A Complicated Story


It didn’t happen when it started, it never does, but I will get there I promise. But first let me start with what did happened.

It had been a great four years, mom, dad and my sister Kim came up to commencements and watched me walk across the stage and receive my college diploma! Big deal you say? Yeah looking back it seems kind of ordinary to me too, but for my family it was a big deal. Since coming to America, I was the first in my family to do it.

Carl my dad, and Karen my mom worked hard and long to help me pay for it. Sure I have some student loans to pay off but without their financial support I would have been stuck in some community college. Not knocking it for some, but with my goals, I always wanted, hell I will need a real sheepskin.

I cleaned the dorm, yeah no apartment for me, no fraternity, I knew the value of a dollar especially when it was moms. The old Ford was tired and had seen better days, but it was trusty and free thanks to my grandmother. Loaded with the few things not given away or thrown away I was headed back to the one place I missed most, home.

Mom had a party with all the friends and family. As always it was in the house and small back yard I grew up in. It was a great time, I was happy for myself of course, but happier for my parents. They had worked so hard and had given up so much, this was as much for them as it was for me. Besides with all they have been through the past few years, this was… it was special.

The whole family showed up, not sure if it was to congratulate me or mom’s cooking. A free dinner is always sure to bring a big crowd. Some old friends from the neighborhood showed up, that was definitely for the food! It was almost dark when the last of them left. Dad offered to stay but I assured him I would help mom. He needed to get to bed, four thirty in the morning would be here soon enough. Kim had milled around most of the party watching me. She had that look that I knew all so well. When dad went upstairs, she grabbed the keys and left. I looked at mom but did not say a word.

I cleaned the grill, double checking the gas was off and placed in its rightful place. My dad may be a working man but he was clean and organized. I took one last lap around the yard making sure there was no evidence of a party, except for his beloved grass being trampled, it looked great. Inside mom was just turning on the dishwasher. She wiped off the counter, I moved beside her, bumped her side with my hip.

“Thanks, that was very nice.” I offered.

Mom turned to face me only after she finished wiping the last square inch of the counter.

“You’re welcome!” Karen stood on her toes and kissed my cheek. Her hand lingered on the side of my face a bit too long. She turned and looked out the kitchen window to where dad’s car was moments before.

“So, what is it now?” Even as I asked I knew I shouldn’t.

“Not tonight Adam, this night is yours!” Mom turned to me and kissed me again on the cheek. “Come sit with me and tell me all about your plans.” She said.

We went to the living room and sat on the couch. I was against the arm, mom leaned against me, her back against my chest. My right arm was around her waist my hand resting on her thigh. Mom snuggled tight and closed her eyes. She let out a sigh and just sat there for a long moment.

“I missed you, things are not the same when you are gone.” She whispered.

I wanted to say something, but she had warned me earlier.

“It is good to be home. I’ll see if I can’t stick around a bit this time but…”

“But what?” Karen asked. She opened her eyes and turned to look at me.

“Well the job I want may require I travel a bit.” I replied being a bit vague.

I could tell she wanted to talk about this but she must have decided now was not the time. She eased back into me and closed her eyes. We talked briefly but she was tired. When she started to fall asleep I woke her.

“Mom, why don’t you go up. I will wait for her!” Slowly she opened her eyes and realizing what I said she smiled.

“You would do that?” She asked quietly. I nodded. She gripped my hand and then kissed me one last time. “Be nice but firm honey.” I watched her ascend the steps, her body still looked good, she looked weary.

Fresh out of college and a cram all night studying champion at that, my sister did not stand a chance, beside her curfew was midnight. What scared me was not when she would come home but what would happen when she did.

Kim showed up almost to the second of her curfew, probably was down the street timing it out. She opened the door quietly, probably hoping mom was sleeping on the couch.

“Oh, it’s you! Where is mom?” Kim seemed annoyed with me. I quickly scanned her attire. It was not what she left the house wearing. Kim is not a knockout but she is good looking, well when she is not dressed like this she is. Tall and slender, she small B cup tits barely hidden behind a thin cutoff spaghetti strap tee shirt and a thinner bra. Her nipples easily highlighted ensest hikayeler their firmness. I noticed one more tattoo above the waist band of her too short shorts, the bottoms barely covering her tight ass cheeks. More tattoo’s, small ones on her legs one under the thin strap of her 4 inch high heels. Her bright red hair, much brighter than her natural color, was highlighted with purple. She looked like a freckled street hooker lollipop!

“I told her I would wait up for you.” I explained calmly. Kim looked around and seeing we were alone, changed her approach.

“So the favorite one gets to stay up late?” She was trying to get me to play her game.

I was smart, she was smarter. I was older she knew how to manipulate. I was stubborn, she was bullheaded. I was polite, she was ruthless. I was predictable, she would do anything to avoid being so. I had played her games in the past, she usually won, if not she would make sure I lost in the end. The one thing they did not teach me in school or college was how to deal with my sister. That my friends was learned the hard way. I learned every time I burned. My best defense was no defense. Just don’t start the war!

“I told mom I would wait until you got home. You are home, I am going to bed.” I was calm and firm, but I was not quick.

“Let me give you a graduation kiss!” Kim jumped on my lap and forced her lips against mine. Her breath smelled like beer. At nineteen she was not legal and on top of that she was driving dad’s car. If he knew he would kill her, that was their only car. If she wrecked that he and mom would have to take the bus to work again. I knew resisting would only make her more aggressive. I sat there as she pushed her tits to my chest. I still did not resist. Kim tried to slip me her tongue, this I did resist. God she could be so passionate, but I stuck to my guns. She continued to kiss me then reached between us and found my cock. It was starting to stiffen, she murmured against my mouth. She was winning.

I may be no match for her in many ways but I was in one. At six foot one I was taller, stronger and outweighed her by almost twice. I gripped her arms lifted her up and moved her to the side. I stood, holding her in place breaking the kiss.

“Thank you, it was a very nice kiss.” I was walking away when she yelled at my back.

“Was it better than mom’s?” I stopped and was going to turn, but knew better than to extend the discussion.

“I would not wake dad if I was you! You have been drinking and I assume driving ‘his’ car. That would not go over well for anyone in this house!” Maybe it sobered her up a bit maybe not, but it did have the effect I needed, it ended the conversation. I had won nothing and we both knew it.

I went to bed that night knowing things would get worse before they got better, with Kim it always worked that way. With the drama of finishing school, the party and Kim, I slept surprisingly well.

It had been a long time since I had woken up with no real goal in mind for the day, or week or year you could say. I went to the kitchen, mom was just getting ready to leave for work.

“Will you be here for dinner?” She asked, her back to me.

“Yeah. no big plans just yet. I have some interviews set up but they are next week. I could start tomorrow but hope to get the job I want, not just any job.” Mom looked at me, kissed my cheek and started for the door.

“Got to go honey, see you tonight. Hope it all works out for you, any company would be lucky to have you!” Karen slipped through the screen door stopped then looked back. “Adam please be careful.” She looked up the staircase.

I closed the front door behind her, watching her jump in her ride to work. I looked up the stairs with a feeling of trepidation. The first few days went by smoothly, Kim waited for the last minute to leave for work. Her friend was sitting out front honking the horn knowing they would be cutting it close.

I made the best of my free time. Had the car serviced, bought a few new clothes for interviews, updated my resume. As the week wore on a sort of calm came over the house. Dad was in a good mood, mom ever attentive seemed to enjoy my presence as well. Kim was, well you never knew, except that she stayed home Wednesday night instead of going out. Maybe she was happy I was home as well.

Thursday mom asked if I would wait up for Kim, happily I agreed. Kim came home at exactly midnight, she did not look very happy. Her mood was soon confirmed moments after she walked in the door.

“So where is your girlfriend? She dump you knowing you were coming back to your mommy?” Kim lashed out.

That was a sore subject in more ways than one. Kim knew Jessica left me months ago and why. Pouring salt in the wound was unnecessary. As for my mother, I still don’t know why she is so suspicious of her, well maybe I do, but still…

“I am glad to see you are home safe. Goodnight Kim.” I said it with more pain in my voice than I wanted to let on. Standing I turned to the stairs. Seeing she had hurt me Kim ran around the sofa and jumped on me. Her arms locked around my neck her legs wrapped around my waist.

“I am sorry Adam, that was mean!” Kim spoke softly before she pushed her lips to mine. I could taste the putrid remnants of the joint she no doubt had been smoking some time earlier in the night. I tried to push her off but knew if I used anymore force than what I was, I would hurt her. I turned my head enough to break free.

“Kim please get down, I am going to bed now.” I was still stinging from her words and she knew it. By hanging on she hoped she could make it up.

“Good take me with you and I will get down.” She kissed me again. I debate her proposition for just a moment then decide it would end quicker if not better if I did. I check the door to make sure it was locked then trudged up the steps with my sister latched around my body. I reached the top of the steps and waited for her to let go.

“In your room, you said you were going to bed!” She teased. Afraid mom or dad would come out to see what the ruckus was I turned and entered my room. I didn’t even say anything just stood looking at her letting her know the game was over. Kim pressed her lips to me one more time. She was having an effect on me but I dare not let her know. Still I may have kissed her back just a bit. Well ok I did, I knew it because she smiled broadly then let herself down. She had won a small victory, but we both knew it was her victory. Flopping back on my bed she lay back looking up at me.

“Kim, please. It is time I get to bed.” I tried to be firm but polite. She was embolden by her last triumph so pushed further. Kim slipped her shorts off and before I could react was pulling her top off.

“Kim!” I said much too loud for the old house we lived in. I looked at the open door to my room and then to mom and dad’s room. “You need to leave now!” I protested through clenched teeth.

I looked down at Kim, she was wearing the skimpiest of panties and the sheerest of bras. I could see the small hoops in her nipples and a stud above her clit. The faintest of light red curls neatly trimmed above her naked pussy lips. The thin material of her panties looked like it had a sheen. Little was left to the imagination, and right now I had an active imagination.

Kim looked first at my shocked facial expression and then at my obvious reaction much lower. She laughed none too quietly. I pulled her from the bed and walked her out my door sending her across the hall to her room. She pushed the slightly open door wide then turned and stood proudly in front of me.

“Can I have my clothes back you brute?” She teased. I turned and saw she had left her top and shorts on my floor. I picked them up and started to throw them at her. Just then my parent’s door opened and our mother looked out. I tried to toss the clothes before she could focus but she clearly saw not only what I was throwing but who was catching them. She looked at Kim briefly and then at me.

“If the two of you don’t be quiet, you will wake your father!” Her eyes bored into mine as she spoke. She was not happy and she wanted me to know it. Kim had two solid victories so she went into the room, her firm ass slipped behind the door. Mom looked at my crotch and then back at me, her expression softened. “Good night Adam.”

“Good night mom.” I whispered as she too moved out of sight. Standing alone I looked down at my tented pants, it was too late to take a cold shower.

Friday morning I met mom in the kitchen as I had each day, and like each day she kissed my cheek on her way out the door.

“Your father wants us to all go out for dinner, his treat! You ok with that?” We both knew what she meant.

“Sure mom, I’ll tell Kim.” She looked at me one last time before she looked up the stairs and closed the door behind her.

I was in the kitchen at the table working on my finances when I heard the blare of the horn. I knew any minute Kim would come down and rush out the door. The horn became more frequent and longer then it went silent. I got up and looked out the car was gone. Obviously her friend was not going to wait any longer. Against my better judgment I went up the stairs and knocked on Kim’s door.

“Tell her I will be there in a second!” Kim shouted behind the door.

“Kim I think she left without you?” I replied back loud enough for her to hear.

“God dammit!” She screamed. Her door flung open and there she was, naked from the waist up. Kim ran down the stairs looking out the front window. “Fuck!”

Kim ran back up the stairs her pert tit’s bouncing the whole way.

“Adam can you take me to work?” Kim did not even wait for me to respond. She went in her room and slipped on a regular bra and her work shirt. “Come, if we take the expressway I will still be on time.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me down the stairs. Instinctively I grabbed my keys and wallet and headed to my car. Kim explained her friend refused to take the freeway and the trip was much longer because of it. I pulled out of the drive having trouble finding a comfortable position for the lap belt. I was hard as a rock.

I headed for the freeway and easily merged on as Kim looked over and saw my condition. Before I knew what was happening she started to unzip me. I protested using one hand to stop her. The car swerved , horns honked , the bird was l clearly displayed as I corrected back into my lane.

“Adam both hands on the wheel, eyes on the road. I’ve got this!” Kim slipped from her shoulder strap and soon my throbbing member was received by a set of warm lips.

“Kim!” I shouted. “Stop that.”

“Shhhh big guy, it is the least I can do, besides I bet Jessica never did this for ‘you’!” Kim started anew. She was right, oh I have had my share of oral sex, but this was one thing of many Jessica refused to do. I focused on the road ahead, both hands gripping the wheel tightly.

What was I thinking? The fact is I wasn’t, it had been awhile, a long while. It felt so good, Kim knew all my buttons but this was one even she had not pushed before. I would like to give you a more detailed description, some sexy drawn out explanation of bliss but to be honest it was over so fast. I was trying to drive without killing us or anyone else and Kim was so, well let’s just say this was probably not her first time. With a long steady blast followed by several short bursts I had cum. Kim licked me clean, making sure there was no residue. Zipping me up she wiped the corners of her mouth just as I pulled off the exit. Still in shock and euphoria, I did not know what to say. So I didn’t, not even thank you.

I pulled into the parking lot Kim looked at me I stared out the windshield my hands still both on the wheel. She leaned over.

“Thank you for the ride, but you still owe me one!” She kissed me on the lips as I turned to her then slipped out of the car before I could respond. Then it struck me about dinner. I rolled down the window as she rounded the front of the car.

“Dad wants to take us all out to dinner, I told mom we would be there.” I am sure I had a stupid look on my face as Kim realized what I just said. Taking no pity on me she grinned.

“Well if I had known that I might not have had such a big lunch!” Kim replied as she licked her lips and rubbed her stomach. She turned and went inside I sat there with both hands still on the wheel and stared out the windshield. I wondered how my life could have changed so much in less than an hour. I felt doomed.

Her friend pulled in beside me, not wishing to have a conversation with her I pulled away happy to heading home.

Mom knew something was up at dinner. Kim was too happy I was too on edge. I tried to tell myself there was no way mom could know, but then I remembered she always did. Twenty three years is a long time to raise a kid, mom’s always know. Dad was oblivious of course, he just wanted to lay out some projects he wanted help with over the weekend. I readily agreed and for the most part the night went well.

I told everyone about a couple of job interviews I had coming up. The first Monday morning. We talked about Kim’s job and mom’s work. Dad talked about the progress of his garden.

Kim did not go out that night, a real rarity, dad stayed up all the way to ten, then headed up to bed. I knew he would sleep in until five thirty at the latest and he would expect me to be up with him.

I headed alone at ten thirty, I could sense mom wanted some time alone with Kim. I closed my door then quietly opened it again.

“You can’t tell me what to do!” I heard my sister reply to a statement I had not heard.

“Please Kim, this will not end well…”

“Karen! Stop!” Kim cut her off.

“Ok, as you wish!” I heard someone heading for the steps. I closed my door and went to bed.

The weekend was uneventful, Dad and I got his work done, so he was happy. I was happy for him. I was looking forward to the job interview Monday morning.

I was in my bed early Monday morning, living in a dorm teaches you to be a sound sleeper, or a tired student. I was the first. I was having a strange dream when all of a sudden I woke to the sight and fragrance of a fresh pussy over my face. My arms pinned under her legs, the covers pulled back I looked between her thighs and saw a wicked smile upside down. Her nipple piercings dangled down, her scent filled my nostrils.

“Good morning Adam, time to pay back that favor!” Kim lowered her pussy brushing her lips over my nose. Gathering my thoughts, my options were few, and most had an unhappy ending. The room was light so I knew dad was gone. I could not see the clock but I figured mom was up, maybe just not in the kitchen yet.

If I protested too loudly she would surely hear, if I threw Kim off she would hear regardless where she was in the house. Then I could just give in, Kim had pleasured me, this may just even the field. By now you know there is no reasoning with her, there was no logic to her thinking. She was playing Russian roulette with me in our parents’ house, and somehow my mother was the bullet. She rubbed her clit lightly over my nose and moaned.

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