A Jogger in the Park – Trisha’s Story


Thanks to TeeNahNay for her attitude and her refreshing dialogue.

I really should call this story “A Dog Walker in the Park” because it’s my story of an encounter, and not his story. Ray, that is. But Ray prevailed with the title so there it is. On my blog, I’ll call it whatever I damn please.

My name is Trisha. I’m 37 years old. I am a legal secretary. I think I’m pretty and I keep myself in shape. My breasts are not massive but a happy pair of thirty-fours, nicely round and tight. My ass may be be my best feature. I’ve been told my ass is “ice cream.” I’m five-foot-five and very feminine. I usually go for a run in the evening, before the sun sets, in the public park around the corner. Actually, I have been so distracted lately, I haven’t run in a few weeks but tonight was the night. I had all these bees running around my brain and lots of nervous energy. I needed an endorphin rush.

Usually, I make five circuits around the paved path that runs around a grove of shade trees. The path sometimes cuts through the little forest but it is well lit and I’m not afraid of being attacked. While there are always a few people in the park this time of day, they are always other joggers so I feel safe. After a couple of circuits, I always get that rush and I begin to think within myself, letting the detritus fall away.

Today, however, I couldn’t shake the ugliness I felt. My boss, who is a complete asshole, was on a tear today, ripping new assholes around the office. Besides his crude sexist comments, he has a way of diminishing a person’s abilities. Only his way is the best. Today, he referred to another secretary as “a stupid cunt” and that infuriated me. But, I kept quiet. I’ve only had this job for six months and since I make good money, I want to keep it. So I clammed up and put up with his negative shit until quitting time. All of this was rolling around my head, roiling my mind and I couldn’t shake it.

Another thing about why I’m so protective of my job is that I ran away from my old life to start anew.I am determined to make it here. You see, I was married for ten years and it was a big mistake. My husband lost interest in me and nothing seemed to recharge our marriage. Finally, I’d had enough of being ignored and abused so I left , moved into an apartment and filed for divorce.

I really had no idea what was going on in his life. He turned cold and uncaring. He never shared his feelings with me. When we did have sex, it was terrible. He would enter me and cum. No foreplay. Just wham, bam, thank you, ma’am. And then he would fall asleep. I would sneak into the bathroom and masturbate. Such was my sex life. I felt robbed. Apparently, though, he had demons, lots of them. Two weeks after I left, my husband hung himself in his old bedroom in his parent’s house. Whatever issues he had went with him to his grave. Was he gay? I’ll never know. I was not surprised that there were few mourners at his funeral. He kept to himself. Of course, I was sad but I didn’t feel much beyond that. Now, I was free to live, to find love and to find pleasure. I moved away at my first opportunity. I had to begin again.

My sex life is virtually nil. When I first moved here, I was seduced by another secretary in my office. While my sexual experience with men was limited, my sexual experience with women was even less. I had fooled around a little bit when I was in college but it wasn’t much more that feeling the other person up. This woman showed me how to love in a soft and gentle way. She showed me how to be intimate. We don’t hook up too often, only when she can get away from her husband and kids. I haven’t had a man for years. Maybe I’ve never had a real man but, to tell you the truth, I haven’t really wanted one in months.

All this shit was running around my head so, in order to distract myself, as I jogged, I began to create a sexual fantasy in my head. I wanted to write a new story for my blog, which is the way I escape my humdrum life. I was thinking of being taken by a stranger in the woods. In my mind, he was a forceful man with a big cock. I submitted to him. And then I tripped on a crack in the pavement. I fell down feeling a pull in my calf. It hurt. I forced myself to continue to run and maybe work out the ache but it was lingering and painful and I was hurting more. I saw an older man and his dog sitting on a park bench up ahead and I decided to stop isveçbahis running, rest a little and walk back home. I recognized the dog. I’d seen them in the park before but from a distance. I stopped at the bench and stretched. The man was very nice and offered me water from his thermos. I sat down and we talked a bit.

His voice was nice and his intentions were sincere. He was simply out walking his dog. No agenda. I was attracted to him. While he was a good thirty years older, he seemed gentle and caring. His beautiful dog was very good, too: well-trained and obedient. He saw that I was hurting and suggested I get a massage. He offered to give me the names of some good masseuses. I was feeling kind of snarky, so I asked if they provided a ‘happy ending’. He seem surprised and admitted that he wouldn’t get a massage any other way.

A park policeman came by and told us that this area of the park closes at dusk which was now approaching, so we began to walk out of the park. He lived about a block away, not far from my house. He asked me to come in where he would give me the masseuses names and phone numbers. His house was warm yet eclectic with great artwork on the walls, musical instruments against the wall, plush furniture, lots of books and well-maintained. I was immediately attracted to the backyard where a pool and a hot tub were situated. I was jealous because my house didn’t have these amenities and I so love a hot tub. I mentioned this to him and he turned the bubbler on, offering me a dip. I said I would think about it. Maybe I would go back home and put on a bathing suit. He said that since is backyard was very private, he always went in the tub nude because he hated to feel of a suit in the hot bubbling water. I told him I’d think about it.

I went off to the bathroom to pee while he wrote down the names of the masseuses. Sitting there, I thought about his offer. I was wearing my black and yellow spandex running pants and a matching sports bra. I figured that I could take off my pants and just wear my thong and bra. Yes, that’s what I would do.

When I came out, he was already in the tub and there was a glass of chardonney waiting for me next to the tub. I immediately considered what I was getting into and I wondered if he was nude under the bubbles or just playing with me. I told him to stand up and show me that he was really naked as I didn’t want to be tricked. He protested a bit but stood up with his butt facing me. He had no butt to speak of. I told him to turn around. I wanted to see what he was packing. He turned around and I was facing a beautiful, cut penis. It was about five inches long and limp from the heated tub but I figured it would stretch. It was a classic penis: good heft, a large flared head and a pair of nice sized balls. (Like I’m an expert! Ha!) Also, he was completely shaved which surprised me. No hair around his cock and balls, just some black hair around his pubic bone. I liked his manly physique. Although he was quite a bit older and could have been my father, I was attracted to his hairy chest, his abs, his flat stomach…in total, I admired his masculinity. He was all man. He sat back down.

I explained to him that there would be absolutely no fucking and to get that idea out of his head. He said that he understood. I turned by back to him and slipped off my pants showing him my best asset. And then, I don’t know what came over me. When in Rome…? I took of my sports bra and dropped my thong. I turned around and slowly slipped in the tub. He paid me compliments on my body, especially my shaved vagina with a tuft of black hair above it. I liked his compliments. It excited me to be so daring, naked in a naked stranger’s hot tub. There was a fantasy starting to play in my head.

He told me that he wrote down four numbers for me: two were women, one was a man and one was a couple. He told me that all of them were very good but he prefers the couple, who have great hands, and there is nothing like four hands on you, right? I shivered a little. That sounded good. I asked him about the ‘happy endings’ and he told me I would not be disappointed. This sounded better all the time.

I was under the bubbles and rubbing my injured calf when he took my leg in his hands and started to rub the pain away. We conversed and I found out that he was divorced, lived freely, enjoyed threesomes with couples and was often bi-oral, isveçbahis giriş and was a writer. Unlike me, he was legitimately published. Like me, he often wrote erotic stories to keep his writing chops in shape. His voice was so calming, I was melting into it. I was so relaxed and my calf felt so good in his hands.

I told him a thumbnail version of my story. And he actually listened! I was nearly laid out in the tub and my nipples were popping up. He told me how sexy that looked and I blushed. I asked him if he was turned on and he said that he was but that he would take care of himself after I left. I told him that a jet was shooting water into my ass and that it felt great. He told me that sometimes, he gets hard by putting his cock near one of the hot tub jets. He said that several women had cum by doing the same and having the pulsing water against their clit. This was too inviting an offer. I asked him to show how to do it. He told me to turn around and place my pussy near the jet until I found the right spot near my clit. I moved around the jet until I found my sweet spot. But balancing on the tub seat was a little difficult until I felt his body support me. I felt his cock slide into my butt crack. His strong arms circled my waist just below my breasts. He felt so good and I felt so secure in his arms. I thought that here was a real man. The warm jet was having an affect on me as I felt my vulva swell. I was plenty horny by that point. I succumbed to the pleasure washing over me. My clitoris was vibrating under the pressure of the jet. I laid back against his chest and closed my eyes consumed in good feelings. I was limp. His cock was hard now and it felt so right nestled in my cheeks like a hot dog in a bun. I let my orgasm absorb me and when I felt my release come on, it was simply wonderful, enjoyable and peaceful. I rested in his body for a few minutes and then turned around to face him. Truly, I felt like a million bucks.

I asked him if he was going to cum and again, he told me that he would later. I asked him if I could watch him masturbate and he was shocked at my request. You see, this has been a thing with me for many years. In my limited experience, I’ve never had a partner do that for me. I’d seen a couple of porn films so I had an image of what it was like but I wanted to experience it for real. In college, I felt up two men under their pants. One had me jerk him off but I didn’t see it happen, I just felt his cum flow into my hand. My husband certainly would never do it. He liked it dark in the room. I think it was because he had a small penis and he was self-conscious. Anyway, that’s what I think. He wouldn’t go down on me either. He said that the smell turned him off. What smell? I washed! And I hated giving him blow jobs and he said I was no good at it. Still, I tried and gave it my all. The few times he came, I hated the salty/milky taste. It got to be that I wouldn’t swallow him and developed a real aversion to blow jobs. It wasn’t until my coworker went down on me that I felt that kind of clitoral release. Also, her cum was like a sweet/musk that tasted like nectar. I wanted to see this man pump his manly cock and shoot his load. I really did.

Finally, after badgering him, he agreed to do it and escorted me into the Florida Room or lanai or whatever the hell they call it. It was better than being outside and being bitten up but I did love that tub. I refilled our glasses. He showed me to a plush cushioned chair and he sat across from me, about five feet away. I asked him to tell me a story about doing it with couples and began to tell me about his first time with a bisexual couple. He started to stroke. I picked my knees up and spread my legs wide giving him a good visual of my damp canal. I watched intently but I realized I was too far away. I didn’t have a front row seat so I got up and moved the chair closer, touching the front of his chair. I got back up and spread myself again. He stretched his legs out on either side of me. I could feel his heat. Now, I could see his penis clearly. It looked magnificent. It was a classic penis; firm, thick and straight with a gently flared head. The head swelled each time he stroked and his pee-slit stretched, opened and closed like it was speaking to me. And it was, truly. I was flicking my clit with one hand and pinching a nipple with the other. I felt so decadent and so indulged.

He got isveçbahis yeni giriş to the point in the story where he went oral with the husband at the prodding of the wife and I could swear that we both became harder. Now, he was between seven and eight inches and damn, if I wasn’t mesmerized. With more vigorous strokes, the head turned deep red. He told me that he was about to cum. I leaned in to watch from a foot away. The head of his penis began to pulse and one white drop dribbled out. I was about to be disappointed when suddenly he exploded. His cum flew past my eyes and about three feet higher. Three or four volleys into the air and I was in awe. Gobs of cum landed all over but mostly on his chest and legs. Some cum landed on my knee. He let go of his hard cock and it throbbed. He stroked it again and more cum dribbled out. I was speechless. That was the coolest thing I think I ever saw. It was like my own private porn film. Suddenly, I had a new found respect for the penis.

I wiped the cum from my knee and tasted it. And then I had a second surprise. His cum didn’t taste bad at all. His cum tasted good. It was a revelation. I don’t think I had lived before and I felt really amazed. Everything I knew was wrong. I wiped more cum and enjoyed the sensation, the taste and even the viscosity. His cum tasted good! I wiped some cum off him and fed it to him. He sucked on my fingers like a penis. What a sexy man.

My vagina was eager to play again. So I gave him a reward and asked if he would go down on me. Few men had ever done it and none had ever done it right. I spread my legs and offered my kitty and he accepted my offer. At first, he licked and sucked the hole but soon traveled a line from my clit past my taint to my asshole. I thought I’d die. No one had ever licked my ass. He could have done that for a long while but he did this several times and rimmed me before climbing back up to the goods.

He was tapping on my clit with his tongue. He made circles around it. He flicked it side to side. I shuddered. Was this the rapture? He sucked on my inner lips before he stuck his tongue deep in my canal. He sucked on it and licked the walls. He must have found my g-spot because he pressed his tongue against it sending me into deep space. I was close to an orgasm. Then he returned to my clit. He painted circles around it and rapidly flicked it side to side. Now, I was climbing the walls. He tapped it again and I grabbed his skull and pushed his face into my vulva. He flattened his tongue against my hard little nubbin and that was it, I started to shiver as my orgasm began to take over. I was moaning, my eyes were closed and I was pressing my puss into him. I groaned. My entire body was unrestrained, bucking, arching and literally vibrating. I peaked with a shriek and began to hiccup. He looked up at me , reached and found a tweakable nipple. It took me a while until I settled down. I patted him on the head and told him that he did a very good job and kitty was very happy.

He told me how he loves to give others a really good, socko cum. I could not deny that my orgasm was stellar. I got up to get dressed. He stood, too, and his hard penis slapped his belly. I bent down and kissed the head, I felt respect and a bit of homage. He wanted more but I reminded him that I gave lousy blowjobs and I suggested that he might teach me, maybe on another man. He told me that he would think on it but, in any event, both he and his hot tub were at my service.

I got dressed and prepared to head back home. I was energized. I wanted to write down what had occurred as soon as possible. His gentle proficiency shaped my feelings and made me rethink so many things. All my other liaisons had been meaningless, pedestrian and most of all, lacking soul. That was the key ingredient, soul. I could feel his soul in my inner being as he was doing me. He loved what he was doing and he cared enough to make sure it was right for me. What a guy. No orgasm would ever be the same and if there was no soul in it, it just wasn’t for me. Even with my female co-worker, sometimes I felt like we were just going through the motions to bring each other pleasure. But this was a whole new game. I had a lot to think about.

We said our goodbyes and I left out the back gate. I just knew I’d be back. I wanted to pull everything out of him, to improve myself and to learn major skills but most of all, to feel soul. I hoped that he was of a similar mind.

That’s about all of it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. My fingers are sore from typing so fast. I think I’ll relax them in my warm body as my eyes close to relive this encounter.

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