9 Suppository Testimonials


Please note: All parties involved in these stories are adults. The stories are fantasies and do not condone or encourage abuse. It is just entertainment. If you want to act any of these out with your loved ones, please obtain and maintain consent.

Testimonial 1: The bully daughter

Reading time: 4-6 minutes

Sarah’s intro

The first story is about parents who realized their grown-up daughter was a bully. You will learn how they used reciprocity and communication to turn the bully into an angel.

“Bullied” story

My grown-up daughter, Christy, was the worst. First, she decided not to do ‘anything’ with her life after graduation and live with us–I can put up with that in the short run. Then, she decided she will be the new ’empress’ of our family home. She refused to help around and take part in our family activities. She regularly talked back to my husband, and me and laughed at us for even asking her to do the basic chores. If we told her she cannot do something, she’d do it, anyway. We’ve tried just about everything. Groundings, taking away items she liked, sent to room, corner time. The later one just made her even worse.

When she started bullying an elderly lady down the road from us, we knew we need to get in touch with Sarah. The lady was old and fragile and had to wear diapers, which amused Christy. She kept calling her ‘old shit’ and ‘stupid granny’. Following Sarah’s advice, the next time she has done this, I told her to stop, and when she ignored me, I spanked her lightly.

It quite startled her–thinking that I won’t raise my hand when I see injustice. I explained to her she needs a taste of her own medicine. We have given her a paper detailing how we will treat her whenever she makes fun of anyone else. She laughed at us again and kept teasing the poor old lady whenever she could.

I reminded her of what I had written on the paper then I asked her dad to hold her down. He grabbed her and pulled her across his lap. She started screaming, but it was too late for her. I lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down to her ankles, and inserted a thermometer in her butt. She was shaking with rage, but I asked my husband to hold her tight. She stayed on his lap for the next few minutes. First, she was screaming bloody murder, then started begging us to stop, finally she broke down in tears.

I liked how this kicked off. We have finally confronted the bully! Even if 19 years too late.

I did not have to look at the temperature reading since that was not the point. I told her clearly that I took her temperature rectally to teach her a lesson.

She quickly crouched on the floor and tried to pull her panties back on. You can imagine how mad she was! Her eyes were burning with hatred! I was determined to put her fire out.

I asked her dad (What a great man!) to prepare her for diapering. I had to spank her again before I strapped her in. I reassured her I will stay around for the rest of the day. She has jumped up and started tearing the diapers off of her. I hoped she would try this because it gave me a reason for what happened next!

I got some mittens and booties from the store earlier that day and fastened them on her hands and feet. Because of this, she could not pick up anything or walk around. She became a crawling, crying mess. Ha! Everything was going according to the plan.

The next few hours were quiet. She did not want to talk to us and we finally felt at peace. The only small conflict we had was when I fed her some macaroni for lunch. She rejected my feeding, but an hour later she became too hungry to fight it.

As time passed, we talked to her about ‘making a smelly’. We felt it was necessary to remove her toilet privileges so that she can learn a lesson.

When we informed Christy about the decisions, she started screaming like there was no tomorrow. She completely refused to use the potty. I took her diapers off and forced her to sit on the potty for a good 20 minutes. Nothing happened.

Christy was becoming agitated again. She has been both threatening and begging us to stop. Again, we had to remind her she needs to learn that bullying is bad.

She has laid on the bed and turned towards the wall, so she didn’t have to interact with me. I found this entertaining because she exposed herself without realizing it. I got a glycerine suppository and reached into her diaper. She tried to turn around and fight me, but I had the upper hand. I have quickly slid the suppository inside her. She was so miserable that I could easily hold her down. She kicked me a few times, which made me hold her even stronger.

She fell super quiet. I knew she was still fighting because I did not hear any bowel movements. Remembering what Sarah tough us, I stayed on her side, then hugged her to show her some love. She ignored me, so I had no qualms about going ahead with massaging her stomach. She couldn’t even open her mouth before she messed her diaper.

I left her in her mess, crying for another hour because I had to take a nice long kırklareli escort bath. So much stress in a day! Afterward, I told her we will repeat this process every single time she bullies anyone.

I also reminded her that taking part in family activities is important. Luckily, this happened on a Monday, so she had plenty of opportunities to hang out with us until the weekend–when she usually disappears for two days.

I kept a close eye on her for the following days. I made sure to remind her what happened on Monday. A bit of memory refresh kept her in line.

By the time we got to Saturday, she was as obedient as she could ever be. She was helpful, quiet, and disciplined. She stopped bullying completely.

Sarah’s last remarks

It is important to communicate why you are disciplining your loved ones so that they can learn how to improve their behavior.


Testimonial 2: Busy son

Reading time: 4-5 minutes.

Sarah’s intro

Most of my clients see too much of their disobedient brats, but not this mom! This mom seems not enough of him. The following story showcases how busy moms can find time to take care of their loved ones sacrificing nothing.

Story of the busy mom with busy son

I am a work-at-home single mom with an 18-year-old son. He took a year off before college. While he was at home, I never found enough time for him. I barely ever saw him before bedtime. The lack of time spent together damaged our relationship.

He stayed at his friends’ place over the weekends. During the day he was never home, instead he was out getting into or causing trouble. This summer, he spent almost all his days at the neighbor’s swimming pool. When I told him we should spend more time together, he just screamed at me and called me boring. How is this an acceptable behavior for an adult? He just kept whining when I ground him for a few hours. I felt horrible!

Sarah revealed my son was challenging my authority. He was helplessly drifting because I neglected him. Sarah also guessed–correctly, as the doctor confirmed later–that his bowel problems made him even worse.

I had a chat with the neighbor, and the next time my son went over to the swimming pool, I showed up a few minutes later. I took my work papers with me so I could work next to the swimming pool. This allowed me to continue my work and be with my son.

My adult son spent his time flirting with the neighbor’s daughter of the same age. On days when that pretty daughter wasn’t there, he was just sitting there sulking.

After three occasions, I was ready for the next steps! I asked my son to get out of the pool for a second–I lured him out by offering him a piece of cake. As he stood at the table, eating, I hugged him gently and kissed him on his arm. He looked squeamish but continued with his cake.

I fastened my grip on him and explained how I will help him to fix his bowel issues. Before he knew what hit him, I reached into his swimming pants and pushed a suppository inside him. He jumped up screaming and pushing me away. I held him close and forced him to sit on my lap. He desperately tried to make eye contact with the neighbor for help. The neighbor was on board with my actions and ignored my son’s struggles.

I am sure that my son felt very uncomfortable! Showing love and affection is not always easy or convenient. I reassured him that everyone understands his struggles and I am here for him every time.

As time has passed, my son became agitated. The suppository was working for him, but I wanted to wait until it takes its full effect. He shed some tears and begged me to release him. It was difficult for me to ignore him, but Sarah taught me that strong moms need to do this sometimes!

When he started farting badly, I grabbed his hand and led him to the toilet. There, he jumped on the throne without pulling his swimming pants down. This caused a minor accident! He dropped some deuce in his pants. I took it off of him and washed the dirty speedos in the sink.

My son demanded I leave the toilet, but I held my ground and promised him not to betray him. As he cleaned up, I noticed the suppository I give him earlier slipped out and landed on the floor. I grabbed it off the floor and slid it back into his ass as he pulled his pants up.

He broke down crying, but I did not care. He had to know I was there for him and we won’t continue drifting away from each other.

We walked back to the swimming pool and spent another 30 minutes there. He has repeatedly asked me to leave, but I refused. Being in swimming pants, he had nowhere else to go, but the swimming pool.

I have to admit to one mistake: I got slightly distracted and got lost in the conversation with the neighbor. As we were leaving, both the neighbor and her daughter kept bringing up fresh stories to share. I ignored my son too long because he crapped himself again. This must have been a very embarrassing thing for an adult-like him! I excused him and dragged him out escort kırklareli crying. I wanted to comfort him and promised to clean up his mess at home.

After this event, I saw a dramatic change in my son’s behavior: he started spending more time at home and canceled on many of his other commitments. I am sure some of this was motivated by the fear that I would be there embarrassing him. I also like to think he realized how important a role his mother plays in his life.

Sarah’s last remark:

Moms! Never be afraid, showing that you care. Your sons and daughters might see this differently, but soon they will understand.


Testimonial 3: Twin daughters

Reading time: 3-4 minutes

Sarah’s intro

Twins are beautiful! Twin girls are even better! However, when the twins act entirely differently, a busy mom can find herself in a pickle!

Story of the mom of twins:

I have two beautiful daughters, Ada and Zeny. A and Z. Although they are twins, there couldn’t be any different. Ada is outgoing, lively, and (sometimes) demanding. Zeny is introverted, shy, and quiet.

There is a reason for this difference. Ada was always healthy. Zeny has suffered from IBS-C since the beginning. Now they are both 19-year-old adults, and the difference is growing.

Zeny needs a lot of support. She rarely expresses her feelings and gets nervous for no apparent reason. Because I have to spend most of my time with her, I barely get to help Ada. Ada was getting impatient and annoyed lately, especially when I have repeatedly failed to take her to see her friends. Meanwhile, I spent hours at home with Zeny because she can’t even sit in the car without getting motion sick.

When we consulted with Sarah, she explained the girls might not ‘understand’ each other and that they have to spend time together. As a smart and strong mom, I should make both of them happy.

One day Ada asked me to take her to the arcade in the next city. I did not want to disappoint her again, so I organized Zeny’s and my day around her. I got medicine for motion sickness from the pharmacy. It was a small pill I had to give Zeny rectally.

I had to make sure Ada understood the struggle I had. Just before we left, I asked Ada to help me prepare Zeny for the trip. I undressed Z in front of Ada and asked Ada to hand me the medicine. While the insertion was for Zeny, Ada had to see it to learn.

I could tell both girls were a bit embarrassed. Ada rarely saw Z naked. This time I was holding Zeny across my lap, using my strength to force her legs open. Poor girls didn’t understand she needed this. She cried a little after I pushed the pill inside her. Ada looked uncomfortable.

I knew this isn’t the only thing I had to do. I buckled Zeny in the car, then I asked Ada to sit next to her in the back. As both girls settled in the back seats, I took another suppository from my pocket and told Zeny that I’ll give it to her straight away.

While Zeny was buckled in and couldn’t move, she stayed quiet. I think she understood she needs this. Maybe she was even happy that she could join us on a car trip. I gently reached into her pants and pushed in the second pill.

During the car trip, I had a great conversation with Ada. She had plenty of questions now that she saw what Zeny needs to go through. I told her about her sister’s motion sickness and IBS. I told her not to be judgemental when her sister farts. After all: it is a natural thing: it just means that the second suppository started to work.

By the end of the 30 minutes trip, I knew Ada and I were on the same page. As she got out of the car, she whispered some words of encouragement to me and kissed her sister on the cheeks.

We arrived at a good time. As Ada exited the car, her sister’s bowels gave up. With heavy breathing and grunting and filled her pants. I knew she will get uncomfortable before we got home. So instead of heading back, I drove to the nearest park. I cleaner her up in the parking lot, then we took a walk on the green. We cuddled a little before we jumped back into the car.

I have successfully fostered a new relationship between my twins and me. I think we all enjoyed our trip together. Next week they are going shopping together! Then maybe we can do a hike.

Sarah’s last remarks:

When siblings grow up, they might ignore both their parents and each other. To avoid conflicts, be transparent with them, and don’t be afraid to disclose any issues!


Testimonial 4: Sexual ‘health’ issues with son

Reading time: 3-4 minutes

Sarah’s intro

This mom had to deal with her sex-crazed adult son. Toxic masculinity is terrible for a mom-and-son relationship! With hard work, she gained back the respect she deserved.

The disrespected mom’s story

I have a 19-year-old son who doesn’t do anything with his life. No college, no work, no purpose. He is useless and toxic. Once I caught him fooling around with some girl, and I told him to be a gentleman. kırklareli escort bayan I thought being a gentleman is a good thing. However, he got hostile towards me afterward.

Since then, he was excessively mean to me. When I found sticky spots in the house while cleaning, I did not think much of it. Maybe it was some leftover chocolate? After asking him about it several times, he confessed that he came there… as in he masturbated and came on the spot. A 19-year-old just confessed to me masturbating into our living space… I was shocked by this. Later I caught him masturbating. He did not even flinch and kept going!

My first instinct was to command him to clean up after himself. He punched me and ran away.

I realized how bad this was, so I turned to Sarah. She told me that dirtiness is a sign of disrespect and the rejection of responsibility. If he refuses to take responsibility, he does not deserve privileges. Privilege without responsibility leads down a dangerous road. Who knows what mental and then physical sickness he will develop as a result?

The next time I caught him masturbating, I grabbed and held him down. I twisted his arms behind his back so that he would stop touching himself. He started crying and try to break off of me, but I overpowered him. I told him that I will cure him of this perversion. This is what a mother who loves her son would do!

Next, I took his temperature rectally while he still had his erection. The thermometer stimulated his prostate, so he came a little as I pulled it out of his ass. Then, I have quickly used my index finger to reach in and gave him a prostate massage. After he came, I left him alone crying.

During difficult times, one needs support: someone to trust. I knew my neighbor could support me, so I invited her over the next day. We have entered his room, held him down, and took his temperature rectally. I made sure that my son understood that the neighbor and I were together against him. He had no chance to win!

He got hard as I slipped the thermometer inside. I have asked the neighbor to bring me a cold water-soaked cloth and place it on his groin. This has cooled him down.

After removing the thermometer, I slipped a glycerine suppository in. The neighbor helped me to hold him down and massage his belly. My son was shocked — not as shocked as I was when caught him masturbating, I bet!

Several minutes of struggling, I was about to give up when I heard his first farts. This escalated quickly, and my son took a massive dump on his bed.

I ordered him to clean up after himself. He jumped up and tried to punch me again. I asked the neighbor to help me to hold him down while I spank him. I made his little butt red like a rose, and he broke down sobbing. I promised to repeat our adventure if he doesn’t clean up after himself. I also stated to him clearly that if I even suspect him masturbating, I will give him a prostate massage again.

Less than 24 hours later, he changed completely. I never saw him or even heard him masturbating again.

I installed a few cameras around the house the following week. The cameras helped me to track his moves, so he won’t forget what he promised. Everything has been lovely since this treatment. I think I cured him with Sarah’s help!

Sarah’s last remarks

Sometimes you can’t do it alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You would be surprised how many moms are in your shoes. Also, for your naughty adults: make sure you clearly state the rules and the punishment or consequences of breaking those rules.


Testimonial 5: The lying daughter

Reading time: 5-7 minutes

Sarah’s intro

Sometimes we raise great people. Sometimes, the people we raise turn out not that great. Read below how a mom has fought against her lying daughter.

Story of the ‘clueless’ mom

I thought I had a perfect daughter. Caro. She just turned 19, and I was so proud of her. She struggled a bit with her education. She still made it to her senior year in high school. Then her grades started to fall. Her report cards looked abysmal. She just kept telling me: ‘Mom, it is okay. I will fix it.’ or ‘I am not sure what I am doing wrong, I study so hard!’.

One day I visited her school to pick her up for ice cream. I did not find her there. I found her teacher, who informed me that Caro wasn’t in school for days. I drove around the city like a maniac until I spotted her smoking a cigarette with some boys. I took her back home. There I spanked her harder than ever before.

She apologized profusely and swore that the teachers were lying. While she did skip some classes, she never skipped school for a whole day. She even showed me her attendance card that looked credible.

The next few weeks, her grades got better, so I thought everything is okay. How stupid I was! I ran into one of her teachers in the supermarket, who told me that Caro must be sick because she did not show up for over a week.

That afternoon, I had a consulting call with Sarah, and we made a plan together. I bought some supplies and waited for her to arrive home.

I asked her how her day was, and she told me how difficult school is. She lied to me in my face! I had enough and revealed that I knew she was skipping school again. She got agitated and called me a liar. What a hypocrite!

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