Why Didn’t You Try It and See?


“Someone’s in a good mood this morning,” Emma commented as I walked into the office on Monday morning. Was it that obvious? I guess I had been smiling more than usual but my mind had been on other things. Emma, one of the older ladies in our office, always took an interest in other people’s love lives but this was the first time she had needed to focus her attention on me.

“So, who is the lucky lady?” Steve joined in “Or guy? I don’t want to jump to conclusions.”

Steve was a middle manager and he was the last person I would want to chat about women. Even facing this inquisition my smile hadn’t faded but I knew they wouldn’t let me get away without sharing something. I smiled politely.

“Yes, I went on a date on Saturday night, with a girl. Not anyone you know.” I informed them reluctantly and rushed to my desk and hoping that would be enough to keep them happy. I wasn’t used to sharing my private life in the office, not that there was much to tell. The truth was, Clara had been the first woman in a long time I felt a real connection with and our date had exceeded my expectations. I could picture her now sitting in the restaurant, deep brown eyes and black curly hair. Part of a tattoo visible on her arm, her loose fitting top that kept drawing my gaze. She seemed so confident chatting, sharing, flirting, especially later that night. Was I blushing? It certainly felt like I was and now Steve walked purposefully towards my desk.

“Good for you, It’s been a while since you’ve been out there,” Yes, thanks Steve, but he wasn’t wrong. It had been a long time since I had been out and enjoyed myself as much as my date on Saturday. My mind wandered, thinking back to her smile, the way she laughed and the sound she made when she…

“You will have to tell me all the details later,” Steve interrupted my thoughts, gave me one of his half smiles and then strode off to do whatever middle manager do. There was no way I was telling Steve anything because it would turn into a competition of conquests and I didn’t want to share this with anyone but Clara.

Midway through the morning Emma came over to check in on me or more accurately my date.

“Where did you meet her?” “Where did you go?” “What is she like?”

We met online, where else does anyone meet these days? She is cute, confident and has curves to die for. We went to a local Italian place she chose. She was also quite sassy which isn’t usually the kind of girl I go for but made for a entertaining conversation. Oh, and I woke up Sunday morning in her bed naked, exhausted and very, very satisfied. I didn’t share that last bit of information in case I ruined Emma’s image of being me being a ‘nice guy.’

“So, are you seeing her again?” Emma pressed.

I didn’t know, but I wanted to. I was trying to play it cool but I had already messaged her a few times. Would I scare her off? I thought I’d been good company on our date and hope I had done enough in the bedroom to keep her happy. I was optimistic.

Emma gave me a parental pat on the shoulder like she was proud of me for trying again. It did feel good, Clara was just the kind of woman I needed right now and she was probably more confident and passionate than anyone I had dated before. Thankfully Steve didn’t show his face again which made the day pass smoothly.

I lasted until midday before I gave in and messaged her.

“People are wondering why I am look so happy today.”

“Oh, really what did you tell them?”

“I said it was because I met up with a beautiful woman and we had a night of wild and amazing sex.” I was enjoying sharing flirty texts with her.

“That’s good because that’s what I told my mum as well.” I smiled, I felt my body ache, I wanted to see her again.

“I really enjoyed the other night, are you free later this week?” I didn’t have to wait long for her reply.

“I had a great time too. You’re really nice to talk to and you’re pretty good with your tongue and your fingers X.” my mouth dropped open. I was glad that no one was around. Every man wanted to hear that they were good in bed. I know it had felt good when I went down on her on but it was so much better to hear it from her. I loved licking her and she loved it when I slid two fingers inside her. It turned me on just thinking about it.

“I loved fingering you, it almost felt like I could have slid my whole hand in” I messaged her. Damn, what a stupid thing to send! I hope I hadn’t offended her I started typing an apology but then…

“Why didn’t you try it and see?” she sent back. What the fuck? Had she just suggested what I think she had. And then another message…

“I would have loved more fingers. All your fingers and your thumb if you want. X”

“You want all my fingers?”

“I’ve been fisted before and I love it.”

I sat back in my chair, that was not the answer I was expecting, Clara had been wild the other night but nothing had made me think that she was into that. I looked down at my hand and made it into a fist. How would that even bahis siteleri fit inside her? The more I thought about it the more the idea intrigued me.

“Can I come round tonight?” I asked with baited breath. I stared at my phone until the reply arrived.

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it already X” came the reply. I felt my cock throb as I read her message. Tonight was going to be interesting.

I couldn’t wait for the clock to reach 5 and when it did it didn’t take me long to gather up my coat and bag. Emma caught my eye as I headed out the door.

“Where are you off to in such a hurry?” she asked. I paused as I considered what to say to her but in the time it took me to think of something she had already worked it out. She smiled and almost clapped her hands “She’s a lucky girl! You go and have a great night.”

I’m not sure Emma would have approved of what I was hoping to do to Clara tonight. As the door closed behind me I saw I had another message from Clara. A link to an article, called “Cosmopolitan beginner’s guide to fisting”. Ok, so now Clara was giving me homework. I clicked on the link and read on with great interest.

After stopping off at a few shops to get some important supplies I arrived at Clara’s flat. She let me in wearing a warm looking pink dressing gown and from the looks of it, not much else. Her eyes sparkled when she looked at me and smiled,

“I hadn’t expected to see you back here so soon.” She said flicking her dark curls like I remember.

“Well, you know what to say to get a guys attention.” My heart was pounding just looking at her and thinking what I wanted to do to her. I moved towards her and kissed her deeply holding her face in my hands, she responded with equal energy. It felt so right to hold her in my arms again.

“Slow down tiger, did you get my message?”

“Yes, I did my homework,” I showed her my neatly trimmed fingernails and the bottle of lube I had bought. “I didn’t realise fisting was so complicated.”

“I just wanted you to be prepared.” she seemed calm but her cheeks were flushed red. It looked like the thought of it was exciting her even more than it was arousing me. “You will have to be gentle with me. Well at first.”

“I thought you might like this before we start,” I showed her the bar of dark chocolate I had bought on the way over.

“That’s a nice idea” she took the bar from me, peeled back the wrapping and with a slow deliberate motion ran the tip of her tongue over the sweet dark chocolate. “Hmmm, that tastes nice, would you like some?” She held the bar to my mouth. I let my tongue run over it just as she’d done but then I couldn’t resist biting off a chunk and tasting the rich dark chocolate.

“Greedy,” she playfully commented then, taking it back to her mouth, licked the length of it, taking the chocolate into her mouth as if it was part of me. She kept her eyes on mine as she and sucked on the bar and then, with a flicker of a smile, bit off a large piece off for herself.

“Hmmm, that does taste good. Chocolate and sex are a very good combination.”

She leaned in and kissed me and we shared the taste of chocolate as our tongues entwined. She pulled away gave me a knowing look and made her way towards her bedroom. The lights were low and the room was warm but I could tell that Clara had changed the sheets since our last night together. I unbuttoned my jeans and let them slide to the floor, pulled off my shirt and slipped into her bed wearing just my boxers.

Clara stood at the end of the bed finishing off the chocolate still wearing the dressing gown with a hesitant look on her face.

“I’ve got something to show you,” she announced in playful manner. She had my full attention.

She turned to me and slowly untied the thick pink cord around her waist and with a knowing smile let the dressing gown fall open revealing a dark lace pattern over her skin. She then shrugged the gown off her shoulders showing more lace and then let it fall to the floor. She stood there for a moment enrobed in a body hugging dress made entirely of thin black lace from her thighs to her neck and half way down her arms. It was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen.

“So, what do you think?” she smiled.

I sat on the bed with my mouth hanging open, I didn’t need to say anything for her to know that I loved it. I was speechless, well almost.

“You look amazing,” I couldn’t take my eyes off her. The lace complimented her pale skin beautifully and I could see she was wearing nothing underneath. Her ruby red nipples pressing against the dark lace, pushing through the thin material. The darkness of her trimmed pussy teasing me. The smooth skin of her thighs making me want to be between them. I felt over dressed in my boxers and my cock was throbbing and trying to push it’s way out. Placing her hands on the side of her round breasts she ran her fingers down the barely there dress over her curves down to her beautiful round ass. She was enjoying being the centre of my attention.

“I canlı bahis siteleri love how it feels. Shall we try it out it’s brand new and virgin?” She enjoyed using that word to tease me but she was anything but a virgin.

“Oh, yes” I sighed. She moved around the bed slowly, enticingly and loving the power her body had over me.

“I knew you were going to like it,” she knelt on the edge of the bed and moved towards me until she was kneeling facing me. She rocked back and her breasts bounced up near my face.

“It feels so nice, I’ve felt horny ever since I put it on.” she grabbed my hand and pulled it down between her legs. My fingers pressed against her I could feel how warm, wet and swollen she was already. While my hand was against her she couldn’t resist pushing herself against my fingers. I drew back my hand and looking her straight in the eye, sucked on my wet fingers hungrily.

“Hmm you are such a bad boy coming here to fist me tonight,” Clara was enjoying playing with me as she advanced up the bed.

“I’m not a bad boy,” I claimed although feeling the absolute opposite.

“Really? That is a shame.” her teasing made me want her more.

I reached out and grabbed her hips, the lace felt amazing against her skin. I pulled her towards me enjoying the anticipation before we lost ourselves in the moment. Our mouths met, her lips and tongue tasted delicious. I didn’t ever want to stop kissing her. My arms pulled her close and pressed her body against mine enjoying the curves of her back and waist, I loved the feeling of her warm body contained within the dress. I reached down, slid off my boxers and my cock sprang to attention, already full and hard. Clara’s face lit up, pleased to see how much she has turned me on. With a naughty look she was ready for what we both wanted next.

Taking me in her hand Clara lifted the front of the dress over my stiff cock and guiding me between her legs. She straddled me, her thighs gripping the sides of my body. I pushed up into her and my cock slid against her thighs then I felt the warmth of her body around me.

“No, no no!” She said lifting her body up and taking my cock in her hand “Wrong hole!” she guided me to her warm wet hole where my cock belonged but for a moment, it had felt so good.

She lowered herself onto me and I responded by thrusting into her and gripping her hips tightly. I looked down at the lace dress tight against her body, wrapping her beautiful breasts and curving around her hips. I leant down, taking a nipple in my mouth and sucking and licking her through the material then moving over doing the same to the other. I ran my hands from the curve of her hips up to the roundness of her delicious breasts my thumbs catching her wet nipples and rubbing them round and round. I watched her face react. Her hips were rocking on me in a gentle rhythmic motion and as I played the faster and more powerfully she moved. It felt amazing. I lay back onto the bed and couldn’t help but thrust into her I looked up at her, she looked beautiful straddling me. with my cock deep inside her. After a few moments she slowed and stopped.

“Sorry, I’m getting too hot,” she panted. Reaching down to the edge of the dress with both hands she peeled off the lace revealing her pale skin beneath. Dropping the dress down the side of the bed she looked even more magnificent, her naked body liberated from the dress glistening in the dim light. We continued our passionate exercises with each thrust setting her breasts swinging hypnotically. I took them in my hands and massaged them feeling the heat and sweat of her. My tongue licked and swirled around her nipples tasting the saltiness of her skin.

She lent back squeezing my cock inside her. My body tightened I thrust into her as deeply as I possibly could. Thrust after thrust pounding into her warm pussy. I felt my cum building. The head of my cock swelled, my balls tighten and then released my juices, flowing through my cock into her. Leaving her sticky and wet. She pushed down onto me it felt like she was trying to squeeze out every last drop. I pushed up again even though my cock was spent, soon I slowed although my breathing took longer to recover. Clara climbed off me allowing my dripping cock to slide out. Clara, her face glowing was only just beginning to have her fun.

“So, do you want to try?” I knew what she wanted, she was offering her body to me as a plaything. I looked at her and could hear her aroused deep breaths, all I wanted to do was pleasure her.

“Yes definitely.” I replied.

She reached over and brought out the large bottle of lube and began to pour it into my hand, she smothered it making hers hands wet with lube as well. Taking her dripping hands she covered her already wet pussy, the lips and inside, leaving her glistening. I gazed at her swollen pink lips and longed to fill here right there. I eased towards her, kissing her and starting by rubbing two fingers down over her soaking clitoris, parting her lips with my fingers sliding canlı bahis into her as I had the night before. As I worked my fingers in and out I could already tell she was ready for more. Three fingers filled her better and she began pushing and rocking herself onto my hand. As I felt the warmth of her around my fingers I wondered if I could reach the famous G spot and what it would do to her if I did. I kept up the rhythm slowly sliding in another finger. Four fingers filling and stretching her. I watched her face to make sure I hadn’t gone too far but her head was back, eyes closed and she was biting on her lip. Each stroke was taking her further into pleasure.

“More?” I asked.

“Yes, more.” she replied breathlessly.

I moved my fingers and thumb together just as I had imagined and pushed them into her. They slid in easily up to a point but I could feel I was stretching her like I never had before. I looked at her face and all I could see was the pleasure and desire building. With this encouragement I slid my wet fingers back and forth, the sounds of her wet lips being spread aroused me more and made me move faster and deeper.

“Hmmmmm,” she sighed as I slid nearly up to my knuckles. I could tell this was what she wanted. Again and again I slid my hand inside her to that depth. Then, as I pushed into her again, she pushed herself onto me opening her thighs as wide as they would go. I felt the my knuckles stretch her lips tight and with one final thrust the widest part of my hand was inside her. She opened her mouth to gasp but no sound came out. One of her hands was gripped my chest while the other held tightly to the edge of the bed.

“Fuck,” I whispered under my breath. As I moved my hand I could feel my knuckles rubbing the inside of her, stretching her, filling her. She nodded encouragement, she wanted more. I slowly rocked my hand inside her feeling her warm pussy surrounding my hand. Sighs and moans escaped her mouth as I continued the most erotic thing I had ever done to a woman. We kissed deeply our tongues entwining passionately.

Slowly, I moved my fingers and thumb inside her into a fist. That movement stretched and filled her pussy, she couldn’t take anymore and I felt her first orgasm hit. I felt it flowing up from her pussy, rocking though her body, she arched her back and let out a deep moan.

“Ohhhhh!” her hand clawed at me as her legs shook.

But it didn’t stop. Enjoying the sight of Clara in such sexual abandon I began rocking my fist inside her pushing and stretching her, her body shook with each thrust. Clara was forcing her swollen, soaking pussy onto me and I was fucking her hard with my fist. I reached down with my free hand, my fingers found her swollen clit and stroked it repeatedly rubbing and teasing it. Massaging it as my fist did the same inside her. She opened her eyes and smiled her approval. Our eyes were locked together as I continued to play with her inside and out. It was as if we were the only two people that existed and all that mattered tonight was giving each other pleasure.

Clara was writhing from the pleasure of her previous high as I moved my mouth to her breasts and licked and sucked on her firm nipples. It felt amazing to be touching her in so many ways. As my fingers rubbed and caressed her clit I could feel her body tightening, I sucked hard on her nipple, taking it deep in my mouth flicking my tongue over the tip. She gasped and pushed down harder. Her body stiffened and shook. I could feel her pussy tighten around my wrist. A deep moan left her mouth. In that moment I felt her hot liquid flow over my hand and wrist. Pouring out of her, hot and wet all over me. She continued rocking and thrusting. I moved my mouth to her other nipple and licked and sucked it as hard the first.

“Aaaahahhhh,” escaped her mouth. More liquid flowed. Did she have anything left? Her pussy was a dripping mess. A quiver ran through her body and then another she slowly lay back, her head on the pillow and the muscles in her body gradually returning from their intensity.

I looked into her eyes, she said nothing but I could see the immense pleasure and how deeply satisfied she was. My fingers were still on her clit and my fist deep in her pussy. I slowly relaxed my fingers back into a flat position and gently eased them out. She closed her eyes and as my knuckles slid out of her her legs and hips shook. We lay together naked on the bed her chest rising and falling after our exertions. I kissed her neck, and she kissed my forehead.

“That was so good” she sighed.

“It was pretty special for me too.” I spoke breathlessly.

“Hmmm, yes, you have magic hands,” she replied kissing me again.

Was there anything else that could make this night more special?

She reached over and touched my throbbing cock, during the fisting it had regained it’s size and strength and I was fully erect again.

“Is there anything that I can do for you?” What a question!

I thought back to earlier and how good it had felt when I had started to slide into Clara’s other hole. That was something that I had wanted to try, I wasn’t sure if Clara would be up for it. I rolled onto my side and looked her in the eye. She could tell that I had something in mind.

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