A Woman with a Dream


My mouth, his cumbucket, as he shot his wad directly inside as I kneeled on the floor in front of him. I just hoped my boyfriend wouldn’t find out.

Jerking out the last drops of his cum directly into my mouth, I swallowed them down before sticking out my tongue to assure him I’d left nothing at all.

Pulling out a wad of notes, he took out a few and put them into my coat pocket as it lay on the side.

“Go buy yourself something, sexy hun. I think you’d look great in one of those jewelled ass plug things,” he laughed.

“You don’t like the tail you bought me anymore?” I asked, showing him my ass and the furry little thing that he’d rammed up it.

“No hun, that’s super hot. But you always deserve something new, you know. Cos your special baby,” he said smiling and then dragging my mouth back into his wet cum drenched cock.

“Now clean me off bitch, I’ve gotta do other man things later hun.” He said as I sucked on his cock again vacuuming the cum off of it, swallowing it down my throat like the tramp I am.

“Fuck that feels good almanbahis hun,” he praised me, before pulling his cock out of my mouth, flipping me around, dragging the butt-plug out my ass and replacing it with his thick hard cock. As he entered me, I let out a wild yelp. Ignoring me, he simple fucked me as hard and as fast as he could.

“Women are good for only one thing you know hun,” he said as his cock dug deeper into my ass.

“Only one?” I asked in confused surprise.

“Yep, only one hun, and I’m doing it to you right now,” Ted said, laughing at me, as his hips powering me like a bitch.

“But we can fuck And suck,” I informed him, shocked that he’d already forgotten about the great blowjob I’d just given him.

“Holy shit!” He laughed out, “hell yeah, you’re right bitch, you sure can suck.” He admitted.

As he fucked me in my ass to orgasm, all I could think was that he’d never make that mistake about women again now, would he!

“Yeah honey, you sure told me bitch,” he said, my legs starting to buckle beneath me as it was almanbahis yeni giriş clear he was getting ready to shoot his cum up my ass again.

“A woman’s place ain’t just on her back getting fucked now. Is it? Cos she’s just as good on her knees giving suck,” he said, laughing again.

“And don’t you forget it,” I told him, his cum finally shooting up ky ass and filling me with his hot white sperm.

My boyfriend wanted to marry me, but I’d been holding out because Ted had a far better job and a hell of a lot more money. It was true my boyfriend treated me much better than Ted, but a girl couldn’t live all her life off of being treated nice. A beautiful house costs money and Ted had plenty of that.

As he pulled his cock out my ass and pulled up his pants, he kissed me on the lips and made me feel special.

“One day I’ll leave my wife and kids hun, you see if I don’t. She never lets me fuck her in the ass like that,” he admitted, as he slapped me across the ass with his hand making his cum drip out.

“Do you promise?” I almanbahis giriş asked. “You said that last time, and the time before, and every time.”

“Good things cum to those who wait, hun,” he said, twisting me around so that my face was pointing back at his dick.

Then he pushed me back onto it. I’d told him I didn’t like it much when I sucked him after it had been up my ass, but he never listened. I guessed a girl has to make sacrifices to win her man.

Now banging on my mouth like it was some kind of new game, his hands caught in my hair, ripping me on and off of him like I was some kind of wild dog desperately lapping up water.

“Next time I’m gonna bring one of the boys over,” he stated, my mouth full of cock and unable to respond, my eyes bulging at the thought of one of his friends coming over.

“I’ve been telling my buddies all about you. How good you are. So I want you to get used to being shared. Ok, hun?” He said but didn’t even give me the chance to answer him. As I tried to answer, he simply rammed my head deeper onto his cock, making me gag at the exact moment he shot a second wad of cum down my throat.

I guessed it would be another sacrifice I’d have to make for my dream. I wanted a rich man and a nice house. And I was gonna do anything and everything to get it!

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