All Work and All Play

Clit Lovers

Rick was the manager of the local family video store. Though he had the ability to order and stock adult videos, he had sensed that the community he lived in would prefer a more wholesome store. And so, Rick gave the community what they wanted, PG13 and G-rated videos. Rick was often asked for more spicy videos. He would take those customers to his office and allow them to view his catalog and order whatever pleased them. He even had a special viewing room, not known to the public that allowed customers to “sample” some of the more spicy videos.

Rick was a very devoted manager and would often spend evenings and weekends viewing new releases so that he could recommend them to his adult-content customers. He found that it was often hard to separate his devotion to the lustier side of life and serve his other customers. He would many times find himself with a full erection and have to go out into the animated section to help a young mother find a video her child has been asking for. He had a desire, at such times, to rub up against the woman, but he would always restrain himself.

Until that particular Saturday morning. It had been slower than usual at the video store. Rick told the morning crew to clean the bathrooms and around the building. Rick went back into his office and popped a new DVD, “Mari goes Anal” into his DVD player. This movie caught his attention immediately. He loved the name Mari and had secretly involved with a girl with the same name for about three years on the Internet. They had shared with each other their deepest darkest fantasies. And so, Rick sat down with an already-aroused cock. The video started out with Mari, a petite blond with firm and perky tits (36B) exposed to the camera. She was explaining how she had been in a dull relationship with her boyfriend and wanted to turn up the degrees a bit. As she spoke the camera panned down onto her luscious crotch area. Mari was wearing gold satin panties and a black lace garter belt with black silk hose. The camera almanbahis şikayet slowly panned down from Mari’s crotch all the way down to her toes and back up. When the camera reached her crotch again, Mari spread her legs and pulled her satin panties off to the side to expose the most delicious pink twat ever seen. The camera zoomed in close enough to see that Mari was beginning to get wet. All the while, Mari talked about her relationship with Quinn, her boyfriend of 4 years, and how it was so totally missionary-style. She spoke of her yearnings to try something really wild and how Quinn wanted nothing to do with that notion.

Mari went on to say how she felt that she had no other alternative but to find a man who could satisfy her deepest desires. Apparently, Quinn was not the man. Mari then went on to describe what she was looking for. Rick listened intently, it seemed that the man she described was exactly how he would describe himself. Mari began to moan and state how fucking horny she was. The camera panned up to her breasts and Mari began pinching her own nipples with one hand, the camera immediately panned down to her crotch which exposed where the other hand had gone to. Mari was finger-fucking herself while she described the type of man she wanted. “I want a man who isn’t afraid to pursue his deepest, darkest, dirtiest fantasies. I want him to want to use me to experience those fantasies, even if I don’t like it,” Mari giggled.

Rick was listening intently, he had stopped paying any attention to the store, which know had several customers in it. He, instead, unzipped his dockers and slipped his hand into his briefs. He knew he was at work and couldn’t get too excited. He just wanted to feel his hardness and the very slight oozing of precum. The video played on and the actress, Mari, continued her little finger-fucking party with herself. Ricky had told himself he wasn’t going to pull his cock out of his pants today but he just couldn’t help himself. He reached into almanbahis canlı casino his desk drawer and pulled out a bottle of lotion, lathered up and began slowly stroking his cock while he watched Mari slip several fingers into her wet cunt. He felt his hips involuntarily convulsing and at the same time he heard the service desk bell ring. Rick tried to clear his mind, stuff his throbbing cock into his pants, and get the huge monster to stay inside his pants while he zipped them back up.

Rick quickly stepped up to the customer service desk and found himself looking at the cutest mommy that he had ever seen. “Mr. Jones, I am looking for a movie for my son that will stimulate his right brain,” she asked. Rick listened to what she was saying, but the whole while he stared at her unrestrained breasts underneath a semi-sheer gauze blouse. Rick felt his cock throb and grow harder. “Let me show you several,” he said as he walked behind her. He had never allowed himself to do this, but his time he rubbed his fully erect cock along the mommy as he brushed past her. He was sure he heard her take a deep breath as he did so. He felt encouraged and thus, brushed back past her again. He was sure he felt the rise of her ass press closer to him as he did so.

Rick felt spasms within his cock and was unsure what to do. Should he excuse himself and go finish the video and himself off, or should he pursue the sexy mommy and see where that lead?

Rick chose both. He excused himself from the mommy, telling her to look over the videos and then to come knock at his office door. He knew she had been flirting with him and hoped that she saw this as an invitation to be alone with him.

Rick went back to his office and unzipped his pants quickly, lotioned up again and continued his video. Mari was now dancing sexily at the camera, saying how she wanted assfucked. Rick’s mouth dropped. He was totally surprised that Mari wanted it up her ass. He had his mindset that she just wanted a almanbahis casino good hard fuck in the twat. He began stroking harder while Mari described her quivering rectum and how she wanted to feel a man’s tongue slip in and out of it to moisten her and ready her for her first butt-fuck. Rick found himself taking out loud to Mari, “Mari, you want butt-fucked? Well, I’ve got the equipment to satisfy you.”

Rick’s sexy mommy overheard him and walked up to this office door. He had been right about her. She wanted more than a children’s video. She stood outside his door and listened to him talk to Mari and she grew wetter and hornier. She knocked on the door and started Rick.

Rick came to the door holding a briefcase in front of him. His cock was so hard and so erect that it could not be forced inside of his pants.

Sexy mommy yanked the briefcase away from Rick and giggled, “I’ve been listening to you talk to Mari, Rick, I think you should pretend I’m Mari,” With that, the sexy mommy turned around with her backside facing Rick. She unzipped her pants and slowly pulled them down over her tight ass. She slipped them off and then, still standing , bent over. The sexy mommy spread her legs, turned her face around and said to Rick, “Fuck my ass, Video man. I want to feel your cock in the back of my throat.”

Rick was so hot, he couldn’t contain himself. He grabbed the sexy mommy’s shoulders and desperately slammed his cock deep into her ass. He pulled it out and rammed it in, over and over. Rick could feel Mari’s anal walls throb and tighten up with each insertion. As Rick felt her anal walls moisten and grip his cock, he knew he would not be able to hold back from shooting his load of hot sticky cum.

Rick reached over, grabbing the sexy mommy by the hair. He leaned over to her ear and warned her, “I’m gonna fill your ass like a freight train, mama…” And fill it he did, pumping in and out, in and out. The sexy mommy groaned and begged for more, coming herself right along with Rick.

The pair reached a sexual exhaustion and lay in each other’s arms in Rick’s office for nearly fifteen minutes until Rick said, “I think that video is out, will you come back tomorrow to check again?”

The sexy mommy giggled and said she would.

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