A Second Life Ch. 05


This story continues on from “A Second Life – Chapter 4”.

Once again, all the characters, places and events in the story are pure fiction and straight out of my active imagination. I do not accept any responsibility for any resemblance to real people, places or events that occur anywhere.

Sorry about the slow start, but I want to give my characters a little more depth.


The next few days after Zach’s memorable birthday turned out to be very busy for him. A new project request from the local council to develop an outdoor recreation and food court area next to the town library kept him busy at work in his upstairs office till late at night and with meetings at the council office for the entire week. Fortunately his three women recognised that he needed his space in order to concentrate on his work, so they kept their distance and didn’t pressure him for sex during the week. Instead they took it in turns where one would keep him company in bed at night while the other two slept in one of the spare bedrooms where they could indulge in whatever sex play they could dream up.

That Friday evening the headlights of the Volvo cut through the early winter darkness as Zach drove up his driveway. Once parked around the side of the house he exited the car and immediately felt the moist chill in the air. He could see lights on in the house so he knew someone must be home. He found Sam waiting for him just inside the front door, and bent down to pat his devoted canine companion on the head and received an excited lick of greeting in return. He looked up just as Chelsea appeared from the large walk-in kitchen pantry. She walked up to him and took his briefcase and laptop case from him, putting them on the counter top before giving him a warm welcoming kiss.

“OK lover boy, you’ve got a big date tonight. I’ve been given the job of getting you ready.” She gently wiped the slight smudge of lipstick off his cheek.

Zach gave her a puzzled look. “What’s going on? Where are Julie and Melanie?”

Chelsea took his hand and led him towards the master bedroom, explaining what was in store for the night as she went.

“Melanie has made a special request to take you out to dinner. It will be just the two of you for a romantic evening. Jules and I will stay home and enjoy a good DVD then go to bed early in one of the spare bedrooms.” She gave him a subtle wink as she said the last sentence so as to leave Zach in no doubt of what they would be up to once their bodies hit the bed.

She continued her explanation as she slowly unbuttoned and removed Zach’s shirt, and then did the same with his trousers.

“Jules is getting Mel ready down at the cottage. I’ve got half an hour to get you showered and dressed, then you drive down the hill to pick her up. Don’t worry about Sam, we’ll look after him tonight.”

Once Zach was naked Chelsea ushered him into the bathroom and left him to shower alone while she picked out his clothes for his night out. Zach felt slightly bemused by everything as he felt the warm water splash against his skin, but was happy to play along. After a thorough scrub, he rinsed off and turned the water off. He could hear Chelsea singing quietly to herself in the next room as he lathered his face up for a shave.

Chelsea looked up from where she stood alongside the bed as he walked in with his towel wrapped around his still damp body at the waist. She unwrapped the towel and, with a quiet but playful ‘tut tut’, carefully dried off the wet spots that she could see on his naked skin. After drying his back, she knelt down in front of him and gently lifted his semi-soft penis in one hand and dried off the area between his legs. Before getting up, she leaned forward and very slowly sucked the head and shaft for a few seconds, then tenderly kissed his wrinkled ball sac.

“I’m not allowed to get you too excited. You have to save yourself for Mel,” she giggled as she picked herself off the floor.

Ever mindful of the time, Chelsea dressed Zach in a comfortable pair of beige Chinos, topped off with a new stylish long sleeved tee-shirt that he didn’t recognise – he guessed the girls must have bought it for him on the sly. She handed him his shoes and socks, then helped him put his sports jacked on. Once finished she stood back to admire her handiwork.

“Something seems to be missing. I know what it is.” From behind the full length mirror she pulled out a single long-stemmed red rose and handed it to him.

“You have two minutes till you are expected at the cottage.” She marched Zach out to his car and giggled as she handed him his keys and wallet, whispering in his ear to be sure to enjoy his evening out.

Zach wasn’t entirely certain what to expect when he walked up to the front door of the cottage and knocked. He felt slightly embarrassed to be standing outside his own cottage, holding a red rose, and about to go out on a date with a beautiful girl as if he was almanbahis şikayet still a nervous teenager.

Julie’s beautiful face greeted him as the door opened. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a warm and loving kiss, then took his hand and led him into the familiar lounge where she sat him down on the couch.

“Melanie’s in the back room, I’ll get her in a sec. I thought I’d better explain what’s going on here.” Julie held Zach’s hands tenderly in her own.

“Mel has just found out that she’s reached two thousand dollars in her bank account. She’s never had so much money saved before. She wants to take you out to dinner. It’s her treat, so you aren’t allowed to pay. She wants to have a special one-on-one night with you as her way of saying thanks for everything you’ve done to take her into your home.” Julie put her fingers to Zach’s lips when she saw that he wanted to say something.

“I know what you’re going to say; that it’s our home now because we all live in it together in our unusual way as a family unit. But I am pretty sure that she still feels like a bit of an outsider, partly because joined us last, and partly because Chelsea is my step-daughter while she isn’t. She wants to show you that she can pull her own weight even if she’s the youngest one in our little family. I want her to feel like she really belongs… to build up her self-confidence. Your job tonight is to make her feel special, the same way you make me feel special when it’s just you and me. I want you to convince her that we are her family.” She gave Zach a long open-mouthed kiss, then stood up and walked out of the room to fetch Melanie.

Zach was still sitting in open mouthed amazement when Julie walked hand in hand with Melanie into the room. The beautiful young figure before him left him totally speechless. Melanie was fully made up and dressed in a silky sky blue low cut blouse that wrapped around her front and showed off her cleavage, with tight designer jeans and calf length heeled boots that he recognised as Chelsea’s. Julie had tied Melanie’s ponytailed hair with a ribbon so that it sat hanging down her left shoulder. If he thought she looked beautiful before, he definitely thought she was stunning now.

Melanie shyly stepped forward and gave Zach a quick kiss on the cheek followed by a longer one on his lips. She blushed when he gave her the rose, thanking him with another kiss.

“I’ll take care of the rose. You two go off and have a nice dinner and some fun. We’ll see you in the morning.” Julie took the rose and ushered Zach and Melanie towards the door, where Melanie gathered her small shoulder bag and warm coat.


Melanie had chosen a small quiet Italian restaurant on the other side of town. It only had a dozen or so tables, but the food was excellent, and there was a good selection of Italian wines to choose from to wash it down with. While they waited for their food to be served, they sipped on their glasses of Chianti and chatted about their lives, living together as a foursome, and any other topic that came up. One topic that they talked about was Melanie’s trip into the city with Chelsea the next day to pack up the latter’s belongings at her flat.

Zach also asked Melanie how she felt about starting college in a few weeks to get her business degree. She thought it would be a challenge, but she was determined to make a success of it so that she could make Julie proud of her. With a slight blush, she added that she wanted him to be proud of her too. Zach teased her gently with a light chuckle, and responded that he would be proud of anything she did.

He brought up the point that she would be meeting lots of people her own age at college, so it would be an exciting time for her as far as opportunities to make some new friends. The adamant tone in Melanie’s response took him by surprise when she said that she would enjoy meeting new people, but as far as she was concerned she was not interested in anything more than friendship, and if anyone asked she would tell them she was spoken for.

During a later lull in the conversation Zach cautiously asked about Melanie’s own family life before she came to live in the Stanley Bay. Before she spoke she took long sip of her wine and took a deep breath, as if seeking some inner strength to be able to tell him.

Over their meal and through the next hour Zach discovered that Melanie had been the youngest of three children and the only girl. Her parents were very poor and lived far away on the other side of the country where her father worked in a car factory, and her mother as a seamstress doing clothing alterations at the local mall. Her two brothers were much older and had moved out of the house once they had finished school, the older one working on a cargo freighter, the younger one on an oil rig somewhere off the coast.

Melanie’s eyes started to tear over when she told Zach that her childhood hadn’t almanbahis canlı casino been a happy one. She remembered back to when her mother told her that she was an unplanned baby. Her parents had resented having her as she was just another mouth to feed when money was scarce enough as it was, which was why she left home as soon as she was able. Zach felt his heart melt at her words, and told her in no uncertain terms that she was very much wanted in their family, and in fact was a very important part of it. Melanie looked into Zach’s eyes and gently took his hand, placing it directly over her left breast and covered it with her own.

“I can never thank you enough for taking me in, even after you and Julie and Chelsea had started making a life together. I love all three of you deeply, you especially so because you are more than the head of our household, you are the father figure I never had, you are my caring older boyfriend, and you are also my wonderfully sexy lover. I love it that we three girls can share you and also have sex with each other without anyone being jealous. But I want you to know that my heart and my body will always belong to you.” She leaned forward to kiss Zach tenderly on the lips.

Zach wasn’t quite sure what to say at first, so he responded by taking her hand in his and placing a delicate kiss on each knuckle. “I’ve never heard you call me your boyfriend before… I like the sound of it. Yeah, I’m your boyfriend. Let’s finish our food and leave. We can go wherever you want and do whatever you want to, or we can go straight home.”

After Melanie paid for their meal they decided to have a quiet drink at a bar that featured a good live band. They enjoyed the music and even got up to dance to a few slow songs that Zach recognized from his younger days. Zach was conscious of the many appreciative glances he got from the male patrons who kept looking at the beautiful young woman wrapped in his arms. Melanie also noticed several of the young and middle aged women that kept looking at the good looking man whose shoulder she was resting her head on as they swayed to the music, and smiled inwardly to herself with the thought that tonight he was all hers.

It was close to eleven o’clock when they finally arrived back to the house. They crept quietly into the main bedroom where Melanie immediately wrapped her arms around Zack from behind while he carefully shut the bedroom door. With her slender body pressed hard against his back he felt one of her hands slide up under his long sleeve tee-shirt to run her fingers along his chest and playfully pinch a nipple. He felt her other slide towards the top of his trousers, where it began to unbuckle his belt, and then undo the trouser buttons, all the while kissing the back of his neck.

As Zach turned around slowly he felt his trousers fall around his ankles. He kicked off his shoes so that he could step out of the puddle of clothing around his feet. He raised his arms to help Melanie remove his tee-shirt. When he lowered them, they naturally came down around her, and he forcefully pulled her into his chest in a tender and loving hug.

Melanie loved the feel of his strong masculine arms around her, and lowered her head slightly to kiss the top of his pectoral muscle. She could feel Zach’s slowly stiffening penis pushing against her groin through his boxers, and knew her vagina was starting to moisten up in her own excited anticipation.

“Hey there pretty girl, you’ve got me at a real disadvantage. I’m nearly naked here, and you’re fully clothed and toying with me,” he muttered playfully into her soft hair.

She pulled away slightly and looked Zach straight in the eye when she spoke.

“The reason I wanted us to be alone together tonight is that I want you to fuck me like you fucked Julie on your birthday – in the ass. I know you will be gentle, but I didn’t want Julie and Chelsea here in case it hurt and I do something stupid or embarrassing in front of them, like crying. I also want to be able to see your beautiful cock fucking my ass, so I want to angle the mirror so that I can watch while you fuck me.”

Zach’s eyebrow raised slightly. “Do they know about this?”

“Yes they do. We are totally open and honest with each other about everything. Us being on our own tonight was their idea. They even helped me plan everything.”

Zach took a few seconds to take it all in, then smiled down at the beautiful face looking up at him.

“I’ll do my best to be as gentle as I can. I don’t want to hurt you, and I hope I never do. This is your special night, so you call the shots and you set the pace. But promise me that if it hurts or you want me to stop, you’ll tell me.” He pulled Melanie’s face forward to give her a long deep kiss.

They both moved the full length mirror so that it faced diagonally across the bed, and angled it so that they could see themselves when they lay down. Zach then turned his attention almanbahis casino to Melanie and slowly began removing her clothing a piece at a time, starting with the ribbon that held her hair, and working his way slowly down her body to her boots, till she stood naked before him. He removed his boxers and socks, then effortlessly picked her up in his arms and carried her the couple of steps to the bed where he gently lay her down.

Zach lay on his side facing Melanie and pulled her closer for a series of kisses that started gently, but increased in passion until she was gasping with pleasure while he worked his way down to the sensitive hollow of her neck. She grabbed a handful of his hair and pushed his face further down her body towards her sensitive small breasts with their pierced nipples, slowly rolling onto her back in the process.

Zach happily kissed, licked and sucked on her small dainty nubs of flesh. He could hear her breathing become deeper and raspy, and her heart beat speed up in her chest. His hand slowly traced a lazy meandering line from her breast, down along her side to her belly button and flicked at the small ring she had there, before moving lower to settle on her freshly shaven pubic mound.

Melanie wanted his head to move lower, and gently pushed and guided Zach’s face down towards her wet treasure trove while she slid herself further up the bed so that she could view everything he did in the mirror. She opened her legs wide and watched as Zach slid all the way down the bed to lie with his face between her legs, and commenced to tease her virginal crease with first his fingers, then his tongue, occasionally flicking at her delicate clit ring.

She could feel her excitement growing, and knew it would not take much to reach her first orgasm. She held Zach’s head in place and pushed her pelvis against his face and open mouth, grinding her delicate labia against his protruding tongue. She could feel her juices and his saliva running down the crease between her legs and settle somewhere near her puckered asshole. In the mirror she could see the point of contact between his face and her groin, his tongue and her open cunt. She began to smell the intoxicating aroma of sex in the room.

“Oh yeah, like that… just keep doing that. Don’t stop, I’m close!” she squealed.

A few more short thrusts and her legs began to jerk, her pelvis began to spasm, and her abdominal muscles tightened as her orgasm enveloped her entire core. She held Zach’s head firmly between her legs as she shot a tiny squirt of her juice into his hungry mouth.

When her climax had subsided Melanie pulled Zach back up to the top of the bed and made him lie on his back so that she could lie on top of him.

“That was pretty intense. I haven’t had one so big and so quick like that in a while.” She kissed Zach, tasting herself on his tongue, lips and face, and felt thrilled at the depravity of it.

Melanie slowly moved her kisses down to Zach’s neck, then to his chest where she took time to nibble on his smaller manly nipples, and then further down to his abdomen where she kissed and tongued his belly button. She spun herself around slightly so that she could watch herself in the mirror and moved her head down till she reached his now hard cock, pointing up at the ceiling. Opening her mouth she slowly and deliberately licked the drop of pre-cum that had seeped out of the slit at the tip of his penis. She savoured the musky taste of the fluid. Using her hands, she coaxed out a few more drops of the transparent fluid, sucking and swallowing them each time.

She watched her reflection as her took hold of his hard erect muscle and lowered her open mouth to envelop the bulbous purple head, before sliding it deep into her mouth. She held his cock still as she bobbed her head slowly up and down its length. She was careful to change her movements and actions every few seconds as she didn’t want Zach to cum too soon. She knew from Zach’s groans that he was enjoying her oral attention.

She shifted her focus to his testicles, and watched herself suck on first one, and then the other pebble sized gland, before taking his entire sac into her mouth to roll her tongue around the semi-hard nubbins of sensitive flesh. She could hear Zach’s moans of pleasure, so she knew she had found one of his pleasure spots.

After a few minutes Melanie pulled her head away and sat up. She moved so that she straddled Zach’s hips, but with her back towards him so that she could continue to watch her reflection. She slowly lowered her pelvis until she felt his erect penis brush against her wet pussy lips. Reaching down with one hand she took hold of his rigid muscle and guided it into her hungry wet cunt opening. She then settled her hips down lower, riding and grinding, enjoying the sheer pleasure of the intimate contact between their bodies.

Watching herself in the mirror, she slowly leaned back to lie on Zach’s chest. She could see his penis, wet with her secretions, sliding in and out of her love canal. It felt exquisite, and even a little kinky for her to be able to see their coital act in such detail. She shifted her head and turned it slightly to one side so that they could kiss.

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