WWT: The Library

Big Tits

There was something happening to the world.She could not place her intuition, just that each day seemed more isolated. Sure, Nicole told herself that this sort of thing happened. Her friends had boyfriends, careers, lives away from her. But still, she could not shake the realization that it had been months since she’d really seen anyone…Or done anything…Okay, so it happens to a lot of graduates. Nicole had just finished her Masters of Library Science, starting at the Circulation Desk at the Denver Public Library. It was the bottom rung, but full time. Enough to barely afford the city. Which was one of life’s great ironies. She scrimped and saved in Wichita, trying to save enough money to afford graduate school and pay down student loans, dreaming of an actual city. A place where no one would care if she had short purple hair and liked to kiss other girls.Only once she got there, just kaçak iddaa paying rent and basic living expenses ate away any entertainment budget. And she was so tired, especially after volunteering to clean all of the toys in children’s at home in her apartment’s laundromat. Anything to help out her temperamental boss. Who had been acting strange…Slowly, Nicole had been stepping up into more responsibility, as the library suddenly became weirdly empty. Patrons simply stopped coming, except for a steady trickle of attractive women. But circulation numbers dropped to a dead low.She wondered when she’d be fired, trying to volunteer for anything, but the entire staff had turned cold. Several had already resigned. So she did whatever it took to delay the inevitable. Renee supervised the circ desk, a little older and weathered, she looked well on her way to becoming the stereotype, even putting kaçak bahis her brunette hair up into a bun. Nicole quickly learned that her immediate boss was easily agitated, lashing out over minor mistakes. But of late, Renee had been quiet, sequestered mostly in her office, busy in her office. Leaving Nicole to wonder if the ax would fall as she went into her office. “Nicole…” Renee fidgetted, out of breath. “I need you to go down… to the basement floor. There are several things we need to bring up for the Summer program.”“Yes ma’am,” Nicole said, hearing her nervousness as she accepted the list. She had never been to the basement before. What if she couldn’t find everything?The elevator required a special key to get down, one she clutched tightly in her hands as she turned it into the slot. Nicole tried to steady herself, unsure why such a simple errand started her heart thudding illegal bahis against her diminutive breasts. The doors spread open…It wasn’t like walking into the scene of a low-budget horror movie, at least not immediately. The lights were brightest near the elevator, even if it flickered and dimmed in the musky and clinging air. The expansive underground smelled of old books and stale mold. Nicole grabbed a shelving cart and began searching, her list sending her to the more poorly lit corners of the barely used storage area. She didn’t even feel the web at first until its fibers closed around her ankle. She stifled a scream, trying to convince her it was just an old Halloween decoration. The spiderweb was too thick, too expensive to be real. But it stuck to her, spreading around her ankle even as she bent to claw the sticky strands that seemed to climb up her calf. Panic set in as her fingers became trapped in the spreading web, her arms flailed, fighting to free herself only to become more entangled in the insidious trap. She lost her balance, falling without striking the concrete floor. 

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