A Misunderstanding Ch. 04


Simon arrived home and was immediately required to show his purchases to Emma. She examined each item carefully while Simon waited, dreading the thought that he would be sent back to exchange something. “Good,” she announced. “These are just right so let’s hope they fit!”

“But before you try them on, there’s a few things I need to say. I think you might need all the help you can in the next four weeks,” explained Emma. “If you disobey my instructions you know what will happen, don’t you? I will kick you out, darling – that very day! Don’t think I don’t mean it because you have seriously upset me.”

He nodded, no doubting what she was saying.

She continued, “So to help you, I’m going to set some rules to remove any temptations that you may feel to disobey me. Firstly, we are going to throw out all your male underwear, your socks and your work shirts. I’ve already put them all in this bag.” She pointed to a black bin bag on the floor. “That way you won’t be able to substitute your female clothes for male ones. That will keep you on the road to success, won’t it, darling?”

He swallowed deeply. “But I thought I only had to wear the female clothes at work? What will I wear at home?”

“You must have misunderstood, darling. You need to wear the lingerie 24 hours a day if the aversion therapy is to work. And, as I’ve just explained, we don’t want male clothing lying around that might tempt you to break your side of the bargain. You understand my reasoning, I hope?

Her logic was sound but that didn’t make the idea any more comforting. All the same, he just nodded.

“Secondly, I want you to cut up all your bank cards and blank cheques, and to give me any cash that you have in your wallet.” She passed him a pair of scissors but she could see consternation on his face. “Don’t worry, darling, I won’t rob you but I don’t want you feeling tempted to go out and buy male clothes. Who knows, you might leave here to go to work in the morning, and on the way buy a man’s shirt, socks and underpants and then change on the way to work. I don’t want that to happen because then you will fail your test and we won’t be able to wipe the slate clean in four weeks’ time. You must try to understand, darling, because it’s for your own good. Every morning, I will give you 10 pounds in cash. Every evening, you will give me back what’s left along with receipts for any money you have spent. Understood?”

“Yes, Emma,” he replied, conscious of how the net was closing in on him. He did as instructed, took out his wallet, and then cut each of his bank cards and cheques in two. Emma picked up the wallet, removed his cash for safekeeping and checked the compartments of the wallet thoroughly for any hidden cards or cash. Satisfied, she handed it back with a nod.

“And finally, Sarah will keep an eye on you while you’re at work. That…”

Emma’s flow was abruptly interrupted by Simon. “Sarah,” he shouted, “You don’t mean Sarah Jones?”

“Yes, darling – Sarah Jones. Your old girl friend. The one whose underwear you used to wear İstanbul Escort Bayan until she found out.”

“But she hates me!” retorted Simon. “She detests me!”

“Well, are you surprised after what you did? … I’m not. Anyway, it’s useful that Sarah works for the same company as you – that was how you met, wasn’t it – so she will do spot checks on you.”

Simon was fuming. “I don’t want anything to do with Sarah.”

“But someone has to check up on you, darling. Who knows, you might decide to take off your bra and camisole as soon as you reach the office. Someone has to make sure you are wearing them at all times. When I phoned her, and explained what I was doing and what you would be wearing, Sarah said she was VERY willing to help.”

“You’ve phoned her?!” burst out Simon, unable to believe what he was hearing. “This was meant to be our secret – that’s what you said.”

“How was I to get her to do the checks if I didn’t speak her? Do stop to think before you open your mouth, Simon! Anyway, Sarah already knew that you liked to wear female clothing, darling,” explained Emma. “If she had wanted to, she could already have told the people at work. No, darling, you are worrying unnecessarily – again. She was really positive about the idea so she’s on your side, to make sure you come through this successfully. Sarah will just do some discreet spot checks a couple of times a day to make sure you are dressed as required. No one else will know. If anything, their dirty minds will think the two of you are back together and that you are being unfaithful to me. All of these checks are only there to make sure that you successfully complete your punishment – and you do want to do that, don’t you darling? I have to know that you are not deceiving me because that would not be the right basis for our future relationship. So it’s much better that we have these rules to make sure that you can’t deceive me.”

“I understand,” he reluctantly replied.

“Good, now I’ve got some presents for you!” She picked up a shopping bag from the coffee table and pulled out two nightdresses. They were a simple design but made of a very silky looking white satin. She held one up against him and it came down to his knees. “That’s a nice length,” she commented.

Delving once more into the bag, she pulled out a cardboard box from which she extracted two foam objects. It took a few moments for it to dawn on Simon what they were. “They’re to go inside the … er … my bras, aren’t they?” he cried out. “You promised me that there would be no fillers.”

“You misunderstood me again. I said that I wouldn’t be sending you to work with breasts that stick out. I never said anything about what you would do outside the office. Please stop arguing with me because it’s getting very tiresome – that’s all you’ve done all day. Any more arguments, and you will be wearing them to work as well, with Sarah checking up.” She looked at him to see if he wanted to continue the fight but he looked totally dejected.

Fishing into the bag once İstanbul Escort again, she pulled out a razor and a large tube of Nair. “Lingerie and body hair don’t go together, darling. I want you to read these instructions carefully and then go into the shower and remove all your hair from the neck down. And I mean ALL. OK?”

His look of horror spoke volumes.

She gave him a quizzical stare. “OK … on second thoughts, perhaps not all of it.” After a long pause, and just as his face was starting to relax, she added, “I want you to leave a landing strip of pubic hair – you know what I mean, don’t you,” she teased. He turned crimson but maintained his silence.

“And you will remain hairless and neatly trimmed for the next four weeks. I shall make regular checks. Understood?”

“Yes, Emma,” he replied in a weak voice.

“Off you go, and then report back here naked for your first inspection. Remember to read the Nair instructions very carefully!”

It took him about an hour to remodel his pubic hair into the shape of a runway and to remove the rest of his hair. Some bits were very difficult to reach and he hoped he’d not missed any. But he was quickly sent back to the shower when his landing strip was judged too wide and also because he still had some hairs around his anus. Only thirty minutes later did he pass inspection.

“Good girl, darling” praised Emma, smiling. He blushed at being referred to as a girl.

“Now you’ve done it thoroughly, it should be easy to keep yourself hairless and neatly trimmed. Next, I want you to get dressed so we can see what you look like – panties, bra, camisole and tights. Don’t forget your pantyliner.”

She watched him intensely as he got dressed, noticing how aroused he became. “My, you do like lingerie, don’t you! It’s going to take the full four weeks to cure you, I think.”

He was admonished when he tried to put his bra on by putting it around his waist, doing it up at the front and then twisting it around before hoisting it up. “That will stretch it, silly! Is that what you’ve been doing with my bras? Put it on properly – you’ve watched me enough times.”

It took a couple of minutes fumbling with his hands behind his back before he managed to get it done up. He also needed some lessons in putting on his pantyhose otherwise he was likely to ladder them. However, he got there eventually and stood in front of Emma wearing his pink panties, black pantyhose, white bra and white camisole.

After circling around him, and making one or two adjustments to his bra straps, she announced herself satisfied and proceeded to insert a filler into each of the cups.

She stood back to look at him, and signalled with her hand for him to do some twirls. “WOW!! You look fantastic, darling. Your underwear fits perfectly and looks really great against your hairless body.”

He was still visibly aroused but felt extremely embarrassed standing in front of Emma dressed like this. His predicament was made worse by her being fully dressed. He saw her take her Escort İstanbul mobile phone from her handbag and felt nervous about who she was going to call. The sudden flash took him by total surprise as she used the phone to take his picture. Before he could react, the camera flashed a second focussing on his face. As he moved his hands to cover his face, a third flash showed she had photographed his bulging panties. She laughed, “Well, no one can say you were forced into this against your will. The enjoyment you feel is clear for all to see.”

“What are you going to do with those?” he asked, knowing what the answer was likely to be. “Insurance,” she said, in a matter of fact way, but confirming his suspicions. “If you cause me any trouble at any time, these will be posted on the internet.”

“Now slip your blouse on, please” she instructed.

He struggled to do up the wrong-sided buttons. “That will come with practice, darling,” she assured him. “But it’s a good fit,” she said, “you have nice taste. You will definitely need to keep your jacket buttoned up at all times, darling, because I can clearly see your camisole.”

“Just a few more rules,” she informed him. “You will change your underwear, including your camisoles and tights, daily but your pantyliners three times a day – when you put your clean panties on in the morning, at 4 PM every afternoon and at bedtime – keep the used liners for me to inspect. Your blouse will also be changed daily. Nightdresses you can wear for two days. You will wear panties and bra 24 hours a day, even when you are in bed – change into fresh ones before you shower each morning. You won’t sleep in your tights but you will wear them at all times except when in bed. You don’t need to wear a camisole except when you’re in the office or unless I tell you otherwise. Your breast fillers will be inserted as soon as you get home from the office each day and kept in until you leave for the office the next day. Obviously at weekends they will be kept in at all times. I’ve already given you advice about how you dress in the office but it’s up to you how you cover up, or not, at home. A serious breach of the rules at any time will result in you packing your bags and leaving my house immediately. Minor infringements – and I really mean very minor – will be punished with corner time.” She rattled off the instructions and overwhelmed him with information.

There was so much he wanted to say that he didn’t know where to start but before he could ask questions she held up a hand. “Don’t say anything because I’m fed up with having to argue with you all the time. I’m going to go and prepare dinner for us. You are going to go back into the corner to get a further taste of what happens if you commit a minor infringement. Do I need to tie your hands behind your back or will you behave yourself in the corner?”

He so much wanted to protest about how she was treating him but he knew that he would lose any argument. “I’ll behave myself,” he replied, before clenching his teeth. “You can stand in that corner,” she said, then I can keep an eye on you while I cook.” Still dressed in his underwear, with the blouse on top, he went and positioned himself. He stood there for the next hour until dinner was ready. “Slip on some jeans while I serve up,” she announced.

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