “Like walking around here dressed in this nasty little outfit that made me so horny all last year. Not even any panties, it’s like you want some guy to walk in here and stick his cock in you.”

“Just….just you,” I whispered.

“Just me?” he breathed.

He had reached around to the front again and was fondling my tits. I pushed my bare ass against him and felt his cock poking me from under his sweats, obviously unrestrained. “Just your stepfather? You just want your stepfather to come in and slide his cock into your sweet little cunt when you’re supposed to be doing chores?”

I knew then that I wanted that cock inside me, I wanted him to fuck me now, and not stop fucking me. I wanted him to come home from work every day and fuck me until it was time for bed and do it all over again the next day, but I couldn’t put all of that into words so I just whispered, “Please.”

He pushed me up against the sink. He must have pulled his sweats down because the next thing I felt was his hot cock on my ass cheeks.

I had imagined so many ways for this to go down but all the planning went out of my head as he pushed me forward gently so my pussy was presented to him and ran the head of his cock up and down my wet slit.

“My god, you’re wet.” there was laughter in his voice. Suddenly he positioned his head at the entrance of my cunt. He hesitated only a moment, perhaps savoring a virgin pussy, or maybe wondering if this was right. Then I felt his cock slide slowly into me.

The feeling was intense. Pleasure and pain, but mostly pleasure thanks to my experimenting with toys. I could feel him deep inside me as he reached his hands under my shirt and fondled my tits. Feeling those rough yet gentle hands on my tits at the same time that his cock was pumping in and out of me was pure heaven. But how could something feel heavenly that was supposed to be so wrong? He was my stepfather, my mother’s husband. The closest thing I had to a father had me bent over the kitchen sink with his cock thrusting in and out of my 18 year old pussy in a sweet rhythm.

“Your pussy is so sweet,” he breathed in my ear, “I could fuck you all night.”

“Please do,” I panted and he laughed. He sped up his thrusts and I had to grip the counter to keep from being pushed into the dish water.

“I always knew you were a dirty little whore.”

I would usually be shocked at such words but instead my pussy flooded and I knew they were true. I wanted them to be true. I wanted to be a dirty little whore. His dirty little whore.

Now he was gripping my hips and pulling me back into his thrusts and I felt my orgasm building. I couldn’t believe I was being fucked for the first time by my own stepfather. What’s more I was loving it.

“Tell me your my whore,” he whispered. His thrusts were so hard that I had trouble catching my breath enough to speak.

“I…I’m…ug…your…..ughhh,” my words were punctuated with groans.

“Yes?” he grunted back.

“Dirty…..ugh…dirty little….who..wh…whoooooooore,” with the last word a wave of ecstasy washed over me and I came so hard I thought I might black out.

I didn’t expect to cum so soon but after an entire day of anticipation the experience of my first cock plunging in and out of my cunt was just too much for me. When the room stopped spinning I realized he was holding me, keeping me from falling down.

“You okay?” he smiled at me. “Maybe we should go into the living-room.” To my surprise he picked me up like I weighed nothing and carried me to the couch.

“I hope you don’t think we’re done yet,” he lay me on the couch and when he stood up I saw he had removed his sweats and was still hard as a rock. I hadn’t even known if he had cum, I was so overwhelmed with my own orgasm.

Getting my strength back I sat up on the couch and reached for his cock, taking it instantly into my mouth and down my throat.

He tasted of cock and pussy. I bobbed up and down on his cock and teased him with my tongue while he stood there and watched. I loved that cock and I lavished it with licks and sucks to prove it. When I went down to lick his balls I let my tongue stray and licked his escort gaziantep numaraları taint as well and he shivered.

“Dirty girl,” he muttered. “I wonder how dirty you really are.”

As if he was challenging me I drenched a finger in the drool and pussy juice that was dripping from his balls, reached between his legs and as I took him in my throat I stuck my finger up his asshole.

He cried out in surprise and I pulled his cock from my mouth and twisted my finger, looking for the spot I had read about. I must have found it because just as I was putting his cock back in my mouth he shot his load all over my face.

“Dirty Bitch!!” he cried out as he grabbed my shoulders to steady himself and spurt after spurt of cum splashed onto my face and tits. I actually laughed.

He fell onto the couch next to me, looking exhausted and panting.

“Where did you learn that? No one’s ever done that for me before.”

“Internet,” I grinned and snuggled up next to him, resting my head on his shoulder.

“Well I need to take a peek at that site,” to my surprise he directed my hand to his deflating cock. “I told you we aren’t done yet. I can usually go pretty long but I wasn’t expecting you to pull out the big guns on me.”

I began jerking him, then sat up on my knees with my butt in the air and put him back in my mouth. Feeling him get hard in my mouth was awesome. After a minute he reached behind me and slipped two fingers in my pussy, fingering me while I sucked him. When my back got tired I sat up and kept jerking him.

When he was fully hard again he spread his legs and sat like he usually does when he rubbed my back and patted the couch in front of him. I stood and he asked me to remove my top. I did, letting my large braless tits bounce down freely.

He moaned in appreciation and I turned and sat on the couch. To my surprise he actually did start rubbing my back but his hands quickly moved to my breasts.

“I can’t get over how amazing your tits are,” he breathed in my ear, then he moved his hands to my hips and guided me up and down again, impaling me on his cock which was now rock hard and ready to go.

With his hands still on my hips he supported me as I rode his cock, my pleated skirt covering what we were doing, but my bare tits bouncing with the rhythm.

“You should wear your skirts like this more often so I can slip my cock into you when your mom goes to bed.”

“Or when I’m doing the dishes,” I panted.

“I’m going to love having this pussy at my beck and call. Play with your clit,” he suggested, “I’ve got you, you don’t need your hands.”

I stopped trying to support myself with my hands and let him guide me and support me while I rode his cock. I began playing with my clit and before I knew it I was cumming on his cock. Afterward he lifted me up and flipped me onto my hands and knees on the couch. Getting behind me he slid back into my cunt and pounded me so hard my face was rubbing on the couch and I had to put my hands up against the arm of the couch to steady myself.

“Oooh, yeah, fuck me hard,” I purred, “your cock feels so good stuffed in my tiny little cunt.”

“You like cock, don’t you?”

“Yeeees,” I moaned.

“You could be stuffed with it and beg for more, couldn’t you?”

“Yesss, yeees, I want more cock!” I was on the verge of orgasm again and I didn’t care what I was saying, I just knew every word pushed me further and further towards the ending I desired.

“From now on I get to fuck you before work,”

“Ooooh, yes, please!”

“And you’ll suck my cock whenever your mother’s back is turned.”

“Ooooh, yes, yes!”

“You like letting your mom’s husband fuck you, don’t you you dirty little slut? You like that your pussy is sweeter than hers and I’ll be dreaming of it when I fuck her.”

His thrusts were harder and harder and soon his words were drowned out by my orgasm. He leaned down and purred in my ear, “You’re my dirty little cock-hungry stepdaughter and I’m going to enjoy this pretty little cunt all night. That’s what you get for making me cum so hard the first time. I can go for hours now.”

Excitement and fear both flowed through me as I felt him pressed against my back, his hot breath in my ear and his cock buried deep in my hungry little cunt. I wondered what he could do to my tiny little near-virgin pussy for hours. Yeah, I had played with my toys but they were nothing compared to the real thing and I don’t deny that part of me was afraid my sweet little twat would be ruined afterward. But the stronger feeling was the one that wanted him to fuck me all night. I wanted him tucked snuggly into my little cunny because it felt so good and made me feel whole. The very idea sent me into another orgasm though I’d not even come down from the last one.

As I whimpered into the couch cushion I felt him lean back, taking the hot pressure off my back, then, with him still stroking long and slow in my cunt I felt something warm and wet at my asshole.

My eyes popped open and I wanted to shout, or say no, or something, but then I felt his wet finger slide slowly inside my tiny little starfish and I knew I deserved it for doing it to him earlier. It was my punishment and it felt so good, then I felt his other hand slide down below and a finger rub against my poor clit which was still going wild from three orgasms on top of each other and one in the kitchen earlier, and I felt my holes clamp down on his finger and his cock as my fifth orgasm of the evening rocked my exhausted body.

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