A Mother’s Luxuries Ch. 02


Gregory hadn’t lied when he told his mother that he had classes. But he only had one college class and it was not until ten. He glanced at the clock in his car. It was eight and he was meeting Valarie in half an hour. It was a quick twenty minute drive down the highway which exited off to the mall. He parked on the second level and walked in.

Most of the stores didn’t open until nine or ten but he knew a handful of the employees and a couple owners too. One of which he had become great friends with. Valarie worked full time at an adult shop called ‘Lavish Luxuries’ which had the largest assortment of adult toys, outfits and movies he had ever seen. It even had booths for people to watch movies or test out toys.

Valarie though had become the new manager and she started offering a brand new set of services that pulled in a new crowd and a lot more money. Gregory arrived to find the gate was shut like always and with a special series of knocks which was his name in Morris code, the side door opened and Valarie pulled him in. Valarie had long black hair with a bright purple streak down on side. She wore dark purple lipstick and long lashes. Her clothing was usually tight and revealing but it helped make customers feel more relaxed. Valarie by looks alone seemed younger than she really was.

“Morning Val.” Greg said as he walked to the back of the store.

“You ready?” Valarie asked as she followed him.

“I’m ready. No worries.” He replied and started undressing. Valarie waited until he had undressed and slipped into a loose pair of linen pants and an almost translucent muscle shirt. She eyed him with a smirk before she unlocked the back door where two young women were standing eagerly awaiting. Both wore tight blue jeans and tight crop tops and hand small purses over their shoulders. They hurried in and Valarie closed the door and relocked it. Both girls looked over Greg and their heavily mascara eyes went wide.

“This is Greg. He will be taking care of you this morning.” Valarie said.

“You aren’t…gallons Gregory are you?” The shorter if the two girls asked.

“That would be me yes.” He replied as he laid out a fold out table and towel. “Please get undressed and make yourselves comfortable.” Greg said as he prepared a second table. Both girls undressed and laid down naked on the table. Neither one had a waist size over three and their curves were small but proportioned to their bodies.

Gregory pressed the power button on the speaker which started playing some soft flute music. Sitting in a small warmer was a bottle of liquid oil. Simultaneously he poured the warm oil onto their backs and down their cracks and over their legs.

“So warm.” One girl said happily. Gregory Oiler ip his hands and with one hand on each girl he started moving slowly. Up one side of the back and down the other.

Both girls let out noises of pleasure and enjoyment as his massage began growing more erotic. His hands piled up every inch of their skin and slowly his hands deviated from legs and arms and back and began focusing more on ass cheeks. Gregory was not just a trained professional, he was a natural at massage. What he could do with one hand many could not do with two.

However, Gregory had a talent for more than massage; he had a talent for orgasmic massage. With gentle kırıkkale seks hikayeleri fingers he pushed their legs open and in their relaxed states they were more than happy to oblige. He slid his fingers down and between their labia. Both women’s breathing grew heavier as he started rubbing the outside of their pussies.

Precum dripped from their pussy as his fingers started rubbing their clitorises. Both women were helpless as soft whines escaped their lips. “Oh yes.” They whined. “Oh please…go harder.” The taller of the two said. Greg pressed down harder on her clitoris and started rubbing faster. Her whines got louder and she gripped the edge of the bed as her climax got higher. “Oh shit…it’s coming…” the one on the left whined.

“Mine too.” Said the other. Gregory started rubbing faster and harder. “Oh shit…shit…I can’t…” whined the girl on the right. “Fuck I’m gonna cum!” Whined the one on the left. The girl on the let came first followed by the girl on the right. Their legs quivered and their bodies shook for a moment before they settled down. Gregory pulled his hands away and looked up at Valarie who had pulled aside here skirt and panties and was using a small pocket vibrator to push herself up and over an orgasm.

Valarie gasped as her orgasm rolled out and she slumped to the chair. The end of the vibrator dripped with orgasmic juices.

“Okay ladies. One orgasmic massage.” Valarie said as she pulled back her panties and straightened her skirt. Both women looked at Gregory who was in the process of cleaning up. They both noticed the massive hard on that was showing through his linen pants. Even Valarie looked at it but she had seen his package and knew how large it was. She hadn’t felt it herself but she could imagine.

“We want to see it. Please.” The shorter girl begged.

“The orgasmic massage package doesn’t include dick.” Valarie said.

“How much then?” The shorter girl asked as she turned to Valarie.

“To see his cock?” Valarie asked.

The girl nodded then said “I want to feel it too.”

“Me too.” Said the other girl.

Valarie looked to Gregory who shrugged. Valarie knew quite a bit about Greg. She knew he was skilled with sex. She knew he had an abnormally fast recovery time and package. She also knew that he was a Dominant. He enjoyed dominating others. Bending them to his sexual desires. Valarie was many things but she was a voyeur. She enjoyed watching sex and being watched having sex too.

“Okay ladies. I’ll tell you what. I’ll cut you a deal. Two-fifty a piece to see and touch Gallon Gregory’s cock.” Valarie said.

“How much do we get to touch?” The shorter girl asked.

“Depends.” Valarie said.

“On what?” The taller girl asked.

Valarie gestured you Greg who was still in the process of cleaning up. The shorter girl reached into her purse and pulled out two fifty dollar bills and handed them to Valarie.

“I want to see it first.” The girl said and turned to Greg who put down his towel and oil which he was refilling and pulled down his pants. His cock, a little more than half hard was full of veins and was leaking precum that had started trickling down his cock and off his loose testicles. Even half hard his cock was five inches thick and almost eight inches long. She stared at it like it were the a miracle. A phenomenal prize that she had just won.

“How much to fuck him?” She asked greedily.

Gregory arched an eyebrow at Valarie who winked back at him.

“Not how it works. You see Gregory doesn’t get fucked.” Valarie smiled. “Gregory fucks you.”

The short girl looked to her friend who looked just as eager as she did. The massage was a transaction off the books, not illegal. It had cost a hundred for the massage alone and that came with the one orgasm. She bit the corner of her lip and looked to Valarie.

“How much for how long?” She asked.

Gregory looked at the clock. It was just before ten which gave him roughly forty minutes. He flashed her a four.

“Two hundred for forty minutes.”

“Dammit. Sorry.” The taller girl said and slid off the table. “I only brought one fifty with me. Maybe another time.” She started getting dressed and walked out. The shorter girl pulled out her credit card and tossed it at Valarie who caught it. She slid the card through a reader and handed it back to her.

“Forty minutes. Here is the paperwork. Fill it out.” Valarie said as she handed a stack of three papers to the girl.

“What is this?” She asked.

“It’s a survey of basically what you like, don’t like, what you are comfortable with and not.” Valarie said.

The girl grabbed a pen from her purse and started ticking off the boxes one by one. At the very bottom was a box that asked ‘where would you like it to be finished?’

“I can choose that?” She asked.

Valarie winked and said; “it’s up to you.”

She ticked off the box and handed it to Gregory who looked over everything and walked over to the table. Valarie pulled her panties aside and started playing with herself again.

“Okay. I hope you were honest with your answers Nancy.” Greg said.

“Why?” She asked.

“Because I am going to do all those. I have forty minutes with you.” He replied with a devilish smile that sent a chill down her spine. Gregory knelt at the edge of the table and pulled open her legs exposing her wet pussy. He bent down and started licking her still sensitive lips slowly. He flattened his tongue as he licked her over and over making sure to press down on her sensitive clitoris. Nancy didn’t bother stifling her whines as his tongue spurred a raging fire deeper inside of her. Gregory stood up and walked around the table so that his cock was aligned with her mouth.

“Don’t bite and try to relax.” He said as he pulled her to the edge of the table. Looking at his cock up close she could see just how massive it really was. Nancy had seen several different types of cocks. Thick and short. Long and narrow. Curved and mushroom headed cocks. But Gregory’s was none of those and all of those. His cock was nine inches long with a gentle curve.

At the base it was nearly as thick as her wrist and had a swollen head the size of a shiitake mushroom. Nancy opened her mouth and felt his cock force her mouth wider. ‘He’s going to choke me’ she thought silently as the head of his cock slid to the very opening of her throat. Gregory groaned as her throat squeezed his thick cock. He pulled back and she gasped for air even though only two of his nine inches went in.

He pushed in again only this time he didn’t stop. Five solid inches of his cock slid down her throat. Nancy’s eyes went wide with panic as he pushed against her barrier. It was the curve of her throat that flared when large obstructions tried to go down. Nancy tapped on his arm and he pulled out. She gagged once but didn’t vomit. “Fuck.” She coughed.

Gregory held her head and pushed in again and pressed his broad head against her barrier and with an almost audible pop all nine inches of his cock slid down her tight throat. He watched her throat bulge as he started fucking her mouth and throat. Nancy’s eyes rolled backwards as his cock filled her throat absolutely. After one long minute of throat fucking he pulled out and walked around the table and pulled her hips off the edge of the table.

His thick raging cock pressed against her pussy and without warning he pushed in. Nancy let loose a loud scream as his cock stretched her pussy like nothing ever had. Greg pushed in and out using only three inches and then pushed in six until he found her sweet spot. Nancy had only ever felt her cervix pounded one other time and that had been by accident. Gregory knew exactly where to find it and once he did find it he pounded it like a hammer to a nail.

“Oh fuck!” She screamed. “Fuck my pussy! Oh god my cervix! Oh fucking shit!” She screamed as he pounded it harder. His cock struck home as he picked up the pace pounding harder and faster. Pain filled Nancy but the pleasure she felt outweighed the pain. “Oh fuck yes! Ow! Oh god fuck my pussy!” She cried. He could feel her pussy tightening as she started to climax. Nancy grabbed her breasts and started moaning louder. “Oh yes! Yes! I’m gonna cum! God dammit don’t stop! Yes!” She shouted. “Fuck me! I’m gonna cum!” She screamed.

Gregory plunges his cock into her pussy and Nancy let loose a wild scream of orgasming pain. Her body convulsed and shook as he pulled out his cock and walked back around the table. Valarie had worked herself through two orgasms and was working on a third as she watched him use her like some tiny fuck toy.

“Fifteen minutes left.” Valarie moaned.

Nancy, still lost in her post orgasm didn’t register what Valarie had said. She didn’t register Greg’s touch until his cock was sliding back down her throat all the way until his balls were flush with her face. The sudden shock forced her throat closed and she bit down. Greg let out a sharp grunt of pain and tried to pull free but her teeth with in his skin.

“Let go.” He demanded.

Nancy forced her mouth open and he pulled his penis free. Valarie had stopped playing with herself and rushed to Gregory. At the base of his cock were several deep tooth marks that nearly broke the skin and would most certainly bruise over within the day. Nancy coughed up saliva and precum which brought her to the brink of vomit but not over.

With eyes red and teary she gasped “I’m sorry.”

Valarie grabbed Nancy’s clothes and tossed them at her.

“Get dressed and get out.”

Nancy got dressed and offered another apology but Valarie waved a hand at her and she ran out the door.

“You okay?” She asked as she inspected his still hard cock again.

The teeth marks had already started to grow darker. “She bit you good.” Valarie stood up and looked up at him. “Thanks Greg. You pulled four hundred today alone. I really appreciate it. Sorry that she bit you though.”

He shrugged and walked away to grab his clothes.

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