A Bedtime Story


Your outlined form under the blankets is momentarily there with the dim light of the hall – then, gone as I quickly and quietly close the door. Gingerly making my way to the bed the soft scrunch of my bare feet on the carpeting sounds too loud, raising fears I may wake you.

I slip from my clothes; the soft gentle rhythm of you breathing the only sound in the darkness. Carefully, I lift the covers and slide in next to you, keeping separate until my body warms before snuggling close. I roll towards you, my mind foggy with sleep and smile to myself finding your warm, naked body waiting for me.

My chest fills with your sweet fragrance while your back warms me. My arm slips over your waist as I nestle in closer, my hips touching your ass. You sigh in your sleep and shift, pushing back against me, pinning my cock between your butt cheeks and my belly. My hips roll slowly, stroking the crack of your ass; I feel myself become hard.

My fingertips lazily describe light circles around your belly button. I want you closer to me. I want your body to be my body. I slip my other arm under your neck and you sleepily shift again letting me wrap you in my arms. I fold it across your chest, drawing you closer; my hand falling upon your breast. Beneath isveçbahis my fingers, I find your nipple, already hard and aroused.

My body moves against yours. I can feel all of you against me – from the soles of your feet resting against the tops of mine, up the backs of your legs and thighs against the fronts of mine, your ass pressed against my hips, so warm and firm with my hardened cock fitted tightly in its crack, enveloped in your flesh. My own nipples hard and erect from the touch of your back against my chest, my head bent, lips lightly brushing the back of your neck.

With tender gentleness, I fondle your breast enjoying it in my hand. Through my fingers, I feel the suppleness of its flesh, the hardness of your nipple. My other hand flattens against you to glide over your belly and down your thighs. You shift again, drawing out your leg. My hand slips down finding the warmth between your thighs. Sleepily you murmur as my fingers slide across your warm, soft, smooth skin.

My mind has found a place between sleep and reality. My body reacts to your body. Your warmth, the smoothness of your skin, the subtle shifts and movements of you against me, the gentle rhythm of your sleepy breathing, broken by soft murmurs, as if in a dream. isveçbahis giriş I am as if in a dream also, fatigued and yet aroused. In reality because I am touching you, but afraid to open my eyes and find my bed empty.

From our dreamy movements, I find my cock caught between the hot inner flesh of your thighs. I sigh lowly at the warmth I find surrounding me. We move against each other again and I feel your fingers touch me. I react with a quick tensing of my hips and thighs. Your fingers tease the protruding end of my cock trapped between you legs.

I caress your thigh, sometimes stroking the back of your hand that is teasing me. I push gently against your hand and your understand, opening your legs enough – just enough – to let the length of my cock slip between the folds of your feverish, wet, wanting pussy.

My hand glides over your long sensual body. We shift together once more, allowing me to take a breast in each hand. My cock slides back and forth between the succulent folds of you outer lips, spreading the hot fluid of your excitement, mixing it with my leaking pre-cum.

It’s hard to remain gentle, kneading your breasts in my hands – from your loins, through my loins, into my body flows glow of your sexuality, isveçbahis yeni giriş stirring the desires of my body for you, heightened by my mind in this half-sleep dream state.

Your body undulates, rubbing and pressing back against mine. I fight to stay in this dreamy, semi-conscious space of sensual pleasure. I feel you pushing my cock into your clit, rubbing me against you for your own pleasure. Your wet excitement has slathered my cock, basting it in your calescent pussy.

I slip back and my cock falls instinctively at your entrance, flowing now with the juice of agitated passion. Forward and I slip easily into your body with a low moan and squeezing tightly your breasts. I feel your fingers continue to massage your clit, reaching to stroke the sensitive under side of my cock as it slides in and out of you.

Each stroke brings us closer to dreamy, unreal fulfillment. My hips move on their own, knowing what needs to be done. You murmur and whine in your disturbed, restless sleep.

Between our legs, I feel the end coming and push to bury deeply inside you. My cock quivers while my hips tense and convulse. A gasp and then a grunt, and I feel my body let go of control. Yours tenses against mine, I squeeze hard on your breasts, using them to hold you tightly against my body.

It’s over – so quickly, it’s over. Drained and exhausted, my body, coupled with yours, drifts with my mind over the edge of consciousness into the blissful blackness of slumber . . .

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