Wrong Man


When you live in a student house things can get pretty chaotic at times. Oddly enough they seem to get especially bad when there are long weekends and half the guys aren’t home. We had this long weekend recently and after last class on Friday most of the guys had vanished. Most of them were eager to go, with the exception being Jake. His parents rolled up unexpectedly to take him skiing for the weekend. A reward for good grades he was told. It seemed to me that he was oddly unenthusiastic about his reward.

I’d moved out of home permanently and had no intention of going back for the long weekend. If I was silly enough to do so my father would haul me down to his factory and have me doing grunt work the entire time I was there. Spending three days sweeping floors and hauling garbage was NOT the way I wanted to spend my weekend.

It was a minor source of irritation that Michael, my room-mate, also chose to stay. I’d been hoping for a solitary weekend, catching up on some study and not having to worry about someone else. It turned out that I was also a minor source of irritation to Michael. He wanted the room to himself that weekend. He’d planned on it, with his plans involving carnal gratification with a young lady of his acquaintance.

I was in the way and he wasn’t backwards in telling me this. Couldn’t I find other accommodation for the weekend? I considered this and decided that yes, I could. I’d noticed that when Jake left he went so unexpectedly that he’d forgotten to close his door properly. I’d closed it for him but hadn’t locked it. I’d just move into his room for the weekend and he’d never know.

I had my wish, a private room, and Michael had his wish and a chance to indulge in his carnal curiosity. That Friday I put in a few hours study and finally went to bed fairly late.

I went to sleep quite quickly and a couple of hours later I woke up quite abruptly. I was lying there, trying to work out what had woken me, and I sensed there was someone else in the room. My first thought was a burglar. After all, if Jake had come back unexpectedly he’d have turned on the light. Therefore, not Jake. Wondering what to do, my dilemma was resolved when the intruder eased under the covers and snuggled up next to me.

I found that I had a naked female form pressed up against me and it felt pretty damn good. I had certain automatic responses spring to life, responses that were anticipated by the intruder, with a hand slipping down to check them out.

There was a bit of giggling and she started stoking me. I returned the compliment. Not the giggling but the stroking part. My hands were all over her determining that yes, she was naked, yes, she had a very fine set of secondary mammalian attributes, and yes, she might trim certain areas but she didn’t shave clean.

For a while there was quite a lot of petting going on, quite heavy petting for that matter. It was blatantly obvious where we were heading but I had a few minor problems with this. First, I was damn sure that this was a case of mistaken identity. This was Jake’s room, not mine. Second, Jake had been strangely reluctant to depart with his parents. The reason for this I suspected was snuggled up next to me. Third, when I’d taken over Jake’s room I’d noticed his phone on the bedside table. No phone meant no calling and alerting his girlfriend. I couldn’t really see escort izmit him using his parent’s phone to call her and tell her no nooky tonight.

Lust said to let her find out afterwards. If she left while it was still dark she might never know who it was. Common decency said I should let her know. (Currently common decency was being strangled by lust.) My fourth concern was the big problem. I had seen Jake’s girlfriend and she seemed just a trifle young to me. A thought that was reinforced by her finally speaking and saying something more than, “Ooh, ah, so big, etc.”

“God, Jake,” she gasped after one frantic bit of groping. “I can’t believe I’m finally doing this.”

The alarm bells were now ringing loud and clear. With a frustrated groan I reached for the bedside table and flicked on the lights. Lying in bed next to me was Sharon, a very pretty young cheerleader, with the emphasis on young.

“Ah, just how old are you Sharon?” I asked, hating what I thought I was going to hear.

She wasn’t looking at my face and hadn’t yet spotted that I wasn’t Jake. Her attention was focused elsewhere.

“Eighteen,” she told me, sounding quite happy about it. “And,” she said as she turned to flick a glance at the alarm clock, “two hours.”

She was turning to look at me as she said this and I saw the change on her face as she registered that I wasn’t Jake.

“Alex!” she exclaimed. “What the fuck are you doing here? Where’s Jake.”

“Jake is up in the mountains, skiing. Um, considering that it’s 2:00am he’s probably not skiing but curled up in bed with a ski-bunny.”

“Jake wouldn’t do that. He’s my boyfriend.”

“Sharon, Jake would do that in a flash and invite you to join them and you damn well know it.”

She glared at me, holding the covers to her, which was a bit silly after what we’d been doing.

“You deliberately deceived me,” she said. “Please have the decency to turn your head while I get dressed.”

“If I was deliberately deceiving you we’d still be snuggling in bed with the light out,” I pointed out. “Ah, why do you want to get dressed?”

“So I can leave,” she said, giving me a look that plainly said, “Der.”

“But why do you want to leave? We haven’t finished what you started.”

A very gentle emphasis on the ‘you’ but she caught it and blushed.

“Well, really. You can’t expect me to stay here.”

“Why not?”

“You’re not Jake. I came to be with my boyfriend.”

“No, I don’t think you did,” I said thoughtfully. “You came to lose your virginity. If you stop to consider it you’ll realise that I’m a much better choice for relieving you of it.”

“And just how do you come to that conclusion?”

“Jake’s a jock which is probably why you’ve been dating him. He’s also a jerk where women are concerned. If you’d found Jake in this bed when you came in he’d have already popped your cherry. As soon as you hopped into bed he’d have rolled you onto your back and taken you and that would have been it. As it is I’m going to take it nice and slow. I’ve even turned on the light so you can see what’s happening.”

She started to argue but I shut her up by simply kissing her. At the same time I started to stroke her breasts again. She was already accustomed to that and for the moment she didn’t protest. By the time she decided to, it was a little too late. She was izmit escort flat on her back and my hands were busy. So were hers, for that matter. To protest would have seemed just a little hypocritical.

The temperature was reasonable and I’d flicked the covers off us so that we could see what we were doing. Up until now it had all been handiwork, shall we say, but now I thought the time had come to advance. While leaving one hand downstairs building up tension within her pussy I shifted around slightly, my mouth seeking and finding her breast. I started kissing and sucking and generally tasting them.

The hand that had been exploring my cock tightened in shock when my mouth closed over her nipple, rasping my teeth against it. Fortunately it relaxed before any damage was done but, instead of continuing to fondle me, she just held me, apparently paying attention to what I was doing.

I mouthed both breasts for a while, switching from one to the other and back again. Her nipples were tight and wet from my mouth. I started to drop little kisses on her skin, starting with her breasts and working down.

Sharon’s grip on me tightened slightly when my mouth brushed across her mons, slackening and letting me go when she found I was tasting her mound.

Now it was a case of her hands were tangled in my hair while she was crying out, “What are you doing?” in a rather stunned voice.

Silly question really. How did she expect me to answer while my tongue was probing inside her? I kept up my explorations, touching and teasing, moving closer to her clitoris. A little too close, possibly, as she gave a strangled cry, nearly pulling my hair out. I raised my head.

“Problem?” I asked.

She just looked at me, eyes wide, and shook her head. I winked at her and bent my head again. This time I kept up the touching in that sensitive place. I figured it was worth losing a handful of hair to achieve my aim. I tasted and probed and she clutched my hair, writhed slightly under me, and made some funny noises, almost whimpering.

Her climax when it came took her completely by surprise. She released my hair (Thank god. I thought I was going to lose it.) and arched her back, making a long drawn out argh sound. I took this opportunity to move between her thighs, my cock now resting on her mound, just pressing lightly along her slit.

When Sharon recovered from her little climax it was to discover that I was poised ready to enter her. She had a very nervous look on her face as she eyed the point where my cock was touching her. I had to admit that an erection can seem rather large when resting on a young woman’s mound.

Even as she watched I eased her lips apart, pushing the head of my cock between them and letting her lips close over it. The nervous look had now moved to damn near panicky.

“Last chance, Sharon,” I told her. “Do you want me to stop? I will if you want to.” (I’d probably strangle her though.)

She looked at me and the panic changed to indignation. How dare I suggest that she wanted me to stop, was the impression she gave. Don’t ask me. I don’t understand women. Love them, yes. Understand them, no way.

“Don’t you dare,” she said, as though I was the one who might want to cry off.

I just smiled and slowly pushed. She yipped as I broke her hymen but then seemed to forget izmit kendi evi olan escort about it, watching as I sank deeper, starting to push up against me. I didn’t stop at all, just pushing steadily until I was fully inside her, our groins rubbing against each other.

I held it like that for a few moments while she adjusted to what had happened. Her head was tilted a little to the side and she seemed to be contemplating. Finally she gave a little shiver and just said, “Oh, my.”

I couldn’t help it, I laughed. For a moment she looked annoyed and then she giggled, a happy look on her face. I pulled slowly back and then pushed back home quite firmly, noting a look of pleased surprise cross her face. A very expressive face on that girl.

“You do know that you’re supposed to move with me?” I asked as I pulled back again.

She gave me an indignant look and when I drove home she was pushing up to meet me. I winked at her again and settled down to business. I started at a nice easy pace and she was quite happy to keep up with me. After a short pleasurable period I picked it up a notch, finding her quite able to make the adjustment. Picking it up another notch and we were coming together in fine style, our groins slapping happily against each other.

My problem was that she was too ready. Her early climax left her ready for another one quite quickly but I wasn’t ready for her to have it. I slowed down a little to her annoyance. Her verbal annoyance.

“What’s wrong? Why are you stopping?”

“I’m not stopping. Just prolonging things,” I told her. “I’m not ready to finish and you’re a little too ready. I’m just changing the rules slightly.”

She gave me a nasty look but there wasn’t much she could do. She was still responding strongly at the slower pace but urging me to pick it up again. Make that demanding that I speed it up again.

After a little while I obliged and soon we were coming together in that fine old style, bouncing hard against each other. It wasn’t long and she was right back up there, ready to climax. Fine by me as I was now further down the track myself. I picked up the pace one last time, driving in with great energy, giving my all.

I, fool that I am, just naturally assumed that Sharon’s second orgasm would be the same quiet affair as her first. It wasn’t until I heard her starting to wail in a rapidly increasing crescendo that I twigged that she was going to scream this one out. I very hastily covered her mouth with one hand while at the same time I was climaxing busily, giving her everything I had. Even with my hand on her mouth I could hear her now muted scream.

She remained snuggled up against me for a while but eventually started making noises about how she had to get back to her own room. I pointed out she was quite welcome to stay right where she was. For the whole weekend, if she liked. She laughed and refused. Her room-mates would expect her to be there in the morning. She didn’t want to get a reputation, thank you very much.

I watched her get dressed then switched off the light so she could leave without anyone spotting her, although I don’t know who was going to be prowling around at three in the morning.

I did invite her to drop in the next night. I would be using Jakes room for the next two nights and she was welcome anytime, preferably all night long.

If she did visit again I was going to have to warn her not to come on Monday night as Jake would be back. I didn’t give a damn if he was supposed to be her boyfriend. I didn’t want her with Jake. With a bit of luck I had two nights to persuade her.

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