An Outback Experience


This experience occurred when my wife Carol and I were on an outback Australian caravanning trip. As a couple we have a great sex life but when travelling it is tempered by the closeness of neighbors in most caravan parks. On this particular evening we were at an isolated campground and we were the ones there. I was feeling horny and after dinner whilst sitting around the campfire I started rubbing my cock, firstly through my shorts but I then undid my shorts and started to masturbate.

After watching me with smile on her face for a little while Carol went into the camper trailer to get one of her toys. Carol had packed 3 of her toys for this trip, a clitoris stimulator, a small vibrator and a medium size vibrator. She returned to her chair outside and undid her shorts and removed them, pulling her knickers to the side she started to use her clitoris stimulator on herself. After about 5 minutes of this Carol got up and walked over to me and dropped to her knees and started to lick and suck my hard cock whilst continuing to stimulate her clit.

Now Carol gives great head and I would have been almanbahis happy to stay outside having my cock sucked under the starts all night, but Carol had other ideas, she got to her feet and took me by the hand and led me inside the camper.

Once inside the camper we removed the remaining bits of clothing from each other whilst kissing passionately, Carol climbed onto the bed which was about 3 feet above the floor of the camper. When Carol was on the bed on her hands and knees, I grabbed her stopping her going forward on the bed or laying down, I was still standing and started to kiss and nibble on her buttocks which I knew she loves. At the same time, I moved my hand between her legs and started to rub her clitoris with my thumb teasing her some more. After a few minutes of this I moved my tongue to her butthole and licked and probed her butt whilst finger fucking her dripping pussy. I love to tease Carol in as many ways as possible and when she rolled on her back and suggested that I replace my finger with my tongue I was happy to oblige as I know she loves it. Whilst I was licking her pussy almanbahis yeni giriş and nibbling on her clitoris Carol reached for her small vibrator and gave it to me to insert into her arse, I slid it into her very wet pussy to get some lubrication then slowly inserted into her arse whilst I continued to lick her pussy. When the vibrator was fully in and I her some moaning coming from Carol I stated to pump it in and out slowly, I started to increase the pace and was soon pumping it in and out quick hard. Carol loves his feeling and sometimes it is the only way for her to achieve a orgasm.

I continue to lick her pussy and fuck her arse with the vibrator but my cock was aching for some attention so I stop licking her and climbed up to the head of the bed so Carol can suck my cock whilst I continued to pump her arse and she was playing with her clit.

Carol said she needed some cock and got on her hands and knees with me behind her so I could slide my cock into her pussy from behind, slowly at first because we both love the sensation when my cock first enters her, I then built up speed almanbahis giriş and start fucking her hard whilst continuing to tease her with the small vibrator by just running it around the entry of her butthole without inserting it.

We were both extremely aroused and I thought I was going to come so I pulled my cock out of her pussy much to Carol’s disappointment I replaced my cock with her medium size vibrator and with a steady rhythm fucked her pussy with that.

Carol wanted more, she told me to use the vibrator on her arse so I started with the small one and after a few minutes of pumping her arse I decide to try the medium size one, once again I started slowly but soon Carol was asking for it harder and I quickly started pumping her arse hard. Carol was playing with her clit and building to a huge orgasm, my cock was once again throbbing so I removed the vibrator and slammed my cock into her pussy again and fucked her as hard as I could. Carol started begging me to slide my cock into her arse which I was happy to oblige, I tried to go slowly but we were both passed going slowly, once the head of my cock was in Carol pushed back hard and asked to be fucked hard which I did and after a few minutes we both came at the same time.

We laid on the bed recovering and smiling knowing that we had just experienced something special.

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