After Room 117 Ch. 06


Jim, or “Daddy” as I called him when we were among our closest friends, owned a little bit of everything, I found. He had started with real estate in the late 60’s, moved on to banking and then on to oil. I was amazed to find that he was also a silent partner in that little topless bar I frequented, since it didn’t card.

Though he was happily married to his wife of nearly forty years, he had, like me, found a yearning for the forbidden. In college, he told me, he had entered into a homosexual affair with a professor. I supposed, as he recounted this youthful exploration of that side of himself, that he saw himself as the “professor” to my “student”. Jim preferred, as I do even now about myself, to think of himself as neither heterosexual nor gay, nor for that matter bisexual. He merely considers himself a sexual being–someone who requires certain things from his sex life which cannot be obtained via one gender.

“My wife,” Jim explained, as we lay in bed the day before I would be returning to my home for the summer break, “Probably, after all these years, suspects that I have these urges.” As he spoke, he slid down the bed next to me bringing his face even with my stomach. The sheet which had been covering me, slid down with him, exposing my well-defined abdomen and the very tip of my cock, still flaccid after a second orgasm just minutes earlier.

Daddy propped his head on his hand and reached with the other to idly trace the muscles of my stomach. The light touch caused my member to stir slightly, even though I thought it quite spent after several days and nights of activity. I smiled softly, as Daddy touched me. His lips were so close to my flesh that I could feel his warm breath waft over my taut belly.

“I am sad to say that Jocelyn has never been a sexual person,” Daddy continued. “Yes, she and I had a reasonably healthy sex life at one time. But, then came motherhood. I guess she became more Mom than lover.” Daddy’s voice trailed off, as he leaned close and kissed the tip of my cock which was quickly coming fully erect. The soft touch of his lips brushing the purple mushroom head brought me to full attention.

Daddy slipped the sheet down to the middle of my thighs, and began running his tongue along the underside of my cock. My balls ached from all the sex I had been having with Daddy and his assortment of friends, both male and female.

Yet, at nineteen, I was like the Energizer Bunny. I could keep going and going and going… I moaned deeply, as Daddy’s lips parted at the base of my cock. His tongue feathered the taut flesh beneath his lips, as he slowly drew them upwards. His right hand slid up to my chest and pinched a nipple that was still sore from being bitten by Milton the night before, as I had straddled Milton’s immense cock.

Milton’s cock was truly one for the books, I might add. It was easily fourteen inches long and as thick as a child’s wrist. I was absolutely speechless when I finally saw it and found myself wondering how I had taken the entire length and girth of that monster. Even so, I found myself slowly descending upon it, my ass inexplicably finding room once again.

Daddy’s pinching of my nipple immediately took me back to that moment. I suppose Daddy was wise enough to know that, and too that the remembrance might excite me. Excite me, it did, but not for the reasons one might expect. It excited me, rus escort because it pleased Daddy for me to take it so. I found myself wanting more than anything to please the man I had taken to calling “Daddy”.

Now, it pleased Daddy to engulf my cock in his mouth, and of course, his “baby boy” was more than happy to let him. I felt, as well as heard, him moan around my cock, as he tasted my flesh once more. Daddy pinched harder, and my hand instinctively covered his at my chest. My fingers entwined with his, and his skilled mouth descended down my shaft; as my rim had done on Milton’s porn star worthy cock.

Daddy’s left hand gently cupped my aching balls. His hand was cool, and the touch of it to the tender flesh was welcomed. My hips lifted, and Daddy’s hand moved to the crack of my ass, his middle finger finding my rosebud with no trouble—no trouble at all.

My ass was still a little lubricated from Daddy’s own semen, so his finger entered me easily. I gasped, as he pushed his finger all the way in. He curled it, as his mouth worked its way up and down my cockflesh with exceedingly faster motion. Daddy’s thumb and forefinger twisted at my nipple, as his other hand worked at my anus. He was pumping it in and out in time with the motion of his mouth. My head whipped on the pillow, as his digital penetration reached the point where he was basically punching my asscheeks with his fist.

The slap-slap-slap joined the sound of loud, wet suckling, as Daddy used my flesh for his own needs. His mouth was committing a taking, rather than a giving. He hungered for my flesh—my seed. He seemed to ache for it. No, he demanded it.

In moments, I complied. I exploded hard down Daddy’s throat, as he swallowed. He gurgled slightly, as I surprised him with the force of my third orgasm of the last couple of hours. My hand stroked up and down Daddy’s forearm, as he finally released my abused nipple. His finger slipped from my ass leaving me wishing for its return. The void it left at that moment made me forget how sore I was there.

Sliding up my body, Daddy kissed me deeply. His arms slipping under me, as our tongues swirled. I knew what Daddy wanted, and I brought my legs up and wrapped them around his waist. It was then, with one easy move, that Daddy entered his baby boy. I cried out softly into our kiss, as Daddy’s cock pushed in. The pleasure-pain of his entry caused a stray rivulet of cum to escape onto my belly between us.

He moaned at the wetness that greeted his stomach and perhaps chuckled albeit softly into our kiss. He fucked me with easy, loving strokes. For the first time in all of our encounters, I felt almost feminine, but only almost. I was still quite a man. Daddy could have had a woman. In fact, I know that he often did. What he wanted from me was that which he could only get from a man. He wanted the power of a man, but he also wanted the submission that a boy could give. He found that, thankfully, with me.

As Daddy fucked me, he broke the kiss and whispered in my ear, “I love my baby boy. Tell me you love me. Tell Daddy you love him.” Daddy was panting at my ear. I knew he was nearing his climax, so I held back my reply.

I reached down and slapped his ass in mock defiance. I slapped it hard again and called out to him. “Fuck me harder, Daddy. Fuck your baby harder. Take your yenimahalle escort baby boy’s pussy harder!” I was yelling at him, telling him to use my young ass—my young boy cunt. I was yelling so loudly I know that anyone in the next apartment would hear. I didn’t care. I wanted Daddy’s cum in me. I slapped his ass hard once again.

Daddy was now slamming into me. I felt his body hammer at my testicles. The pain was excruciating, but I continued to urge him on. He was panting loudly now. I was just beginning to think I might have gone too far. I did not want to kill the old fellow. I just wanted him to cum.

Then, as if to allay my fears, Daddy grunted. Just then, I knew the time was right, as Daddy tensed on the verge of his explosion. I yelled, “I love you, Daddy! Cum in me, Daddy!”

Daddy bit my shoulder, as he sent his sperm into my waiting ass. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, Baby Boy. Oh fuck, Daddy loves you.” His words became intelligible, as his cum overflowed from my ass and onto the sheet. His lips returned to mine, as he kissed me breathlessly.

We held each other for several minutes after that. Daddy finally rolled from me. He lay on his back, a thick sheen of our sweat shone on his body in the ever-darkening room, as day became evening.

“Tell me about this summer job you have. How much does it pay?” Daddy asked, as we gathered ourselves. It’s funny how pain one feels during sex is muted, but then comes on full force when the sex ends. My balls and ass were still knots of pain.

“Ten dollars an hour,” I replied. “Enough so that I have enough gas and spending money for the semester. If I am careful with it, that is.” I was rarely careful enough, so I knew I would need a job when I returned to school; therefore, I kept in good graces with the mall.

“About three hundred a week take-home, right?” Daddy said, as slipped from the bed and headed for the shower. He would need to get home soon, and I would need to go pack my car for the trip home the next day.

“Yeah, I guess so. Mom and Dad still claim me on their taxes, so I really don’t get anything back. It’s not bad money, though.”

“Oh no, I agree. Ten an hour for a temp job for a college kid isn’t bad at all.” Daddy started the shower. He poked his head back in the bedroom. “But, what if you could make twenty an hour and got an apartment and full tuition in the deal?”

I laughed, as I got up from the bed and grabbed a washcloth from the closet. As usual, I knew I would be sharing a shower with Daddy. “Who do I have to kill?” I chuckled, as I stood there before him, both of us nude. I was at least six inches taller than Jim, yet I often thought of him as towering over me.

He laughed in response to my query and the fact that I was flexing my chest making my pecs twitch. “No one, kiddo. Just do a few odd jobs for me. Everything centered on your schooling.”

I thought Jim might be teasing me, though he had not seemed the type to tease about financial matters. Just to make sure, I answered, “Odd jobs?” Reaching down, as I passed him into the bedroom, I cupped his balls gently. “What sort of odd jobs would Baby Boy be doing, Daddy?”

Jim’s voice became deadly serious, as he looked up at me. “Don’t get the wrong Idea, Barry. You would be working. It’s just that you would be well compensated. Very well compensated for the work performed, actually.”

Jim stepped back from my touch. He was all business now. “Barry, I am sixty-one years old. My dad died when he was sixty-three, my grandfather when he was fifty-nine. Believe me, I think I am in great shape, but I don’t have a lot of summers left. I don’t want to spend this next one wishing you were here, when I can make it so you are.”

He was serious. I was stunned by the offer. My mind started spinning. What would I tell my folks? They were looking forward to their only son coming home for the summer. At least, I know Mom was. My dad was not one for displays of affection, but I knew he was expecting me home. Yet, I also knew they were struggling mightily with bills. My tuition was sure to put Dad’s retirement off several years.

Then, there was the other thing. What if something in this little relationship between us soured? If nothing else, I would be out of a job, out of school money and out of a place to live. How would I tell my folks that I lost my job if that were to happen? I did not want to have to fess up that I had lost my job because the old man I was fucking got tired of me. “Listen, I know you probably want to get home, Barry—“

“No, Jim, it’s not that. It’s just that—”I paused, as I looked for the words. “What if—”

“What if we stop doing this, you mean?” Jim gestured to the bed.

I nodded, my gaze dropping to the floor.

“If we stop. We stop,” Jim answered, his hand reached up to me, cupping my cheek. “Our financial arrangement will remain the same. You have my word. In fact, I will pay in advance for the next year of your schooling. Will that ease your fears a bit?”

Again, I nodded and looked up into his eyes. He smiled and added, “But there are a few ground rules.”

Oh no, I thought. Here it comes. “First,” he began. “You must keep your grades up.”

Okay, I thought, I can do that. “Second,” he continued. “You can fuck whomever you want, but when Daddy needs you—you come. Understand? Forgive the pun, but I don’t always mean C-U-M. I promise I won’t be too demanding, but I have needs beyond just this.” He reached down to my cock for emphasis. He squeezed it gently, as he gazed down at it. Sighing, he shook his head with a wry grin. “Though, there will be times I do mean that ‘cum’.”

“Also, no bare backing with anyone but me. I only want Daddy’s cum in that tight, sweet ass of yours. I do not want to take AIDS home to my wife,” he said, his eyes returning to mine. “Jocelyn doesn’t deserve that. You are the only man I have fucked without a rubber. I expect to be the only man you fuck without one, as well.”

“I have to talk it over with Mom and Dad, you know.” I doubted that Dad would have much of a problem. Mom would be very disappointed, however. She had been looking forward to my homecoming. I thought, though, that the fact that they would be able to afford things like vacations might ease the disappointment.

“Of course, you need to talk it over with your parents. Just tell them that you will be a paid intern for my company with full benefits and tuition paid. Have them call me, if they want.”

I agreed. Even though it would be difficult for Mom, it was too damned good of a deal to pass up. Dad would know it and so would she. I still had a few misgivings, but they were eased by the fact that at least one year would be paid.

Jim gave me a week to go home and work everything out. In the shower, I gave him one tremendous blow job to remember me by and left shortly thereafter. When I returned, the apartment, the key to which was already on my key ring, would be my new home.

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