An old friend finally turned lover.


An old friend finally turned lover.We had known each other for many years but when we first met, Missy, was dating one of my best friends. Even from that first time we saw each other, I was instantly attracted to her. I would never act on it, I had known Jack since high school and would never do that to him. Missy and I hung out a lot though, even grabbing breakfast the morning after parties, hell most of the time it was me picking her up to bring her to the party. Her and Jack broke up when she moved back home and eventually we lost touch. This was back before text messaging and cell phones. One day out of the blue, about 7 or 8 years later, I get a message from a number I don’t know, “Is this Ken?” so I wrote back, “yes, who is this?” “Missy, do you remember me?” Of course I remembered, I never forgot. I had thought about reaching out to Jack to see if I could get her number but still thought it was inappropriate. “Yes, how are you?” I replied. “I’m good, I moved back into town. I was hoping you want to get together some time?””Of course, it would be great catching up with you.”We nailed down a date for the next week and I waited very impatiently for it to come, wishing I would have suggested getting together that night. We met at the restaurant a little before 7:00, she looked just as I remembered. She was a little shorter than me, her hair was long, she changed it to a little darker shade of brown but still light. She got out of her car and saw me and showed me that smile I remembered being the ataşehir escort most tempting smile I’ve ever seen. When she got to me she gave me a long tight hug and soft kiss on the cheek. Right there I wanted to lean in and give her a kiss that had built up over the last decade but I held back. We ate at a great restaurant with a deck over the water of a lake. We shared a bottle of wine and chatted about everything we had done since the last time we saw each other. Later in the night, after the first bottle had been polished off, we got a little closer. I found her feet resting on my lap, and my hands in heaven rubbing softly back and forth, just a little. We told some more stories, talked about our old friends, and as she laughed her hand made it’s way to my thigh. It was getting late and I saw her check the time on her phone. “We should get going, I have to work in the morning still.” I told her. “Yeah, I was thinking the same” she said as I got up disappointed. Then as we began to walk out, she wrapped her arm around my waist and pulled me towards her so I put my arm around her shoulders. We walked to her car, talked about how great tonight was, and she gave me another long hug. When she started to let go, I didn’t, I leaned down and gave her a kiss that time stole from us. “I was hoping for that” she said. “Can you follow me?”, I asked and then I was only able to pull myself away because she said yes. I got in my car and made sure to go slow as I made my way back to my house, just a couple pendik escort of miles away.We walked in and as soon as the door closed my lips were met by hers. We wasted no time pulling each other’s clothes off as we stumbled to make our way past the family room as we fell trying to get up the stairs. With our shirts off and only my boxers on me, I picked her up as she wrapped her legs around me, and kissed more as I carried her into my bedroom. I laid her down on her back gently, she started to undo her belt, and I grabbed her wrists and lifted her hands away as I lowered myself to kiss her stomach. She moved her hands to run her fingers through my hair as I moved my hands to her belt to finish the job. I lowered my head as I lowered her pants, kissing my way down her body, dancing around her pussy as she urged her hips up at me. After easing her pants all the way off her legs, I worked my hands and tongue back up to kiss between her thighs, wishing I could have been with her the last few years. I keep moving up her body and whisper into her ear as I kiss just under it on her neck “I have thought about this since I first met you”. She pulls my face back to hers and kisses me as I reach one hand down to pull my boxers down. My cock was already throbbing as it was freed and then I felt her hand reach down to grab it. She pulled it towards her pussy and rubbed my head against the outside and I could feel her making my cock head wet as she said “I guess we both have wanted this badly.”She pulled me into kadıköy escort her and she let out a moan as I pushed in and out slowly, with one hand behind her head as I kissed her and the other running down her body from her erect nipples down behind her back to pull her closer to me. Her hands made their way down to my ass where she clinched down and began to pull me harder into her. I lifted myself up with my hand a little so I could watch her c cups as I got a little more leverage to thrust harder into her. I reached down to kiss her neck and make my way down to her breasts as she rolled us over. “Perfect” I thought to myself as I watched her goddess of a body sit on top of me and work back and forth. I wrapped my hands around her hips pulling them back and forth, then worked them up her body, caressing her breasts, as she moaned riding on top of me. I reached up a little further, putting one hand around the back of her neck to pull her down to my lips while my other hand massaged her ass as we kissed. We smiled at each other while I thrusted my hips up to match her down knowing this was not going to be a one time event. I rolled myself back on top of her to start going into her harder and deeper. Her screams got louder as my dick grew even more inside of her feeling the back of her pussy with each thrust, then I could feel her body quiver as she let out her last scream before starting to moan softly, my cum came out like feeling her body had turned on a faucet inside me. I leaned down and kissed her as we rolled over again so that she could lay on top of me. Missy spent that night and the next and the next. It took a while but that didn’t matter anymore, at least our friendship had finally turned into something more.

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