An Enclosed Order

Adriana Chechik

You are warned that some people will find that the sex in the story below shocks them.


This story contains no reference to real events or to real people

This story may be reproduced in any form provided credit is given to Penelope Caesar.

* * * * *

The Monsignor had given up trying to talk to the driver more than an hour back. The two nuns in the back of the car had been saying the rosary ever since the journey began. The driver stopped, and consulted a note. He opened the door, stepped out and spoke at an entry phone. The Monsignor heard him murmur again. He got back in the car as a gate opened. As he drove through, the cars lights swept a small enclosed courtyard. The driver drew up by the pedestrian door ignoring what appeared to be a loading dock. He spoke to the Monsignor “You are asked to wait a minute.” He opened the car rear door and gestured the younger nun towards the door. She opened it, and closed it behind her. The driver looked again at his watch, then half bowed the Monsignor towards the door. As the Monsignor closed the door behind him, he saw the driver starting the car again. He turned to the greeting of a short solid monk of about 40.

“Good morning Monsignor. You have a letter for us, I believe?” He passed over his letter of introduction. The monk opened it and read it carefully. “Thank you. As you know I must now ask you a question to confirm your identity. What is the first name please of the Bishop of Paris?”

“Francis, though he is known as Jean”

“Finally, a question you will not expect. Please name the church where you took your first communion.”

“It was not at a church. I was in a hospital, Benares General hospital in fact.”

“Thank you again for your patience. I am Brother Joachim. You will understand that we have to very sure of the identity of our few visitors.”

“You take great care to protect the reputation of the Church.”

“Sometimes we think that we have even more to lose than the Church; if an ill-intentioned person disclosed our rule, we would be cast out from here. My apologies also for our rule that all arrivals are before sunrise, and departures after sunset. You will be ready for a hot drink and some breakfast. Step this way.”

“Monsignor, may I introduce you to Sister Seraphina.” The Monsignor’s first impression of the person in a habit identical to Brother Joachim’s was of a monk, but as she rose from behind a table he realised that he was facing an unusually dressed nun. “Sister Seraphina is our Superior here. I act as her deputy in such matters as receiving male guests.” The Monsignor noticed the young nun in her normal habit standing inconspicuously behind Sister Seraphina, who said ” I myself was greeting our new Sister Anna Dolores.” She nodded towards the nun without introducing her. “Our breakfast is set on the trays on the small table. We will leave the larger table and this tray for Brother Joachim and our new sister. You are already a little shocked, I fear, by the habit that we Sisters wear here. It is a minor precaution against outsiders being scandalised by accidental glimpses of the normal habits of two different sexes. You will be further disquieted, but I must witness the proper welcoming of our new sister.” She sat down in the chair placed to look towards the larger table. The Monsignor took the other, which was placed with his shoulder towards the larger table.

“Tea or coffee?” said Sister Seraphina. “Coffee, please. I give it up for Lent, but not easily.” He realised that Brother Joachim had sat on a bench beside the young nun and was urging her to eat with words about Brother cook’s disappointment if she did not make a good meal.

As the Monsignor ate in companionable silence with Sister Seraphina, he was aware that she was watching the others. However as she turned from them to pour him a third cup of coffee, he heard a gasp from the sister with Brother Joachim. He could not believe his eyes when he saw that her breasts were now bare and Brother Joachim’s mouth was applied to the breast farthest from him. He looked away instantly to Sister Seraphina. ” I hope that first real shock is the worst you will feel here today. When this House was founded for religious who had both a vocation which every test showed was genuine, but who could not deny themselves to others who were in need of their bodies, we had to work out a rule. One part of it recognises that any new member of our community will be in severe need of physical comforting. That is what Brother Joachim is now doing. I must witness it as the senior here of our new Sister’s Sisters; no act of serving other members of our community is ever done here without witnesses. Exclusive feelings between Brothers and Sisters would destroy our community.” She ate her second and last piece of toast watching the other pair with a smile on her face.

The Monsignor heard the sounds get quickly louder and more intense. Suddenly they gained a new quality, and he realised that he was Onwin probably listening to a female orgasm. Or perhaps more than one; it seemed to go on and on. The groaning male cry must be from Brother Joachim. ” It is delightful that you and Brother Joachim gave each other so much at your first welcome here, Sister Anna Dolores. Now we have five minutes to prepare for chapel.” The Monsignor found himself left with Brother Joachim. They did not speak until after the service. Then as they went in to the hall where the community’s breakfast was laid the Monsignor said “I tried to imagine your state of mind as we went to worship, but my imagination failed utterly.”

“Primarily, relief and thankfulness. I had prepared for the welcoming of Sister Anna Dolores with much prayer and all the care of which I am capable. Relief and gratitude for what I received yes, but that is a very minor part of the whole. Had she not responded and let her body rejoice, all would have turned to ashes and I would have been working out bitter regrets in penitence for failing her. Now I can rejoice with our whole community that she has truly come to the home she will share until death.”

They listened to the grace before the meal. The Monsignor realised when they raised their faces that the majority of the community were men. He counted eleven female faces including Sister Seraphina; and seventeen men. As a brother stepped towards the reading desk, Sister Seraphina rose and held up her hand for attention. ” I must speak to you about two matters. The Monsignor is our visitor today. He is charged with putting a proposition to us. He will do so at a special chapter we will hold this evening. Until then he has asked that he may observe the normal life of our community. The whole life of the community will therefore continue until evening as though he was not present for everyone except Brother Joachim and me. It is seventeen years since we have had a visitor within these walls, but you will remember from reading our rule that only Brother Joachim and I may speak with our visitor.”

“The second matter is one for rejoicing. Our new Sister Anna Dolores is being welcomed into our community today.” She gestured to the young nun to stand at the right hand end of the top table. “Each of us who has not already given her the kiss of welcome will do so now. She has already breakfasted. Brother Stephen, it is for you to kiss her first before you commence your reading of the rule to us.” The young brother turned form the reading desk and with a radiant smile strode to Sister Anna Dolores and took her in his arms. As they kissed their tongues entwined and their hands moved over each others’ bodies though without disturbing either of the monkish habits which they both now wore. In less than a minute Brother Stephen stepped to the reading desk and began today’s passage from the rule. Sister Seraphina nodded to the first of the brothers on her right. Throughout the meal while the others gave attention to seeing that everyone was silently offered all that he or she might need, and to the reading, the succession of the passionate kisses of Sister Anna Dolores continued. The Monsignor suddenly realised that it was the Sisters now who were kissing her with much the same physical heat.

The meal ended with a brief prayer of thanksgiving. “Now we go to labour,” said Brother Joachim; “and I must leave you while I confirm some of our commercial arrangements and check out a shipment of what we have produced.”

“Brother Joachim’s dealings with those who supply us and buy from us are greatly eased by his fax machines, but since we acquired these devices his dealings move to a sharper tempo and a stricter timetable. He has less labour but is also less master of his time.” The Monsignor realised that Sister Seraphina was gently teasing Brother Joachim. “First, Monsignor, you must see our printing workshop.” she added.

The Monsignor found that he lost himself in the quality and techniques of the print shop. Two manual presses were producing exquisite type set pages, The work coming from a large and elaborate laser printer served by two brothers was also startlingly clear and elegant. Nevertheless, they spent a further hour adjusting the colour balances to degrees which were imperceptible to the Monsignor until he finally saw the finished product they were content with. They set the machine for a long run and started it as the service bell rang. Sister Seraphina broke off her surprisingly technical commentary. ” On the way to service, I am going to give you a substantial glass of brandy, Monsignor. After service, we proceed to caritas, and the brandy will have buffered your perceptions by then.” The brandy was very good. He drank it obediently, not stopping to savour it as he would have liked.

From the chapel. the community processed to what the Monsignor realised was a windowless cellar under the dining hall. The room was welcoming with subdued lighting. The furniture was plain but nearly all upholstered. Much of it was what looked to Onwin Giriş be wide benches. A clear and fervent grace was said in chorus by the whole community, giving thanks for what they might be able to give. The Monsignor was given a comfortable seat in a niche with Sister Seraphina and Brother Joachim on either side of him. As he looked out he saw that the sisters were going up to the brothers. “Strictly, this is Sisters’ caritas. Attendance is an obligation on the sisters but not on the brothers. The reverse is the case at evening caritas. Now it is our sisters who are ensuring that any carnal needs which they can meet are met.” As Sister Seraphina spoke, the nuns and monks had started to remove each others’ habits and under garments, folding and stacking them scrupulously on the tables that were conveniently at hand. Once they were naked, their embraces were fervent.

The Monsignor saw Sister Anna Dolores smiling radiantly as two brothers that she had approached picked her up and carried her to one of the broad padded benches. As they laid her down upon it, she drew one of their penises gracefully towards her mouth.

As he realised that there were ten other intensely sexual groups coming together before his eyes, the Monsignor gave brief thanks for the brandy. There were two normal couples close in front of him. In one an older monk was sliding his body and his penis into the missionary position between the spread legs of a younger sister. In the other, a sister who looked a well preserved sixty was riding a very well endowed thirtyish brother. Just beyond were two brothers who smiled at each other in quick flashes as each gave his mouth to ministering to the others penis, Also fairly close by was another threesome. An older brother with a fat short cock was lying back as a middle aged sister licked and sucked, in turn waving and weaving her behind as a brother kissed and licked her whole genital area. As his eye travelled further up the room. The Monsignor realised that the count of the genders he had made at breakfast should have lead him to expect threesomes. There were three more. One in doggy fashion with the sister apparently oblivious of everything, even of the cock in her cunt, as she salivated over the one in her mouth. Another featured a sister in missionary position guiding the small penis of a fat brother in to the rear of the slimmer young man who was fucking her. The third was clearly rapidly turning into a sandwich with the sister as piggy in the middle. The first wave of collective sex was building and building very rapidly. They all held the sexual high for nearly twenty minutes with only the sisters orgasming. As the brothers excitement got beyond their capacity to for restraint, the wave broke in the sounds of ejaculation all across the room.

The Monsignor turned to Brother Joachim ” I have no means of comparison, but isn’t this an orgy?”

“It is, I think completely different in spirit – though like you I am no expert in orgies. My impression is that people are present at orgies for self gratification. Satisfaction of others, if any, is a by product of satisfying one’s own lusts. Here, at caritas, our whole concentration is on satisfying the needs of our brothers and sisters. Any gratification of our own senses is wholly dependent on what we do for others.” “Any gratification?”

“The rebuke is justified. With a careless word I appeared to minimise an immense pleasure of the senses,and accordingly failed to show the gratitude and thanks for that pleasure which I owe and truly feel.”

The pattern of the satisfied glow of languid flesh in the room was changing. Several of the brothers were moving away and picking up their clothes. Each of the sisters was turning her hands and lips to restimulating a brother who remained with her on the benches; only Sister Anna Dolores was still the centre of a threesome. The cock of the brother that had come in her cunt was now feeling her lips and her tongue and the inside of her mouth, while both her hands stroked the penis that had come in her mouth.

The sixtiish sister had moved with pussy lips dribbling abundant cum, lifting herself off the well endowed thirty year old. She was kissing, standing, an older brother from a threesome and stroking his balls and cock to renewed stiffness. As he watched her lead her new partner to a couch and settle his cock into herself between her raised legs, the well endowed brother’s own penis rose of its own accord to stand nearly straight up from where he still lay. The Monsignor heard Sister Seraphina say ” I must go to him”. She stepped across in front of the niche. The well endowed brother got up to kiss her and loosen her habit.

In moments Sister Seraphina was naked as her partner carefully placed her folded garments on a table. She smiled, took his hand and lay back on the couch. He caressed her genitals and kissed her lips and breasts for two or three minutes. Then he took two cushions, using them to raise her hips. The Monsignor had an astonishingly clear view Onwin Güncel Giriş of the brother’s long and thick cock being eased slowly and happily into her cunt with both Sister Seraphina’s hand and the brother’s hand assisting. The Monsignor found he was delighted to see the two hands take a moment simply to caress one another. As Sister Seraphina’s legs locked behind the brother’s sturdy back and they built a rhythm of intercourse, the Monsignor’s vision was restricted, but he could not take his eyes away. The sounds of vigorous intercourse had spread through the room again. Sister Seraphina’s couch was one of those making scraping sounds as the thrusting and counter-thrusting moved its legs from tile to tile. The Monsignor was startled by the vigour of her hips and back meeting the thundering thrusts the brother was now delivering. Her voice suddenly broke out in cries of orgasm. The Monsignor would not have recognised that soft and thrilling voice as that of the Sister Superior. The brother’s pounding thrusts continued with no break in rhythm. The Monsignor watched Sister Seraphina’s face as a new orgasm gathered in her over the next two or three minutes. As her face trembled on the edge of ecstasy, the rhythm that the brother had set accelerated rapidly, His hands grasped her buttocks. Her heels dug into his back. Their mutual orgasm climaxed, and lead other climaxes across the room. Sister Seraphina drew the brother’s head to her and kissed his eyes and lips tenderly.

They rose from the couch. Sister Seraphina looked at the Monsignor, smiled and quickly slipped her habit on without waiting to put on under garments. He noticed that all the others carried all their garments as the brothers went out to the left and the sisters to the right. “I will do my best not to embarrass you with my personal nakedness,” said Sister Seraphina. ” I had to go to Brother Samuel because he truly suffers if he does not have a full ejaculation at least four times a day. And all the other sisters were fully engaged.”

“Sister, all your courtesies to me are truly appreciated, but after seeing you in the throes of sex, simple nakedness has little power to shock.” “Perhaps, but I feel it is improper to address a chaste attention to you in my nakedness.”

“It is a point of propriety too fine for me, but the chastity and caring of your attention to me has been conveyed in every word and gesture.”

Five minutes later they were all listening to grace for the midday meal. It passed in companionable silence as a sister read another passage from the rule. After the meal, Sister Seraphina took Brother Joachim and the Monsignor into her parlour. The Monsignor was delighted to see a large thermos jug of coffee awaiting them. “We do our best to look after your urgent bodily needs also Monsignor” said Sister Seraphina as she poured him a large cup.

“When I was fucking with Brother Samuel, I did so as a normal response to him; but I also felt that I was in some way bridging a gulf in your perception of our life. Was I correct?”

“The Monsignor’s face was blank again with astonishment “Do you use such words as ‘fucking’?” he asked. “Oh, of course you do not. We use the four letter words regularly here. The alternative is to talk of making love, and we try to do that throughout our life together. To imply that love is limited to physical intimacies would be a great and dangerous distortion of the way we are bidden to try to live. At the same time, fuck and the terms that go with it carry an immediacy of physical expression which is entirely appropriate. So they are our terms of choice in describing our activities at caritas.”

“I think I am too old and set in my ways to learn such usages; but I was distracted from answering your original question. The answer to that is probably yes. I have spoken with you and sense your personal existence to a much greater degree than I sense that of your sisters. The speed and fluency of your use of your body to serve Brother Samuel’s need as soon as you observed it does, I think, convey to me much more of the way sexual intimacy is made to serve your care and love of each other. But do not ask me exactly what I mean by that, it will take me some time to digest the implications.” He turned to Brother Joachim ” I told you I could not imagine your state of mind after you had had sex with Sister Anna Dolores this morning. I was further still from any apprehension of your sisters states of mind. Now after Sister Seraphina’s demonstration I know that I am in some way closer to understanding the meaning that had for you.”

“You seem a very open and perceptive man, Monsignor. You will have a little time to digest as Brother Joachim and I take turns in showing you aspects of our life this afternoon. I must start with the Superior’s annual inspection of the infirmary. This is really the opportunity that Brother Thomas, who is our Doctor, takes to press me for additional medical equipment and supplies. We do not leave the House for medical treatment, and Brother Thomas cannot call other medical men and women in here for consultations. He finds the internet a great help for his professional contacts, but it does whet his appetite for arcane and expensive equipment and drugs.” “What happens when you need more treatment than can be given here?”

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