A Time To Work or a Time To Play Ch. 02


After the bed was delivered, we all looked at it and smiled. Crystal looked at me and said, who’s first? I looked at Reny and said that I think it is time for Crystal and I to have a go by ourselves. Reny frowned a little then smiled and said she would keep eye on the store incase any customers showed up but she really wanted to watch Crystal and me.

I turned to Crystal and told her to come over here and undress me. Crystal moved over and slowly unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off while kissing and licking my chest and nipples. I was totally enjoying this treatment and was starting to develop an erection like never before. She slowly works her way down my body kissing and licking until she reached my pants and she got down on her hands and knees and undoes my pants and pulled them along with my boxers down and off. She worked her way back up my legs kissing and licking until she get to my balls and started to suck them into her mouth while slowly stroking my cock.

Reluctantly I tell her to stand up and I start removing her blouse so I can do to her what she was doing to me. While kissing and licking and sucking on your nipples, I reach for your skirt to pull it down and I find you are only wearing garter belt and stockings. I decided to keep them on and I tell her to get on the bed face up. I ilginç porno move to the bed and glance over at Reny who is playing with herself as she watches us. I reach for your face and kiss you deeply as your hands start exploring down my sides until you reach my ass. You start squeezing and scratching my ass then I start kissing and sucking on your nipples. I pinch them hard and you start bucking around wildly, that lets me know you like your nipples played with rough and I am only too happy to oblige.

I move down to your pussy and start licking your outer lips sucking on them but being careful not to touch your clit. I work a finger around her holds and slowly part them with my fingers and start sucking on this pulsating clit, she moans, starts to cum on my tongue. While she was cumming I slid my finger into her asshole that is no longer virgin, then she really starts cumming hard, her clit is so hard and pulsing it spurts cum right into my mouth. I ease away from her pussy and move up to kiss her and she licked my face clean of her juices.

I tell her to turn over and I start kissing and licking my way down her back till I get to her ass. I slip a finger back in her pussy while I lick her ass and tongue her tight little rosebud. She starts moaning and panting and starts japon porno squirming around underneath me. I get her up on her knees as I slowly ease my cock into her hot wet pussy as I fuck her doggie style. I reach around and start pinching her nipples really hard and that does it she is cumming again all over my cock. I keep slamming her pussy with my cock until she orgasamed two more times. Then I pull out and stick it in her ass. She started yelling for me to fuck her ass hard and fast and that is exactly what I wanted to do to her.

I plunge hard and fast into her ass. She’s screaming at me to cum and cum hard I do. I keep pumping her ass and she started cumming again. I am pumping fast and hard and she takes every inch with great gusto. My cock keeps squirting cum deep into her ass. We are slowly starting to ease the pace as we come down from that earth shattering orgasm we just had.

Crystal turns over and we kiss and the next thing we know is Reny is sliding onto the bed stark naked with her pretty black hair cascading down her shoulders, her huge tits swaying side to side. She kisses me deeply and I respond as Crystal reached for her nipples twisting them hard as she moans into my mouth. I kiss Reny once more before I move off the bed and just watch these beauties latin porno make love together.

I set in the chair next to the bed and watch as Reny takes control ordering Crystal to suck on her cunt and make her cum within two minutes or else. I thought to myself wow that sounds familiar. I smile and watch as Crystal sucks on Reny’s cunt while fingering herself until Reny slaps her hand says I meant get me off not yourself. So Crystal takes her finger and pushes it right into the tight asshole of Reny, who was not expecting that. Reny starts cumming all over Crystal’s mouth, while she is cumming she reaches down to pinch Crystal’s nipples until she screams and creams all over herself.

I move back over to the bed and shove my cock right up Reny’s tight ass. I start fucking her ass while I reach around and grab her huge tits. Crystal crawls under Reny and starts eating her pussy while I am ramming my cock deep into the ass of Reny. Reny has an unbelievably tight ass. The friction is too much for me and I start squirting my hot cum deep in her sweet ass. Reny is cumming and Crystal starts screaming through her own orgasm. We all lay down on the king sized bed and catch our breath.

As we are lying there I start thinking of what else we need in here to have even more fun. Then it hits me. We need some fur covered handcuffs and some blindfolds. I mention this to the girls and they agree along with this and also come up with the idea of some headsets to make it where the person wearing them can’t hear anything. I agree with them and we all get dressed ready to go home.

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