When Women Rule Ch. 09


Note: This series of stories does include a good deal of play involving bodily functions. Clearly, if this kind of thing offends you, these stories are not for you.

“I’m afraid you misapprehend me, Denise. I was trying to give you a bit of relief. But for spurning it, you have earned a different punishment.” Liz motioned to Alan. “Denise, get across his lap. Alan, you will give her 50 with the small tappet.” Denise looked amazed at how her positions had exchanged with Alan. But she was not likely to say anything more, in view of how she had dug herself in more deeply with spurning my generosity.

As Alan smacked her with the tappet, I reached under and felt her crotch between her legs over her panties. Suddenly, I felt a real wet spurt down in there. I told Alan to stop.

“Denise, did you just wet your panties?” I asked. Shamefacedly, her blonde curls offset by her red face, my old partner quietly sobbed and said she had lost control. I ordered her to take her panties off and held out the glass bowl. She knew she had no other choice but to get up put it under her and squat and pee into it.

Her pee stream came quickly despite her shame and she made a lot of noise as it drizzled into the bowl. She asked for paper to wipe and I gave her a wipe from the roll. Now she pulled up her panties and stood at attention. I told her she would be on report for two weeks and would report to the matron for special discipline every other day. It would not do for anyone to think they would get off easily by appealing to me as the new High Commandant. After Denise left, I told my aides that I would see no one else today as it was after normal hours.

I looked at Alan and told him it would be quite nice to feel his tongue where that little pearl had been rubbing me.

* * *

Just when I was thinking things could not continue to get better, my silent plea was heeded and Liz, Commandant Liz, my Liz, gave me the approval to punish my former tormentor. How I glowed with impending satisfaction. I’d make her suffer all right, for what she had done to me when I was but prisoner 369. Now I was Liz’s aide and the worm had turned.

I was a little disappointed that she had to go over my lap. Not that there’s anything wrong with having a beautiful woman across your lap for punishment, but I had rather hoped I would have been able to give full momentum to the implement, rather than the more restricted impetus of this position. Never mind, though, it was a very welcome start to the new regime as far as I was concerned.

I was pleased that Denise deferred to Liz’s new status and meekly draped herself across my lap. She was getting to keep her panties on, which was another mild disappointment, but again, I was more than pleased to be in the situation. I took up the small tappet and after lifting her skirt out of the way, I began to lay into her with some gusto. Yes, this was more like it. “I’ll teach you not to take advantage of me, you blonde cow,” I thought to myself as I felt her squirming under the onslaught. I don’t suppose I had gone half way, when Liz intervened. Somehow, she had figured out that Denise has wet her panties, and not through being turned on, I was pretty sure! Damn! I had to stop and let her up while she was obliged to empty the rest of her bladder into a glass container. Although I was initially frustrated, it was not without some amusement that I relished the bitch’s embarrassment at having to perform in front of me. “Good old Liz! She ‘s got an imaginative bent, all right!” I thought.

But to my chagrin, that seemed to be the end of her punishment. I was going to protest to Liz that she had many more to go, but it seemed that Matron was to be taking over the discipline. “Did that mean she would be getting it worse?” I wondered. I certainly hoped so, although I was sorry not to be part of it.

That, then, was that for our spell of duty, which meant, of course, that it was time for Liz and me to be alone again. The thought of that pearl in her panties had been niggling at me all day and it seemed it must have been having an effect on her, too, for when she was stripped down to just that garment and I was poised before it, I could see how wet she must have been. I wondered if she had been in a state of arousal all day. I knew I had been when we were dealing with Denise, and I was ready to get busy again. I nuzzled in between her legs and located the pearl itself. From the outside of her panties, I flicked my tongue over it, nudging it this way and that. From Liz’s reaction, it was evidently an effective technique, judging by her writhing and moaning. I moved up Maltepe Anal Escort and took the waistband in my teeth and slowly eased her panties. I wrestled them over her hips and slid them down her smooth legs, never letting my teeth let go. When they were completely removed, I returned to that sweet station between her legs, and soon was sucking avidly at her opening and welcoming sex. I casually wondered if I could get Liz to such a peak of arousal that I could ask her to let me deal with Denise, but then I became so overwhelmed by my own arousal, that it went out my head.

* * * “I was quite proud with how you dealt with Denise,” I told Alan as I enjoyed his wonderful tongue lapping at my now wide-open sex. “Now put that cute little thing in me right this second and I’ll tell you something else.”

I was really enjoying myself and as Alan’s hard prong slipped into my open but snug sheath I began to enjoy myself even more as I writhed under his expert attentions. “Denise had to learn to start listening to me,” I began, “because for losing control of herself, she will be reporting to Matron five times this week.”

“I hope you realize I have complete discretion in punishing these women but on the other hand, there are always those ready to complain if I do not followed the expected norms. That is why Denise retained her panties as she went across your lap to be spanked,” I added.

“Darling, if a woman truly offends me, you will not be able to watch what I will do with her,” I declared, realizing that I was cumming and that thinking about what I might do to certain women was making me cum much much harder, and I knew Alan was being challenged to hang on for the ride as I was throwing quite a magnificent climax. We then showered and dressed and Alan saw me in my informals: my navy blue shirt with epaulets and flared white skirt with smart pumps. I let him attach the garter tabs to my seamed stockings.

Then I took him to a small room that I told him was the Commandant’s Gallery. Only I had access. There were windows and I told him they were all one-way mirrors. In one, we saw Denise report to Matron. Matron first told her to strip to her bra and panties. The embarrassed Denise did so and found Matron unhooking her bra to measure her tits. Then she had to remove her panties and Matron measured the length of her slit and the size of her clit! Matron made her drink and then told her that because of her failure “with the Commandant” she would have to hold her urine in until allowed to use the potty. Denise was soon dancing around and holding her crotch and Matron let her use the small wooden potty just in time. It was set up so you saw Denise’s whole vulva wide open as she peed. When she was finished, Matron examined the bowl and her open vulva and told her she would now receive three strokes on her open slit for her misbehaviour. I reached for Alan’s hand and put it on my own slit as I awaited this terrible punishment of Denise.

* * *

It was one of life’s odd quirks, that serving a woman orally, at least a woman to whom one was attracted, should produce such a pleasurable sensation in a man, but it was certainly giving me a lot of pleasure as I eagerly licked and sucked at Liz’s increasingly moist pussy. I suppose “moist” was really an understatement, as my face was becoming soaked with her arousal. I was pleased, too, when she complimented me on how I had handled Denise, and I hid my disappointment that I had not been able to pursue her punishment to a conclusion.

Then it was time to make best use of the arousal which had been building in both of us and, at Liz’s command, I was soon poised to enter her, also waiting expectantly for her news. I eased in gently and relished the warm moist welcome as my cock slid along her sensitive region. No doubt having been able to sense my slight disappointment, Liz explained why she had not demanded that Denise remove her panties for punishment, and I had to accept that. I was not so happy when she went on to explain that the punishment of a serious offender was something I would not be allowed to witness. If I was not actually to be permitted to carry out the punishment, I had hoped that at least I would have been able to watch it. Indeed, the notion of observing someone like Liz disciplining a female prisoner had a significant amount of appeal to me.

Perhaps I would be able to tackle her on that later, but for the moment, I was becoming too caught up in the impending climax. Each time with Liz, the lovemaking seemed to get better and better, and her own climax this time appeared to be reaching even greater proportions. Maltepe Yaşlı Escort Perhaps she was entertaining some extra-arousing thoughts at the time, but her writhing and moaning was turning me on tremendously. It was all I could do to hold myself in check so that our orgasms could coincide, but the fact that they did, added greatly to the sensation. I collapsed, spent again, on Liz’s chest and lay, glowing, until it was time to get up and shower. It was another turn-on to be able to sub my soapy hands over Liz’s wet, naked body in the shower, and again, to assist in her dressing, particularly with the fixing of her suspenders and stockings. Such a pleasant and erotic change from the tights which some women insisted on wearing.

When we were dressed, Liz took me from our quarters and over to another area which I had not noticed before. We sat in a comfortable little room, with windows along one wall. Through one of the windows, I caught sight of Denise in the company of the prison Matron. I started at the sight of Liz, looking in our direction, but Liz put her hand on my arm. “Relax, Darling,” she said, “these are all one-way mirrors, and she can’t see us!” Comforted by that, I watched the scene unfolding. There were speakers in the room, too, so we could hear all that was being said.

I watched enthusiastically as Denise was ordered to strip to her underwear, and I enjoyed her evident embarrassment at having to do so. I had to acknowledge, she made an attractive sight, standing in her bra and panties. I squeezed Liz’s hand. I squeezed harder when the Matron removed Denise’s bra and her fine breasts sprang into view. She had to stand while Matron measured them, then remove her panties while her private parts were measured. I don’t know why there was such an obsession in this regime with the measurement of such intimate personal details, but I had noticed it before when Liz had been doing something similar with me. Still, it was fun to watch Denise being put through the humiliating procedure.

I continued to watch, intrigued, as Denise was commanded to drink some kind of liquid which seemed to have a diuretic effect, since before long she was asking to use the toilet. She was refused permission and was left to stand as the effects of the liquid became more and more insistent. It was so amusing to watch as Denise began first to squirm uncomfortably, then to fidget, then jump and hop around. Presumably when Matron judged the time just right, she as permitted to discharge into a wooden potty. How we smiled at her discomfort! How we became excited when Matron announced Denise was to get three strokes right on her wide-open pussy as a punishment.

I felt Liz drawing my own hand over to her own pussy as the sentence was announced, and I realised how the events were arousing her. I swiftly laid my fingers over the moist opening, then as we continued to watch the scene unfold, I introduced my fingers inside, teasing away at her engorging clit.

Matron selected a short, flexible rod and bade Denise lie on her back on a bench. She was instructed to raise her legs up and back, thus exposing her pussy in a most vulnerable fashion. With the anticipation of what was to come, I began working harder at Liz’s sex and as the first stroke was delivered to catch Denise full along her pussy lips, I increased the intensity still more. The subsequent two strokes on Denise’s vulva only served to increase the frenzy of my assault on Liz and I could sense another climax coming close.

I don’t know if it was because of the association with watching Denise or not, but incredibly, all of a sudden, I began to feel a huge pressure building up in my own bladder. “Liz!” I whispered urgently, “I need to pee!”

* * *

I was quite happy and also still randy and that does bring out the little beast in me. When he said like a little boy that he needed to pee, my immediate instinctual reaction was, “No, you will have to wait until I decide you can.”

He looked surprised and was starting to move around and I giggled and asked him if he was going to hold his crotch like the women did when they knew they couldn’t hold the pee back.

He turned red and almost plaintively, said, “Darling, don’t make me wet myself and everything.” I did love him for being so sweet so I took him into the bathroom and told him he could do his wee-wee while I watched. Amazingly it took him a minute to be able to go and I told him if he didn’t start by the time I counted to three, I would withdraw his permission. This totally panicked him but he managed to start a spurt that turned into a long long stream. Maltepe Zenci Escort I lovingly wiped the tip of his lovely cock with a soft cloth I had there.

Then I sat down on the toilet. I had long since ceased to be embarrassed about bodily functions. I let loose a few very unladylike farts and then passed a rather nice long movement into the bowl as he stared at my puss since he couldn’t see my anus spreading to expel my movement.

Then I turned to him and smiled and asked him to please clean me. “With a cloth, or tissue, or….?” he stammered and I grinned as I pointed to his face. I turned around and spread my cheeks above the seat so he saw my open crack (I don’t think I was very dirty–it was not a soft movement) and I swear that my little rosebud winked at him as it awaited his attentions.

* * *

It was running through my head how aroused Liz became, observing a female being punished and I reckoned this bode well for our future relationship. If it turned her on, as it did me, then the opportunities for mutual pleasure could be unlimited in this new set-up. For the moment, however, there was a more pressing need, which was being denied by my Mistress. I could feel the pressure building relentlessly in my bladder and when Liz asked me about holding it in, it just seemed to make it worse. I began wriggling uncomfortable and the more I thought about it, the worse it seemed to become. I made a little boy, pleading face at her and fortunately, she relented and took me to the bathroom.

Even though she stayed to watch, I didn’t care, in my desperation, yet, perversely as I pointed it into the pan, nothing happened. Liz threatened me to withdraw permission if I didn’t begin within a minute and that thought only caused me to panic more. What on earth was wrong? I strained and struggled and eventually a little trickle appeared. To my relief, it soon developed into a full blooded stream and I relaxed in the enjoyment of the welcome relief. When Liz wiped the end of my cock after I had finished, I almost glowed with the pleasure of being with her too.

Still things continued to surprise me in this new regime. I was slightly taken aback when Liz took her turn and sat on the toilet, her legs apart and her pussy open to my view. I was a bit startled when she let out a series of farts and almost giggled like a schoolboy. “Steady on,” I thought. “Just get used to the changes around here.” It was difficult to remain composed as she unabashedly dropped a turd into the bowl with an audible “plop.” What was to follow rocked me further, however. Liz asked me to clean her arse and, though taken aback I asked about a tissue or a cloth, or whatever. As Liz turned and presented her backside to me, she gestured to my face. No! Surely she didn’t mean she wanted me to lick it clean? I cold just about do it if her behind was clean, I reckoned, maybe after a bath or shower, but immediately after a crap? Oh, no! That was too much! “Liz,” I said plaintively, “I….I…..I can’t. Please…Liz….er, Darling…… please don’t make me do that.”

* * *

I looked up and saw that he was really freaked about serving me in this quite intimate way. “Darling, you may have to start getting your head together about the way things are now,” I began. “I really don’t want to end this wonderful relationship and return you to the camp where you will probably wait a year before you get a hearing on your wife’s referral. You need to appreciate that I never would have survived as I have in this society now without having the dominant strain you now and again see me exhibit.”

I then told him as I sat there on the toilet that he was going to be disciplined. “I’m afraid I will have to turn you over to Matron for a treatment. She will administer a solution into your back opening and then have you retain by using a Bardex plug, which if you are not familiar with it, is inflated on both inside and outside of your anal ring so it will not move.”

I added that she would require him to wear women’s punishment dress for his disciplinary session. “You will have to be extra careful because she will punish you if your stocking seams are not perfectly straight,” I added, noting that I had gone through special training on things like this at women’s leadership school.

“I’m so sorry you had to be this way, darling, because I am having Denise report to me again after her session with Matron. I was going to allow you to decide how you thought she should be further disciplined and you were going to be the one to then administer the punishment. Perhaps I will wait until you return,” I concluded.

I turned so he could see my lovely anal area and how sweet I looked even though it was clear that I did require just a bit of tidying up down there.

I rang a bell and one of my personal servants, Kate, arrived to escort Alan to Matron’s chamber. I prepared to give him a parting kiss and embrace.

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