A Long Time Coming


It was an oppressively hot day and I was feeling so hot and sticky, I decided to take a hot shower to clean up and cool off. As I went downstairs my change of clothes in hand, I noticed my niece sitting on the porch and asked her what she was up to. “Hey nothing much, what are you up to?” she asked me.

“I’m going to take a shower.” I told her.

“Oh! Sorry I just took a shower, I think I used all the hot water.”

“How long ago was that?” I asked her.

“I don’t remember, a little while ago.”

“Then there is enough hot water for me to shower at least.” and walked down the hall to the bathroom. I set down my clothes, pulled a towel out of the linen closet, started the water and stripped my clothes off leaving them in a pile on the floor. As I stepped in I found that hot water wouldn’t be a problem as I scalded myself. Adjusting the knob I found a nice temperature and let the water soak into my skin. After lathering and rinsing I began to relax and let my mind wander. Thoughts of my niece Abbie with her long red hair flowing off her shoulders and down her back, stuffed into those tight shorts, and skimpy shirt she had on. The thought made me so hard so fast, that it shocked me.

Suddenly the door opened and Abbie said “Sorry, I need to use the toilet so bad. I hope you don’t mind.” she explained.

“Okay, do whatever you need to do okay. It’s not like I’m going anywhere anytime soon, just remember no peeking.”

“I won’t peek Uncle Jack.” she said with a giggle. I could hear her pulling down her shorts as my niece sat down on the toilet. There I stood naked in the shower with a raging erection, with only a thin sheet of plastic between myself and my nieces partly naked body. I slowly stroked myself as images of her throwing the shower curtain open and sucking my cock rampaged through my mind. Picturing her naked and me taking her from behind with her standing bent over at the waist. I imagined her writhing and spasming in the throes of passion as I licked her clit. I was so lost in myself that I never heard the toilet flush, or the grunt of lust that slipped out of me as I masturbated thinking of my nubile niece.

“Are you okay Uncle Jack? Did you hurt yourself in there?” She asked meekly, creeping to the edge of the shower my niece brushed the curtain aside curiously. A breathy gasp escaped her as she caught me stroking my cock moaning her name. Hearing her gasp snapped me out of my fantasy shocked I froze, my hand slipping from my hard cock. Stunned my niece stood there with her pink lips glistening as her mouth hung open. Awe struck and unable to look away to look away she stared mesmerized at my naked body. As her shock wore off her voice returned and she exclaimed.

“Oh my God! Are you… holy shit you’re…you’re jerking off… thinking about….! When you … you think about me… while you jerk off!?” Abbie gasped.

All I could do was give her a hesitant smile and wait to see how thing would play out. My sultry niece’s breathing quickened, and a wry smile slid into place on her soft full lips. A mischievous light played in her lust filled eyes as she moved closer. Reaching over she shut off the water; while straddling the side of the tub. Swinging her leg over into the tub she looked up at me grinning as she spoke to me.

“No sense wasting water trying to get clean, since we have so much getting dirty to get caught up on. You should know now that when I was younger I explored my body to thoughts of you. Each day my yearning for you and the fear you did not want me and never could would grow more intense.I would never have dared dream that this would happen. Since I was thirteen or fourteen years old I have wanted you so badly. kars seks hikayeleri I’ve always hoped this would happen, but my fear that you would never touch me was restraining my desire for you. I was afraid that if you knew that you’d hate me forever. Now that I’ve learned that you fantasize about me while masturbating everything has changed.” Abbie explained passionately.

She stripped off what little she had on as she spoke about her feelings for me, confessing her devotion to me with every fiber of her being. Without another word my beautiful niece leaned forward engulfing my still hard cock in her wet warm mouth.The sounds she makes as she wantonly sucks my cock farther into her mouth are hauntingly erotic. She begins to steadily deep throat my cock as she looks longingly up into my eyes. Crimson strands of her hair slip into her vision give her a seductive look that turns me on even more. Her greenish gray eyes fill with a mix of pain and euphoria as my niece holds my cock in her throat unable to breathe. Suddenly she can take no more and unable to breathe any longer she releases my cock with a gasp. She pants and moans shamelessly as she starts jacking me off in order to catch her breath.

“God you taste wonderful Uncle Jack!” she tells me after licking her lips.

Looking down at her I couldn’t bring to mind a more beautiful and sexually charged moment from my whole life. It was a strange dichotomy of innocence and lust, seeing this secret side of her aroused me. The niece I thought was so pure and innocent transforming into a creature of carnal desire before my eyes was intensely erotic and incredibly brave. It made me love her all the more for it, to know that thoughts of me drove her to these actions spoke to how powerful her feelings for me are. I ran my finger through her hair stroking her face lovingly as she relentlessly inhaled my cock. The felling of her slowly sliding her mouth along my hard member as she swirled her tongue frantically inflamed my lust. The feel her moaning mouth vibrating against my hard cock drove me mad. Her lips reached the base of my cock where I held her head gently. While slowly I started driving my cock into her throat. She willingly accepted it and began to moan as drove my dick into her throat. With Abbie pulling me by the hips forcing farther down her throat I knew I couldn’t last any longer.

As my nieces moans spurred me on, I began fucking my her more forcefully causing her to sputtering and choke. A short time later I told my niece that I was nearly there, with a grunt I began to empty my balls into Abbie’s loving and waiting mouth.With a squeal of delight my lithe niece moved hungrily to the head of my cock sucking hard. She sucked And jerk my cock until she was sure she had gotten all the cum I had out. She stood up to show me she had caught it all In her mouth. I watched as she sucked, swished and played with it until finally she had swallowed it.

“That was well worth the years I waited for it! Oh God, I loved it. I didn’t feel like swallowing your cum right away, I was afraid that I might not get any more.” I watched my niece as she rubbed all over her body, sliding a hand to her pussy, rubbing herself she told me “Oh fuck Uncle George, I’m so horny, see how wet I am!” producing her pussy juice covered hand for me to see. I smiled and sucked her fingers into my mouth as she watched in rapt wonder as I sucked her hand clean. Her mouth hung open as I reached my hand down and started to finger her pussy slowly stoking the fire in her loins. She watched as my fingers slid in and out of her enjoying the feelings that ran through her body. With her beautiful stormy eyes she followed my fingers as I pulled them out of her and stuck them into her open mouth.

Her eyes widened as the taste hit her tongue, her mouth closed around my fingers and she moaned loving the taste of her own pussy. When she finished cleaning off my fingers I took her hand and guided her to my bedroom without either of us getting dressed. I laid her on her back on the bed as I crawled up next laying next to heron my side. We looked into each others eyes lovingly as I fondled each of her breasts in turn, rubbing my thumb across each nipple as I did. Wrapping my arms around her I drew her against me, cradling her supple body to mine. I stroked her back, raking my fingertips gently up and down as I whispered to her how much I loved her. Her breathing came ragged and fast with her need. Her skin smooth soft skin so responsive to my touch.

She shivered with delight as I experimented with her body. I quickly found all her favorite sensitive spots and with each stroke, kiss and lick I drove her headlong into passion making her writhe as she cried out how she felt. She begged me to please her as she raked her fingers all around her body, her skin flushed and whimpering for release as I crawled between her slender toned legs spread her before me. I marveled at her smooth shaved pussy yearned for my touched. I slid a single finger along her pussy lips.

“Oh Uncle Jack, I need you so badly. Please stop teasing me, you’re driving me crazy!” she said trapping my hand against her pussy as she snapped her legs together.”I want you to get me off so desperately right now.” my niece moaned pleading for her much-needed climax. Freeing my hand I placed my face inches from her aroused sex,her clitoris plainly visible. Intoxicated by her aroma, as I blew on her sensitive clit. Her world seemed to explode with feelings as she gasped and twitched. She begged me so sweetly for permission to cum how could I refuse her any longer. Locking my lips around her clit as I grabbed her hips so she wouldn’t be able to move freely. She gasped locking her legs around my head pulling me into her pussy as I slipped two finger inside her. I slowly licked and explored her inner reaches voraciously. Wiggling the two fingers inside of her as I sucked and licked her clit swirling my tongue around it. I pressed my fingers upward, curling my fingers I stroked slowly up and down massaging her G-spot. Soon I had her bucking wildly as she voiced her love for me, telling me not to stop.

“Oh yeah, right there, that’s the spot Uncle Jack! Mm! Oh don’t stop, please never stop Uncle Jack! I love you so much! As I tirelessly pleasured Abbie’s pussy with my mouth her moans and declarations of love poured from her like a fountain. She clasped onto my free hand as if it were a lifeline, a reminder that she is safe and I love her no matter how intense her feelings got. After a while her whole body flushed as she started panting hard and shook her head as she felt a pressure build. I could feel her pussy squeezing my fingers hard as it started to spasm, as her juices flowed faster soaking my goatee.

“Oh fuck! Oh Uncle Jack, this is so amazing, I’ve never felt a climax build so powerfully! Your going to make me cum so hard! Oh God here it comes,oh fuck yes, yes, yes!” She cried haltingly as her whole body shook and convulsed. She clenched hard as her orgasm began to rock her body. Her strong thighs muffling the sweet sound of her cries of passion. With each wave of ecstasy that tore through her she trembled squealing, hunching over my head she shivered as she slowly ground her pussy into my face while she ran her fingers through my hair. “That was so good! You’re the best Uncle Jack! This all makes me feel so happy!”

“Well we aren’t done yet Abs.” I said as I slid up and guided my hard cock into her still wet pussy all the way. She arched her back, her face contorted in a silent scream of pain. It occurred to me too late to even ask her, as I felt her hymen tear I realized the mistake I had made. I pulled her body to mine, hugging her to me whispering an apology as I stroked my nieces back lovingly as I kissed her neck waiting for her to recover. I remained still with my cock buried in my niece’s virgin pussy.

“Holy shit Uncle Jack, you nearly split me in half.”

“I’m so sorry doll, I assumed you’d already lost your virginity, I wouldn’t have done it like that if I knew.”

“I’m fine, I just wasn’t prepared for it, but doing it fast has advantages. Mainly that it’s already stopped hurting and has started to feel very comfortable moving in to pleasing.” she mewed as she shifted herself around.

“Okay then tell me when you’re comfortable enough to start.”

“I will, for now I’m just basking in this feeling of pleasant fullness. You feel amazing inside me, like a bundle of pulsing warmth. Wow, Uncle Jack you make me feel so special, I’m so glad that your my first.” she confided to me then buried her face in my neck she kissed and mumbled I love you’s as she clung to me. Kneeling there on the bed cradling her body, an arm across her back with my hand cupping her shapely ass. I felt Abbie jostle around slowly as she began to thrust little by little.

“I see it’s starting to feel better now isn’t it?”

“Mm Hmm.” she breathed as she clutched to my shoulders as she started to fall into a slow pace rolling her hips. She panted softly pressing her face to my chest. I held her butt guiding her as I enjoyed the feeling of her breasts and body sliding along mine. I encouraged her as she rode me, to make her first time a positive and health experience .

“I love you so much Abbie, you’re doing great. You’re beautiful, my sexy niece is turning me on so much!”

“Oh Uncle Jack! Do you really mean that? You make me feel so special, so loved, so connected to you. You have no idea how much this means to me.”

“I’m just glad I could be the one to show you how good sex is, I want you to feel so good.”

“Oh yes, yes I want that so badly too” she cried as she picked up her pace, “Oh fuck, fuck me Uncle Jack, I need you… show me everything. Oh God you’re driving me so crazy!”

“Relax sweetheart, I will take care of you.” I said comfortingly as I laid her down and started to stroke into her wet pussy with long slow strokes, she moaned arching her back as she played with her nipples. The sight of her so excited fueled my desire to please her even more. I drew back, my cock barely inside her, as I waited for her to gasp disappointingly. As she did I thrust deep inside her making her groan lustfully, deep in her throat. I then pressed myself deep inside her grinding my self against her drawing out a gasp of joy. I teased her slowly piquing her passions until her juices flowed freely. I then plunged into her hard and fast knowing my niece’s body had ridden on the cusp of a huge orgasm for some time.

Abbie thrashed as I fucked her, screaming and moaning, all she could say was to moan “Yes, more!” and tell me she was nearly there. I pulled her hips to me as I rammed into her. I felt my climax nearing telling her I was about to cum. Her pussy was so wet as it clenched and twitched. Her pussy muscles tensed squeezing my cock hard and making me cum.

“Oh fuck, Uncle Jack, you came inside me!” she said before her orgasm hit. Her mouth hung open as her eyes rolled back and fluttered, she moaned as she spoke, “Fuck! Oh God, I’m cumming so hard. Plus I think you just got me pregnant Uncle Jack, my periods in four days. Ugh! I might be having my Uncles kid, this whole day has been a fucking dream come true!”

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