Working Woman Masturbation


I am a 38 year old woman married with two children. I have worked in retail for over eight years and have lately come into my own sexual peak, unfortunately after my husbands. I am constantly horny and can masturbate a number of times through the day sometimes quickly of times when I am home alone I like to take ninety minutes or more. This happened a short while ago after an stunningly tall dark and handsome man came on top my store and flirted with me while making some purchases. I am glad it was the end of the day for I was wet from the moment he came into the store until the finish of my story below. I went home from the store and the only thing I had on my mind was this guy who came into the store. I think about him and something in my gut goes crazy, but then it really is in my pussy that is going crazy for him.

Late last night around 1:00 AM I went to the spare bedroom and I was so wet before I even got into the bed. I got into the bed and my nipples were hard as a rock. To tell this my pants are getting wet and I am having a hard time trying not to cum in this chair.

As Escort I laid in the bed on my back, I thought of him coming in-to the room and getting on top of me. The feeling of his manly chest on my breasts and his lips firmly on mine, as his tongue entered in to my mouth. My legs spread open around him encompassing the lower part of his body. Oh, his touch is firm as he slides his hands down to my breasts and he pays attention to every part of my body from top to bottom. I can feel the excitement between us.

I let my hands run down my face and down my chest and over my breast squeezing my nipples until they are hard and the sensation goes throughout my body as if it was his hand and slowly place my other hand down and inside my pussy. My knees are up and I start out with one finger deep into my moist cunny. Using the index finger I move it back and forth while pushing heavily onto my mound with the rest of my hand. I liked to be touched all over on the outside so now I slowly swirl my finger inside while moving my hips up into the rhythm.

My mind is focused on this person Escort Bayan going down on me getting me more worked up. I moan even though this could be heard. I am visualizing him coming up from my pussy and licking his fingers. I roll over onto my belly as I visualize him gnawing on the back of my neck. My upper hand continues to play with my nipples, my nipples are those long baby finger type on a firm rounded breast. I can easily roll them between my thumb and finger and the tingling it creates literally goes down across my tummy into the top part of my mound. I can feel it now as I twist and tug on my nipples.

I like to leave them a little enflamed when I masturbate so that when I move my hands down to my cunt, my nipples keep tingling. The pillow goes between my legs and the palm of my hand is pressing heavily on my mound. I move my hips into my hand now with the pillow between my legs. I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter and I know I am getting close to orgasming. My orgasm starts deep inside my vagina and my kegel muscles begin clasping my finger as the orgasm Bayan Escort juices flow into my hand. The orgasm is intense and I moan heavily and rub the moisture into the top of my thighs. I get the pillow and put it between my legs to try and make it feel like he is there with me. I slowly slip my fingers out of my pussy and taste my sweetness and get a real charge thinking it is this guy tasting my juices and showing me how much he is enjoying my sweetness.

OH I am so hot and my nipples are so hard. I can’t help but to finger my self faster and harder the juice OH I AM SO WET AND HORNY FOR a COCK. I roll over on to my front as I think of him bagging me from behind and holding my hips firmly. I have my fingers deep inside and my palm placed on the out side of my pussy and I rock on my hand to try and make my self cum, I can feel how close I am getting to cumming, my insides are going to explode, and I have to be sure to listen at the same time just in case someone gets up and comes down stairs to the bedroom. OH OH I am so wet fuck me, fuck me, make me cum OH GOD ..YES.. YES ..YES. but I am still not done, I need the real thing, the real cock inside my pussy.

After I cum I rub my pussy, slowly and take it all in but I never have a hard time cumming again and again. I force myself to stop so I can sleep.

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