You”ll Do


Though inspired by the present pandemic, this is not a Covid-19 story, it is more a “This is the way the world ends” man and boy story.

                                             By Ivor Sukwell


Chapter Six


Boy was absolutely enthralled by Sir”s bum lesson; Boy thought that Sir explained things so well he might even have been able to make Maths interesting if he”d been a master at school.

Until Sir”s lesson, Boy had thought a bum was just for sitting on and where poo came out from, but he knew different now! Bums, boy bums anyway, were, it seemed, even more sexy than cocks!

Sir had started by asking again if Boy had liked being tongued, and of course, Boy had declared most fervently that he had, he liked it lots and lots. Then Sir had flicked the tip of Boy”s hard cock, flicked it quite hard so Boy felt a tingle go all through him, right down to his toes.

“Ow!” Boy had squeaked and made Sir grin.

“That”s because the tip of a cock has lots and lots of nerve endings in it,” Sir explained, “And when this is done,” Sir twiddled Boy”s foreskin, “It feels nice.”

It did feel nice and Boy said it did, so Sir kept twiddling it for him.

A bum hole, Sir explained, had even more nerve endings that the tip of a cock, so if a bum hole was treated properly a boy could get lots and lots of fun from it, but if it was treated roughly, then instead of being fun, it would hurt.

“The very outside bit of a bum hole,” Sir said, “Is a bit like a strong elastic band. The first time you use a new one it”s quite hard to make it stretch, but it gets easier each time you use it.”

Boy understood that, he knew what Sir was talking about.

“Now,” Sir said, “You know what an airlock is on a space ship and how it works.”

“It”s sort of two doors, Sir. You go through one from the space ship and close it behind you, and then you open the other one. If you had them both open at the same time, all the air in the ship would rush out.”

“That”s right,” Sir encouraged, “Well, your bum, everyone”s bum, has something like that inside it. It”s got a fancy name, but we”ll just call it a poo lock.”

Boy thought that was funny and had a little giggle.

“You know sometimes, when you need a poo, your tummy tells you that you need one?”

Boy did.

“And sometimes, when you need a poo real bad, you have to get to the toilet very quickly before you poo your pants.”

Boy sniggered, he knew just what Sir meant.

“Well,” Sir explained, “That”s because some poo has sneaked past the first door of your poo lock and is trying to open the outer door.”

Boy nodded picturing in his mind a turd opening one poo lock door and trying to open the other one.

“But an airlock works two ways, doesn”t it,” Sir said, “You can go in and out. It”s the same with a poo lock. It lets poo out, but it can be programmed to let a tongue, a finger and even a cock in.”

“Oh,” Boy said, and giggled, “My bum”s a two way door. Way out for poo and way in for sex things.”

“Got it in one,” Sir smiled, and gave a pleased-with-himself Boy a little wank of approval.

“But, Sir,” Boy said, thinking hard, “I think I understand why you would want to put your cock in a boy”s bum, because it would feel nice up there, I suppose, but why would a boy want to have a cock in his bum?”

“Ah, that”s the real secret that bums have,” Sir said, “Boys” bums. Girl bums are different, they don”t have a special secret hidden inside them.”

Boy knew girls were silly, soppy things, so he wasn”t surprised that they didn”t have a boy type secret inside their bums.

“Up inside your bum,” Sir said, “Is a very special place. Again, there is a fancy name for it, but we”ll call it your `Go Switch”. It”s actually a little bit inside you that decides when it”s time for you to cum. When you”re older and can spunk, if that switch is turned on it sends a message to your balls, telling them to squirt spunk out of your cock. At the moment, it tries to do that, but your balls haven”t made any spunk yet, so you get a dry one.”

Interesting, but even more interesting would be to know what made that switch go to `On”.

Sir made Boy dry cum lots of times every day, and he”d never had anything up his bum turning that switch to On.

“Wanking and sucking, will do it,” Sir explained to curious Boy, “Remember those nerve endings? Well, they can send a message to your switch, but the connection isn”t perfect and it takes a bit of time for the message to get through.”

“Like one of those bad connections you sometimes get on your phone?” Boy asked.

“A bit like that,” Sir agreed, “But those bad connections were irritating and you want them to go away. But when you”re being wanked or sucked, you don”t care how long it takes for the connection to be made.”

“Don”t,” Boy agreed with a snigger, “I like being wanked and sucked.”

“And I like wanking and sucking you,” pursaklar escort Sir made Boy feel good. It was really nice being wanked and sucked by Sir and Boy felt really proud that, even though he was only ten and Sir had fingers as big as Boy”s cock, Sir enjoyed wanking and sucking him.

“Even though I can”t spunk yet?” Boy asked, seeking a bit more praise. Boy knew Sir really wanted a boy old enough to spunk, and he wanted to hear Sir say that it didn”t matter that he couldn”t spunk because he tried really hard to be good at sex things so Sir would be happy with him.

Sir had discovered another advantage of paedophilia, and stroked Boy”s chest with one hand while giving him a good wanking with the other.

“How many times a day do I make you cum?” Sir asked, while wanking Boy.

“I don”t know,” Boy sniggered, “Lots.” Sir, Boy had the happy thought, didn”t seem to be able to leave his little cock alone. He was always feeling it, playing with it, wanking and sucking it. The only time Boy”s cock got a rest was when he was asleep, and it wouldn”t have surprised Boy at all if Sir didn”t go to sleep and spent all night playing with him instead.

“If you were a spunking Boy, I probably wouldn”t be able to give you more than about five cums a day,” SIr whispered in Boy”s ear as he wanked him.

“Five!” Boy squeaked, “Only five?!” He was sure Sir sometimes gave him that many between waking up and breakfast!

“About that,” Sir said, “Spunking really wears a boy”s cock out, so he can”t cum nearly as many times a day as a non-spunker can. So, if you like being made to cum, don”t start spunking too soon. You stay being ten for as long as you can, so I can enjoy giving you lots and lots of cums.”

Boy giggled and pushed himself back into Sir, and that felt really nice because Sir”s cock was properly hard now and Boy liked the way it felt against his bum, pushing against his immature balls, with the tip almost poking out between his closed thighs.

Sir said such nice things, and Boy was really happy that he was Sir”s Boy.

Being Sir”s Boy, Boy knew, meant that he had to be good at doing sex things because Sir had rescued him so he could do sex things with him, so it was only fair that Sir should be able to do all the sex things he wanted because Sir was really nice to Boy and kept him safe.

Boy had tried very hard to be good at doing sex things, and it wasn”t anywhere near as difficult to be good at sex things as it was to be good at Maths. Maths had been horrid, but sex things were fun and Sir had such a wonderful cock! Boy was really proud that he could make Sir cum with his mouth and never, ever spill a single drop of spunk when Sir shot in his mouth. That wasn”t even hard to do because he really liked Sir”s spunk and he knew Sir really liked it when he ate Sir”s spunk and licked his lips to show how much he liked eating it.

Sir always ruffled his hair and told him that he was a really good Boy when he did that and he felt extra special nice because he”d made Sir happy.

Boy wanted to make Sir happy, but now Sir had said that he wanted to do sex things with his bum, and Boy wasn”t too sure about his bum being something to use for sex things. Of course, he”d loved it when Sir used his tongue there, that had been simply amazing! And if that was the only sex thing Sir wanted to do to his bum then Sir could do that as much as he wanted, but Sir had talked about there being a sort of switch up inside his bum that when it was turned on would make his cums millions of times better, and Boy liked the idea of that, but, Sir had said, that switch could only properly be turned to on by a cock.

That made Boy want to cry because, even though Sir had said his bumhole was like an elastic band and would stretch as it got used, Boy could only get the top bit of Sir”s cock in his mouth and his mouth was much, much bigger than his bumhole, so Sir would never be able to put his cock inside him and turn that switch on.

Boy was a weak, girly failure! Sir would hate him if he couldn”t be bummed!

Perhaps, Boy had a horrid thought, his bum was a girl bum and didn”t have a switch inside it and that was why his bumhole was so small, because it would never need a cock to go in it and turn on a switch that he didn”t have.

Boy didn”t like that thought; he wanted to be a proper boy with a switch.

And there was spanking as well. Sir wanted to spank him. Sir had even got special things to spank him with, and it would be horrid of him if he didn”t want to be spanked after Sir had gone to the trouble of finding special, Boy-spanking things to spank him with.

And all that anal lube stuff as well. Stuff that was specially made so boys could get cocks in their bums. Sit had got loads of that so Sir obviously really wanted to bum him lots, and it was awful of him that he wouldn”t be able to get Sir”s cock up his bum because his hole was so small. And even worse, if Sir ever did manage to get rize escort his cock in there and found Boy didn”t have a switch!

Perhaps, Boy thought, Sir wouldn”t hate him quite so much if he let Sir spank him. At least Sir could have a little fun with his bum by spanking him even if he was never able to get his cock inside his hole, and there was no point in getting Sir”s cock in his bum if there wasn”t a switch for Sir to turn on anyway.

Boy was a bright boy, even though he was no good at Maths, and he knew it wasn”t enough to just let Sir spank him; he”d have to make it seem like he wanted to be spanked if Sir was going to have fun spanking him. He would have to pretend he liked it. It would be no good at all if he cried like a silly, soppy girl at the first hard spank. Sir didn”t like girls. Sir only liked boys, so Boy had to be a proper boy and be very brave and not cry when he was spanked so Sir could spank him really hard and enjoy spanking him.

At least that might make up a little bit for him being such a stupid boy and having a bumhole that was too small for Sir”s lovely cock.

“Do you really want to spank me, Sir?” Boy asked, “Spank me hard so it hurts?”

Sir wasn”t sure how to answer that, how to explain to a ten-year-old boy that he did want to spank him hard, spank him till he cried, even yelled, and then, while he was still crying, kiss him or have him suck him off and eat his spunk with tears still in his eyes.

Better still, of course, fuck his bright red burning, hurting bum, but Boy wasn”t old enough to be able to understand that, understand how sexy it was to spank a boy to howling and then fuck him.

So Sir left out the bit about fucking, and only told part of the truth about the rest.

“I do want to spank you,” Sir said, “Spank you hard and make you cry, and then, when you”re really crying, kiss lovely salty kisses with you or have my cock in your mouth while you”re still crying. Those are things that can only be done with really special boys, really very special boys.”

“Am I a special boy?” Boy asked hopefully, “I really want to be a special boy for you, Sir. Be your Boy.”

“You are,” Sir comforted Boy, “That”s what makes me want to spank you.”

“I do want to be special for you, Sir,” Boy snuffled, “You”re so good to me, Sir, looking after me and keeping me safe and giving me lots and lots of lovely cums and letting me suck your wonderful cock, and I”m such a stupid boy for having a bumhole you”ll never be able to get your cock in so you can”t do all the sex things you want to do with me, but you can spank me, Sir. Spank me as hard as you want to spank me if that will make you a little bit happy.”

Sir”s cock went rigid at the thought of giving Boy a proper spanking, but now was not, Sir knew, the proper time for that. Now was the time to make Boy feel special and wanted, because sex is always better with a boy who feels special and wanted.

So instead of spanking Boy, Sir cuddled and kissed Boy and told him how wonderful he was and how happy he made his Sir, and how lucky Sir had been to find a very special Boy walking along a motorway, and how marvellous it was that Boy liked sex things and was so good at doing them.

Boy melted. Boy was so happy that Sir thought he was at least a little bit special and Sir, he vowed, could spank him till he screamed and howled if Sir wanted to. Anything to make up for him being a girly failure, a miserable excuse of a boy who couldn”t be bummed like a real, proper boy.

Boy was really happy. He was sitting on the pillow between Sir”s legs, where he really liked to sit, with his head resting on Sir”s soft cock.

Sir”s cock was soft because Boy had sucked it off and eaten all Sir”s spunk, and Sir had spunked even more than Sir usually did, and Boy knew Sir had spunked so much because Sir had had lots of fun spanking him.

Boy was really proud that Sir had been able to spank him like that, have lots of naughty, sexy fun from spanking him, and Boy was really proud as well of all the red marks over the front of his thighs where Sir had spanked him with his special, boy-spanking thing.

Boy had stopped crying ages ago, about half-way through sucking Sir, and he giggled a bit as he admired the red marks on his legs.

The tip of Sir”s special boy-spanker had left those red marks, and they were really naughty sex thing red marks. Each one a red rectangle with a cock inside it! Boy”s legs were covered in red cocks!

That proved to Boy that spanking was a sex thing, it had to be a sex thing if it left red cocks all over his legs. Of course, it had hurt, hurt lots, but that was part of it, Boy understood now. Making Boy yell and cry by spanking him and hurting him was a sex thing for Sir, and if it was a sex thing for Sir, then Boy had to let Sir do it because that was why Sir had saved him, wasn”t it? So he could do sex things with him.

It hadn”t been an across Sir”s knees and bum spanking, no, nothing at all like ankara rus escort that! It had been much more of a sex thing than that.

Boy had been made to stand in front of Sir and Sir had spanked the front of his thighs, and even though Boy had had to bite his lips so he didn”t cry too soon, he could see that Sir was enjoying spanking him because he could see Sir”s cock swelling and going hard as he did it.

Spanking Boy was making Sir feel sexy and it didn”t matter at all how much it hurt because Sir was finding it sexy! So, of course, Boy had to stand there so Sir could spank his legs, and it was really different being spanked on the legs by Sir”s boy-spanking thing than it had been having his bare bum spanked by Sir”s big hand.

It had made Boy go very hard, and it made Sir go wonderfully hard as well, and, at times, Boy had even thought he liked being spanked like that, even if that was because he was being a good Boy and letting Sir enjoy himself.

Eventually of course, Boy did howl and cry, and Sir had given him a few more so he was crying properly before Sir pushed him down onto his knees so he could suck Sir”s  wonderful cock, and Boy thought that he”d managed to get a bit more of Sir”s cock in his mouth than usual and perhaps that was something to do with crying at the same time as sucking, but then Sir had shot bucketfuls of spunk in his mouth and Boy had to really concentrate so he didn”t spill any.

Sir”s mind was in somewhat of a post-orgasmic haze; spanking and spunking had really drained him. Sir couldn”t comprehend how a ten-year-old boy could drive him so deep into lust. Sir was perfectly well aware that he had always enjoyed giving teenage boys a decent spanking, when he could find one willing to be spanked, and there was no doubt at all in Sir”s mind that a well spanked boy was a wonderful fuck, and it had taken all that was left of his self-restraint to shove Boy onto his knees and get him to suck instead of throwing crying Boy over the arm of his chair and fucking his brains out.

Self-restraint and practical common sense. There was no-where to take Boy to have his arse stitched up if Sir fucked him and split him, and Sir knew his adult cock would split Boy”s tiny, pre-teen virgin arse if he fucked Boy unprepared, and Sir wanted to make lots and lots of use of that delicious arse, not ruin it in one lust-crazed fuck.

Boy had given Sir a wonderful suck though; Boy”s soft, red lips had slipped further down Sir”s cock than they ever had before, down right over the ridge of his helmet, so Boy had the whole of Sir”s cock head in his mouth and was still able to use his tongue.

And even though his eyes were still leaking, Boy hadn”t spilt a drop when Sir spunked. And did Sir spunk!

Even though he was a pre-teen, Boy had demonstrated what a decent spanking does for a boy”s sexual abilities.

Sir mustn”t get carried away, though, mustn”t spank Boy too often. Save spanking up so it became something special for Boy, a really special sex thing, and do some serious work on Boy”s arse as well, so Boy began to develop a desire to have cock inside him, and then when he did, spanking would be real fun!

The really strange thing was though, Sir mused as he came down from his orgasmic high, that with every naked day that passed, pre-teen Boy”s small, lithe body became more and more desirable, and Sir found himself being glad that he”d found a ten-year-old prep school boy walking along the M4, and not a randy, horny, hormone over-charged teenager.

Perhaps, Sir thought, he”d always been a paedophile and just never realised it.

Whatever, Sir mentally shrugged, there were no laws against paedophilia on his bus, and Boy showed some very encouraging signs of developing into a delightful sub, and owning a pre-teen sub would do Sir very nicely, thank you.

There was absolutely no doubt that Boy was infatuated with Sir”s cock, the way Boy languorously nuzzled his soft boy”s face into Sir”s groin was ample evidence of that; soft or hard, Boy worshipped Sir”s cock, and what more could Sir want than a boy who worshipped his cock?

The obvious answer to that, Sir didn”t have to think about it, was a boy who wanted cock in his arse, so it was time to start training Boy in the use of that essential part of his anatomy.

Of course, Sir reminded himself, Boy didn”t have an arse, he had a bum, and Boy would hate being fucked, but, Sir was sure, could be taught to like being bummed.

Just a matter of time and patience, a simple matter of stretching Boy”s tight ring and programming his poo lock to permit entry as well as exit.

Lots of eating Boy”s delicious young arse. No, Sir corrected himself, his delicious young bum, and then some gentle at first fingering of his hole when Boy was sucked, slowly encouraging that tight ring to pulse and open just a tiny bit, and then a finger in him to the first knuckle, and then to the second and finally all the way in.

When Boy”s bum was used to that, add a second finger and then a third until Boy”s bum was ready for cock. Of course, Boy would still probably scream so loudly when he was entered that he”d shatter the bus windows, but so what? The windows could be boarded up, couldn”t they?


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