An Afternoon With Maisie


An Afternoon With MaisieAs Doris brought over my lunch Maisie’s identity was confirmed, “Would you like another juice Maisie?” she asked and as Maisie was in no rush she agreed which also told me she liked juice. I tucked into my lunch as Maisie continued texting on her phone and after Doris brought her a refill I decided to open up a conversation as again out knees touched under the table, “Sorry about that” I said in an apologetic voice which forced Maisie again to look up, “It’s ok mister” she said in a soft voice and I quickly got the impression that this was going to be hard work but hell, I was up for the challenge.Conversation was difficult and as the clouds came over I decided to go for gold, “Not looking like a good day to do revision in the park” I said as I finished my lunch and it looked like we were in for a downpour, Maisie looked up and out the window and sighed, “No mister, it isn’t” she said so I decided to put all my eggs into the basket, “Tell you what, I live just up the road and you’re welcome to come back and revise if you wish” I suggested and her immediate reaction was “Thanks but no thanks” and as she got up to leave I paid Doris and left at the same time and just as we got outside the heavens opened and with neither of us dressed for rain she quickly changed her mind, “How far do you live mister?” she asked as we both ran up the road.We went to the front door so I wasn’t sure if Maisie had realised I was the guy that her sister visited and as we got indoors we both laughed at the fact we were both drenched and with me wearing a white tee shirt and white shorts which had both become transparent I was sure Maisie had a glance down at my cock underneath my shorts, “OMG mister” she said noticing the outline, “I can see your thingy” she continued giggling. I tried to make light of the situation even though her white shirt was in the same condition and the outline of her tight sports bra underneath was also visible and as I looked I could see the darkness of her nipples poking through.“Lets go upstairs Maisie and I will find you something to put on while your clothes are drying” I suggested and she was all for that idea, “OK sir” she said as I pointed for her to go up first which also gave me a nice view up the back of her black skirt and her regulation white panties which were half wedged into the crack of her sweet, rounded arse, nice.I grabbed an old tee shirt that she could wear and showed her into the guest room where she could change, “Take off everything that is wet” I instructed and went into my room to change and all I could lay my hands on were my tatty old boxer shorts which if she didn’t approve of I could always change.I was just pulling them up when I saw Maisie standing at the door, “Oh wow sir, I love your shorts” she said with a giggle which answered the question straight away, “Thank you Maisie, they’re good for lounging about in” I replied as I picked up my wet clothes, “Bit revealing though sir” she said getting a closer look, “But I don’t mind sir” she continued as we both made our way downstairs to the kitchen.The tee shirt that I gave her just covered her arse and as she handed me her clothes it soon became apparent that she was naked underneath and as I separated her clothes to put in the dryer she had included her bra and panties along with her little white ankle socks, I put the dryer on for an hour which should be enough time for Maisie to do her revision, “Can I have a drink please sir?” she asked and I saw her eyes light up when I pulled a jug of freshly made juice from the fridge.I still had no idea if Maisie was the girl in the toilets as even a quick look at the gusset of her panties didn’t show any signs so I was erring on the side of caution as she took a big gulp of her juice, “Oooh sir, this is so nice” she said as she picked up her bag and we went into the lounge and as she made herself comfortable on the sofa I sat çorum escort in my chair opposite and put the TV on, She took another big gulp of her drink and as she reached across to put the glass on the side table her legs came apart giving me a wonderful look at her crotch and although it was a quick peek I did notice a small amount of fine pubic hair and the outline of her labia lips but as she sat upright her knees quickly came together.As Maisie got a few books out of her bag I saw her glancing up and I knew that the way I was sitting that my balls would be on show and I could tell that she was looking and she knew that I had seen her looking, “Oh Maisie, I hope my shorts aren’t too revealing?” I said with a smile which she quickly returned, “Oh no sir, its ok sir, I like your shorts sir” she said which did make my cock twitch and I knew that any minute now it would start to rise giving her an even better view, I tried to keep control but looking at her in just my old tee shirt I knew it would be difficult. “Actually sir, you may be able to help me with my revision sir” she said in a soft voice which made me look up at the book she had on her lap, “Sure, I will if I can” I replied, “What subject are you revising?” I asked and nearly choked when she told me it was Human Anatomy. “Really?” I asked with a smile on my face, “That’s if you don’t mind sir” she said softly turning a couple of pages and still looking between my legs, “We only have pictures in the book sir but it would be good to see the real thing too sir” she said in a hopeful voice. I pondered her request and felt it would do no harm in offering myself purely for educational purposes.I smiled back at her, “No problem Maisie, I don’t mind helping you as it is for educational purposes” I said confidently, “Oh yes sir, it’s only for educational purposes sir, nothing else sir” she replied with a giggle.By this time my cock was starting to respond in anticipation of what was to follow and I think she could see it stirring, “So what do I need to do Maisie?” I asked letting her take the lead, “Well sir, I am currently revising the genital area so could you possibly take your shorts off and stand up for me to see sir, I would love to see your genitals in real life sir” she asked a little coyly but I did as she asked and stood up, “Are you really going to show me sir?” she asked in disbelief, “Wow that’s so cool sir” she said excitedly as I dropped my shorts and stepped out of them moving closer to her.Maisie looked straight at my rising cock which was certainly within touching distance and giggled as she saw it getting stiffer, “Wow sir, that is awesome sir, why does it get bigger sir?” she asked and that was a whole different subject I thought.“Well Maisie, arousal is common in men and blood flow to the penis makes it bigger” I said as she sat there watching it, “But maybe that subject is something for another day” I continued as she made some notes in her book, “Are you aroused then sir?, I don’t mind if you get aroused sir, I like seeing it big like that sir” she said softly and to be honest there was nothing I could do about it as my cock now stood loud and proud in front of her. “Would you like to touch it Maisie?” I asked and saw her eyes light up as she got excited, “Really sir, can I really touch it sir?” she asked and tentatively reached out and as her fingers made contact with my solid veiny shaft she immediately pulled back again, “Eww sir, I’m not sure sir” she sighed softly and I wasn’t going to force her.“Take your time Maisie” I said softly as I understood it was a big step for her and again she reached out but this time she wrapped her fingers around the shaft, “Oh wow sir, it feels so hard sir, like a rod of iron sir” she sighed as she looked closely at her fingers wrapped around my throbbing shaft not quite knowing what to do but she kept her hand there and I was escort çorum now convinced that either Maisie was playing the innocent or she was definitely NOT the girl in the toilets.“OMG sir, WOW!” she said in an excited voice as she pulled her hand down the shaft pulling the skin back which exposed the swollen head which incidentally was oozing a bit of precum out the tip, “What’s that sir?” she asked as my precum rolled down making the head shiny. “Oh that’s called precum Maisie” I said in a confident voice, “It can be quite tasty if you want to try it, it’s good for you and will enhance your education” I continued as she looked up at me, “Oh really sir, so if I lick it off sir its just for educational purposes sir, is that ok sir?” she replied looking down again at the oozing precum, “Oh yes Maisie, its just for educational purposes, you will be top of your class for this” I told her confidently.Maisie then leant forward and ran her tongue around the tip of my throbbing cock and then savoured the taste, “OMG sir, it does taste quite good sir” she said in an excited tone, “Do you get a lot of it come out sir?” she asked with her eyes still glued to the tip of my cock, “Well if you rub it or suck on it for a while you will find that a lot more does finally come out” I told her and I could tell she was keen to try it.She started to run her hand up and down my shaft and seeing a little more precum oozing out she quickly put her mouth over the head and I could feel her tongue flicking around as she started to suck on my helmet, her cheeks concaved and I must say it felt quite good, “That’s it Maisie, you’re doing great, Oh yess.. Mmm” I sighed as she started to wank me into her mouth and I wasn’t sure if this really was the first time she had done it or just pure instinct but she was actually doing a rather good job with her mouth and tongue. One thing I was sure of was her naivety was such a turn on I knew it wouldn’t be long before I unloaded into her mouth, I felt it right to prewarn her, “At some point quite soon Maisie you will find some warm creamy liquid in your mouth, it would be best if you swallow it when it comes” and without taking my cock out she looked up at me nodding her head in acknowledgment.Maisie was using her saliva to good use and although she wasn’t ready for a deepthroat she was definitely getting the job done with her hand and mouth and I could feel I was reaching the point, “Anytime now Maisie, get ready” I told her as my breathing increased and I felt that feeling in the pit of my stomach as my cock started to pulsate, “Oh yes Maisie, that’s it.. YESSSS!” I cried out as my hot creamy cum spurted into her mouth, “Mmmmmmmmm” she sighed as she swallowed the thick jizz while looking up at me and I could tell she was enjoying the goodness it was producing.When the spurts finally subsided I could feel her still sucking the last drops out of me as my cock started to soften and then as she pulled away and started to lick her lips she again looked up at me, “Wow sir, that was so tasty sir, I loved that sir it was so nice sir” she sighed as she savoured the aftertaste in her mouth.She looked down, “Oh sir, you gone soft now sir” she said with a giggle, “Oh don’t worry about that Maisie, I’m sure it will get bigger again soon” I replied with a smile.The tee shirt that Maisie was wearing was quite short when she was sitting and when she reached across to get her drink her legs parted and I had the perfect view between her legs and the little tuft of fine pubic hairs, her protruding labia lips were just itching to be licked and just seeing them made my cock twitch.As she grabbed her drink her legs came together again but I was sure she saw me looking and smiled as she took another gulp of juice finishing her glass, “Ohh sir, this is so nice sir, can I have some more please sir?” she asked and I took her glass and returned to çorum escort bayan the kitchen to fill it up and on my return she was busy writing notes into her revision book.I stood in front of her holding her glass while she finished writing and then she glanced up and saw my hanging cock in front of her eyes, she took her glass and immediately took a big gulp and then reached across to put it back on the side table and again widening her legs as she did so giving me another good look at her young lady bits, “Mmm that looks sweet Maisie” I said with a smile as she straightened up and seeing my cock twitch, “Really sir?, thank you sir” she said softly.“Do you want to look again sir?, I don’t mind you looking sir, maybe it will make your thingy big again sir” she continued with a giggle, “Do you think it will sir?” she asked and I had to be honest with her, “I think there is every chance Maisie, lay back on the sofa and let’s see what happens eh” I instructed and she did as asked laying back on the sofa while I got on my knees in front of her and widened her legs exposing her protruding labia lips which looked so sweet, “Ah yes, that’s so nice Maisie” I said as I held her legs apart, “Do you mind if I kiss it Maisie?” I asked and she giggled, “OMG sir, I don’t mind sir if you want to kiss it sir” she replied and I put my hands up under her arse pulling her to the edge of the sofa and leant forward letting my tongue flick around her fleshy lips, “OMG sir, that’s sooo nice sir” she sighed as my tongue explored between her legs making her jump as I flicked her stiffening little nubbin.With my hands gripping the soft cheeks of her arse I got my face right between her legs and my tongue pushing in deep between her lady lips forcing her to squirm and wriggle and it wasn’t long before her body started to shake as she reached a shuddering orgasm sending a stream of warm juices into my mouth, OMG she tasted so sweet as my tongue dove deep inside her moist hole as I felt my cock coming back to life. As I tongue fucked her sweet hole Maisie was beside herself moaning and groaning as my tongue did it’s work and my nose pushed into her little pubic mound, “OMG SIR!! YESSSS!” she cried out as she shuddered to another orgasm and with my hands searching out her crack my fingers soon found her forbidden entrance.Maisie started to gyrate her hips as my finger found her dark tunnel entrance and was pushing her pussy into my face and seemed to be in a frenzy of lust as my tongue lapped up her sweet juices, my cock was throbbing and I felt it the right time to now step up, Maisie knew what was coming up and lifted my head up by my hair to peer down at my throbbing member which I now had in my hands, “Mmm sir, it got big again sir, you gonna fuck me with it now sir?” she moaned softly as I inched forward offering up the tip to her wet labia lips, “OMG Sir, Oh YESSSSSSS!” she cried out as I slowly pushed my cock into her warm and waiting cunt, her muscles immediately contracting and sucking me in deeper and deeper.I had barely got going when her body suddenly shuddered to another thunderous orgasm and with her head back and her eyes closed she was totally lost in the moment as I started to pound away getting into a rather steady rhythm pushing in deeper and deeper as the squelching noises rang out, “OMG YESSSS!” she cried out as I started to break into a sweat and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer as I started to up the pace, “OMG YESSSSSS!, MAISIE!!!!” I cried out as I felt my cock pulsating shooting my cum deep into her young belly and I could feel the tightness of her cunt muscles around my shaft sucking the last few drops out of me.It did take us both a few minutes to regain our composure with Maisie loving the feeling of my hot liquid deep inside her belly and when she opened her eyes with my softening cock still inside her she smiled, “Wow sir, Mmm.. that was so nice sir” she sighed and I could still feel her cunt muscled tight around my softening tool. I reached forward and kissed her on the forehead as I slowly eased myself out of her, she looked down at me, “Oops sir, it’s gone down again” she sighed softly wondering what was going to happen next…To Be Continued….

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