Would I be happy if I could remember…


Would I be happy if I could remember…My story began a few years ago when I was in college. My roommate decidedto let his girl move in with us and although it is annoying working myschedule around their love life, she was very hot and I didn’t mind theoccasional show when she would run from her shower to their bedroom. I haveto admit. My roomie was a lucky man. That girl had to have the nicestbreast on campus and an ass to die for.Eventually as most love stories go, things fell apartbetween them she had somehow talked my roommate into moving out. I shouldhave known she wore the pants in that relationship. How does a girl getthat much control? It was his apartment. Oh well. I had become goodfriends with Shelly. I would have loved for our relationship to have gone adifferent way, but we became like brother and sister. We didn’t have”fights” so to speak but we did constantly pick at each other. Pranks werea normal pastime. She laughed and said she would get me back for saranwrapping her car. The next day she cut the hot water off while I was in theshower. I thought it was pretty corny since I don’t mind cold showers but Iguess I shouldn’t have laughed. The following semesters we were still goodfriends but her pranks were getting cruel for a guy like me. While I wassitting in lecture, I started to hear a buzzing in my back pack. I didn’tknow it but she had put her wireless vibrator in my pencil box for my artclass. Most people thought it was my cell phone going off and just staredat me for interrupting. Needless to say when I got the box out to see whatwas going on the bright pink dildo rolled out and wouldn’t shut off. Howwas I supposed to know she was sitting in the back of the class with theremote? Evil bitch. Some people were laughing and some of the jocks lookedat me with discus. Yeah. try to explain you’re not gay with that happening.Shelly knew about my homophobia and after the vibratorprank, couldn’t think of anything else that was funny. She switched all myunderwear in my gym bag with BRIGHT PINK frilly panties once. That day nottoo many of the guys saw them and I was able to go commando the rest of theday. It was uncomfortable but I sure wasn’t going to have the guys staringat me putting panties on. I eventually found out that she but an ad with mypicture on Craigslist so that helped to explain why all the gay guys werecoming up to me and pinching my ass at the library. I now know not to havea set study time or else she’ll give away my schedule to those guys. Ohyeah. the reason I have a hairless body? That was because of the Nair sheput in my body wash. That was awkward in the locker room. Apparently mostguys don’t shave. That’s only for the “sissy boys”. I couldn’t tell youall the nicknames I have now thanks to her not to mention the countlessrumors that are going around about me. It’s all in good fun right? ThankGod it’s my senior year!Right before we graduated Shelly approached me about asenior trip. I had a job offer in a different state, so for old times’sake, I figured Shelly and I could hang out one last time. She smiled as Iagreed and apologized to me for making me so “girly.” “What the hell isthat supposed to mean?” I asked her. “All of my pranks!” she said, “If youwere a girl, you would have loved them.” She gave a cute and sly grin as Ichuckled and shrugged off her comment. Shelly is crazy. At least thepranks were over. It was kind of nice that I at least got an apology. Ihad stopped pranking her just hoping we could move on, but soon we won’t seeeach other because of work and the real life. I won’t have to worry afterthat. I let Shelly book all the flights and get everything ready.She mentioned several other people were going and she could get a groupdiscount. I didn’t even ask where we were going. I knew it was on a beach.It was the Bahamas’ or Cancun, I think. Somewhere down south. Hey, for me,it was a summer away on a beach. I was curious if Shelly was pullinganother prank on me though when there was no one else getting on the flightwith us. She assured me that everyone else was still tying up loose endswith college and their future job plans but they would be along soon. Untilthen, we had the whole place to ourselves. Needless to say Shelly almostseemed different. After her apology she was really sweet. We typicallydidn’t touch much save the occasional hug. Now she was almost flirting withme. As we sat on the flight she played with my hair once or twice. Sherubbed my leg, shall we say “a little too long” just to get my attention. Istill think of her as a very sexy girl. Maybe after all this time thethought of us being apart is changing her thoughts about me. I can onlyhope. I closed my eyes and went to sleep dreaming of the possibilities ofhaving an intimate relationship with Shelly. I awoke as we were landing. Shelly told me we would betaking another smaller plane to the condo we were staying at. I guess it’snice and secluded so we have more than just a condo to ourselves. This isgoing to be the best trip of my life! I could tell she was getting excitedand her soft hands grabbed mine and nearly d**g me off the plane. Boy wasshe in a hurry. We finally got to the condo and it was just as Shelly said.It was a gorgeous place. We had our own island. She must have had somefriends I didn’t know about to get us here. There is no way we were gettingthis place for the summer for the mere $500 I spent. Shelly was biting herlip and jumped up and down as she wrapped her arms around my neck. “We aregoing to have so much fun!” she exclaimed. I got inside and decided tofreshen up in the shower and Shelly started unpacking. I came out in myswim trunks and slumped down in the only chair Shelly hadn’t piled suitcaseson. “Holy Shit!” I yelled and jumped up as a sharp pain went through myass. Shelly immediately started laughing. She came over and picked up atack from the chair. She smiled and showed it to me. “It’s been too longsince I’ve pranked you!” she said. “Jeepers Shelly! That hurt!” I yelledat her. She pushed out her bottom lip and told me I was a big sissy. I’mpretty sure she mumbled something else that sounded like “at least you willbe,” but that didn’t make any sense. I couldn’t understand how a thumb tackfelt like it had went so deep into my thigh muscle, but I guess I need totoughen up if I ever expected Shelly to appreciate the man that I am. The next few days were fun. Shelly was still flirting a lotand would smack my ass. “Is your little tushy better?” she would say witha pouty lip before she would start laughing again. I brushed it off andstill flirted back. I still got up early in the mornings for my morning runbut it seriously seemed like I wasn’t making the times that I used to. I’msure the altitude is different though and a lot of things can affect that.I’m sure I’ll build back up.Our third day there I had finished my shower after a longday in the sun. Shelly was still in a bathing suit and bent over thecounter preparing dinner. It was as if she wanted me to enjoy the show so Isat down in the chair behind her to watch. “SHIT!” I yelled and jumped up.”Shelly! Why would you do this to me again?” Luckily it was my left asscheek this time that was sore. Shelly could barely hold herself up she waslaughing so hard. “Awww. my poor little sissy.” She said. I rubbed by sorespot and stormed off into the other room. I sure hope she doesn’t do thisthe rest of the stay here. I guess I need to check the chair cushionsbefore I sit down from now on.I woke up the next morning horny. The usual morning woodwasn’t there but I knew I had to do something. I took my normal morningpiss and then sat down on the side of the tub to rub one out. Jimmy nevergot Escort Bayan more than half mast and I was a little worried but I was tired. Ibrushed my teeth and decided to go for my morning run. The morning air wasbrisk and I could feel my shirt rubbing my hard nipples. “Damn these thingsare sensitive today,” I thought to myself. I finished my run and went backto the condo to see if Shelly had any plans for the day.I walked into to see her sitting at the table in her red braand panty set eating a bowl of cereal. I smiled at her because she hadnever been that forward with me before. “Good morning sweetie, how’s yourcock doing? I. I. mean ass!” she said as she blushed at her mistake. I wastaken aback by her comment since this morning was a bit odd, but I justnodded and said fine. Both of my thighs actually felt sore still, but Iknow the tacks didn’t go that deep. “Get your shower and come tobreakfast,” she said as she gave a sheepish smile.I got in the shower and began to soap up. I rubbed the barof soap over my chest and felt my nipples tingle. I looked down and couldsee my breast actually sticking out. I ran every day! How in the worldcould I putting on weight? I was definitely getting a set of man boobsthough. This wasn’t going to work. I continued to shower and every time mynipples were hit with water I could feel a tingle in my cock. It’s odd toget arousal that away. I was getting hungry and after this morning, Ididn’t need to take the time to try and get Jimmy up to rub one off. Shelly was sweet and had breakfast on the table. I sat downand started to eat as she ran her fingers through my hair and walked off toput the other dishes away. She was still only in her bra and panties. Idrooled a little but I figured I wouldn’t be a gentlemen if I was to startplaying with myself right here in the open. As I finished my food she cameover and stood me up. I looked deep in her eyes and she wrapped her armsaround my neck. “You are just too cute,” she said. I blushed and sheguided me towards the couch. She reached a hand down into my pants to feelmy soft cock which under these circumstances should be raging hard. Shesmiled at me and gave me a shove down to the couch as she said “I want you.”My ass once again had a sharp pain as I hit the cushion and her finish with”to be my sissy bitch.” I jumped up and flipped over the cushion to see amedical needle neatly tucked into it. “What the hell is this?” I shouted”and what the hell did you just say?” She smiled again. “Did you reallythink your ass was sore from a thumb tack? You really are a dumb lilsissy!” My mind was spinning at this point as I rubbed my sore assmuscle. “All the times you sat on a tack?” She said, “That was just adecoy. Yes, I pranked you. Apparently you are too stupid to notice that Iwas injecting your ass with hormones. “Shelly!! You can’t be serious! Mydick is limp now!” I yelled back at her. “I know,” she said sweetly. “Youcurrently have more female hormones going through your body than I do. Youcan’t stop them. Your dick will be useless within the next few days and Ican already see you are getting nice, perky breasts!” “This isn’t funny Shelly!” I said as I walked over to propmyself up against the bar. “I have a job to go to soon. What about mylife? I can’t go face everyone like this!” She gave another evil grin.”Do you even know where we are sissy? There are no land line phones. Asfor your cell phone? Hahahaa. Guess you’ve been having so much fun youhaven’t missed it. There’s no way to reverse the effects of the hormonesand you can’t get a hold of anyone to plead your case. Poor baby. Guessyou’ll just have to get used to it sissy!”I was pissed. “You fuckin’ bitch!” my voice squeaked.”You’ve gone too far. This is too much for a prank. I don’t care if youare a girl. I will beat the shit out of you!” I ran at her sadly withoutenough time to see her pick up her Taser and drop me to the ground. “Sillylittle sissy bitch.” She said. “You look so silly twitching on the floor.Guess you will learn your place soon enough.” That is all I remember beforeI passed out.The next morning when I woke up I was tied to the bed. Apair of sheer pink panties covered my limp cock and I was wearing a leopardprint bra. I couldn’t believe the perky mounds that filled the B cups. AsI pulled at my restraints to free myself, Shelly walked in carrying somefood and medical supplies. “Why are you doing this to me Shelly?” Iwhimpered. A soft smile came on her face and she reached out to run herfingers through my hair. “Because you are perfect” She said. “Ever sinceDerek and I started going out I fantasized about you. I look at you andjust see what you should be. Your body is one that I wish I had. You’reskinny and the perfect height. You have nice legs. I knew that if I couldjust give you some feminine features you would be every guys dream.” I wasso confused. “Shelly, I’m a man. A straight man. I could understand I wasgay and wanted a change but you are destroying my life!” She began to laughloudly. “You think I care what you want? This is about me and about what Iwant. You might not have noticed but I get what I want sissy. I haveeverything else. A rich family that loaned this condo to me. A greatcareer. The only thing I didn’t have was a pathetic little sissy. Maybe Iwatch too much porn for the typical female, but I decided I just had to be aMistress and I needed a sissy. Now, apparently you aren’t real keen on thisso you are going to stay tied up for a while. It won’t take long and I willhave you loving this!”She pulled out another needle and began to give me morehormones in my arm. I know the feeling of them going in all too well now.I saw her pull out a catheter bag. I really couldn’t believe this. Shedidn’t even trust me to go to the restroom. She pulled my panties down alittle and picked up my shriveled dick. It looked so small now. Maybe it’sjust me giving up hope but it looks like its shrinking. She added some lubeand began to insert the catheter. She looked up at me and winked. “Seesissy? I’m taking good care of you. You don’t even have to get out of bedto go peepee! She let out a silly laugh and put some pillows under my headand started feeding me. I really don’t know what to think or do. I’m stuckhere on an island and I don’t know where I am. I have no way out. With theknowledge I have now, I don’t think anyone else was ever coming to thisisland. Shelly looked at once again with an evil smile. “Now forthe FUN part! What do you think of hypnosis sissy? Have you ever heard ofIsabella Valentine? “She asked. I just shook my head no because this isabsolute garbage. Hypnosis is merely a stage act and there is no way Icould ever enjoy being a woman. I just want to go home and be a man!Shelly continued, “You are going to love Isabella. She has the sexiest andsoftest voice. We’ll let her train you at night as you try to sleep!Through the day though, we are going to have you watch plenty of hypnovideos. You’ll get to see all kinds of fun things!” Shelly removed mypillows and laid me back and I noticed the 60″ screen mounted to the ceilingabove me. She walked over to the DVD player and started the videos.Luckily they were just regular porn shots with the typical blow jobs andlots of anal sex. Needless to say, the women were hot. There was nothingelse that I could do so I just watched it. A few hours went by and I wasable to move my thoughts from my surroundings to the porn. I don’t think Iwas able to get an erection, but I could tell I was horny. As the daylightfaded in the window Shelly came back in and stopped the DVD player and putsome headphones on my ears. “This is going to be good Bayan escort for you sissy!You’ll love being hypnotized!” she told me. With that she left the room andI began to hear the soft soothing voice of Isabella calling me. It’s notlike I believe any of the hypnosis stuff. Her voice however was verycalming. I had no choice but to listen since I couldn’t remove theheadphones. As she talked I laughed to myself that some people actuallybelieve this works. I slowly fell asleep despite her cooing words in myears. Shelly woke me in the morning to give me my breakfast. “Youare going to be fed a special way from now on sissy! ” She exclaimed with asmile. “From now on I am going to feed you soft foods and I’m going to makeyou suck or lick them!” When she pulled the cover off the tray I could seeeverything was white or cream colored. She dipped her fingers in somemashed potatoes and held them so I had to reach my neck out to get to them.She only fed me once yesterday so I was hungry. I started licking my mealfrom her fingers even though she used way too much salt to make them. Itwas humiliating but it couldn’t be any worse than what I already wentthrough. She got out what looked like a dildo and put it beside my head.”I have reworked one of my favorite toys for you sissy! See? The hose onhere used to be so I could make this squirt in my pussy. Now it is a strawfor you! Drink your milk sissy! If you are good I will get you a milkshake when you are done!” she said acting way too excited. The salt fromthe mashed potatoes was killing me so I turned my head and started to suckat my “straw.” Nothing seemed to be coming out. “Suck it harder sissy!How do expect to get anything out like that?” she giggled. I was finallyable to get my lips around it better. A few seconds later the milk finallystarted flowing. The weeks went by and my breast grew larger. I was now a Dcup and my hips were getting some shape. Shelly waxed me every week and Icould see my legs were no longer chiseled runners legs but they weresoftening to nice shapely, feminine legs. My hair was almost shoulderlength by now. I don’t think there was much fight left in me. The videoswould flash words like “slut” and “whore” across the screen and thoughtsbegan to fill my mind about what the women were like in the videos. The menwere always big and strong but it always seemed the women got more pleasureseeing their men satisfied. One night while listening to Isabella talk tome it was beginning to feel too real. Surely I wasn’t truly hypnotized, butshe kept teasing, “don’t suck the cock. If you try it you might like it.Don’t let the veins pulse in your mouth. It’s turning you on. Are youthinking of a hard cock in your mouth? Don’t think about the cock!” It wastoo late for me. My dreams had my lips wrapped around this juice piece ofman meat. Before I knew it I was sucking and wrapping my hands around it.”Don’t let him cum in your mouth. If you do you will be gay forever.” Shecooed. I felt a cool liquid began to fill my mouth and opened my eyes tosee my mouth wrapped around my “straw” as Shelly called it. I finished mydrink and chuckled to myself at how real the dream had been. I looked atthe straw again and licked it playfully with my tongue. What if it wasreally that fun? I sucked it back into my mouth as thoughts of a stronghandsome man invaded my mind. Wait a minute! What am I thinking? This isall too weird. I can’t let Shelly see me acting like this. “Good morningSissy!” I heard Shelly say. I quickly turned my head away and blushed. Shedidn’t say anything so hopefully she just assumed I was thirsty and didn’tnotice the pleasure I was getting out of that cock. She came over for mydaily bath and tenderly washed me off. Today she brought in makeup andapplied it. In an odd way it felt nice having her soft touch on my skin.Shelly told me how beautiful I was when she finished and I could feel myface blush. I guess the hormones in me were reacting because I could feeltears in my eyes at her affirming words. I’m happy that she approves of me.She smiled again and pulled out an anal plug. “I brought you a toy sissy.This should help some of your desires!” She said. My legs were stillspread in the restraints so she had easy access to my ass hole. It wasuncomfortable as she started to put it in but it popped in and rested rightagainst my prostate. I squirmed a little at the sensation but Shelly justpatted my leg and left the room. I watched her leave the room but then the sounds of thevideos started filling my ears. Maybe they were right. Am I a whore? Thehuge dicks pounding away at the girls asses started arousing me. Each timethey would ram into the sweet, soft holes my muscles would tense and movethe plug. As my prostate would get more and more attention waves ofpleasure started coming over me. Oh this is torture! Tied up andrestrained yet for some reason so incredibly horny. The screen keptflashing “you want to suck his dick” and “you’re a fucking ass whore.” Isquirmed more and couldn’t help myself. I turned my head to my dildo shapedstraw and sucked furiously at it. Oh if I could just be the girl on thescreen. Not tied up to this bed but bent over the bed with that huge studbehind me and one in front of me. I didn’t know how bad I needed this! Ohif relief could just come to me! It felt as if the porn stars were talkingto me. “Are you my little bitch?” One asked. “Mmmhmmm!” was all I couldmumble with this cock in my throat. I hadn’t even noticed Shelly sitting inthe corner watching me.”I believe you’ve been tied up long enough my sweet little sissy.” She said.I saw her wheel in a huge mirror and turned it towards me at the foot of thebed. I began to cry. There was no longer a man in that bed. My makeup wasvery sexy. Dark eye liner and bright red lipstick. I looked like anexpensive whore. Shelly smiled at my tears. “Oh, I’m so happy for yousissy! You have tears of joy! I’m glad you like it!” she said. I couldn’teven speak. I didn’t know if I was happy, sad or just scared. I wasbroken. I haven’t left this bed in months. No hope of ever getting home.Even if I did, who would recognize me like this? I was an adult so I didn’teven tell anyone I was leaving. If I came back like this no one would everbelieve my story. After all the rumors started in college, everyone wouldthink I am gay, that I decided to become a tranny. Shelly gently pulled mycatheter out and reached for a chastity cage. “I can’t just set you freesissy. Your little clitty is useless but just in case you get tempted, I amgoing to help you!” She said in the sweetest motherly voice. I could feelthe cold steel clamp around my balls and the cage slip over my limp”clitty.” I guess I should admit it. My dick is gone. I’m just aworthless piece of meat that happens to look like a sexy woman. I guess Imust have been thinking out loud because Shelly gave a chuckle and said,”You’re not worthless! You are worth quite a bit as a sex doll!” I gulpedas the words came out of her mouth. Surely she didn’t have other plans! Iwas still aroused though. My mind getting clouded by all the thoughts. Wasthis a dream? All I really want now is to be a girl. I am a girl right?Maybe I just need to get fucked so I can calm down and think straight. Ohmy hormones are killing me! I squirmed more as the plug tickled my ass. Ohif Shelly could just set me free. I’m not a lesbian but I would even makeout with her. She is so beautiful. I just need some relief!”Now sissy, I’m going to set you free but then we have somework to do. Ok? I guess you are going to be a good girl?” She asked. Inodded my head yes and turned my head as a tear ran down my cheek. I couldsee Escort in the mirror that I was starting to ruin my makeup. “Sissy! What iswrong with you?” Shelly screamed as she slapped my face. “You haven’t beenchoking on a big, fat cock so there is no reason to have your makeup allmessed up!” She pulled me to my feet. I just about fell because I hadn’tpaid attention to the 5″ heels she had strapped to my feet. “First you haveto learn to walk sissy. You have so much to learn. Soon you will be doingyour own makeup and picking out your own clothes. I think you are going tolearn to love your new self!” My brain was spinning out of control. Ididn’t mean to make Shelly mad and what did she mean by new self? Why weremy thoughts and memories so cloudy and . and. oh if I could only get someoneto fuck me!Shelly unzipped her pants and revealed a huge pink strap-on.”We have some more training for you sissy,” she said. “I know your littleclitty needs some relief so I will give you some!” I was so excited Ididn’t really know what to do. Shelly bent me over and began to insert her8″ cock. “This might be a little big to start out with sissy but you willget used to it. You need to get stretched out fast anyway!” The cold lubehelped but my ass was on fire as it stretched to meet the girth of herdildo. It seemed like an eternity but I finally felt the head pop through.She pulled it back out and this time rammed it hard and deep into my ass. Iscreamed. I guess it was more like a yelp with my vocal chords messed up bythe hormones. Shelly pulled the dong back out of my aching hole and beganto strap a ball gag to my mouth. “Sissy’s aren’t supposed to make noise!”Shelly yelled at me. “You can only moan. This is pleasure for your sissypussy. Get used to it!” I winced at she pushed her cock back into my hole.She kept changing her pace and would occasionally ram the full length in.Over the pain of my hole being torn apart I was feeling her stimulate myprostate. It had been so long since I had an orgasm I quickly started tofeel one coming on. I couldn’t help myself and started to moan. A fewmoments later I started to feel my clitty twitch and drip cum. I didn’tknow I could cum like this and didn’t know it could feel this good. Igripped the covers on the bed as the wave of the orgasm hit me. Shellythrust in a few more times and then laughed and pulled out her cock. Sheremoved my ball gag and pushed my head to the strap-on that just came frommy ass. “Suck it clean sissy! If you aren’t going to thank me for yourorgasm you are going to get a mouth full of shit!” Shelly sneered. I triedto open my mouth and apologize but she quickly filled it with the cock. Itwas all the way at the back of my throat and I gagged as the tears rolled.She continued throat fucking me until she was happy that she was clean. “Soshower your filthy ass,” she said as she walked out of the room.I stepped into the shower ashamed but still incredibly hornyand shaking from the orgasm I just experienced. I really want to keepShelly happy with me. If I can just make sure not to upset her again.Anyone that can give an orgasm like that deserves to be worshipped! The hotwater splashing on my nipples didn’t help calm me down. She had locked awaymy little clitty and there was nothing in the shower to use as a pretendcock. This is truly hard on me. Maybe Shelly will have mercy on me again.I finished my shower and dried off. I couldn’t help but stare at thegorgeous woman in the mirror with the shapely legs and perky breasts. Idon’t know why it’s so hard to realize it’s me. It’s odd to think I’mturning myself on. “I’m not gay! I love men. well, maybe I’m bi.” Ithought to myself. There were so many confusing thoughts flooding my hornybrain. I slipped on the black lace nighty that was hanging on the door. Itaccented my breasts perfectly and lightly d****d over my ass cheeks. As Ilooked at my sexy butt in the mirror I couldn’t stop the urge to smack it.I hit it hard so it stung. These impulses are weird but it felt good and Igiggled to myself. I met Shelly in the kitchen. “Hey Gina!” she said as shesmiled and looked me up and down. “Gina?” I thought. My brain is socloudy. I almost said my name is George. I know that ain’t right. What’swrong with me? I smiled back and blushed. “Hi Ms. Shelly,” I said shyly.”Thank you so much for earlier. You are absolutely amazing!” Shellylaughed and shook her head. “That was nothing Gina. I was just having alittle fun with you before we leave in the morning. We start worktomorrow!” I pushed out my bottom lip and pouted. “Do we have to go?” Iasked her. “Yes sweetie, we do.” She replied. “Now better hurry off to bedwe have to get up early and get to the office.” I scurried off to my bed tomake sure I didn’t run the chance of upsetting Shelly. At least I get towork with her! With this much excitement I’m sure it won’t be easy to getto sleep.I got up early and went to my closet. I slipped on thetight black skirt that only came mid-thigh. I noticed the split in the backwas high! I could probably show off my panties with this! I giggled againto myself as I buttoned my red blouse. Luckily my bra has a strip of laceat the top because I can’t button the blouse over my tits. Damn this lookssexy I think to myself. I put my arms through the sleeves of my blackjacket and went to do my makeup. I hope Ms. Shelly likes my outfit!Ms. Shelly was waiting for me at the plane. I felt like Iwas walking the catwalk as she looked at me. My hips swished left and rightas I strutted in my 5″ heels. She smiled and winked at me. “Well aren’tyou just the sex kitten!” She said. I blushed and thanked her. Shesmacked my ass and ushered me up the stairs and to my seat. As we flew offMs. Shelly started to lay out her plans for me. “Gina,” she said, “we aregoing to have a lot of work to do. Our new office is in Paris. We will beworking for a lot of men when we first start but we are going to changethat. See, most of them are married and are supposed to be good, upstandingcitizens. That’s where you come in Gina. Since you are the sexy bombshell, you are going to be my assistant. Over time, you will break them allover. You will get to suck all the cock you want while I slip theoccasional picture for black mail. You can give them your ass if you want.Just be your normal slutty self and have fun. Soon they will be at our feetand mercy. I’ll own the place and we’ll make sure to keep your sexualappetite satisfied! Sound like fun girl? I couldn’t help but feel a tingleof excitement in my panties. Black mail? Hmmm.. This is going to be aneasy job and I get paid for being a slut! We couldn’t have arrived in Paris soon enough. I followedclose behind Ms. Shelly and shyly smiled and every man I was introduced to.As we walked through the office I glanced over at a fairly attractive guy inhis early 40’s. His hair was starting to get a few silver streaks. Inoticed he was staring at me so I gave him a wink. I giggled as he walkedright into one of the other employees and spilled his coffee. Yes, I thinkhe will be my first. Wonder if I can place a bet with Ms. Shelly that I canbe under his desk sucking his juicy cock by noon? I am so horny right now!I sure hope I can be sucking by noon or I’m going to have to get my fixsomehow real soon!Ms. Shelly showed me to my desk. I wonder if there was areason I got an all glass desk? Doesn’t she know my skirt will be showingmy panties off to all the guys? We can’t have that can we? I giggled tomyself again. I reached over and picked up the morning paper. One of thenews headlines was talking about a college senior that just graduated in theUnited States but disappeared soon after. It’s a sad story becauseapparently he showed a lot of promise. I started to tear up as I felt sorryfor that family and what they must be going through. Oh well. At least I’min Paris and that kind of thing doesn’t happen over here. I have so muchwork to do. Time to get to it! Now. where is my new lover?.

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