Amazon Woman Gets Anal Love


Sometimes, I just got to get myself some solace. A respite from life’s problems, you know? I was walking around the fields, being an unemployed farmer whose farm got taken in by some big industrial complex. Just a tall, heavyset Black man living in rural Georgia, circa 1970. My name is Jack Bradford. I was once a student at the University of Georgia. I played college Football and had dreams of making it into the NFL. My career ended shortly before the NFL Draft. I got injured by some renegade cop dodging his former acolytes in a firefight. What are the odds of that, huh?

When my dreams of playing Professional Football ended, I returned to the farm where I was born. No shame in being a farmer. I didn’t love it and I didn’t hate it. It was just a job. A way to make ends meet. Until it got taken away from me. It’s times like these which can make a man hate the world. Abraham Stonewall is the name. A native Georgian trying to survive harsh times. I worked on the farm my whole life. Then someday, they came and took it away. I hate rich people. They think they own the world. The man who bought the farm was Arnold Harrelson, a rich white man from Atlanta. I ended up getting my revenge on him. In more ways than one.

I showed up at his house one night, to confront him. And if necessary punish him for what he did to me. I had a lot of fun pretending to be something not that different from what I truly was. A poor Black man taking refuge from the elements on a stormy night. A tall, good-looking young woman with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes invited me in. This Amazon was definitely easy on the eyes. Her name was Jessica Darwin Harrelson, and she was my implacable financial nemesis daughter. I should have guessed. They really looked alike. She was tall, like him. Also, the same blonde hair and pale blue eyes. The same polished alabaster skin. The young lady was currently home alone in the Georgian farm. Her parents were away in Atlanta. They were attending some kind of business conference. I smiled. This was all too easy. The sheep had invited the wolf over for dinner. I gazed wolfishly at the young woman who politely invited me to share a meal with her.

So, there we were. The two of us sitting in her vast dining hall. Jessica told me about herself. Apparently, she was studying business administration at Georgia Tech. She loved the school. I smiled. I had visited Georgia Tech. it’s the best school in the country. Better than Harvard, MIT and all of those other big-shot Ivy League types. Jessica told me about her boyfriend Larry, who decided to leave Georgia Tech and enroll in the U.S. Marines. She asked me about myself. I hesitated. Should I tell her about Chantal Wells, the woman I loved and lost back at the Eryaman Escort University of Georgia? Oh, well. Now there’s a name I hadn’t thought about in ages. That’s because I’ve been doing my best to try to forget about that one.

Chantal Wells had been my girlfriend since high school. We were both students at U.G.A. When my dream of playing Professional Football ended, so did our relationship. Isn’t that a hoot? Yeah, I hated that bitch, and all others like her. Females will always want a man’s attention when he’s got money and power. When he doesn’t have these things anymore, they will leave him in a heartbeat. This is the truth about relationships. Women don’t love men. They never have. They only use men to get what they want. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. Odds are they’re in denial or pussy-whipped. Yes, I would tell Jessica about Chantal’s treachery. And so I did. Jessica listened to my sad, bitter tale of love and loss, treachery and deceit, betrayal and abandonment. Yeah, I think she pretty much got my disgust with the entire female sex at this point.

When I was done, she looked at me silently. I bet she was surprised. Yes, the rich white woman was surprised that the poor Black farmer was a college graduate and a man who once had a shot of making it into Professional Football, the manliest pursuit known to the American male. Yeah, I wasn’t some dirty, poor, ignorant farmer. I was once something to see. A man with great potential. It’s not my fault that life treats me like crap. Oh, and my friends and supposed loved ones have a habit of abandoning me at crucial moments. My buddies from the University of Georgia Football team didn’t try to help me out after I got injured. They didn’t try to see if I was alright. They simply abandoned me. Another fine example of men betraying men. After being betrayed by both men and women, I can honestly say that I hated both sexes. Equally.

Jessica smiled gently at me and told me that she didn’t have it much easier either. She told me that an encounter with an unpleasant woman in a bar resulted in a nasty catfight. I was all ears. Who doesn’t love a good catfight? They should have all-female fight clubs someday. I’d pay to watch women boxing other women. Jessica didn’t share my enthusiasm. That’s when she shared a terrible truth with me. Apparently, during this catfight, she got blinded in one eye. I stared at her, shocked. She looked really hot. Her face was pretty and her eyes looked blue and completely normal. I looked at them more closely. She smiled sadly and told me that the damage suffered by her left eye was internal and not external. The eye looked normal, but she couldn’t see out of it. Sincan Escort It complicated her life a lot. Apparently, she had to get her driver’s license renewed every year because of this new handicap. I looked at her, surprised. This young woman who led a life of privilege had gone through hell.

I looked at her. She looked so damn sad. I stood up from my end of the long dining room table and walked up to her. Without a word, we embraced. I think that at the end of the day, we’re all human. We need some human touch and affection. In that regard, all races and sexes are the same. We need that human connection. I think we spend so much time outsmarting, seducing, betraying and hurting each other that our souls weep. When I looked into her eyes, I only saw a fellow human being. And when she looked into mine, all she saw was a man. That’s when we kissed. It was this kiss which changed everything. When our lips parted, she smiled at me. I wanted her just as badly as she wanted me. Silently, we went to her bedroom.

Once we got there, we undressed hastily. Jessica stood naked before me. She looked pretty damn hot. I undressed, showing her my naked Black male body. My ten-inch, uncircumcised, long and thick Black cock stood at attention. Jessica smiled and gently stroked it. I told her to show my dick some love. She knelt before me and took my cock into her mouth. Jessica surprised me in that not only could her small mouth take most of my titanic cock but she was a pretty good cock sucker too. She told me that she was once a college Football cheerleader and a real Football fan. I smiled. Those days spent waving pom-poms at college Football games weren’t wasted.

When she got done sucking me off, I came. She drank my seed without spilling a single drop. I returned the favor by eating and fingering her glistening wet pussy. Pretty soon I had her screaming my name. I made her cum easily, then, I got ready for round two. I asked her if she’d ever tried anal sex before. She shook her head but told me that she’d always wanted to try it. I grinned. This was going to be fun. I had to get her ready. The thing is that a lot of people make mistakes when it comes to anal sex. Their only source of information seems to be porn videos. These are widely inaccurate. I mean, do you ever see those videos where a big and tall, buff Black stud with a ten-inch cock is shoving his manly tool into the backdoor of a skinny Asian chick? Yeah. You don’t see them preparing for it. You don’t see them applying lube. You don’t even really see them go through the motions. All you see is the finished product. A beautiful gal enthusiastically taking it up the butt. In real life, it doesn’t happen Etlik Escort like that.

Jessica had many misconceptions about the fine art of anal pleasure. That’s okay by me because I was going to show her the light, right before shoving my manly tool down her dark tunnel. I asked her to lie down on the bed, preferably on all fours. Face down and ass up. Then, I fetched myself some lubricant. I began smearing it all around her tight little anus. Then, I applied the lube on her tight hole. Slowly, I inserted a finger in there. Jessica gasped as I began fingering her tight asshole. She seemed to like it and after a moment, she asked for another. I fucked her ass with two fingers and after a few minutes, I greased her up some more and added a third. At this point, she was really getting off from getting fingered in her butt hole. It really wasn’t a stretch to go from anal fingering to getting her to take a big cock up her buns.

Jessica was finally ready to take it up the ass. And this handsome Black stud was ready to do the honors. I took the lubricant and rubbed it all over my cock. Then, I rubbed my dick against her backdoor. Slowly, I pushed it inside. She didn’t gasp as I penetrated her sexy bottom. I held her by the hips and pushed my cock deeper into her ass. I love fucking a tight ass. Anal penetration simply feels awesome. I don’t know why. I guess I must be an anal addict. To date, I’ve done it with forty eight women and two men. Each time is almost always more fun than the previous one. I began fucking Jessica’s ass passionately. Her ass was so warm and tight, and the fact that it was previously unexplored only added to my excitement. This was virgin territory and it was all mine. Mine to claim and mine to possess.

As I pounded her sweet ass, Jessica was screaming and begging for more. Emboldened, I grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and yanked her head back. Oh, yeah, I was getting into it. She yelped as I suddenly smacked her hot ass as I continued to fuck it. Fucking that juicy booty hole of hers was the sweetest thing I’d ever done. Truth be told, I couldn’t get enough of it. Her ass gripped my dick tightly, squeezing me so perfectly. It soon became obvious to me that I couldn’t take it anymore. I finally came, sending my hot and manly seed deep inside her. I shouted victoriously, and remained inside her as our bodies floundered on the bed. It was that great.

I left the farm, and Jessica’s lovely arms. This was one of the best nights of my life. Well, the rich man may have fired me but I got him back. And I definitely let him know. A few days later, he got an anonymous letter which informed him that his precious darling was an interracial cum slut and that she took it in the butt. Man, I guess his face must have turned eleven shades of red when he read that one! I only wish I could have been there when he opened that letter. I bet you that ruined his day! I went to Atlanta and got myself a job working construction. I shared that story with the men at work and we all laughed about that one. It was a damn good day!

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